A Good Day at School

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I hated school. I hated sitting in a classroom, being bored out of my mind by an instructor that was trying to teach me something that I didn’t want to learn. Right up until I met Adele. Then, for some reason, sitting in a night-school classroom taking boring college classes didn’t bother me so much.

You see, this semester, I met this sexy woman named Adele. She had this cute, innocent smile, and yet you knew that she had a mischievous streak that was just waiting to get out. She was a desk clerk at a hotel near the airport, so she would come to class after she got off from work, wearing a uniform skirt and blouse that fit her just right in all the right places. Every time I saw her I wanted to blurt out how sexy I though she looked, but I couldn’t find the right time or place to do so.

I usually showed up in a t-shirt and jeans because I didn’t have time to run home after work to get cleaned up before class. I felt like a slob sitting next to her. I would sit there wanting so badly to ask her out, but could only work up the courage to talk to her about the class. I would get so distracted during class that I couldn’t concentrate. Between being able to smell her perfume, and hearing her nylons rub together every time she crossed her legs, I would be lost in sexual daydreams before the lesson was even started.

We would make small talk during the breaks in class, but that was about it. About a month into the class, we knew each other’s name, and what we each did for a living, but that seemed to be all the information that she wanted to divulge. Then I missed class for a week because I had gotten a new job and had to go away for training.

When I got back, my schedule was very flexible, and I had a little more time to get to class. My first day back, I got there a little early to talk with the instructor about what I had missed. I was dressed a little nicer than before, and was already sitting in my usual seat when Adele arrived. She sat down next to me, and asked me where I had been. I explained about the new job, and the training, and she congratulated me. We only had a chance to talk briefly before the instructor started the lesson though.

At the first break, I walked down the hall to the small store that was in the building. I had opened the cooler, retrieved a soda, and turned to walk up to the register to pay for it, and bumped into Adele.

“Oops! Sorry about that.”

“No, no. My fault.” Adele said. She paused for a second and then said, “Mmmm. Your cologne smells so good. What are you wearing?”

“I’m wearing Bulgari. What are you wearing?”

She answered with a sultry rasp and a sexy smile, “As little as possible.” And she walked up to the counter to pay for the bottle üçyol escort of water and pack of gum that she had in her hand.

Once I managed to restart my brain, I walked up behind her and paid for her things as well as my soda. She smiled at me and walked back to the classroom.

I sat down, and looked over at her. She smiled, and said that we would talk more after class. I couldn’t wait.

After class, we walked out together. I was walking her to her car when I noticed that she had parked right next to my truck. We made small talk as usual while we walked, but when we stepped between my truck and her car, she turned to me and leaned in close. She inhaled slowly.

“You really do smell fantastic.” She said looking into my eyes. “I can’t figure something out though. What does a girl have to do to get noticed?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been trying to get your attention for like a month now, and only now I’m getting results. I was sure from the first time that we met that you were a leg man, so I’ve been crossing and uncrossing my legs, wearing skirts a little shorter than usual, even wearing extra perfume.”

I could have kicked myself right there.

“So here is my number.” She said, writing it on my hand. “Call me when you want to find out what I’m wearing.” And with that she kissed me on the cheek and got into her car.

I finally stammered, “Now! I want to know now!”

She laughed. Then she made a show of pulling up her skirt just high enough so that I could tell that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Then she blew me a kiss and drove off. I stood there for a second before climbing into my truck. I took a few minutes, but the gears in my head finally started turning again.

Three days later at our next class, I made sure that I was dressed nice, and had put on the proper amount of cologne. When Adele walked in, she looked amazing. Her skirt was a little shorter, her perky tits were jutting out nicely, and her smile could melt the polar ice caps. She sat down and handed me a folded piece of paper. It was a note. It simply said to look at her legs. I was more than happy to oblige. Turning to look, I saw her slowly pull up the hem of her skirt to reveal that she was wearing thigh highs. I wanted her right then and there.

She leaned over toward me a little, “When we take out first break, grab your things because you and I are leaving.”

I looked her in the eye and said, “Sounds like a plan.”

At the first break we both grabbed our things, and walked out to my truck. I opened the passenger door for her, and as she stepped up onto the running board she showed be some more of her thigh. I closed the door, and got in the drivers’ üçyol escort bayan side. When I closed the door, I turned and looked at her. She was gorgeous.

She giggled and said, “Are you going to just sit there and look at me, or are we going to leave?”

“Where to?”

