He’s the Boss Now Pt. 03

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For the history of Nikki and Mark, consider checking out parts 1 & 2. The emotional component of this part relies on their history (but sexy times toward the end stand alone!).

This story includes light bondage and discipline.


I could see she was barely staying in her seat, but I felt strangely calm as I looked over the table at her. I was glad I’d settled on dinner, not lunch, and I was glad I’d found a cozier restaurant, and most of all I was glad that Nikki had said yes.

I’d almost forgotten what a hard time she had saying no to me.

I hoped she wouldn’t say no at all tonight. Or ever again. All I wanted from her was a string of enthusiastic yeses.

The lamp on the table bathed her in glorious golden light, catching the natural highlights in her hair. In the dim, her eyes were huge dark pools as she watched me closely. I wished suddenly that she were naked; I wished that we were alone, somewhere warm, somewhere moonlit. I wished I had her forever.

If I could keep her sitting at the table for even the next five minutes, it would be a miracle.

But for some reason I wasn’t really worried. This just had to be said.

“Thanks for coming out with me again, Nikki.”


Mark had been oddly quiet the whole way to the restaurant, which was just a little farther from work than the French restaurant had been, and was in the opposite direction. I hadn’t caught the name-Scully’s? Sally’s?-but it was dark and warm and perfect, romantic, with candles and lanterns and a huge stone fireplace.

And Mark had absolutely nothing to say about it as we walked there. He wasn’t withdrawn; on the contrary, it was as if he was filled with a crackling electric energy, as if he was afraid to touch me and shock me, as if he kept himself physically distanced. But I could feel his focus crushing down on me.

Whenever he looked at me, I felt pierced to my secret thoughts.

There was no way he could know how I felt-no way he could know how I’d touched myself as I thought those things I had thought… As I had pictured him telling me to lie still and take it… No way he could know that my first orgasm-the only orgasm I’d ever managed to have-came only from thinking about him coming in me, how he would sound and look and feel as he reached his peak pleasure using my body.

Still, I wavered under his gaze. The intensity was enough to keep the server away; I’d seen her arc over, take one look at us, and sail away.

He hadn’t picked up his menu, so I didn’t pick up mine. I knew now what I wanted from him. I knew my body wanted to soften against his hardness, my mind wanted to let go as he directed me. So it only seemed natural to wait for his move.

Because this was different from that awful lunch. Things had changed.

I was helplessly, hopelessly his.

“Thanks for coming out with me again, Nikki,” he said at last. His voice seemed measured, sure of itself.

“Of course,” I answered, as though it were the most natural thing in the world. It sort of was-I’d always wanted to say yes to him when we were growing up.

And I was done resisting now. Even though I knew the things I wanted would never come to be, and I would never admit them, just being with Mark and taking these small opportunities to acquiesce, to go along with him-hell, to please him-gave me a sense of instant relaxation and peace.

I could tell he noticed this change, too.

“I need to tell you something.”

I waited.

“Do you remember, back in high school-senior year-when those band guys tied you up with the blue choir belts and left you in the storage closet?”

“Yes. I remember that you… you rescued me.” I revisited that memory once in a while. Only recently had I realized why it filled me with a sense of excitement, why I started to feel tingly when recalling how I’d felt in that dark, lonely place, with Mark kneeling over me, working at the ropes that bound me, his occasional noise sending flutters of pleasure through my belly.

He looked away for a moment as if making a decision, then let his eyes rest on mine.

“I did rescue you. But I didn’t… want to rescue you.”


“Nikki,” he said patiently, “I wanted to do other things when I saw you… like that. When I saw how you were tied up. On the floor.” His voice had gotten lower, tighter, as he leaned over the table toward me. “With nobody else around.”

The ocean was roaring in my ears as he stared at me.

“I’m sorry I treated you the way I did after that. I felt so guilty. I was ashamed of what I wanted to do to you.” A beat. “What I still want to do to you.”

My jaw was hanging open a little, but I felt frozen. The bench I sat on was feeling hot and, I realized with a rush of embarrassment, a little damp. I shifted to get comfortable but just ended up rubbing myself against the seat. I was wearing a skirt and very thin underwear, and all it had taken was a few sentences from Mark to have me swollen and wet like a… well, like I was in heat.

I knew that if I stood, I’d have ataşehir escort a dark spot on the back of my skirt. I hoped it was dim enough and the skirt was dark enough to hide it.

Then I wondered what was going on with Mark’s body right now. Was he turning himself on like he was turning me on? Was he hard? If I slipped my foot out of my shoe and pressed it against his groin, would I find his cock ready for me?

What did it look like, I wondered, and how big was it, and what would it taste like?

And, oh god, how could it be that Mark just happened to be telling me a fantasy that meshed so painfully well with my own recently discovered desires? I couldn’t believe it, not really.

My mouth was still hanging open and I still hadn’t said anything to Mark. Everything was turmoil in my mind. The more I looked at him, the less I believed him; he must be joking with me, or messing with me, or somehow he knew-he knew exactly what I wanted, and he was saying it because… because…

I couldn’t come up with an answer.

