A Historic Weekend

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Our drive down was charged with excitement, and with all the anxiety of a young relationship. In our borrowed car we crept through west London, over the flyovers of Notting Hill and out into the countryside. A hot early summer’s afternoon and an adventure. You taking me to a place where you had been as a child, been with others, a place with real significance and memory for you, and of unknowns for me.

Would we have enough to talk about on the journey? For the weekend? Would it be the same as you remembered, as I imagined, when we arrived? Would I live up to your expectations and would I respond as you hoped to the place that you were taking such a leap in sharing with such a new lover?

The holidays and experiences of youth filled our conversations that afternoon. I told you about places with similar significance to me, both connecting with you and aware that our lack of shared experience made our relationship brittle and risky. Old relationships were skirted around and sensitive details avoided on both sides. How did I feel, knowing you had brought previous boyfriends to the same place, yet wasn’t able to ask about them – because of my own nerves as well as your selective retelling?

We did not run out of things to say, but the hours went on, and the landscape opened up more than the conversation. Over rolling hills we both exchanged carefully chosen anecdotes and stories, a well-rehearsed exercise that was both affirming and lacking in depth. Our nerves were clear to see on both sides.

Although we had only known one another a short time, I was completely besotted with you. Whilst I tend to fall for people quickly, this felt different and the stakes felt high. I had thought that there was no hope that you would ever look at me twice, let alone take me to this place so important to you. I was initially attracted by your humour, the way you put people at ease, and your striking appearance. Your hair the colour of fire, your face astonishingly pretty, with strong features and dancing eyes, and your whole body was perfect. I felt so lucky in that moment to have arrived with you, it was unbelievable. My heart raced at the thought of the weekend here with you, with the chance to get to know one another in a new way and to enjoy each other.

Eventually the mighty arches of a ruined priory appeared in the distance. It was as spectacular as you had described and more romantic than I had imagined. A dilapidated pile nestling below the heather-strewn lick of a hill. The last of the evening sunshine, low and orange, cast long shadows across a treeless landscape and between roman arches.

As we walked in to the old fashioned pub that also served as the hotel reception, we were met by a slightly miserable woman in her 50s. She told us about the strict rules and timings for meals, and handed you the key to our room. An old man, a hiker with a dog, watched us over the rim of a heavy mug of tea, picking at the crumbs of his slice of cake.

We climbed up a creaky spiral staircase, grasping the thick sisal rope which wound steeply up the central column of the stone stairs. The key turned easily in the heavy wooden door and light flooded into the landing as you pushed it open. Our eyes adjusted and we found ourselves in a large bright room. Ancient floorboards and dusty rugs led towards a slit window through which the evening sun was streaming in.

The only furniture apart from a small chest of drawers was a dark four poster bed, its mahogany frame and columns almost reaching the simply plastered ceiling. We flung our bags down and turned to one another with a non-verbal exchange of relief to have arrived. You kissed me with a real passion. Your body pressed against mine, your lips opening, allowing my tongue to play with yours. I pulled you closer still, enjoying the feeling of you against my chest. I lowered my hands to the waistband of your grey jeans, and you put your hands on my hips, slightly pulling my leg between yours. You broke off our kiss despite my best efforts to sustain it. “Let’s have a drink and think about dinner”

Downstairs, the old fashioned dining room attached to the pub was almost empty but for a middle-aged American couple talking loudly about their Welsh heritage. Dinner was filling and cheap, but disappointing – like the 1950s never ended. Meat stews, mashed potato, bread. The beer was good though, and we chatted about our plans for tomorrow – a walk up on the ridge, a picnic, waterproofs because of the forecast rain.

Returning to our room at closing time we laughed about how bad dinner was, more than a little inebriated from the ale. As you locked the door behind us, I held you around the waist, hugging you from behind and around your belly. I kissed the nape of your neck and felt you relax into me as my kisses crept to the side of your neck. I placed my hands on your shoulders and gently massaged them. You took your hairband out and I ran fingers through your beautiful red curls, gently releasing them izmir escort bayan over your shoulders. You turned your neck to kiss me on my lips. Yours were already warm and I was filled with excitement. As you turned your body round to face me, you leant back on the door, allowing me to push up against you.

