A Christmas Eve Surprise

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It was a rainy, gloomy night. Tupelo hadn’t seen snow in years, but the sleet and slush were keeping everybody indoors. It was Christmas Eve,1972, and Beth was working at the Party Corral, a honky tonk on the outskirts of town. And she wasn’t happy! “Why, of all nights, is this place open?” she thought. “Who would come out for a beer on a night like this!” She had done all the cleaning she could, and straightened all the pool cues, and cleaned the felt on the tables. Shooting pool was the biggest draw in this place, and Beth had gotten pretty good herself. She dropped a couple quarters in the slot and racked up the balls. Then she went and flipped the switch on the jukebox so she could play for free. Soon the sounds of Waylon and Willie filled the room, their plaintive wails suiting her mood just fine. She grabbed a bottle of beer and bent over to break the rack. As she did the door opened.

Looking up in surprise she saw two of her favorite customers walk in. Jesse was the oldest at 20, tall and dark and lean muscled. Wiley, at 19, was already stocky and barrel chested. No fat, just big and muscular. With his long blonde hair and twinkling blue eyes he made everyone smile when they saw him. They were from Wyoming, come to Mississippi for the winter to work for an uncle who owned a large bridge construction company.

“Hey, you guys!! Merry Christmas, and what the hell are you doin out tonight, of all nights?” Beth asked, as she went behind the bar and grabbed a couple Buds. “It’s on me” she said as Jesse reached for his wallet. “I’d almost pay you guys for being here, I’ve been so bored!” They laughed and walked to the pool table, and Wiley asked, “What are we shooting for?” “Who cares!” said Beth. “Just play!” Jesse lit a joint and passed it to Beth and said “We were just as bored in the motel so we hoped someone was here; sure are glad to see you!”

They played several games, and then sat at a table, getting mellower and quieter as the night went on. Beth dimmed the lights and they sat; drinking beer and smoking, each with their own private thoughts. Finally, at 10:00, Beth stood up and said “Enough! Let’s get out of here!” In record time they had the place cleaned and locked and were heading for their trucks. Beth hesitated, and then asked if they’d like breakfast. “I’ll cook at my place.” she said.

Beth lived in a small, 9 room, old fashioned motel on Rt 40, south of Tupelo. It was a small but cozy room with real pine on the walls and a clawfoot bursa escort tub in the bath. She had added some of her own things to make it homey, and had a small kitchenette. With three people in the room it seemed crowded, but soon everyone had boots off and found room to sit at a small table. Biscuits and gravy didn’t take long, and after breakfast the three piled up on the bed to watch a movie.

Leaning over Jesse to put out her cigarette, Beth smiled at him. “I’m glad you guys showed up!” she said. “Now if we’d only get some snow my Christmas might turn out all right!” Wiley laughed and said, “Baby- we could have brought you all the snow you’d ever wanted from Wyoming if you’d said something!”. They all laughed and Beth felt Jesse’s arm around her. Hesitant at first, she then snuggled into him. It just felt right. As if he was thinking the same thing, he leaned over and kissed her. Just a small kiss at first, but with all the smoke and beer they’d shared, it soon turned into a long, deep kiss. Wiley looked over and said “I think it’s time for me to take that long hot soak I’ve been wanting!”, and unbuttoning his shirt, he headed towards the bathroom.

Jesse was passionate and tender. No rush, just soft kisses and easy touches, and without realizing how it had happened, Beth soon found herself naked, and Jesse stretched out beside her, caressing and exploring with his mouth and his hands. It was almost more than Beth could bear, and she smiled and stretched, luxuriating in his touch. First one nipple, then the other, Jesse went back and forth, tasting, biting, licking and then sitting back and smiling. His hands never stopped, though he showed no signs of rushing.

Beth tried to unbutton his shirt, but he stood and slowly got undressed. The light was dim, a few candles and the glow from the TV, but Beth could see that he was gorgeous all over. Flat, well muscled chest, and long, strong legs made him look older than he was, and Beth sat and pulled him back down beside her. Slowly she began exploring him, gently kissing his neck while her hands traveled the length of him, and finding his penis already hard, slowly began a slow stroke. Jesse closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure, and Beth eased down in the bed and took him in her mouth. Licking at first, long, slow licks all the way up and down his shaft, and pausing to lick at the precum, her tongue probing his little hole for more, she soon took him in her again, sucking softly at first, and then bursa escort bayan a little harder. Jesse gasped, and gently grabbed Beth’s head and pulled himself out of her.