“My hotel. I have a little surprise waiting there.” She said.

As we drove out of the lot, she took off her shoes, and turned sideways in her seat, laying her sexy feet in my lap. I turned and looked at her as she rubbed them against my hardening cock. She smiled devilishly and pulled up her skirt to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy. As I drove, I couldn’t help but caress her beautiful legs. I was in heaven. I couldn’t get us to the hotel fast enough.

When we go to the hotel, she told me to park around back, so we could come in the back entrance. We walked in, and took the back elevator up to the top floor. As we rode the elevator up, we kissed. Our lips met in a passionate dance that involved our hands rubbing and groping each other. When the elevator door opened, Adele led me to a room, and opened the door. She had gotten a suite for us for the night.

She led me into the room, and told me to make myself comfortable. I sat down on the couch as she walked into the bathroom. I looked around the room and realized that she had already been there and had put a few things into the room. I smiled as I wondered exactly what she had planned for the night.

Adele walked out of the bathroom still wearing her skirt, thigh highs, and high heels. Her blouse was unbuttoned and she had removed her bra. I could see the creamy skin between her breasts, but the blouse still covered the rest of them. I took in the sight in front of me and smiled at her as she slowly walked over to me. She put her right foot on the couch between my legs and told me to take her shoe off. I did that and she stroked my cock with her stocking clad foot before switching feet so that I could remove the other shoe. My cock was rock hard, and every time she stroked it, I could feel my self ooze a little more pre-cum.

She pulled me to my feet and we kissed some more. She stepped away from me and walked over to the bed. She lit the candles that she had placed on the night stands. She got on the bed and lay on her back, her blouse falling open to reveal her creamy smooth breasts. She beckoned to me to get between her legs, so I crawled on the bed and in between her legs. I began kissing and nibbling on her feet and ankles before slowly working my way up her legs. When I reached the tops of her stockings, I made sure to pay careful attention to the sensitive flesh that was waiting there. I kissed all around her beautiful wet escort üçyol lips, teasing her agonizingly before finally diving into her now steaming pussy.

I lapped and sucked at her clit and lips leading her to an intense orgasm. She was shaking and moaning, grabbing me by the hair and holding me at her pussy until her orgasm finally subsided. She relaxed her legs from being wrapped around my head. I lay next to her and gently ran my fingers up and down her legs, reveling in the silkiness of her stockings. I looked up at her to see her gazing at me with a sated smile.

We laid there for a while, and then she sat up. She moved so that she was on her knees next to me and began removing my shirt. She slid it over my head, and tossed in to the floor, and then tossed her blouse on the floor with it. Then she helped me remove my pants. Once she had my pants off, she leaned down and kissed me as she rubbed my cock through my boxers.

“I love how you were licking my pussy. That was intense.”

She smiled before kissing her way down my chest and stomach. She pulled my boxers down and took my cock into her mouth. I thought I would cum right then and there. She sensed this and backed off, taking my boxers completely off. She sat back and began rubbing my cock with her feet again. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I reached down to caress her legs.

“No. Put your hands at your side. No touching for you right now.” She said.

I did what I was told, and lay back to enjoy what she was doing. She sat up and smiled at me.

“How bad do you want to cum?” She asked.

“Very badly. I would do anything.”

With that she stood up, and removed her skirt, leaving her in nothing but her stockings. She climbed back onto the bed and straddled my stomach. She reached down and slid a finger into her pussy, and then cleaned her juices off of it. Then she slid back and rose up, positioning her pussy directly over my cock.

“Beg for it.”

“Mmmmmm. Please.” I moaned.

She sat down slowly, sliding my cock into her. She moaned and then sat still for a moment before starting to grind her pussy on my cock. Then she started bouncing on it. I could feel her pussy squeezing me.

I moaned, “You are going to make me cum!” before I rolled her off me. I laid her on her back, and grabbed her ankles, holding them on either side of my head before thrusting into her. I began rubbing her legs as I fucked her. I could feel the heat building between us as I began using long deep strokes, trying to keep from cumming.

She began moaning and pinching her own nipples as she came again. This put me over the edge. I pulled my cock out, and sprayed my cum all over her stomach and breasts. I fell onto the bed next to her, and rolled onto my back. She turned to me and laid a stocking clad leg on mine and smiled.

“Feel better?”

“I feel wonderful.” I whispered.

“I have more things planned.” She giggled.

I smiled with my eyes closed, and sighed. I couldn’t wait.

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