Our mouths opened and your tongue explored me. Our teeth briefly touched and I think we both realised how filled with energy we felt. As we kissed, I slowly moved my hand up your side, stopping as I felt the bottom of your bra beneath your clothes. Your warm breast fitted perfectly in my hand, and your increased breathing told me to continue. Using my thumb, I felt your nipple becoming erect to my touch under your shirt. I gently pinched it between my thumb and forefinger.

You lifted your shirt up, revealing a silvery bra and freckled, perfect, iridescent skin. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and your hands explored my back and shoulders. I reached around to your back and unclipped your bra carefully. As I pulled it forwards and down your arms, I held your naked breasts with both hands, their softness filling me with desire and yearning for us both to be naked. I could see your pink nipples, slightly puckered and surrounded by large areolas and I felt your enjoyment as my mouth reached for your left breast. Licking around your nipple at first, the circular motion was clearly turning you on. I was already half erect and desperate to have my thirst quenched by you. Pressing my groin against yours, you were gently pushing back in a slow and very sensual way. Feeling my growing erection, you unbuttoned my trousers, just enough to allow my penis to be comfortable, but no more. At this, I took your nipple into my mouth for the first time, cupping your breast lightly and feeling its weight in my hand. You moaned, pushing your hands down inside my boxer shorts and holding my bottom.

I kissed your breast for some minutes, sucking gently on the increasingly dark nipple, before licking across your chest and finding your other, just as hard. By now I was so excited I could barely contain myself and I was worried I might cum then and there. I focused on breathing and on getting the rhythm right for you, judging my success by your moans, increasing now in number and in volume.

You took your hands from the back of my trousers and undid the remaining buttons, pulling them down as you did so. I was stood in this ancient room, half naked with the most beautiful woman I had ever met, and I felt it could not get any better than this.

I returned the favour, undoing the top button and unzipping your jeans. You slid them down your hips, wiggling slightly to help them down, and I saw you wearing nothing but your sheer blue knickers. I felt more horny than I had ever felt in my life.

You took me by the hand and led me to the four poster bed in the middle of the room. You faced me and sat down on the bed, your legs slightly apart and me between them, still standing up. I could clearly see the mound between your legs, the rounded triangular space within your pants that I knew marked your most intimate space. I placed my hands once more on your beautifully freckly, strong shoulders, and used my weight to push you backwards onto your back. My body followed and I lay on top of you. I felt your firm breasts against my chest once more, but this time your top half was naked and your warm areolas against my own chest only made me harder.

My erection now pressed against your barely covered crotch, and I began moving against you, your legs lifted slightly at your knees. I could feel how hot you had become and was desperate to enjoy your nakedness at last. My length moved the soft cleft between your legs, and you slightly adjusted the angle of your hips, ensuring I rubbed against your clitoris beneath your pants. You pulled my boxer shorts down, finally releasing me, and you lifted your hips from the bed, signalling that I should do the same for you. I pulled your pants down, enjoying a first glimpse at your naked vulva as I edged them down your legs and over your feet.

Your auburn hair was closely cropped and I could just make out the outline of your outer labia as I removed your knickers. Two perfectly thin strips of very pale pink skin raised slightly at the top, the only clue to indicate the hood of your clitoris, your outer lips perfectly closed. I ran a hand up your leg, over your slim hips and back to your breasts, kissing you deeply as I did so. Your hands made their way to my groin, and I felt you hold my erect penis for the first time.

Your hand stroked my length, pulling my foreskin tight over the engorged tip of my cock, and I knew I would have the most amazing orgasm, whilst your other hand cupped my balls, sending shooting pleasure all over my body. But I didn’t want to peak too soon, to deprive you of our mutual gratification, so I refocused on pleasing you. My other hand ran up your leg from your calf to your knee, then escort izmir inwards around your thigh. You opened your legs as you felt me move towards your vagina and I allowed my fingers to gently explore your most private place – tentatively at first.

