Her Place

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It was late when Patrick drove up into the parking-lot. It must have been have been one in the morning, and yet he was there. There being the apartment complex of Sandra. She had suggested he come over almost jokingly, and yet he jumped at the chance eagerly. He knew how to take advantage, he knew how to manipulate. His guilt was still kicking in as he walked across the empty parking lot and made his way up the stairs.

“What I’m doing…is it wrong?” he asked himself, knowing full-well that it was wrong and then some. Yet he had a need that could not simply be ignored, an unearthly obsession as it was. The need to watch a woman writhe in pleasure, the need to be loved, worshipped…even if only physically. He could see it in her eye, as they worked side-by-side during the day, and he could hear it in her conversation as they playfully flirted back and forth. She wanted him. That was what made it okay to him, that was what helped nullify the self-loathing inside. Yes, he might very well hate himself: his looks, his personality, his past; and yet to others he was “nice”, “sweet” and his favorite “sexy”. It was amazing the strange things other people saw when he was with them, it was astonishing too that other people could even have the notion of being with him.

Though some inkling of why occasionally leaked through his anti-ego, realizations that his body was firm and slender, almost like that of a woman, but his arms and chest were muscular and lean. He was tan in all the right faces, and often times he was mistaken for full-blooded Italians though he was more or less Spanish and Irish. He was polite to a fault, and he truly, honestly cared about other people’s feelings. From time to time it could be said he was in love with the human race, and yet with all that said and done he was a victim of his own vices. He thought of all this as Sandra opened the door.

“Hey you..” she said.

Sandra was just twenty, she had twins from a past relationship when she was only sixteen. She wasn’t beautiful in the model sense, no…but she had an aura about her, and a sensual look. She was beautiful, her body plump in all the right places, sexy and seductive. She had a shy smile and hungry eyes, and a past that kindled something of a hunger in Patrick. He knew that Sandra wasn’t one to play around, he knew she would give in to him if he acted correctly. And to act correctly all he had to do was act himself. He slid his arms around her soft waist and gave her a friendly hug before looking escort ataşehir her up and down, noting her tight white t-shirt and skimpy plaid skirt, before telling her how beautiful she looked. As he said it, he looked into her eyes, and she seemed to cower shyly away as she pulled him into the room.

“I look horrible, I had just gotten ready for bed when you decided to come over. I had to throw something on!” she said in a mock defensive tone.

“Well I think you look beautiful, and if you’d let me I’d probably have you on the floor in a matter of seconds.” She looked down, breaking the gaze, and Patrick merely pressed on with his eyes. He was used to it, other people didn’t often look one another in the eyes, and people were taught to be shamed by compliments. Sandra smiled, her face red. Patrick knew she was almost uncomfortable by his honesty…everything he told her, everything subjective, he believed to the fullest. There were no doubts in his mind that Sandra was in fact beautiful, and not merely physically in his estimation. That’s why he wanted to make her cum so badly, because he loved her. Oh, he wasn’t “in love” with her, but he judged her to be a good person, and wanted to help her find a bit of pleasure in the midst of stressful times.

“You’re crazy, you know that?” she asked rhetorically.

“I’ve been told.” He replied, unsure of what else to say.

She turned on the television and quickly made a big display of her ignoring him. Patrick caught the subliminal request and sat beside her, gently wrapping an arm around her and pulling her near so that she could lay her head upon his shoulder. She sighed even though she tried to hide it, and he knew once again that he was getting her to submit to his will. A pang of guilt ran through him, as he wondered whether it was wrong to do these things knowing full-well the consequences. He sighed and stroked a hand down her cheek almost sadly.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, a look of concern in her eyes.

“It’s just…I like you. I like you a lot, and I can’t stop thinking about what I’m going to do to you tonight.”

“Oh really?” she sat up, a cocky look in her eyes, “Is that so? What you’re going to do to me?”

“Yes…I’m going to kiss you down your body, starting from here…” he touched her lips with his hand, “and work my way down.”

