Double Time 4

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This is episode 4 of my week in Portugal 20 years ago, with a pair of almost matched transgirls. Double Times 1-3, narrate a series of threesomes, culminating in Linda and Kathy also narrating. During their hormonal development, while they were at college, eighteen years old and ongoing, plumping their shapely breasts and their delightful bottoms, they were wont to toss each other off onto Kathy’s mother’s used panties. And when she caught them, she masturbated Linda, while Kathy brought her mother to orgasm and came herself. This event had clearly been influential in their development as sexual transbeings. After relating it, as they came in my knickers, they went on to describe another incestuous interlude.

Linda: Oh, Norma, that was delicious. Thank you.

Kathy: You know, the more you do it the more you can do it.

Norma: That means you’re not finished yet, then?

Linda: We thought we were after yesterday, but telling you our stories —

Kathy: Seems to help us recapture that first fine careless —

Linda: It was far from careless, darling, with your dear mamma.

Kathy: And it wasn’t careless with yours, either.

Linda: Oh, Norma, we have to tell you about it. You’ll hardly believe —

Kathy: Well, our kindly mummies had funded our transing, and —

Linda: We had a pretty good idea they’d been lesbing for years.

Norma: Shall we lie down for your further revelations?

Kathy: Good idea. And we’ll get those jizzy knickies off you.

Linda: Sopping. Didn’t know we had so much in us.

Kathy: I think we’re replenished. But we’ll see.

Linda: This is good, Norma, a head on each buzzoom. Go on, Kathbott

Kathy: Our mummies met at school, like us, but I don’t think they did lezzing then.

Linda: But when we got interested in sex, aged seven, we noticed some things.

Kathy: They always kissed with lips when they met and parted.

Linda: They were always holding hands, embracing and patting botties.

Kathy: There were a lot of sleepovers, with both in one bed.

Linda: Without nighties, we couldn’t help noticing.

Kathy: Of course, as we’ve said, they wandered about in the nude a lot.

Linda: We should say our fathers weren’t around much. Too busy elsewhere.

Kathy: Running the estate, doing things in the City, going abroad on business.

Linda: Well, they said it was business, but when we were thirteen our mums told us —

Kathy: Our dull old beylikdüzü escort dads had mistresses.

Linda: It was odd we were only children — no marital sex going on, we guessed.

Kathy: So, we didn’t blame our mummies for making love, and it was love they made.

Linda: They got pretty blatant about it eventually, realising we’d worked it out.

Kathy: We longed for them to show us what they did, of course. And —

Linda: Eventually they did. Well, we all did. If I say We’ll come to that we will.

Kathy: Your bossooom is very comfy, Norma. I love the nip-pip in my ear.

Linda: Not long after Kath and her mamma and I had come together so gloriously —

Kathy: We were at Lin’s house, in her room, in our dressing-gowns —

Linda: Of course we’d spent the night together, as mummy surely knew.

Kathy: We spent a lot of time just rubbing our budding breasties together.

Linda: We were so pleased with them, our little nip-tips were quire sore.

Kathy: Anyway, there was a knock on the door.

Linda: There was my dear mother with a tray of coffee and biscuits.

Kathy: She said, Is this a private party or can an old crone join in?

Linda: We thought she was dropping a hint. I said, Can the crone be a crony?

Kathy: I said, You mean a cronette.

Linda: I said, Please do join us, dear mamma. With the emphasis on join.

Kathy: She laughed. Well, it was almost a giggle. We were sitting on the bed.

Linda: She sat on my desk chair and put the coffee cups on the desk.

Kathy: She had to twist round to do that and her legs parted, apparently accidentally.

Linda: And we got a brief view of sexy old mummy’s knickerless pussy.

Kathy: Was this a message or had she forgotten to put them on or liked to be bare?

Linda: It was strange, thinking my mother was being deliberately provocative.

Kathy: I could feel Lin’s feelings — she was excited, too, getting hard. Like me.

Linda: When I went to fetch our coffee-cups my dressing-gown fell open a moment.

Kathy: Her mummy got a glimpse of Lin’s semi-stiff pricket, but said nothing.

Linda: We drank coffee without speaking. It was a bit awkward. Well, a lot awkward.

Kathy: Because we knew what we all wanted but didn’t know how to get to it.

Linda: Then mummy said to Kath, Your mother and I do tell each other things.

Kathy: So, we knew she knew beyoğlu escort about our little toss-off together.

Linda: I said, Kath’s mummy is so kind, so open-handed.

