A Gentle Whisper Ch. 01

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****Okay members: This is my first attempt at writing any type of erotica….This does have some erotic undertones as the story wraps, but the primary focus is a Domestic Discipline relationship at work. I will appreciate constructive feedback, but if you’re just going to be mean, just keep shushed. Remember the old adage….”If you can’t say something nice….” I hope you enjoy!

Jason stormed into the house, his fury evident. He slammed the door behind him and then stopped, clenching his jaw. “Get it together, he told himself. Take some deep breaths, go for a walk, and then come back.” He looked into the decorative mirror hanging on the wall and ran his fingers through his hair in a frustrated gesture. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been so upset at his pretty wife. They had been married now for a year and lived a domestic discipline style relationship. While most of their spankings had been erotic, Jason had been forced to drag out the straight backed chair on a few occasions and turn his petite wife over his knee, spanking her until she was in tears and he was emotionally spent. As much as he torbalı escort loved their playful spankings….true punishment….now that was something he dreaded.

Yes, he decided…he would go for a walk, cool down and then come back and deal with his wife. But first, he strode resolutely into the house stopping in the doorway to the den, watching his wife as she giggled with her friend on the phone. He cleared his throat, and she turned with a start. “Oh Jason!” She exclaimed. “Sherry just told me the funniest….” The words died on her lips as she saw her husband’s face. Jenny immediately knew she was in trouble, but for what she wasn’t sure. It was apparent, however, Jason was upset. His lips were set in a firm line and he stared down at her, waiting.

“Sherry-” Jenny spoke softly. “Hey, my husband just got home, and I need to go. I’ll call you later tonight or tomorrow.” Jason shook his head at his wife. “Or if I don’t call you for a few days, don’t worry…I’ll get with you soon. Bye.” Jenny clicked shut her cell phone. Jason held out his hand.

“Phone.” He stated quietly, escort torbalı but with authority. She handed it over to him, wordlessly, her eyes questioning, but not sure if she should speak. “I’m going to go for a walk…I’m probably going to take my time to think. You should spend that time thinking too, love. I’m thinking in your corner in our bedroom, nose pressed to the wall. You may not sit down. You will stand there until I get back. When I get home, I will deal with you.”

Jenny swallowed hard. She was in major trouble, that much was apparent. Her mind raced wondering what she could have done. It had to have been pretty bad. As she watched her husband leave, hearing the door shut behind him, she tried to think about the last time she had been in this much trouble. But the look in his eyes was different than when she’d been in trouble in the past. She’d seen him look disappointed in her before, but this time was different. This time there was frustration laced with the disappointment. That’s what had her worried. Jason always kept his emotions under control, rarely showing her how upset torbalı escort bayan he actually was, though because she knew him so well, she could always tell. This time, he couldn’t hide it and that was what was so unsettling. She trudged up to their bedroom, making her way to the corner….her corner, as he lovingly referred to it. The other corner of the room held the straight backed chair, which she knew would soon be pulled out so that he could pull her easily over his knee, bare her bottom, and spank her until she cried and begged him to stop.

“Think Jenny,” she berated herself. “He’s going to expect you to know what you did.” Her mind ran a million different directions. “Focus!” She focused her mind, thinking about what her husband had been up to today. He had had the day off and spent most of the day running errands, stopping mid day to get together with his friend, Derek. Derek and his wife, Angie were also a domestic discipline couple and they often leaned on each other for support in a lifestyle that was very uncommon in modern day. Jenny couldn’t think of anything that could have occurred during her lunch, so she moved on to where else he could have been…then she froze, face paling. “Oh god…oh god oh god oh god…..shit!” He knows. Now she realized that Jason was not only upset, he was probably irate with her. “Why did I keep it a secret?” She groaned inwardly. This was bad…very very bad.

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