A Candy Cane Christmas

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I watched the tree rotate ever so slowly. So much sparkle as the colored lights sent beams of light in all directions.

I knew he was just as disappointed as I was about the flight delay. The snow storm had hit Denver just as predicted. I didn’t like the idea of spending Christmas Eve alone, we always spent it cuddled up on the sofa, cider and red hots, watching the tree and trying to come up with a plan as to how we were going to make all the stops expected of us the next day.

Seemed that Christmas Eve was the kick off of a week of craziness, ending with us cuddled up again, watching football, eating and starting out the New Year together.

I thought to myself the night would pass quickly. I had a few gifts that needed to be wrapped. I got them wrapped and placed under the tree. I made a few bow adjustments on the packages, then I decided I would head upstairs. I had a book I could knock out a few chapters on and maybe I would get some much needed sleep.

I left the tree on as we always done on Christmas Eve. I stepped to the tree and removed a candy cane to place on his pillow. I knew he would be home as soon as they could get fly out of Denver.

I snuggled in between the sheets and opened my book. I noticed that I had been staring at the same paragraph after about fifteen minutes, closing the book, I reached for the remote.

Scanning through the channels I came upon a wild display. A man was holding a redhead ayvalık escort by her hips and pounding his cock into her. It was obvious that she was feeling every thing he had to offer. I giggled as I started to move on. A few minutes passed and I was still watching as the man began to tighten his cute butt and pumping into his target faster. I then realized that I had slid my hand to my smooth pussy. I was lightly rubbing myself and was feeling my hard clit react to it. As the man began to shout, ” Oh fuck! OH FUCK!! ” I slipped my finger inside. I began to pull out and drag my finger over my clit and then push it back down and inside my pussy. I continued fingering myself, knowing I really needed to stop before I cum alone. I really wanted to save this for him.

I hit the remote as I slipped my wet finger between my lips. I fell asleep tasting myself and wanting morning to come quickly. He would be home then.

I held my breath as I awoke to the sweetest feeling. As I opened my eyes, I slowly exhaled realizing the source of that sweet feeling. He was on his tummy between my legs, placing little kisses on my inner thigh. He took his time moving up as he lightly brushed his fingertips over my mound. As his face moved higher up my spread legs, the sensation was wonderful as always, but something seemed a little different. His soft breathing was causing a cooling sensation that blended with the warmth escort ayvalık I could feel. As I closed my eyes to get lost in what I was feeling, he wrapped his arms under my thighs and pushed my legs forward. I felt the tip of his narrowed tongue touch the lower part of my slit. I uncontrollably arched my back hoping to force my labia to spread over his tongue. I felt him pull away from my pussy, but I kept my eyes closed waiting for him to touch me again. The next thing I felt was very nice. I could feel his breath on my folds but at the same time he was entering me with his finger. He pressed it in and held it in place. I began to feel the warmth inside me. A different kind of warmth. I felt his head pull back and that is when I realized, his hands were still on my thighs.

I opened my eyes, propped myself up on my elbows and watched as held a candy cane with his mouth and began to push it back in me. I watched as he looked up at me pushing it in then pulling it out, over and over. The red was turning to pink and I could feel my pussy getting sticky. The warmth of my body was melting the candy and mixing with my juices. His breath was making my pussy feel cool on the outside, yet I could feel the warmth from the peppermint spreading inside my body.

My breathing began to get heavy. He knew he needed to get the candy cane out of me and finish me off.

I watched as he pulled the candy from ayvalık escort bayan me still holding it between his teeth. He touched my clit with the dissolving tip of the candy cane and sent the warmth of the peppermint spreading all over it. He then moved upwards and placed the candy to my lips. As I took the tip in my mouth, he released it and moved back down to my pussy. As he spread the sticky syrup over my pussy, I worked the candy cane in and out of my mouth as he had been doing. I was so so close to cumming and he knew it. When he took my clit between his lips, I exploded. He swirled his sticky tongue over it, penetrating it with the warm peppermint. He knew I had just added to the mix.

Quickly he moved up my body, taking his cock in his hand. He placed his sticky mouth to mine and push the head of his cock into me. All the way in. Immediately I felt the warmth of the peppermint even deeper inside me. As he began to piston in and out of me, the warmth was being spread not only through me but all over his cock. The more he pumped into me, the warmer it felt. As his balls slapped against me, the peppermint was left on then as well.

I began to lick the peppermint from his face as he started feeling the cum spurt into my sticky pussy. As he pressed his cock in all the way, his balls stuck to my ass.

The warm syrup had seeped just inside the slit on his mushroomed head. He stayed still inside me as he felt the warming sensation there and the coolness on his emptied balls.

As his cock began to go down, the feeling was like it was being peeled from walls.

As we showered … we agreed that we need to stock up on the candy canes …

* This has been tested and is ~Sweet_Shay~ approved *

Merry Christamas ~

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