Halloween Night Pt. 02

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Cody sat on the stone tablet, his hand slowly stroking his erect cock at the scene before him. Tabrin and Lethia, naked and already coated with sweat, held each other in a passionate kissing embrace on the floor. Lethia made sure to grind her hips against Tabrin’s, no doubt loving the feel of their clits rubbing against each other. Tabrin’s hands roamed everywhere on Lethia’s body, taking great care of squeezing her juicy, bubble-butt.

Breaking away from the kiss, a string of saliva hanging between their tongues, Lethia commented, “Oh, wow! Tabrin, I had no idea how masterful you were with your tongue!”

Tabrin giggled, “You’re not too bad yourself.”

“Oh, I can do so much more, honey.” with a mischievous smile, Lethia crawled back away from Tabrin, just stopping between her thick thighs. Once there, the vampire Queen spared no time, in going down on the beautiful witch.

Tabrin’s head reeled back, already placing her hand on the back of Lethia’s head to keep her between her legs. The Queen’s tongue ravaged her wet lips, going deeper inside her hole. Tabrin’s legs shook, nothing but shivers coursing through her body.

“Oh, it feels so good! Keep going!”

Lethia did not stop her excavation, exploring Tabrin’s pussy with her tongue like she was her last meal. Lethia’s pussy grew wetter and wetter. She wanted more. She needed more.

That’s when she decided to have her tongue go deeper.

“OH!” the shock jolted Tabrin’s head up, and all she could see were Lethia’s eyes looking kartal escort up at her, as the Queen’s tongue went further, and touched a spot that made Tabrin’s mind foggy.

“Oh! Oh, God! You’re so deep! I can’t… I can’t even think straight!”

Every flick of the tongue was like a jolt of electricity to Tabrin, sending orgasm after orgasm her way. Tabrin’s chest heaved, her breathing started to become quicker, and her grip on Lethia’s head grew tighter.

“Oh, fuck! Shit! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING!” one last, final cry of pleasure echoed throughout the room, and Lethia smiled at tasty conquest as she pulled back.

“Mmm, you’re so delicious, Tabrin.” she said, lapping up the last bit of cum from her lips. “But now it’s your turn.” when Tabrin tried to crawl towards her, Lethia stopped with her hand, “Oh, no. Not like that. My darling’s told me how great you are at sucking cock. Don’t think I didn’t notice you stealing glances at him.”

Tabrin did so, and Cody just waved, still stroking his cock.

Lethia continued, “I want to test your skills myself.”

Almost like a trance, Tabrin watched Lethia’s hand dance around her pussy. A circle of light began to glow at the center, and much to Tabrin’s shock, a huge cock materialized from it, as if it were actually a part of Lethia.

“Holy shit!” was all Tabrin could say about the beautiful monstrosity before her.

Lethia chuckled, “Like what you see? Well, you’re going to love the way it tastes.” with maltepe escort bayan a crooked finger, she beckoned Tabrin, “Come here.”

Tabrin crawled to Lethia like she was hypnotized, never taking her eyes of the Queen’s cock. The moment she was kneeling in front of her, Lethia rested her cock on Tabrin’s face, her balls just inches away from her mouth.

“I’m so hard already.” Lethia breathed. “I want you to suck it, Tabrin.”

“My pleasure.” Tabrin breathed, backing away just enough so Lethia’s cock hung in front of her. It could barely fit in her hand, it was so thick! So instead, no hands needed, Tabrin wrapped her lips around Lethia’s massive shaft, and slowly worked her way down. Inch by inch, Tabrin took as much of Lethia’s hard, throbbing cock as she could. She was used to big cocks, but this… this was something else.

And she was excited!

After gagging on the massive snake that was Lethia’s cock, Tabrin finally reached the end. She never imagined a vampire’s cock would taste so good. She couldn’t get enough of it.

As she deep-throated Lethia, saliva dripping down her tits, Tabrin could see the pleasure on Lethia’s face. Her smile and moans turned her on more and more.

“Oh, my God…” Lethia exclaimed. “Cody was right! Your throat is amazing, Tabrin! Such a beautiful slut you are. You like the taste of my cock?” Tabrin could muffle out an, “Mm-hmm,” as her pace quickened. Lethia let out another moan, reeling her head back. She could feel herself escort pendik building up already.

“God, Tabrin…” she whined. “How are you so good at this? I’m already about to cum!”

Tabrin smiled, never easing off sucking on Lethia’s delicious cock. She felt a little bashful knowing she was able to make this vampire Queen succumb so easily. Now, it was time to finish her.

Like a vacuum, Tabrin sucked away, enjoying every inch, every sound, of Lethia ready to burst inside her mouth.

Every second was torture for Lethia. She couldn’t believe this sexy, hot witch was about to make her cum. After what felt like an eternity of deep-throating, Lethia’s eyes glowed, and her cock blew.

So much cum oozed out of the vampire Queen’s cock, Tabrin couldn’t hold all of it. A small stream fell out of her lips, down her tits, and onto the floor. However much she could take, flowed down her throat like a river. There was so much still, Lethia pushed Tabrin off of her cock so she lied on her back, as the Queen stroked whatever amount of cum remained onto Tabrin’s hot, waiting body.

Coated with streaks of cum, Tabrin was overjoyed, lathering her body with the sticky, hot fluids like it was lotion. But before she knew it, Lethia was on top, licking away all the cum she had just shot out onto her. The sight was so hot, Tabrin could swear she came herself. When she and Lethia were finally face-to-face, they both exchanged a passionate kiss, sharing the loads of cum in each other’s mouths.

They broke away, and Lethia’s eyes darted directly towards Cody. “Oh, darling~!” she said in a sing-song voice. “Since you’ve been such a good boy, I think you deserved an award. Don’t you think so, Tabrin?”

Her smile said it all, “Oh, yes, he most certainly has.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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