Coming of Age Ch. 02

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Hopefully my mistakes aren’t as bad as my first submission. Sorry about that by the way. I reread it and seen what you guys meant it was incredibly bad. Hopefully I would change your impression of me.


I woke up early eager to start the day. I sat up and immediately regretted it. True to his word Vinny had fucked me long and hard up until Amber called saying they were on their way.

It took a while before I could even move without flinching. By the time they pulled into the drive way, Vinny and I were had both showered to wash away any evidence of our activities. I shivered at the memories. That was two days ago.

“Baby?” I looked up to see my daddy walking in. I thought about what Vinny had said. Did I frustrate dad like I did Vincent? “Good morning princess.” He came and sat on my bed with a cup of coffee.

He handed it to me and laughed when I moaned. He always knew what coffee I was in the mood for. Hazelnut was today’s cup. I discreetly took my birth control pill when daddy wasn’t looking.

“Thanks daddy. So what are we doing today?” I yawned. Carol was out away on business for that left the two of us alone for the week.

“Well Amber and Vinny want you to go over. I have to work so I can drop you off.” I froze. I wasn’t ready to be fucked again so soon. He wouldn’t fuck me with Amber so close right? I nodded managing a smile.

“Okay I’ll hurry and get ready.” I waited until he left before getting up and hopping in the shower.

Since I had showered last night I just rinsed off and my hair was wavy so I left it alone. I skipped to my closet wanting to see Amber. I grabbed some red lace panties and matching bra wanting to feel sexy. I squeezed into my baby blue jeans and white muscle shirt.

I smiled when I looked in the mirror and I could see my bra easily. Daddy loved the color red. I shook my head at the random thought and slipped into my gray flat boot shoes and grabbed my gray purse and pull over. I pocketed my phone before leaving to find daddy.

“Daddy? I’m ready.” I walked into his room but stopped short. He had just come out of his personal bathroom wearing nothing but black Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

I stood there for a moment just studying his muscular body, fully aware of te impact his had on my own. I looked away in shame as I felt my panties dampen.

“Shit!” I giggled as he rushed to pull on a pair of pants. “It’s not funny.” He tried to be serious but he ended up laughing too.

“Nothing to be a shamed of daddy.” He coughed again buttoning his shirt. I noticed he did that when he was uncomfortable.

“Um princess? Isn’t that shirt a bit see-through?” I tilted my head as if i didn’t now what he was talking about. He shook his head. “Alright let’s go.” I followed him out.

“Daddy do you love Carol?” I looked to him when I asked but his face didn’t change.

“Why do you ask?” I was happy he didn’t say right right away. I just shrugged; to be honest I really didn’t know why I asked. “It’s complicated.” That was a no. Then why was she still here? This was my home and my daddy. That bitch shouldn’t be able to touch what’s mine.

“Okay daddy.”

The ride to Vinny and Amber’s was quiet but it wasn’t a long one. As we got closer my thoughts went into over drive.

Did he know I was on birth control already? Did Amber hate me? Would she act differently towards me? He pulled up in front of their canlı bahis house and kissed my forehead. I stepped out.

“Katherine!” Amber pulled me into a hug. I smiled and returned it. “Come in, I’ve just started lunch.” I followed in the house, loving the welcoming feel of the place. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. “Vincent will be home soon.”

“Sorry I haven’t visited.” She waved off my apology finishing up the chicken wraps. She passed me a plate of two chicken wraps and apple slices in a salad.

Before I could take a bite, firm body pressed against me from behind. I gasped as the plate was moved and I was lowered. Bent over the counter I could see Amber smiling at the person behind me.

“Sorry I’m late sweetie.” Vincent. He palmed my ass as he apologized to his wife. I remained still, shocked that he’d openly fondle me in front of his wife.

“It’s okay baby, I was just about to tell Katherine our little plan.” I tired to stand up, curious as to what they planned to do but Vincent’s arm kept me in place. I heard Amber giggle and seconds later Vincent had pulled down my pants and panties.

“Red lace? Do you know how frustrating it is to shop with a hard on? Do you enjoy teasing people?” I whimpered and shook my head. “What did I say about lying?”