He pulled her down to the bottom of the bed, and placing her heels on the edge, he began touching her pussy, looking closely and probing with his big fingers. He looked at her and then, holding her open with both hands, he began licking her up and down her slit. Pausing and sucking on her clit, he continued licking til Beth thought she would scream!

Suddenly the bed moved, and Beth looked up to see Wiley sitting behind her, leaning down to kiss her. Afraid at first, she decided “What the hell!!” and kissed him back. He was so sweet, his tongue tracing her lips and sucking on her tongue, and she soon relaxed. Jesse had stopped to watch, and as Beth put her arms around Wiley’s neck, he continued what he was doing, sucking on her clit and probing deep in her pussy with his finger. Wiley slowed, and quickly turned in the bed til he was sitting astride Beth, his penis hard and dark as it hovered above her face. She took him in her mouth and began sucking, and Jesse nibbled harder on her clit. A fire began to burn in Beth’s groin, and electric shocks began to run up her legs and into her belly, and she began to rock, her cum building up to an explosion like she had never felt! Wiley felt her stiffen and, grabbing her head began to fuck her, faster and harder! “Oh, God!” Beth cried as her orgasm rocked her, and her whole body began trembling. As she came Wiley pulled out of her, and Jesse grabbed her and hugged her.

When she began to calm a little he whispered, “Is this ok with you, baby? Me and Wiley, I mean?” Beth looked at the two of them, so young and eager, and so innocent looking, and she began smiling. “Sure it is, honey. What else do we have to do tonight?” All three of them laughed and Wiley pulled her into his arms, turning her on her belly as he did so. “Finish what you started, will you sweety?” he asked, and Beth, kneeling on the bed in front of him, bent and took him in her mouth again. Wiley groaned and laid back on the pillows, and as he did so she felt Jesse move closer behind her. He spread her legs, and using his fingers as a guide, entered her pussy from behind. Moving slowly at first, he soon matched his rhythm to her head sliding up and down Wiley’s cock. The size oh him caused Beth to gasp in shock, but soon he had fitted himself into her as if he was made for escort bursa her alone! Clutching her hips, he began to moan softly to himself, and Wiley began to arch himself into her. Beth felt overwhelmed!

Never before had she experienced such pleasure, and began to lick Wiley’s cock faster, her hands fondling and kneading his balls as she did. Sucking, then swirling her wet tongue up and down him, faster and faster, she could feel Jesse’s hard cock slamming into her, and it was as if she were floating. No words spoken, yet all three moving in unison, as if they were all one being! An unspoken signal, an electric charge seemed to transmit through all of them as if on cue, and all began to climax at once! Beth could do nothing but moan as Wiley fucked her face, and Jesse fucked her pussy, pushing and slamming and groaning, til Beth, too, began to shake and the heat built up and she was nowhere and everywhere as the cum exploded out of her, dripping and squirting all over Jesse’s cock as he came himself, thrusting deep and deeper, harder and harder til he let out a sigh, and Wiley grabbed the bed and pushed himself into Beth’s mouth, going past the back of her and shooting down her throat, load after load of hot cum, filling her and spilling over her chin.

Suddenly they collapsed, arms and legs tangled, sweat and cum making their bodies slippery, and melted in a heap into the bed. Softly, at first, then a little louder, Beth began to chuckle. Soon both boys joined her, and loud laughter filled the room! “Merry Christmas!” shouted Wiley, and Beth and Jesse shouted “Happy New Year!” back at him!

After awhile, they drifted off to sleep, laying where they had fallen. They slept the hard, dreamless sleep of the innocent, and for a moment they were all there was in the world.

Beth opened her eyes at dawn, and startled, she looked at where she was. The past night coming back to her, she smiled. “Oh, wow!” she said. “Who would ever believe this!” Easing herself out of the bed, she headed towards the bathroom. Bathing quickly and quietly, then dressing and fixing her makeup, she turned and looked at the bed. Jesse and Wiley slept like babies, snoring gently and peacefully. Beth tore a back off a Christmas card, and wrote a note. “Hey, you guys!! I had a ball- hope you did too!! Have a great day and I’ll see you soon! Merry Christmas!”

She taped it to the mirror and eased out the door. Glancing around she stopped in surprise! Everywhere she looked there was at least four inches of snow!! “Oh my God!” said Beth. “My wish has come true! Snow for Christmas!” Sticking her keys back in her pocket, she decided to walk to her sisters house. “What a beautiful, magical world this is!”

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