A Chance Encounter

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I stand at the door annoyed at myself, I’ve just snagged my new black tights on the bush as I walked up the stone steps to my friends house. I brush my dress down and feel the softness hug my skin. Now that it’s winter I can wear my long sleeve, figure hugging, grey cashmere dress. I love the way it clings to my chest and hugs my waist. The door opens and Lara greets me with a smile and kisses me on my cheek. I walk in and hang my coat up on the rack. She takes me into the lounge and introduces me to her friends, I look round the room, I already know Gem and Kate. Her boyfriend Josh embraces me and says hello. Then my breath stops. He looks just like you. Nick. His short curly hair sits slightly messy on his head. His beard is short but rough, he’s wearing black rimmed glasses, a white collar shirt, black trousers and a long black overcoat. He holds himself tall and has a glint in his eyes.


He even talks like you. He has your aura. I suddenly find myself unsure and caught unaware. I smile back and try not to stare too hard. Lara offers me a seat on the sofa.

“I’m so silly, I’ve just torn my tights, can you point me to the toilet so that I can take them off and put them in the bin?” Lara moves forward as if to show me, but then Nick steps in.

“I’ll show you”.

Nick beckons me through the door and into the hallway. We takes me up the stairs and opens the door to our right. As I step in, he suddenly moves close, hand gently on my hip and stretches across me, a smirk across his face, he pulls the cord and turns the light on. My chest is heaving and I’m aware I’m excited by his closeness. As quickly as he leant in he pulls away and walks off down the stairs. I step into the bathroom and close the door behind me. I bend down and pull my tights down, past my hips, down my thighs and roll them down my calves. As I step out of them I stroke my legs, smooth. I catch myself thinking about you and how you wouldn’t have pulled away from me just now, you’d have pressed me up against the wall or made me take my tights off in front of you, bending over as I do.

I shake the thought from my head, I can feel the heat between my legs. I walk back down stairs and feel my legs glide together as I walk, bursa escort my ample hips swaying. Getting excited makes me feel sexy. Especially when it’s about you.

Everyone is sat on the sofa with the board games in the middle ready to play. Lara points me to the space next to Nick and I smile ever so slightly as I sit down next to him. He hands me a glass of wine. It’s fresh from the fridge and a drop of condensation rolls down the glass onto my hand. I take a sip.


Nick smiles and tells me about the wine. But I don’t hear I just watch his lips moves and suddenly realise I’ve been staring. I blush slightly and place the glass down. Pretending to decide which game we should play. There’s a knock at the door as the final person arrives, they come in and sit on the sofa so I shuffle over. My thigh is now touching his. As I reach to pick up my wine so does he and he accidently brushes my hand. I glance up at him and the look on his face tells me that it was no accident. My heart starts to race. I realise I’m wearing a lace bra and my cashmere dress is thin. I’m worried my nipples will get erect. I try to concentrate on the game but all I can feel his is thigh, gently, purposely, pressing up firmly against mine. He pours me another glass on wine and hands it too me, brushing my fingers again as he hands it over. Everyone is nattering away having fun and I lean back and take a sip of wine. He leans into me slightly, casually as if he’s talking about the game, his expression neutral.

“Anyone would think it’s cold in here” he whispers.

I glance down and see my erect nipples starting to show through my dress. Part of me is embarrassed and part of me is overjoyed that he noticed. My heart is thrumming and I can feel myself tingle between my legs. My mouth feels dry and as I take a sip of wine I cross my legs over, shifting my weight slightly towards him.

“We’re out of wine” I announce to the group. I giggle as I get up “better go and get some more from the fridge”. Nick rises with me and follows me out.

“I’ll help.”

I smile and he shows me to the kitchen. We walk around the corner and push open the door, I step in first and as I turn around to ask him where the ice bucket bursa escort bayan is I see him gently push the door – almost closed. He walks up to me and stands close, I can feel his breath on my cheek as he whispers in my ear.

“What a lovely dress” he plays with it, then slips his hands under and caresses the side of my thigh. “So soft” he whispers.

I take a sharp intake of breath – his hands are warm and slightly rough. I tilt my head towards him slightly so that our cheeks touch. “Bit forward aren’t we Nick, what if I’m not interested?” I say playfully.

He smiles a half smile. His hand glides up my thigh to my hip and he pushes me back firmly, up against the kitchen side. His body follows and he pushes up against me and I can feel his erection pressed into my leg. He pushes himself slowly into me, my breasts against his chest. I inhale and arch my back he pushes me back, flat against the cupboards. He swiftly takes two fingers, hooks them under my little lacy thong and thrusts them into me. I let out a little moan and wrap my arms around him. He presses his face into my neck and gently bites me, making his way up my neck, sending shivers down my spine to my ear. His fingers make three quick deep thrusts inside me and I bury my head in his shoulders to hide my moan. As quick as he started he pulls away. I lean against the counter and try and catch my breath.

I can’t believe he stopped. I take two strides towards him and pull him round, place my hand over his cock and massaging it. He tuts, and pulls my hand away. “You have to earn that” he purrs. I tilt my head, excited by the game.


He turns around and pulls the ice out of the freezer. He takes an ice cube out and places it in my hand. “Rub it over your nipples.” I can hear the faint noises of people laughing echoing down the hallway too us. My stomach is full of butterflies. My dress comes up to my neck, it’s tight. The only way to do so would be to lift my dress up. I take the ice cube and slowly roll my dress up, half way up my thighs. Past my hips, around my waist, up over my chest. I use one hand unhook my bra from the from, setting my perky round breasts free. I look directly at him as I stand there, dress up over my escort bursa chest, hugged under my arms. My lace thong and bare legs. I take the ice cube between two fingers and gently stroke it over my right nipple. It tends tingles down my spine and I can feel the wetness in my knickers. The water trickles down my fingers as the ice melts, I move it slowly around my nipple, across my chest and to the left. Again I circle it, my breasts moist and perky. My nipples rock hard. I’m panting. I can feel my clit swell with excitement. I want him so bad. I lick my lips. I slowly guide the ice cube as it shrinks down the centre of my chest towards my stomach.

He leans back, a look of amusement on his face. As my hand moves lower and hovers above the lace I can see the hunger in his eyes. I gentle push my hand under my thong and down across myself. I feel the cold glide over my clit, I slide it over my lips and shut my eyes, moaning softly. “Stop.”

My hands freeze and I look up and him.

“Put it in your mouth” he commands. I do without hesitation. “How do you taste?”

“Amazing” I say as what’s left of the ice cube melts in my mouth. I suck my fingers and look at him coyly. Wondering if he’s decided he wants me. I can see that he does, his cock is erect and pressing against his trousers. He places his hands on the kitchen counter and leans towards me.

“Better take the ice in before it melts” he smiles at me. I frown slightly in frustration but I understand the dismissal. I re-hook my bra and let my dress fall around my legs again. I reach around him to pick up the bucket and place the ice in. He steps to one side and is now behind me. I feel his hand grab my ass, hard and the shock of his fingers as he thrusts them into my pussy, his fingers are deep but the movement is softer. He gently curls his fingers and strokes my g-spot. “You did good.” He pulls his fingers out of me and grabs my arm, pulling me round. He places his fingers on my lips and I open them obediently, sucking them clean.

He smiles, takes the two bottles from the fridge and walks out. I stand there trying to compose myself, stroking my dress to make sure it’s in place. I’m so wet. I can feel my knickers are soaked through. I desperately want to touch myself but the thought of him making me cum fuels my willpower and I take hold of the ice instead. Walking back into the lounge with a confident sway in my hips and a little smile on my face. What will he do next I wonder?

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