“I’m sorry. I do like teasing people.” I rushed out hoping to please him. I moaned when he slammed inside me.

“Good girl.” I smiled hearing the strain in his voice. He didn’t slow his pace as Amber came around and kissed him. From my position I could see Vincent grab Amber’s pussy as he kissed her and fucked me.

“Hurry up and finish baby. You both need to eat.” How could she be so casual? I mean her husband was fucking me into the counter while she ate.

I grunted as he picked up speed while gripping my hips. I could hear the sound of his cock thrusting into my wet pussy. “So fucken tight.” He groaned and pulled my hair forcing me to look at Amber. “Look at her.” I moaned and left my pussy tighten as I watched Amber smile down at me.

“Strip.” I blinked in surprise before pulling off my top. I heard Vincent moan as he unclasped my bra. I eyed Amber as she came closer. I felt her hand brush against my skin and cried out as she touched my clit.

I couldn’t stop moaning; the intensity of Vincents cock fucking my cunt, Amber’s finger rubbing my clit and my nipples moving against the counter was too much. “Please stop.” I tried grabbing something to hold on to.

“Sluts don’t get a say.” I moaned lustfully and just laid there. “I hope you got on the pill.” I nodded yes. “Damn, you’d look irresistible pregnant. Bigger chest, higher sex drive, my kid.”

I screamed out my orgasm as he revealed his fantasy. He burried himself balls deep and came in long spurt. He groaned not moving until he was completely empty. I looked back in confusion but my unasked question was answered when Amber came back with a vaginal plug.

“Here baby.” He pulled out of me making me moan at the loss before he placed the plug inside me. “She looked like a used whore.” Amber’s giggled. “Time to eat!”

I watched as Amber dropped down and took Vincents dick in her mouth while Vincent ate lunch. He sighed as rested a hand on her head. “Easy baby I don’t want to cum again until later.” Amber stood and laughed, sitting in her chair. I moved to get dressed but was stopped.

“You might as well stay nude. I have a feel Vincent bahis siteleri will want you again soon.” I sat there fully naked eying the both of them as they ate lunch. I’ve never seen Amber like this. Was she really okay with Vincent fucking me whenever he wanted? “I want to talk to you about Carol.”

“What about her?” My voice was finally steady but at the mention of the slut caused it to harden.

“The bitch is too nosey. She suspects Vincent and you of having an affair. If we give her enough time she could have proof and show Damien before he’s ready to accept us.” She rolled her eyes. “We need her gone.” I grinned; I was more than happy to help with that.

“We planned to frame her of cheating. She hasn’t been getting release from your father.” I shook my head dismissing the idea.

“No she could turn that around. They’ll just end up going to couples therapy.” Amber frowned. “It has to be sometime that he’ll never get over, like a constant reminder.”

“Scheming is best done by us women.” I laughed shaking my head. I gasped, plan already forming. “What?”

“You have an idea don’t you?” I nodded smiling. “Tell us then.” I shivered at Vincent’s tone. “Such an easy little slut.” He grabbed me by my hair and playfully bit at my neck.

“C-carol hates the poor. If we find someone of low social standing and have him impregnate her, she’s as good as gone. She’ll never admit who the father is and daddy will never forgive her for having another man’s child and not telling him who she cheated with.”

“How do you know she won’t get rid of the child?” I snorted. Like she’d ever do that.

“People are always flocking around her because of my father. If anyone sees her going into a clinic they’ll question why she’s there. With anonymous tip about about her abortion rumors will fly.” I moaned when Vincent grabbed my naked cunt.

“And Damien will obviously see the news and question her. If she refuses to get tested he’ll know she lied. Her credibility lwill be ruined.” Amber finished off my plan.

“Enough talking.” Vincent grunted picking me up and throwing md over his shoulder. “Its about time I took your ass.” I gasped and wiggled but a slap to my ass brought me out of my panic.

The feeling of my ass being slapped grew into a pleasurable one as the sting went straight to my clit. In response I dug my nails into his exposed ass, giggling as she nipped at my ass.

