A Fantasy

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Sue decided to attend a Junior college near where we lived. She had only been out of high school a short time but we had been together for nearly four years. It all started when she ran away from home because her stepfather could not keep his hands off her. She ended up on my doorstep when my stepdaughter brought her home tired, dirty, hungry and horny. Well one thing led to another and we ended up together.

Sue always was a handful. She thought she didn’t have to listen to anyone and wanted no rules to follow. Sandra my stepdaughter complained that Sue got away with murder in class. I asked her what she meant and Sandra told me Sue would wear short skirts and flash people during class. She said she always wore panties but would pull them up real tight so you could see her pussy and her butt. I asked Sandra what we should do and she had a great idea. That Tuesday night she invited some people over to study.

Sure enough Sue did it. She didn’t see me looking from the basement steps but I got a great view of her hot pink clad pussy as she flashed all there. Most were too embarrassed to look more than once. All of the guys had to excuse themselves and go to the bathroom to relieve a few hard-on’s I saw. I got hard myself but thought I would save it for later. Some of the girls must have liked the view too because they seemed to get a little too hot for just studying.

Just as they all started to leave I came up the stairs. Sue looked at me and knew I saw her. She blushed and quickly moved off to her room. Sandra asked what I was planning. I asked her what she thought and she said if it was here she would be over my knee in no time. I asked her to ask Sue to come out into the kitchen but she had to stay there too.

When Sue came into the kitchen I told her I saw her flashing her pussy and butt to the other kids and asked her what she thought an appropriate punishment was. She said Sandra already told her she got spanked and she expected the same thing. I told her to bend over but she insisted on doing it over my knee. I sat down and pulled her over, pulled up her skirt and started to paddle her panty-clad butt. Sandra walked over and pulled down her panties and told me to do it right. So I spanked her bare butt till it was a nice shade of pink.

I let her up and as she ran to her room she just turned and smiled at me. Sandra was satisfied and went off to her room to. Neither one of them notice the huge hard on I had, I thought. After a few minutes I was able to walk to my room. I opened the door and fond Sue waiting for me with a tube of hand cream. She handed it to me and bent over the bed and just waited for me to put it on.

The cream was cool and she jumped when I squeezed some onto her butt. I gently worked bayındır escort bayan some onto the soft hot skin. I told her she had to stop misbehaving in class or she would get more and I wouldn’t be so nice next time. I punctuated it with a slap on her left cheek. I kept working the cream into her butt and she reached around and slowly gave a great hand job. She smiled and got up and left and never said a word.

To give you a idea of Sue she is a 18 year old senior in high school. She is 5 foot 3 and weighs about 165. She carried her weight well, mostly in her breasts and hips. Needless to say she had a great ass. I knew that if I didn’t get in trouble with this one I might as well be a monk and sure enough it happened a few weeks later.

I got a call at work from a very frustrated teacher asking if I was Sue’s father or guardian. I told her we were taking care of here because of some problems at home. She told me Sue was at it again flashing other students and if it happened one more time she would be expelled. When Sue got home I was waiting for her. I took her by the hand and this time took her downstairs. She asked what was going on. I told her that her teacher called and was quite upset with her flashing. I told her that I assured her teacher she would be dealt with.

With that I bent her over a saw horse just high enough to get her feet off the floor. I lifted her skirt and ripped her panties off. This time I spanked her hard and her ass cheeks quivered with each spank. I was spanking her and I noticed her spreading her legs and relaxing her ass. I could see her cuming as her pussy juice flooded out of her. She smiled at me and asked If I could spread a little on her ass and keep on spanking. I actually got tired and she wanted more.

I went back into my shop and sat down. Sue came in and took off the rest of her cloths. I couldn’t believe her tits. They were large with pink nipples that were hard as rocks. She came over to me and said she was waiting for that teacher to call so we could continue with what Sandra and I started earlier. She looked down at my lap and saw my cock pushing against my jeans. She opened my pants and slid them off me. She then asked me to scoot out to the end of the chair and she lowered her hot ass down onto the top of my cock.

Next thing I knew she reached behind her, spread her cheeks and impaled herself on my cock. Then she slowly started to squeeze it with her ass 1, 2, 3, slide up and down. After three of four of those I exploded into her ass and shot more cum into her than I thought I ever had in me. God that felt good, I could feel the warmth of her freshly spanked ass against my thighs and she just kept grinding it into me. She came escort bayındır again with cum washing down over my balls, what a feeling.