Your pubic hair was soft and short and your paleness against the light orange hair was hugely attractive. I traced the triangle of hair up towards your belly, felt how it became more downy as I gently stroked down the the side of your slit and between your legs. Your mound was perfect to my touch, and I observed the thin and incredibly delicate-looking skin of your labia with a desire like I had never know before.

You shifted your position, lifting your knees, and I saw your labia open ever so slightly. I could see for the first time how wet you were, how your clitoris was becoming increasingly pronounced. My index finger ran back up between your legs and I finally touched your opening. You gasped as I stroked its length upwards, your wetness covering the tip of my finger and your slipperiness opening you further. I stopped as I got to your clit. I circled ever so gently around your hood and felt your body beginning to tense. Your lips moved one way, then the other, just stimulating your clitoris and increasing the wet heat that was growing inside.

Using my other hand, I gently parted your labia with two fingers, seeing your darker skin and your vagina glossy with expectation. I dipped a finger into your wetness, then ran tiny circles around your erect clitoris, touching it directly for the first time, and you moved away, finding it too sensitive, so I returned to delicately stroking your hood and labia, encircling your clitoris without direct stimulation.

After a few minutes, you took my hand and guided my finger into your vagina. Your wetness invited me in and I found my finger in the most sensuous and hot place. Your right hand reached for your clitoris whilst you continued to touch me with your free hand. You were touching yourself much harder than I had been – showing me what you wanted and how you liked to be touched during a moment of intimacy so early in a burgeoning relationship. I was enthralled and completely filled with desire for you as you edged circular motions on your mound, avoiding your sensitive clitoris but ensuring your skin stimulated it indirectly.

I inserted a second finger and began pumping in and out of your wet hole in rhythm with your own touch, sensing your closeness. The folds of skin in your inner walls surrounded and held my fingers, and I enjoyed the sensation of your strong inner muscles around me – communicating your lust. You came only a few seconds later, the tightness of your inner sex spasming around my fingers. Your groans of pleasure were new to me and sent me over the edge.

I felt my own orgasm building, and I stood up taller, taking huge pleasure in watching your breasts move gently against your chest as you touched me, your post orgasmic vagina still hot with my fingers inside. You pulled me again and again until I came all over your belly and breasts. You brought me down on to you, my cum warm between us, and we both fell into a deep sleep.

I was awoken by your return to bed after visiting the toilet in the depth of the night. You lifted the feather duvet and slid into bed next to me, curling your body into mine. In half sleep, we adjusted our positions, both of us on our backs, my hand on your thigh, your sleepy kiss on my shoulder. I don’t remember what happened next, but I do recall feeling my right hand on your inner thigh, as high up your leg as it could be, the texture of your lacy knickers tantalising to my palm and fingers.

My hand gradually moved across your body until it rested between your legs. Your hotness was clear to feel. Not sure whether you were awake, were wanting my hand, I rested it on your mons, my fingers softly pressed on each side of your slit. I lay, half asleep and unbelievably horny, not knowing what to do for some minutes, listening to you and wondering whether your lengthening breaths were you falling back to sleep or your growing excitements. You answered my question by opening your legs wide. I felt the tendons joining your strong thighs to your groin stretch, and felt your openness to my fingers beneath your thin underwear.

As my fingers drew inwards to the point where you became all softness and heat, I felt you move yourself against me ever so subtly. My fingers felt the lips of your beautiful vulva wide open, the space between wet and warm, seeping slightly through the sheer fabric of your underwear and onto my excited fingers. I rubbed as I had seen you do earlier, and I grew hard as I felt your body respond to my movements, grinding ever so gently against me. I turned my head to face you and found your earlobe, kissing it between my lips as I gently stimulated you. I licked your neck and kissed your chin, my tongue eventually finding yours and our mouths enjoying a deeply sensuous kiss. izmir escort

I ran my hand under the fabric of your pants and found your engorged clitoris already soaking wet. This time you clearly enjoyed my direct touch, and I enjoyed feeling it under my index finger. Taking it between my thumb and forefinger, I gently ran it between my digits, your swollen pussy lips enveloping my fingers as I did so. As I did this, you ran a single finger down the centre of my chest, exploring my hard penis with the lightest of touches. Your finger traced my shape, ran around its tip and, using your fingernail, you ran your finger down past my scrotum, gently resting at last on the sensitive skin around my anus. I continued to slowly rub your clitoris between my fingers as your finger traced ever so lightly between my balls and anus, and I took my length with my other hand. The feeling of bringing you to orgasm whilst also touching myself was almost too much for me.

