Good Morning

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Big Tits

After my shower, I returned to the bedroom, clad in only a towel. To my dismay, my beauty wasn’t there.

Down the hall, bare feet over hard wood floors, approaching the living room. Hearing soft music, the closer I get. To my left, on the kitchen counter, a pitcher of cold orange juice and an empty glass. Pouring a tall one, peering to my right. Across the room, I can see the sliding door to the terrace, from whence the music comes.

Pausing at the doorway, eyes closed, feeling the warmth over my bare skin, a gentle breeze. The scent of coconut draws my attention. Lifting my lids, looking down to gaze upon her loveliness, stretched out on a long lounge chair. Her back is exposed, her head turned to one side. Basking, the sunlight just adding to her radiance. She wears only a light coat on sun tan lotion.

I feel a stirring deep with in, as my manhood starts to press against the towel. No matter how many times I see her, or touch her, it is as exciting as the first time.

” Morning Baby” walking over to where she lays. Standing at her feet, taking a moment to look over her body. Getting more aroused, I have to sit, lest the tautness unties the cloth.

Taking hold of her feet, in both of my hands. The palms placed on the side, long fingers wrapped over the instep, pulling back, stretching them out “sleep well, love?”

My answer was a long and relaxed sounding “mmmmmmmmm” Driving thumbs into her sole, pushing and pulling across the space between the ball and the heel.

The ‘oohs’ and the ‘ahhs’ only urge me more. oil slick fingers slide down the instep, slowly inching over every spot. Puling on each toe, snaking between, kissing each tip.

After tending to the other foot, I get up, only to straddle the lounge chair, just before her feet. My knees spread as far as the towel will allow, giving me badly needed space. Seeing as just the touch of her skin moves me.

One hand on each heel, wrapping tightly and twisting. Moving over to her dainty ankles, tempted to pulled them apart and have at her. resisting by means unknown to me. Slipping up, over smooth skin, massaging the calve. Scooting up on the chair, my towel now covering her feet, as I place my lips again to her sweet skin, kissing bostancı escort the back of her knees.

Thumbs on the inside, racing up her sexy thighs. Reaching the edge of her bottom, the thumbs turn outward, following the curve.

While her moans fill my ears, I continue to kneed her ass, working interlocking circles, scooting up further.

As these feeling in me grow, I can not imagine where this morning lust has sprung from, my desire for her has never been like this before, so strong, so animalistic. I can’t explain it.

I’m not sure if it’s how good she looks, laying there bare for me, how the light dances over her skin, or if it’s how she hasn’t even opened her eyes and lets me do what I please, trusting in me that my pleasure will be hers as well. All I do know is that I want her…that I need to have her soon.

Over to the small of her back, I pay careful attention, rubbing away the tension and the kinks. Realizing my work is being encumbered, I reach down and strip myself of the towel. Almost embarrassed by my erection, standing out right, swelling aching for her, while so close to her.

Leaning into work the back, busy fingers going to each vertebrae. Tips raking softly over her, gliding up to the shoulders, buried under sun kissed locks. Massaging with strong hands, careful not to press too hard into her delicate frame.

Kissing each back bone, traveling up her length, clearing away her hair to nuzzle the back of her neck. A muffled giggle sends my heart soaring, so happy to be here. Nibbling my way over to her shoulders, glimpsing the look of contentment on her peaceful face. As my hands rub and squeeze their way down her arms. I can feel my excitement graze and glide across her lotion smooth skin.

Baring witness to her reaction, a raised eyebrow and a wicked knowing grin. Mesmerized by the beauty of her face, knowing if she opens her eyes…those star filled dazzling eyes, eyes I have lost entire days staring into, I’ll be entranced once again.

I feel her hand, reached back, touching me, taking hold, pulling with a lotion covered hand, my full length, throbbing in her palm. As she strokes, arching my hips forward, letting loose a moan. My face pressed ümraniye escort bayan to the side of her head, my mouth so close to her ear. she can hear my breath, my panting, continuing her movements to a point where I could easily go over the edge.