Kathy: And she said, And close-handed, too, I gather.

Linda: Then it really struck me that my mother really did want sex —

Kathy: With her daughter and a friend, as if their transmutation —

Linda: Had somehow so transformed the relationships the old taboos were dissolved.

Kathy: And the bond had even been strengthened in its sexualised form.

Norma: You girls are so perceptive and articulate.

Linda: Well, my dear Norma, we do have degrees in psychology.

Kathy: And we wrote dissertations on the psychology of transsexuality.

Linda: With plenty of field work. Sometimes bed-work, too.

Kathy: There we were, then, with this beautiful older women flashing her muffy.

Linda: And hinting hard she was ready for some handicraft, but maybe a little shy.

Kathy: This being a new event for her. So we took the initiative, didn’t we, darling?

Linda: We dropped the dressing-gowns. Revealing our intentions, you could say.

Kathy: Then I knelt in front of the chair and opened her legs.

Linda: And I said, I’ve loved you in several ways, darling mummy, and this is one.

Kathy: She was wearing a dress, but she wasn’t sitting on it.

Linda: No, her lovely big bum was onto the woodwork, so I could unzip at the back —

Kathy: And draw it off over her head, while my little sucky mouth was closing in.

Linda: I detached her bra, and as Kath’s lips contacted her furry one, my hands —

Kathy: Took hold of her breasts, Lin bent and sucked again, after so many years.

Norma: This is really stiffening your resolve against my legs, isn’t it?

Linda: There is something magical about giving your mother ecstasy.

Kathy: Mummy was trembling and gasping, Darling, that’s so lovely.

Linda: Kath was loudly slurping mummy’s tooky, to use our mothers’ code word.

Kathy: She was rocking back and forth on the chair.

Linda: And I was sucking away on those great big nip-knobs.

Kathy: I could tell she was coming, because she held my head and guided my mouth.

Linda: The sweet-teat wrapped in my tongue was hard and huge.

Kathy: When she came she made a crooning sound and went rigid all over.

Linda: She reached up and pulled my face bomonti escort down to kiss my lips.

Kathy: She said, My darling, you really know how to love your mummy, don’t you?

Linda: I said, I’ve longed to suckle your beautiful bubs, again, since I was seven.

Kathy: She laughed and said, I don’t think it was possible till now.

Linda: Then she said to Kath, Where did you learn to suckle tooky like that?

Kathy: I said, Well, we’ve had a little practice.

Linda: She said, I know one lady you’ve practised on, and she loved it.

Kathy: Lin said, But she was used to you doing it, wasn’t she?

Linda: She nodded, then said, But what about you two? I see you’re in dire need.

Kathy: Linda said, Kathy’s mum was clever-handed for me. Can you handle two?

Linda: She said, Dears, I’d love to take you inside, do it properly, but —

Kathy: We said together, We understand.

Linda: She reached out and drew us close, one either side and stroked our botts.

Kathy: Then she said, I want you to do it on my busties.

Linda: Kathy said, It’ll be our pleasure.

Kathy: She took her hands off our botties and grasped a prickie in each hand.

Linda: She said, I’ve never done this, so tell me if I’m not doing it right.

Kathy: We were so close to the edge by then, that just her holding us was enough.

Linda: We projected great gobbets of sperm onto her splendid globes.

Kathy: She was fascinated. She said, It always happened inside me till now.

Linda: We showed her how to squeeze the last oozings out of our cocktips.

Kathy: She said, I’ll remember that next time. If I can help you again.

Linda: I told her we’d love her to help us, often, and Kathy’s mummy could, too.

Kathy: Then she stood up and there was a great pool of her cunny-honey on the chair.

Linda: She looked at it and said, My tooky is like a siphon. Press it and there’s fizz.

Kathy: Linda puts her arms round mummy and rubs her little tits on those big ones.

Linda: She said, I never dreaded I’d do this with my sweet child.

Kathy: Lin and I looked at each other and knew the mummy needed more.

Linda: We knew that our mummies could come each other many times.

Kathy: So, we guided her to and laid her down on Lin’s bed.

Linda: Then we licked and sucked and fingered and plucked and stroked.

Kathy: And she came four more times under our mouths and hands.

Linda: She said, That was wonderful, sweeties, you are brilliant.

Kathy: Lin said, We’d love to do it with both our mummies at once.

Linda: She said, We’ll talk about it — we’ll see — it’d be entirely new. Like this was.

Kathy: We were hopeful they’d like the idea.

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