But this is the guy who abandoned you for ten years, the voice in the back of my mind whispered.

I told it to shut up.

And suddenly I was cracking a smile; I was unable to keep a giggle from rising to the surface and spilling out between us. It came out all scratchy and it was several seconds before I could actually talk.

“No way,” I said finally. It was barely audible even to me, but I thought he heard me. He froze, rocked back, and his face closed right up.

“I’m sorry,” he said, cutting me off as I tried to speak again. “I shouldn’t have-I should never have brought this up. I won’t do it again. I’m sorry.”

With that, he pulled a couple of twenties out of his wallet, placed them gently on the table in front of me, and left. I watched his retreating figure pause at the doorway and wondered if he would look back.

He didn’t.

Oh, damn it, Nikki, I thought.


At first when Nikki smiled, I felt hopeful, confident, that all would work out as I knew it must. We had always had some of this dynamic between us. I knew I affected her, and I adored every inch of her.

But the smile turned into a sort of wild, mocking look, which became an anxious laugh, which died and became… a No.

I’d been an idiot.

What a mistake I had made. Poor Nikki, forced to live through my horrible treatment of her at the end of school, and now having to hear my stupid fantasy about her. What had I been thinking? Would she file a complaint with HR? Would she even show up for work?

I made up my mind-I would ask her to my office and tell her in the safety of daylight that I was sorry, I should never have brought it up, and should she want to move to another company, I would do everything in my power to secure her a good position.

Idiot, I chastised myself. You selfish idiot.

That was my mantra throughout the weekend. On Monday morning I sent Nikki a message and asked her to come see me at her convenience. I didn’t pull my curtains, hoping the visual openness would put her at ease.

All day she failed to show. I didn’t want to spook her any more than I had, so I didn’t go looking. I found out from Sherri that Nikki was in.

At ten after five, the office had mostly emptied except for a few others. I was buried in a file three inches thick, sifting through online documents, matching dates and contract details to our printed files… The next time I looked at the clock was when Sherri knocked to say goodnight and tell me not to work too late. It was past seven. The overhead lights had gone out on other parts of the floor. I was alone.

I scrubbed at my face with my hands.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and I looked up to see Nikki standing in my doorway.

She wore her usual silk shirt, dark pencil skirt, and flats, but my eyes latched on the one new addition: a thin blue ribbon tied at her neck like a choker necklace, or a collar.

The same shade of blue as those damn choir belts.

My cock went rigid.

“Holy shit, Nikki.”


My doubts sprang back into existence as his whisper carried over to me.

Had I just done something incredibly stupid? Presumptuous? Before I could think further on it, Mark spoke again.

“Come here.”

I walked toward his desk, feeling lightheaded at the change in his tone.

“Sit down.”

I sat primly on the edge of the chair. His elbows rested on his desk, and he steepled his fingers in front of his mouth as he studied me.

I waited.

“Nikki, I don’t know what to say.”

Well, that wasn’t how I hoped this would go. I could feel the worry creeping over my face.

He seemed to choose his words carefully as he went on.

“I have engaged in a lot of wishful thinking over the years, mostly where you’re concerned.”

Mark stood. When he came around to the front of his desk, I was eye-level with the tent in his pants. He loomed over me and spoke again, his voice soft.

“I don’t want to hurt you. kadıköy escort bayan I don’t want you to misunderstand me. And I see this-” Breaking off, he reached over to slip a finger under the narrow ribbon tied around my neck like a collar. His warm finger on my sensitive skin made me unaccountably nervous, and I swallowed.

He stepped closer to me and held my neck with his whole hand.

“Swallow again,” he said hoarsely.

Looking into his eyes, feeling his hand around my throat, I swallowed.

His expression frightened me a little.

“Does this mean”-he tugged my collar once-“what I think it means?”


Awareness sharpened between us.

Mark bent so his face was inches from mine. I resisted the urge to shrink back.

“If you tell me to stop, I will. Otherwise, don’t say a word.”

I couldn’t help myself. I swallowed again. Mark smiled.

He closed the distance between us. His brown eyes were beautiful and warm and kind, and looking into them it was like every fantasy I’d ever had as an eighteen-year-old was coming true: the dark lashes drifted down, the eyes closing, and I let my own eyes shut as I put myself in Mark’s hands.

Kissing was one of life’s great pleasures, I had always thought, and our kiss was fireworks. Mark’s mouth was strong, sensual; I let his lips guide mine; I fell open to him. When his tongue thrust into me, a promise of things to come, I felt a shiver run down my spine.

I had never come before-except for that one night-but the way he demanded and stroked me with just his kiss made me consider that I might come on command for him.

He pressed against me one more time before breaking contact. I dragged in a breath.

“These are the rules,” he said, leaning back against his desk and sticking his hands in his pockets.

“I talk. You don’t. The exceptions are if you need to say ‘no’ or ‘stop.’ You can also say ‘don’t,’ but I’ll just ignore it. The other exception is if I ask you a question. Do you understand?”


“That’s what I like to hear. That’s what I’ve always liked to hear from you, Nikki.”