“I’ll be with you in a second.” Amber laughed. Suddenly I was thrown. I closed my eyes expecting to hit the hard floor but they flew open when I landed on a soft mattress. I smiled bringing my arms above my head and arching my back.

“I wouldn’t tempt me or I might not be able to go easy on you.” I bit my lips spreading my legs for him. I watched as his face darkened in lust. He grabbed me and positioned me on my hands and knees. I giggled when he blind folded me. I could only wait for him to touch me and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t soaked.

I jumped when I get his cold hands seperate my ass cheeks. He started rubbing a cool substance around my hole making me relax and push my ass back.

“What are you waiting for?” I sounded needy but I didn’t really care. I was about to get my ass fucked by a man nearly double my own age while his wife was in the other room.

“You want me to fuck you ass? You want to be my little slut?” I moaned in response. A moment later I felt his cock press against bahis şirketleri my ass just as I felt the bed dip.

Was it Amber? Did she want me to pleasure her too? I didn’t think I was into women. I didn’t get to think about it so much because Vinny pushed his head in; as I opened my mouth to scream a cock was pushed past my lips.

“Mmfph!” My scream was muffled by the cock. I tried to pull back but a firm hand held my head in place. Who was this?!

“This is how a slut is supposed to look.” Vincent laughed slapping my ass once while pushing another inch in my ass. I started sucking the cock in my mouth slowly. I quickly came to realize it was fake.

“Don’t stop sweetie. The more you suck the more my end moves.” I gasped around the cock. Was Amber using a double sided dildo? I moaned as she worked the cock deeper into my mouth brushing the back of my throat.

“Jesus.” Vinny hissed thrusting forward quickly making me take more of both cocks. “Do that again baby. Her ass tightens when you do.”

I didn’t get a chance to react before Amber forced the cock down my throat. Both Vinny and Amber moaned in unison. I tried to pull away so i could breath but they only pushed more of their cocks into my body.

I tired but the longer I kept Amber’so face cock down my throat the more I panicked. Tears clouded was little vison I had and I couldn’t breath.

The cock was pulled away finally letting my catch my breath but was immidately shovd back in. Vincent hissed and forced the rest of his cock up my ass. I sucked the cock faster feeling my orgasm building rapidly.

“Looks like she’s going to cum soon.” Amber moaned out fucking my face. “I won’t last much longer either.” Vinny laughed just starting to fuck my ass.

I moaned again trying to pull him deeper desperate to cum. I tried to talk but the cocknin my mouth wouldn’t let me.

“Harder baby. I want her to really remember her first anal experience.” I started to choke on the fake cock as Vinny obeyed Amber and had began slamming into my hole every thrust.

Amber was the first to cum, moaning as she did. The cock slipped out of my mouth letting me breath but with Vincent tearing apart my ass I didn’t really focus on it.

“You’re just a little fuck slut aren’t you?” I moaned but I guess that didn’the satify him enough because he souled my head back my my hair. “Aren’t you?”

“Yes! YES!” I screamed on the brink of my orgasm. He pushed my face into the bed and worked to his own orgasm. The fact that he only cared for his pleasure turned me on more and with a finally thrust we both came.

My scream was muffled by the bed and the only thing keeping mefrom going limp was his cock still in my ass. I was so exhausted I didn’t even register him pulling out or the fact that another plug was inserted.

“Keep those plugs in while you shower. I want you to wear one of Amber’s dresses when we have dinner with your father.” I moaned managing to sit up.

“But Amber’s small. The dress won’t fit.” He only laughed slipping on a pair of underwear.

“I won’t be too bad. But I want people to look at you as you sit therein a skin tight dress while youre filled with cum. Its also easier to pull the front down to bit your nipples or lift it to expose you cunt.” I shivered rushing to get in the shower before I begged him to fuck me again.

Could I really do as Vincent asked? Especially in front of daddy. I smiled as I looked at my freshly fucked self in the mirror. If daddy had a problem I’do find a way to make it up to him. Starting by getting rid of that bitch Carol. I felt my clit throb as I remembered our plan. This is too easy.

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