Haitian Independence Day 2016

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The taste of Haitian female booty is truly something else. Take my word for it please. I am Julius Stephen, a Haitian brother living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I am twenty eight years old. I attend Carleton University for graduate studies in Criminal Psychology and sometimes attend church service at the Haitian Adventist Church located in downtown Ottawa. Not far from the Rideau Shopping Center. If I were to be honest, I go there for the community connection ( ladies ) mostly.

What can I say? I just love Haitian church women. Simply put, they’re the biggest freaks out there. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. The church ladies know what they’re doing when it comes to snagging us men folk. They’ll lure you in with their womanly wiles, and they’ll act sweet while keeping you at bay while secretly reeling you in. Next thing you know you’re walking down the aisle. That’s cool with me. I want to marry a church woman someday. First, though, I’m tearing that ass up.

“Stick your tongue in there, big man,” said Shawna Saint-Pierre, and I took a deep breath before complying with the tall, big-bottomed Haitian woman’s orders. I should mention that I am lying on the carpeted floor of her Barrhaven basement, and the aforementioned lady is sitting on my face. I love having a woman sit on my face, and there’s no booty out there like Black female booty.

Trust me, I’ve fucked a lot of asses out there. I am the type of brother who does not discriminate. Ass is ass, folks. Lick it, slap it, fuck it, it’s all good. Amy, a blonde-haired white chick from Vanier had a fantastic ass that was fun to fuck and play with. Farzana, a short, cute, feisty Afghan Muslim chick from the town of Nepean also had a marvelous ass. Both of them pale in comparison before Shawna’s ass, though. escort bostancı Shawna is what I call an ass masterpiece.

Shawna Saint-Pierre is forty years old, the mother of two sons, and recently divorced from one of our church deacons. A part-time instructor at La Cite Collegiale, Shawna has that rare combination of brains, natural beauty, body and most important of all, natural booty. The tall, dark and lovely, big-bottomed chocolate goddess puts the “M” in MILF. Step aside Angela Bassett, Serena Williams and Nia Long, there’s a new mature Black goddess in town. Shawna reminds me of the late great Natalia Cole, only darker, a bit taller and curvier. A fine Black goddess who deserves to be sensually worshipped good and proper. And I’m just the man for the job.

“Just give me that booty,” I whispered as I stuck my tongue up Shawna’s asshole. I felt Shawna’s whole body shudder as I began eating her booty like groceries, as they say. Shawna rode my face as hard as she could, and I slapped her derriere while tonguing her asshole. Nothing like a piece of clean, tasty Black female ass to eat, folks. Makes me forget about the foul sandwich I had at the Burrito restaurant on Baseline road earlier that day.

After polishing Shawna’s asshole with my tongue, I put my sexy lady friend on all fours and proceeded to smother her big dark booty with kisses. I am an ass man, folks. I cannot emphasize this enough. To hear Shawna moan in ecstasy as I licked, smacked, fondled and totally worshipped her big dark ass turned me on like you would not believe. Butts, butts and more butts, that’s what I love the most in this universe.

“Alright, I’m ready to fuck,” Shawna said, and I nodded, then gave her big booty a last smack for good measure. Grinning, Shawna turned me ümraniye escort around and flashed me a sexy wink which totally registered with a certain part of my male anatomy. Instantly my dick hardened, and Shawna looked at it hungrily. I smiled and waved it at her, and pretended to be surprised when Shawna pounced on me and grabbed my magic stick.

“Oh it’s like that, huh?” I said, pretending to be offended as Shawna took my dick in her mouth. I sighed happily as my sexy Haitian goddess began to work on me. Shawna massaged my balls while sucking my dick, and I swear I felt weak in the knees. Seriously, the mature sister began to hoover my dick, and if loving what she was doing to me was wrong, then this brother didn’t want to be right. I’m one happy camper!

While sucking my dick, Shawna stuck a finger up my asshole. I moaned in pleasure as the foxy mama added a second finger up there. A lot of brothers think that letting a female play with their asses makes them gay or suspect or whatever. Me? I am one freaky brother. I do it all when it comes to sexing the lovely chocolate ladies. I’ve got no shame. I’m in it for the booty and fun. So don’t think I’m batting an eyelash as Shawna fingered my asshole while sucking my dick. It’s all good fun!

“You’re in my spot,” I whispered and Shawna winked at me with a mouth full of dick while fingering my asshole. For some reason, the more Shawna fingered my asshole while sucking my dick, the harder my dick got. So much that I soon came, without warning, and when I did, Shawna drank every last drop of my cum. I sighed happily, and Shawna finally let go of my dick. I looked at her and smiled, and Shawna winked and shrugged. See what I told you about them Haitian women? Freaky mamas, all of them!

“Now I want you in kartal escort bayan my spot,” Shawna whispered, licking her full lips suggestively as she spread her thick, sexy brown thighs invitingly. My eyes zeroed in on a most obvious target, Shawna’s hairy cunt. A lot of brothers out there follow the western beauty standards and want a shaved woman. Me? I like a hairy woman with a hairy cunt that smells and looks like a natural cunt. My dick hardened like a piston, and I began my approach into Shawna’s temple.

“Show me what you got,” Shawna said challengingly, even as she wrapped her arms around my torso. I buried my face between her big ole tits and even did the motorboat move. Shawna grinned and told me to focus. Laughing, I thrust my hard dick into her hot, tight and wet pussy. Shawna’s cunt gripped my pole like a vise. Hmmm, I see someone’s been doing those pussy tightening exercises. That’s always a good thing. Passionately I began to fuck her, and Shawna’s screams of pleasure mingled with my own.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum,” I cried out, about an hour later, as Shawna’s tight cunt muscles got the best of my thick Haitian dick. I felt Shawna’s arms grip me even tighter as I came, shuddering while my dick poured its sweet poison inside of her. Shawna and I kissed passionately, and held each other for a while, basking in the ambience. The warm afterglow of a good fuck has a way of making you smile, you know?

“Happy new year Julius,” Shawna said to me, much later, as we headed into the shower together. I grinned and kissed her, then we cleaned each other up with soap and water. Want to hear something funny? January 1, 2016 also marks the two hundred and twelfth anniversary of the Independence of Haiti as a nation. Quite an occasion for a Haitian man to celebrate in a Haitian woman’s arms, even in Canada. I enjoy Shawna’s company and I am definitely going to enjoy spending time with her into the new year. Got to enjoy life while you can. In this crazy world, you’re here one minute and gone the next. Peace and happy new year, folks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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