Greg’s New Help Ch. 02

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Slap! Creak! Slap! Creak! Slap! Creak!

The wooden timbers gave way beneath the pounding of Scott and Kara’s feet as they moved along the curvaceous shore of the lake. The city had built a beautiful and scenic boardwalk along the lakeside that lay at the heart of Scott’s high-end neighbourhood. It was perfect for early morning jogs.

The sweat on Kara’s brow trickled in a steady stream along her defined, high cheekbones, sliding off her chin to land on her breasts. Sweat soaked through her white t-shirt and sports bra as it strained to hold in her beautiful chest. Scott could taste his sweat as it leaked onto his lips. Keeping pace, jogging a few feet behind Kara, he kept a close eye on her sweet ass. Each cheek rising as she took a step with the left, the right, the left…. It was almost hypnotic.

“Scott, stop staring at my ass!” Kara said looking over her shoulder at him as she ran. The pair had been largely inseparable since Kara’s “interview.” Kara had completely seduced Scott and they had fucked like rabbits in his office. Her green eyes glaring back at him now did nothing to make her less sexy.

Sure, everyone in the office knew they were intimate and rumours were a-flying, but Scott and Kara couldn’t care less. Scott found Kara’s company energizing, both at work and at play. For the first time in her life, Kara had found a man that seemed as interested in her mind as he was in her ass.

The pair moved quickly along the boardwalk, approaching a wooded area. They slowed to a walk and made their way onto the dirt track portion of the trail. Scott had returned from a trip to London the night before and was still a little jet-lagged. When Kara picked him up at the airport just before midnight, it had felt like 5 am and he hadn’t slept a wink. Anxious to return home to be in Kara’s arms (and pussy) once more, he hadn’t slept the night before either.

After a month in London, Scott had adjusted to the time difference just in time to leave. Arriving home suffering major jet-lag, he had completely passed out after briefly making out with Kara. She had taken to sleeping over and had a store of work clothes stashed in Scott’s bureau. They arose for their typical jog, kicking off the workweek with an 8–k run first thing Monday morning.

As they entered the shade of the trees, the trail became a beaten track through the woods. A month of English pubs without running, Scott had lost some endurance. He slowed to a walk and called Kara to join him. His leg seizing up, he began stretching. Kara jogged on the spot for a moment, her bouncing breasts catching Scott’s eye, he couldn’t help but get an erection at the sight.

Kara was wearing a sports bra and a loose white t-shirt on top. Her shapely buttocks and thighs were on full display in a tight pair of black pants. As she bent over to stretch out her back, Scott could no longer resist the urge and hugged her, pulling her close. The soft, roundness of her ass felt so good. He pulled her ass to his crotch as she rose to engage him in a reverse hug.

“I missed you so much!” Scott said. Holding her around the waist he squeezed her ever closer to him.

“Are you bostancı escort bayan speaking to me or my ass?” Kara teased. Scott had, admittedly, given a great deal of attention to her derriere the past little while.

“Both of you of course” Scott began rubbing her ass cheeks. The pressure in his loins combined with the feeling of this gorgeous round ass against his dick was too much. He grabbed her pants and underwear firmly in his hands and pulled them down to her knees. Shoving Kara roughly against a tree on the trail, Scott revealed his hard cock and began rubbing the head against her ass.

“Oh my!!!” Was all Kara could answer as she spread her legs slightly. Her sweaty pussy put up no resistance to Scott’s hard cock as he plunged into her.

“Oh God yesssss!” Scott let out a long moan. The warmth and tightness of Kara’s pussy felt so good after so long. Unable to stop himself, Scott began pounding away. Thrusting his dick as deep into Kara as he could, he was physically forcing her to a standing position up against the tree.

“Oh yes baby. That big hard cock feels so good. Fuck me Scott! Fuck me!”

Reaching around, Scott grabbed Kara firmly; her breast in his left hand and her toned stomach in his right. The sweet sound of his crotch slapping against Kara’s ass as he fucked her was music to his ears.

“I missed you so much. Fuck! Your ass feels so good baby!”

“I missed you too my big, bad businessman. Fuck my pussy! Fuck it hard! I fucked it so hard with my finger, but it’s nothing compared to your big!! Thick!! Cock!!! Oh you fill me up so much! Fuck me with that big dick! Fuck me!”

“Oh yeah, that’s my naughty little bitch! Take that cock up your pussy! You’re so wet you fucking whore! Fuck! Yeah!”

“Fuck me Scott! Fuck me like the bad little slut that I am! Fill me with that cock! Oh, it feels so gooooodd! Slap my ass baby, spank your bad little slut.”

Releasing her stomach Scott began slapping Kara’s round ass, “Have you been a good little slutty secretary while I was away? Horny little bitch, did you suck cock while daddy was away?”

“I flirted with the water guy, that was it I swear. I fucked myself every night with that dildo you gave me. I’m only a slut for you baby, I swear!” Kara almost sounded worried, but Scott was only talking dirty. Although he could imagine every guy in the office hovering over Kara while he was away.

“Oh Kara, baby. Yesss, I can’t stop! I’m… I’m… AAAAhhhhhh,” Scott moaned as he came. He released what felt like a gallon of cum into Kara’s pussy in half a dozen strong spurts. Moaning softer and softer, thrusting less and less with each spasm, he held Kara in his arms.

“Pants up Scott, someone’s coming!” Kara quickly pulled her pants up and made as if she was stretching. Scott had an easy time of pulling up his pants as his cock softened and he attempted to put on the same charade. A pair of college girls jogged past barely batting an eye in the couple’s direction.