Sliding back down her body, fingertips racing over her, my manhood, skims a cheek as well as her thigh.

Bringing her knees up, now while I sit behind her, her head still resting on the flat lounge chair, her bottom is raised. Her essence, bare for me, for the moment I am in utter awe. Taking in the rich aroma of her sex, looking like a delicate and fragile flower, starting to bloom, wet with excitement, glistening. How I hunger for her, my mouth waters. Velvet kisses surrounding her furnace. Tenderly parting her lips, revealing her sweet pink folds.

Unable to hold back, I am on her. Taking a long covering lick over her fire, slow at first, but my yearning quickens me, lapping from the very edge, circling closer and closer to her core. Urged by the moans, by her hips, moving up and back to me.

Running the broad part over her clit, until the tip of my tongue rests right on her sweetness. Tracing over and around, hands slipping to the front of her thighs, taking hold, drawing her closer. Enveloping my lips over her clit, suckling the swelling, soft and tenderly. Careening my head in a figure eight manner. Covering every bit of her, moaning my pleasure deep into her letting the vibrations carry through.

Finally gliding in, feeling the press of her walls surrounding my tongue, fluttering wildly. My mouth open wide over her mound.

A longing in my loins, my swollen manhood aches to join with her. Slipping back, planting my feet firmly, rising up, perfectly aligned. The tip first brushing the soft hair, then the slight space between her lips, soaking the head, feeling the heat travel along my shaft, throughout me. I gasp as my body shutters.

Passing over the softness, going up and down, cresting each stroke teasingly. Loving how she whines a bit, grinding her hips back, impatiently.

Tenderly, centering on her, easing my hips forward, the amazing resistance, steady pressure building, until…until…until, she blooms for kartal escort me, accepting me in to her most intimate.

Sliding in, enveloped and squeezed by her tightness, the walls gripping, taking hold, feeling like liquid fire. The initial sensation sending me reeling, my head snaps back, staring at the azure sky through squinted eyes. I don’t know who cried louder. All at once. Incredible.

With every beat of my racing heart I feel myself throb deep within her. Connected to her, as if one. My hips, as if by their own decision, dipping down, retracting me slightly, another gasp, followed by a louder one when they resume their first position, putting me back where I belong. Again and again this goes on.

Taking hold of her hips, my pace quickens, our tempo increases, not dramatically at first, but soon, our bodies are crashing in to each other, each thrust faster, harder, deeper than the last. Stoking the fire in us, building it, nurturing it, knowing that it could very easily consume us.

Loving her body, how she whips her hair. How her whole being moves as I drive in to her. The scent of her sex, the wetness that covers my hardness, slamming in again and again, brought on by my need for her. The sounds of our love making.

Moaning her name louder and louder, faster and faster, as she does the same.

The shaking starts, taking us over. The quake in her, rippling, sending me into a frenzy. The thrusts slow, but become more determined. Launching in with all of my being, using what little of my strength is left. Excited by her cries…her cries for my release.

The next thrust, hips forward, feeling as if they will snap, putting all I have, The fire coming forth in a tremendous explosion, again and again in orgasmic ecstasy. Feeling her buck and shake wildly beneath me, knowing now that we have crossed the threshold together, still gliding back and forth, her after shocks washing over me.

Lowering myself, with her, as one, throbbing, every nerve alive, and pulsating. my chest to her back, her legs slip down, mine resting along side them.

Kissing her softly on the cheek. one eye opens to peer up at me, “mmmmm, I just had the most amazing dream” We share a laugh. Noting the time and how much of it has past, she asks what I would like for lunch. I simply tell her I want the same thing as I want for dinner.

“What’s that?” with a raised eyebrow and hopeful smile.

With a wicked but loving grin I say “The same thing I had for breakfast.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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