A Casual Encounter

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He answered an ad on Craig’s List for a casual encounter. They met for a drink, and exchanged some idle chit chat.

He was attracted to her. Who wouldn’t be? She was a knockout. She stood about 5’5″, raven black hair, gorgeous eyes, a butt that was killer, and B cub boobs with extremely hard nipples poking through her blouse. She wore a short tight mini skirt that showed off her shapely legs, and beautiful ass.

It was his first time doing this so he wasn’t sure how to proceed. She, in the meantime, was waiting for him to make his move. He didn’t.

She decided that if she does’t make a move, nothing will happen, and that is not what she wanted. She was horny and needed sexual attention.

She asked him if he would like to come back to her place for a drink. He swallowed the rest of his drink quickly, and nodded.

Her place was small,but nicely furnished. The living room had two love seats facing each other. They sat across from one another,as they sipped their drinks.

His heart was beating out of his chest. He was so nervous. He knew what he wanted, but didn’t know how to go about getting it. He gulped his drink down quickly, as he was trying to think what to say.

She spoke first. “would you like another drink?” he could only nod. Thne words just wouldn’t come out.

As she got up, her legs opened. He could clearly see that she wasn’t wearing panties. His heart was beating even faster, but that wasn’t his only concern. His cock was beginning to get hard and tented his pants. He was so scared that she caught him staring up her skirt.

His fears soon disappeared, when he saw the smile on her face. “Did you like what you saw?”, she whispered to him.She motions with her finger for him to come close to her. He leaves his seat, and could only crawl over to her trying to hide the tent that his hard cock has caused.

His head is pounding, and his breath is coming in short gasps of anticipation of what is to come.

She place her hand under her chin and brings his face close to hers. She leans in and kisses him tenderly. Breaking the kiss, she licks her lips, and asks, menderes escort “what do ya think stud?” His mouth is moving but the words won’t come out. He chokes out a weak “I like”.

Her hand reaches around to the back of his head, and brings him for a deep kiss. Their tongues dance with other. His head is pounding, and his knees are weak. “I hope I don’t pass out”, he thinks.

She breaks the kiss, and pushes both hands on to his chest. “Stop!”, she says. He starts thinking, “what did I do wrong?” “Did I turn her off by making her think she would have to give me CPR?”

She pushed me away, and said, “I gotta go” “Where are you going?”, he says.

She starts walking away from him, but looks over her shoulder at him. With a lusty look, she motions at him with her finger to follow her. She licks her lips, and says, “come on.

He thought she was going to take him to her bedroom. At this point he was a bundle of nerves. She walked past her bedroom and continued down the long hallway, shaking that fine ass as he followed her like a little puppy.

She stopped outside of the bathroom, and stepped in. “Coming?” she asked, as her head tilted back while she laughed.

He followed her in. She turned around to face him, and with a lustful look, hiked her skirt up around her waist. He could now clearly see her pussy with it’s nicely trimmed black hair.

Staring at him the whole time, she sat down on the commode, and began to pee. Her legs were spread wide so he could see the golden stream exiting her pussy. The loud hiss was intoxicating to him. He couldn’t believe this was happening.

Her mouth was open and her breath was coming in short gasps. Her pee slowed down to a trickle, and the n stopped. There was driplets of pee on her bush. She pulled off a couple of sheets of toilet tissue, and then asked him,” would you like to?” He didn’t wait for her to finish the question. He took the tissue from her hand, and began dabbing at her pussy. She let out a loud moan, as her legs opened wider.

She stood up with her skirt still pulled up to her waist. She kissed escort menderes him deeply. Their tongues intertwining. She hadn’t flushed the toilet. The smell of her fresh pee was intoxicating to him.

Hr ran his hands down her back till he reached the smooth cheeks of her tight butt. He squeezed hard, and she gasped.

He kissed his way down her neck, while his hands were unbuttoning her blouse. His lips now moving down to her breasts. She was wearing a bra with a front clasp. It was easy for him to undo the clasp. Her breasts were now open to him. Not very large, but oh those nipples. Hard as a rock and sticking out at least a half an inch.

He moved his tongue over her nipples, and she shuddered. He took her left nipple into his mouth, and sucked gently.

Her juices were now flowing freely from her pussy, and began to run down her thighs. As nervous as he was, he knew that this woman was ready to fuck.

He took his mouth away from her breast and as he knelt in front of her, he could smell her musky scent. he nuzzled his nose into her bush. Mmmmm it was sweet. He began to lick up and down her wet slit, until he found her clit. It was huge! He flicked his tongue against her engorged clit. She was moaning loudly. “Don’t stop.” “I’m so close.” She had her hands behind his head, mashing his face into her soaked cunt. She let out a loud shriek, and splatteret his face with her cunt juice. He lapped up all he could but it was too much.

His face was wet from her juices. She brought him face to face and licked his lips and chin, tasting her own juices. She kissed him deeply while she removed the rest of her clothing.

The brought her hand down to his crotch,and traced her hand along the length of his hard cock. “It’s nice and big, and all ready for me”, she said.

He wasn’t sure whaqt was throbbing more, his head or his cock.

She moved past him and out of the bathroom, once again motioning with her finger to him to follow.

“I wonder where she is taking me now?” he thought. “I hope it’s to the bedroom” His wish came true. She laid him on the menderes escort bayan bed and unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his jeans.

His cockhead had already made its way out of his boxers. “MMMMMM” she purred. “Is this for me?” She placed a small kiss on the head of his cock, and proceeded to remove his pants, and boxers.

He lay naked on the bed, wondering what her next move would be. She didn’t make him wait long. She gripped his cock lightly, moving up and down his shaft. His balls were beginning to boil. He knew he wouldn’t last long, but he didn’t want this to end quickly.

Now it was his turn to moan as he felt her warm wet mouth engulf his cock.

He could tell she was an experienced cocksucker. This was the best blowjob he had ever received. He felt if he died right there, he’d be a happy man.

This was too much for him. Soon his cock began to spurt a rope of cum in to her mouth. She swallowed every drop. “Yummy”, she said, but I’m not finished with you yet. She started to massage his balls,and cock until he was hard again. He was amazed she had brought his cock back to life so quickly.

She moved up over him, and kissed him deeply. He felt her hand move around his cock again, as she guided it to the entrance of her wet cunt.

He felt his cock enter her slowly, as she impaled herself on to his cock. She was so tight, and so wet. He still couldn’t believe this was happening to him. She began to pick up speed as she fucked him deeply. He could feel his balls slapping against her ass.

She was moaning loudly. “Fuck me deeper” “I feel you all the way up my hot pussy” He felt her juices running down his balls to the crack of his ass. There was a puddle forming beneath him. He didn’t care though. He was being well fucked, and that’s all that mattered to him.

“Im cummmmmmmmming” she yelled as she exploded a gusher of hot cunt juice all over him. He was soaked! He was ready to unload in to her when she got off him. “What the fuck?” he thought. She knelt over his cock and released a stream of hot pee right on to his cock and balls. This was too much for him, and he began to spurt his cum to mix with her pee.

She lay down next to him breathing hard, as was he, and asked him, “What did you say your name was again?”

Hoped you liked my first story. I appreciate your comments good and bad. Well, not the bad ones.

Till next time



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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