“Wow, that was new Scott! You’ve never taken me that hard before and in public no less! God, my pussy’s so wet, you pumped so much cum into me. I can feel ümraniye escort it oozing out into my underwear, see?” She seductively pulled the crotch of her pants down to reveal her soaking wet panties. “Mmmmmm” she hummed as she fingered herself in front of Scott, raising a dripping finger to her lips and sucking it like a cock.

Scott could feel his cock throbbing as it rose back to life at this dirty display. Lunging at her like a starving man, he just missed as she let her pants snap back into place and began running again ahead of him.

“Catch me if you can old man!” she laughed as she speed away, returning in the direction of Scott’s condo. Scott proceeded to do so and was quickly running next to her, his hard- on making running awkward.

“What’s in your pocket Mr. Greg?” Kara chuckled.

Having made their way back to the condo building, Kara arrived home first. She entered the kitchen immediately, opened the fridge, and grabbed a Gatorade. Scott was behind her and almost instantly snatched the bottle from her hand, embraced her, and kissed her deeply. Letting the red bottle fall to floor, Gatorade pouring over the tiles, she wrapped her arms around him.

Scott plunged his tongue into her mouth and they began French kissing as if their lives depended on it. Kara ran her long, sexy nails through the hair on the back of Scott’s head and grabbed his sweaty t-shirt. Breaking from their kiss, she pulled the shirt over his head and began kissing his hard pec’s. The coolness of her mouth, her tongue reddened by the sports drink, aroused Scott’s nipples to erectness. Not stopping at his chest, Kara began to kiss and lick her way down to his stomach.

With her chin being poked by his hard cock, she pulled down Scott’s pants only to have his penis slap her in the face.

“Suck me!” Scott stated, half order, half begging.

His cock was still wet with their combined juices and his pre-cum had continued to flow the entire run home. Having been cooped up in the sweat pants, his cock felt like it was on fire. The comforting chill of Kara’s lips overtook Scott as she took him in her mouth, deep-throating him right away. Scott grabbed her by the hair and gazed down as his balls bounced off Kara’s chin.

“Oh that’s so nice Kara. I love your mouth. So cool. Ooooo” He gazed upward and closed his eyes. Kara grabbed what was left of the sports drink in one hand and Scott’s cock in the other. Slowly withdrawing him from her mouth, she took another swig. Turning back to his dick, taking it into her mouth once more, she began slobbering the chilled liquid all over him. The sensation was fantastic as Kara massaged his balls with her cold fingers.

Gulp, gulp, gulp. Kara began swallowing the drink and Scott’s cock. Her head firmly in his grasp, Scott began thrusting himself in and out of Kara’s mouth. She kneeled there submissively, allowing Scott to have his way with her, fucking her face and pulling her hair.

“Oh Kara, yess! Your mouth feels so good baby!”

“MMMppphh” is all she could reply as Scott shoved his dick in and out of her tight lips. She played gently with his balls with one hand while kartal escort the other kept trying to get a hold of him. She wanted to slow Scott down, tease him more, but he was having none of it. He was moving too quickly in and out of her mouth, pushing his dick in as far as it would go, and Kara was trying hard just to hold on.

Despite having cum just minutes earlier, Scott could feel the orgasm rising from his groin. Opening his eyes, he gazed down at the erotic picture of Kara’s beautiful hair in his hands, her innocent looking eyes gazing up at him, his cock as it pistoned in and out of her red lips…. It was too much after a month of not getting any.

“Fuck Kara, that feels so good, fuck! You look so hot! Oh God, oh fuck, oh fuck! I’m going to cum baby, I’m gonna cum!”

Kara could do nothing but moan and hum on Scott’s dick as her fucked her face. Fondling his balls with both hands, she waited to feel Scott’s spurting release that would allow her to catch her breath.

“Uunnngggghhh,” Scott moaned as he came, draining his balls for the second time. Kara easily swallowed the small amount of cum dribbling from his penis. Thank god I didn’t suck him off last night, she thought, he would’ve drowned me with that first load this morning. Remembering the huge load of cum deposited in her pussy, she rose to take a shower.

Rising up, Kara pulled her top off. “Alright big boy, I’m taking a shower. We have to be at work in an hour!”

“I’ll have to join you, to save time you know?” Scott teased. The couple walked hand in hand to the washroom and peeled off their sticky, sweaty clothes. Admiring Kara’s breasts as she disrobed, Scott couldn’t help but feel great to be home.

“I really did miss you Kara. Not just the sex, everything. I wish you could’ve seen London with me.” The hot water from the shower was clouding up the room.

“Me too,” she whispered kissing him softly on the lips then pulling him into the steamy shower stall. With her back to the shower head, she leaned back into the flow of warm water. Scott began massaging the trickling streams of water all over Kara’s body, from her shoulders to her thighs, spending a disproportionate amount of time on her breasts.

Pulling her face back from the stream of water, Kara smiled and began covering herself in body wash. She worked up a lather in the trimmed hair above her pussy. She too, spent more time than necessary rubbing her breasts in soapy goo as Scott began to do the same. Beginning at his crotch he started working up the suds by jacking himself off.

“I must be sure to get all that nasty cum out of my pussy,” Kara purred as she began fingering her soap-covered pussy. “Ohhhh, you came so much. I’ll have to get really, really deep. Ohhhh yeahhh.” Spreading her legs slightly she began forcing her middle finger in as far as it would go.

The lewd scene, the warm water, and his soapy hand were having the desired effect on Scott’s cock. Within a minute he was hard again, sporting a soap-covered erection. “Here, let me.” Scott pulled Kara’s hand aside and plunged into her, forcing her back against the shower wall.

“Oh yeah baby. Oh, your dick’s so nice and big. Get right up there. Clean my pussy with your big, hard cock. Oh yeah.” Kara moaned and whispered provocatively in Scott’s ear. Forcing her hands through his wet hair and biting her lips, she held back from saying the words she truly felt. I love you…

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