You placed a finger inside yourself and slowly began to move it in and out as I touched myself and your clitoris. With your other hand you pressed more firmly until a tiny length of your index finger penetrated my anus. You kissed my neck and your breaths became shallower and more jerky. You turned onto your side, your back to me, and took my hard cock between your thighs. I felt as my length slid against your wet lips, your warmth stimulating me beyond control. I felt your convulsions grow as my cock became harder still, rubbing against your clitoris, and although I wanted desperately to be inside you, this felt heavenly. As your orgasm grew, I touched you with my fingers once more. My penis stiff between your thighs. We both came once more with my vigorous ejaculation landing all over your exhaust labia.

I was pressed against your back when I woke up, morning light and birdsong filling the room. My erect penis pressed against your full and firm behind, and I wanted to be inside you more than ever after the night before. I reached for your hips, stroking them softly as I felt you stir under the duvet. Your yawn and holding of my hand signalled your awakening. You turned your head to kiss my lips and I felt for your breasts, holding you tight against me. At that moment, there was a loud knock at the door “Breakfast is nearly over, and you need to be out of the room by 10:00” called a tired voice outside. We both groaned, but, hungry from last night, we reluctantly got up, dressing quickly before going downstairs to enjoy another dour meal.

After breakfast, we planned our walk from the priory up onto the moors. It was an overcast morning but it was dry underfoot and we had food for a picnic. Following well-trodden paths, we ambled up and up until we could finally see a flat landscape emerging on the other side of the ridge. Fields of wheat, of barley and rapeseed stretched out before us, the clouds overhead dulling the colours of this rural scene, but the rain holding off for now. We stood for a while, enjoying a drink and a piece of chocolate, and admired the view. It was growing warmer, and the clouds appeared to be evaporating into a thin haze. You put your arm around my waist, and we stood silent, hearing a distant buzzard’s cry, the dim murmur of a faraway tractor.

As we walked on, I took your hand, and neither of us said a word, comfortable in silence for the first time. We followed the long ridge round to the west, and with each mile, the haze cleared. Soon it was blisteringly hot, and we both felt the sun on our skin.

You knew that your pale complexion was taking a beating from the summer sun and tried to cover yourself with your jacket, but it was too warm and the sun had already done its damage. We headed down the hill and along winding country roads to a wooded valley with a gently babbling stream at the bottom, and we ate our meagre lunch in the shade of a mighty beech tree.

By the time we got back to the priory, the sun was already beginning to dip. We sat on the sheep-nibbled grass with a well-earned pint and talked. Your shoulders and legs were badly sunburned and we were both exhausted from a long but beautiful walk. We talked, delirious with sun and exercise, about the future, about our dreams and about how much we were enjoying our weekend away. I think we both knew it was too early for such openness, but it felt right and we both relaxed into a long and romantic fantasy.

After another couple of drinks and food enjoyed in the ruins of the priory, the sun was low in the sky. A golden glow cast long shadows through the pillars and arches, and bathed us in a glorious light. The temperature was at last easing off under a clear sky, and we decided to call it a night.

Once in our room, we headed straight for the bed. You handed me your after-sun and lifted your vest-top over your head, asking me to rub cream into your crimson shoulders. The cream was cool and soothing to your sun-scorched skin and I massaged your shoulders and back, careful to use plenty of cream and a light touch. You were relaxed and we talked about the day. Our adventure on the moor and our conversations amongst the ruins, the American tourists we had met in the priory pub, and about what we might do tomorrow.

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