Her Hotel for the Wrestler Pt. 05

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It’s December and the snow falls outside the college gymnasium. It’s a freezing Thursday night as the wrestling tournament begins. Sofia (21 yrs.) is a voluptuous (38-24-34) red-head who writes for a college internet-blog. She’s wearing tight jeans and a wool sweater with no bra on underneath. Both of her large areola’s and nipples push against that sweater.

Sofia takes pictures of the wrestlers and notices Grayson (19 yrs.) who is a handsome red-head. He stands at 5’9” and weighs a slim 149 lbs. She likes his smooth muscular body.

She talked briefly with Grayson before his wrestling match. He kept glancing down at her nipples and enormous areola’s. He had agreed to an interview with her later. She handed him a business card. A pen had written on the back of the card, “University Hotel. Room 110.”

Sofia and Grayson are kissing against the outside gym wall. She’s wearing a heavy unbuttoned coat. He’s wearing his college sport jacket.

His right hand is groping her right tit under that wool sweater.

Her left hand rubs his stiff cock over his jeans.

He whispers, “Incredible tits Sofia.”

She whispers too, “You feel so thick.”

He says, “I got the thickest cock on campus.”

She replies, “I usually flash my pussy at a wrestler, but it’s so cold.”

He chuckles, “Really?”

His head leans down as his hand lifts up her sweater. His warm lips cover her right nipple.

Later inside the university hotel room. Clothes and coats are piled pendik escort on top of the bed. That includes their shoes and his sport bag. The big screen TV plays ESPN car racing and the volume is turned down low.

The long curtains are closed. There is a tiny opening down the middle as fog covers the window. The heater below is turned on “high.” The lamp light on the table sits next to the heater and is also switched on.

Both Grayson and Sofia are naked. He sits on a chair and she straddle’s him. Both of her hands grip his shoulders and her head is thrown back. His hands grip both of her huge tits and his fingers pinch her nipples. He looks up at her with a smile.

Grayson has a 5 and ¾-inch cock. It is so thick that it spreads Sofia’s pussy lips very wide. She’s bouncing up and down on his swollen shaft. Her red pussy hits his own red crotch.

She screams, “Oh-My-Gawd… Fucking-Gawd… I-I Came Again… Again Grayson.!!”

He replies, “I told you baby… I got the thickest cock on campus.”

His hand grips her tits as she bounces on his heavy shaft. Her pussy hits his crotch.

Hit.. Hit.. Hit.. Hit.. Hit.

She screams, “Grayson-Grayson… Fill-Me-Up… Fucking-Fill-Me-Up..!!”

She lifts up long on his cock and slams down onto his crotch.

Hit… Hit… Hit… Hit.

She says, “You-Feel… So… Fucking… Good.!!”

Sofia stops and starts grinding forward and backward on his solid member.

His lips cover her left nipple maltepe escort and the teeth gently bites on it.

Sofia explodes with high pitched guttural sounds, “Uh-Uuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuhh.. Grayson.. Another-One.. Another-One.!!”

His mouth covers her nipple and areola.

She starts bouncing on his shaft as both of their crotches touch again.

Hit.. Hit.. Hit.. Hit.

His mouth lift’s off of her tit and he turns his head to the left.

Grayson explodes, “Ahhhhhhhhhh… Ahhhhhhhh… Ahhhhh… Fuck-Me.!!”

They both stop as she leans over his body.

25 minutes later. The curtains are pulled open and the fog covers the window. The heater below purrs on “high.” The table lamp-light is turned off. The big screen TV plays ESPN car racing with no volume.

Everything is thrown onto the floor near the king-size bed.

The naked bodies of Sofia and Grayson are on the bed. She is laying on her stomach with both hands gripping the sheets. Her waist is bent over the edge of the bed with the butt-cheeks in the air. Her legs are spread open.

He is leaning over her with his hands placed on the bed. His steel rod is buried inside of her red pussy. He looks down and controls his shaft by pulling out, but leaving the cock-tip inside.

Grayson pushes in and pulls out long. Her butt-cheeks jiggle after each powerful push.

Sofia screams, “Unnnhh… Unnnh… Gawd… Fuck..!!”

Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust. kartal escort

He watches his immense shaft push open her pussy lips.

She responds, “Fuck… Cumming-Again… Cumming… Unnnnnnhh.. Unnnnnnnnhh.. Unnnnnnh-Fuck.!!”

He slowly pulls out and his left hand grips his thick shaft. His fingers barely wrap around it.

He says, “You are soaking wet.”

She screams, “Why did you stop? Dammit.!!”

His hand guides the cock-tip toward her wetness. It spreads open her pussy lips. He shoves all the way inside and begins pushing fast.


His red crotch hits her jiggling butt-cheeks.

She replies, “Uh-Unnh.. Unnnh.. Unnnhh.. Unnnnh.. My-Gawd.!!”

His steel rod is like a machine as it pushes in and pulls out.

She makes high pitched guttural sounds again, “Uuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuhh.. Another-One.. Uuuuuuhh.!!”


Grayson pushes in one last time and explodes, “Ahhhhhhhhhh.. Ahhhhhhhh.. Uh-Uh-Ahhhhhhhh.!!”

He holds his cock inside of her as they both breathe hard.

The next morning. The curtains are closed and it’s snowing outside. The heater still runs on “high.” The TV plays ESPN news. Sofia is gone and Grayson lays naked on top of the bed with his arms wrapped around a pillow. All the bed sheets are on the floor. He wakes up and looks around.

Grayson reaches over and pulls up the bed sheets. His clothes and sport bag are gone. He shakes his head and smirks as he climbs off of the bed.

His hand picks up the phone and makes a call.

He laughs, “Hey coach. Are you at the gym? Okay, I need a pair of sweats. Why? She took all of my clothes and I’m at the university hotel… Thanks.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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