After a few minutes of rest she eased off me and asked if I would put some cream on her butt. Gladly I did gently kneading it into her still hot butt. Then we showered and met later in the kitchen to talk.

It seems her stepfather introduced her to spanking and butt fucking, but she said he was crude and she hated him but discovered something she liked. When she got to know my stepdaughter she asked her what I did to punish her and was told a good sound spanking was usually administered if she was bad. She said she tried to stay on my best side because she didn’t like her but spanked. Sue surprised Sandra when she told her she liked it and wanted more.

First they tried Sandra spanking her but it wasn’t the same. She liked it but couldn’t get off. She needed the smell of a man behind here she said. I asked if Sandra liked spanking her and she told me that the part she liked best was the kisses on her hot ass after Sandra spanked her. She said usually they ended up in bed in each others arms and it was ok but not the same as with me.

I told her that every time, from now on she would be spanked for different things and every time it may be a little different. We sat down and worked up a list. Over the knee spanking on panties for talking back. Over the knee spanking with panties off for lying. Over the knee naked for staying out too late. In the basement over the sawhorse with panties off and spanked with paddle for flashing, followed by a butt fuck. In the basement naked over the workbench spanked with a paddle for flashing without panties. That would be followed by her giving me a blow job.

All were followed by me applying cream to her butt and usually hot sex. The rest of the school year was long with many trips to the basement. Sandra knew what was going on and asked if she could watch sometime. I told her it was up to Sue. Sue thought up one with Sandra spanking her while she sucked me off. It always ended up with her cuming heavily.

We did more than just spank Sue, she had the greatest tasting pussy I ever had. I could see what Sandra liked about it. With her weight she had these fat little pussy lips and she loved to have them sucked and I loved sucking them. Fucking with Sue on top was great. Her large tits would bounce off her while she rode me and then she would bend forward and let the sweat run off then into my mouth. I would suck the nipples till they stood straight up. Sue loved to tit fuck too. Her favorite position was with me on my back and here with her tits wrapped around my cock. Just before I would come she would turn bayındır escort over and have me cum on the nipples and tits, but she loved the feel of hot cum on her nipples. She would tell me that she liked to stick them in Sandra’s pussy and have her ride them one at a time. They were big enough for her them to suck the pussy juice off her own nipples.

That brings us up to today. I was driving down the street and Sue was sitting at a bus stop. She had her short skirt on and when a man would pull up in front of the bus stop she would flash him. She had her panties pulled up into her pussy so her pussy lips were completely around the fabric. I drove around the corner and watched her. Some of the cars drove by 10 times. She was propositioned many times but never went with anyone. Finally she got on the bus and went home.

I went about my business and got home about 6pm. I asked her if she was good today and she said she never left home. I could see the gleam in her eye and she knew I had seen her. I told I did and I wanted to have her do the same for me. She sat back and slowly inched her skirt up till her panty-clad pussy was showing. I told her she was showing more than that at the bus stop. She pulled her panties up and then reached down and opened her pussy lips and the panties went inside. I told her she knew what was going to happen. She smiled and got up to go downstairs. I stopped her and told her to get out of her cloths where she stood.

Soon Sue was naked and bent over the arm of my recliner. Her beautiful large ass was staring at me and I almost had to fuck her first. I started with my hand and spanked her round beautiful bottom till it was red. I told her not to move and I squeezed some cream into her ass and drove it in with my hard cock. She came right there on the arm of the chair. I pumped her ass a few times and then pulled out. I thought she was going to cry and begged me to stick my cock in her ass. Instead I grabbed a paddle and went to work on it again.

About them Sandra came in and asked if she could get in a few spanks. I handed her the paddle and went for a beer. When I came back Sandra was naked and using up the paddle on Sues ass. Sue was ready to cum again and Sandra quickly bent forward and licked the cum from her flooding pussy. I thought Sue was going to explode. Sandra stopped and I took her place as Sandra moved to the front and let Sue lick her pussy. This was the first time I had seen Sandra naked and she had a great pear shape too. Soon enough she was cuming all over Sandra’s face. I quickly stuck my cock back in Sue’s ass. I pumped her a few more times and them pulled out and started to spank her again. No sooner had I started and she came again. This time cum gushed like she was peeing. It splashed on my cock and both Sandra and Sue were on it. Finally they let me finish in Sue’s pussy. I never had sex that great. Sue said I should try to catch her more often and Sandra said to call her any time. She would gladly spank Sue’s butt any time she could.

more to cum next time I catch her

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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