That got her started, soon she was on her knees and undoing Patrick’s pants. Patrick had long ago learned not to reject or question the kadıköy escort ways of women. He thought it odd that a girl would hear how much a man wanted to pleasure them only to turn around and offer him service. Patrick smiled honestly as Sandra pulled what was already a hard, and somewhat big cock from out beneath a pair of boxers. She gasped, and Patrick almost had to laugh. She looked up wide-eyed as if asking, “Do I have to take ALL of this?” but Patrick nudged her on by placing his hands upon the back of her head. She smiled a knowing smile, as if she had known he was just like all the other guys when it came to pleasure, she would find out soon enough. She didn’t play coy, she knew how to pleasure a cock, and so she grabbed hold of his cock with a firm grip and began to glide down with her wet lips, pressing and sliding her tongue down against his shaft with each bob her of head. Patrick gasped, she was good.

She continued to suck at him, managing to get his long cock all the way down her throat so that her cheeks and face slapped against his balls with each suck. Patrick moaned, unable to hold himself back, but quickly pushed her away. As she released his cock from her mouth a string of pre-cum stretched from his cock to her mouth and Patrick could no longer hold himself back. He leaned her to the floor and quickly dug his head between her legs pulling her panties off quickly and roughly. Sandra moaned, her young horny body ready with anticipation.

“Guide me along…” he said as he spread apart her warm pussy, heat radiating from her sweet pink lips. He could smell her and he liked her smell, it drove him mad with desire, so much so that his tongue at first licked the length of her entire pussy excitedly before calming and focusing upon her clit. She blirted out a few times “RIGHT THERE!” as he twirled his tongue meticulously around her swollen clit, and slipped it between his lips sucking at it hungrily. She moaned loud, and seemed momentarily surprised as he let slip two fingers inside of her. He probed her pussy with what could almost be called curiosity, but he knew what he was looking for as his fingers felt for the ridges upon her inner-walls. He sucked her up hungrily to bide the time it took looking, but when he found it he hooked both fingers to apply heavy pressure upon the sensitive area of her “g-spot”, she tried to sit up. She screamed from the intensity of it, but he continued, she mouthed a cry made silent by pure will, a large “o” ringing out maltepe escort bayan quietly inside her apartment. Patrick merely continued to suck at her clit while gently rubbing upon her “g-spot”, pushing her to the limit. She was cumming and he knew that, as she grabbed the back of his head, he knew it before she screamed out that she was, and even as she tried to push him away he held strong giving to her what she couldn’t possibly be ready for. His tongue began to lap up her clit with fierce speed and he slowly began to fuck her with both of his fingers. She grew relaxed, her moans still breaking the silence of the night.

She came one last time before he raised his mouth from her pussy and smiled at her. She looked unbelieving at him as he took his, now rock-hard, cock in one hand and guided it inside her warm wet pussy. She let out a painful cry, and for a moment he stopped completely, his eyes downcast as he asked her if she was okay.

“NO! Don’t stop…DON’T STOP! FUCK ME! FUCK ME NOW!” she begged him.

He complied, gently at first, careful not to show the tear welling up in his eyes from the thought of causing this sweet angel pain. Then as moans of pleasure began to escape her lips his pace grew fast, his body slapping hard into hers, his mouth suckling upon a breast uncovered as he continued to pound his hard cock into her tiny body. His eyes roamed across her massive heaving chest, and for a moment he felt the cum rising up his shaft.


His cock glided in and out of her sweet wet pussy as her body again spasmed with ecstacy. With every thrust her body shook and her tits bounced up and down, and soon the trance of watching her writhe got to him. He began to imagine his cum running down her neck and swollen tits, and his pace grew again faster. She let out a cry as she found herself with a new orgasm, he saw it in her face and began to fuck her with renewed vigor. She cried out and suddenly his cock was too swollen to hold back any longer, so with a quick pull he took his cock from her pussy and placed it upon her belly. He grabbed her head and lifted her to him as with the other hand he slid between her luscious tits and exploded. The first stream caught her across her cheek and open mouth, his cum dropping upon her tongue, yet soon another spurt hit her upon her neck, and as he stroked his cock hard and fast squeezing every last bit of his orgasm from his cock he spurted three more times, covering her nipples with the hot creamy substance. His own cry came out in the form of a sigh and a smile. He looked down to his cum-covered beauty and thanked her. He quickly pulled his shirt off his own body and carefully began to wipe his deed from off her body.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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