My blood was racing.

“We’ll do this thing tonight. Then we’ll see how you feel about the future. If you want to stop, or if you don’t like it, nothing about your position here will change, and I won’t ever broach the subject with you again. And… If this taints your feelings about working here, I will do everything in my power to help you find another job.”


I recovered pretty quickly, if I do say so myself. The shock of seeing her standing there, looking like a submissive secretary ready to receive her daily spanking, almost made me forget to lay out some ground rules and probe Nikki’s willingness.

But I got ahold of myself. And she was willing.

She was certainly the picture of willingness: her eyes only dipped down once to check out the bulge in my pants, but otherwise they were fastened on my face, and she perched on the chair like she was memorizing my every word.

I could tell she was nervous, and that turned me on. Her anxious little swallows, the dilation of her pupils; fear and arousal got their wires crossed all the time, and it was no different for us.

The kiss was different from anything I’d felt before. I was hungry for her now.

Several nasty scenes played out in my imagination like a reel of my favorite movies starring Nikki. But that was too much too soon, and I had a soft spot for the old standard. I had dreamed it so many times in the last two weeks. Now I could act on it.

“Stand up, Nikki.”

She stood, and I noticed that she was standing with her knee backs pressed against the chair, keeping as much distance between us as she could. It seemed I intimidated her.

My cock was screaming at me to be free.

I let her stand there for a minute as I looked up and down her body. To her credit, she didn’t clasp her hands in front of her, but they must have been sweating with nerves because she wiped the palms down the side of her skirt.

“Do you know what happens between bosses and naughty employees in their offices?”

“N-no,” she responded.

“Really? Are you sure? Think about it.”

She was chewing her lip.

“Step up to my desk, bend over, and think about it.”

I saw the realization dawn on her face. She smirked and stepped toward the desk. After bending forward to rest on her elbows, she looked back at me.

“Do you know what happens now?”


“What happens?”

She didn’t want to say it. A blush spread over her cheeks. It was the same blush I’d seen only a couple of times before, when she hadn’t wanted to admit she’d had a crush on a classmate or she’d done the extra credit homework even though she didn’t need it. My little overachiever, I thought, the wheels turning… I would have to figure out how to use that.

“Oh, Nikki,” I said, sighing. “Surely you can guess what happens to employees who don’t answer their boss’s questions?”

She squeezed her eyes shut escort maltepe and scrunched her nose. So damn cute.


“Well, what is it? You can’t imagine stalling will make me go any easier on you.”

She squirmed, her ass moving appealingly as her feet shuffled.

I waited.

“You… You’re going to…”

I didn’t move. The silence was getting to her, getting under her skin. I knew she wanted me to get on with it and touch her.

Through clenched teeth she said, “You’re going to, um, discipline me.”

She thought she’d found a way around saying the most embarrassing thing.

“Right,” I said, letting her think that for a moment. But then-

“How am I going to discipline you, Nikki? What am I going to do to you?”

She dropped her head between her hands and let out a small wail. I almost laughed but didn’t want to embarrass her too much yet.

“Spanking. You’re going to s-spank me.” She was so agonized by it that she clenched her legs together, clenched everything together and hunched over the desk.

Good enough.

“That’s exactly right.”

I moved closer to her now, so she could feel the tip of my dick brush against her hip.

“Then what am I going to do?”

The wiggling stopped.

“You’re going to… fuck me,” she whispered.

My cock throbbed. I’d never heard her use that word before, let alone tell me what I would do to her. Time to move this along.

“Yes,” I said fiercely. “I’m going to spank you for your failings, and then I’m going to fuck you just because I want to. Because you make me horny as hell, Nikki.”

She inhaled sharply.

I put my hand on the small of her back, right where her blouse tucked into her skirt. It was the first time I had touched her sexually, and already I felt ready to blow. I wanted to manhandle her-I wanted to paw all over her and feel every curve-but I kept my cool and stuck to the plan.

I did, however, run my other hand over her ass. Her shoulders rose and fell with her excited breathing, and I suspected she was already wet.

My hands were touching her lightly; I just enjoyed the shape of her, the flat lower back giving way to plump cheeks, round as an apple, and firm, and so pliable. I traced my thumb down the place where she split, pushing against the tautness of her skirt until my thumb was grinding against her asshole. She didn’t move.

I squeezed and massaged her cheek. It wasn’t easy with her clothes in the way, but looking down at my hand as it was finally getting access to touch her butt was saturating my brain in sex hormones.

I pulled my hand away and landed the first spank.

God, it was glorious. Her butt was perfect. The sound was muffled by her skirt, but that wouldn’t last long.

Another one, this time centered on one cheek. Then a third on the other.

Two more, and I heard her breathe now, heavy breaths right after each impact.

I pulled her hips away from the desk. As she started to rise, I pushed her lower back firmly down, pinning her, while my other hand went down to the backs of her thighs. I trailed up her legs, pulling her skirt up with my hand until it was bunched around her waist.

When I was sure she wasn’t going to move or protest, I caught her tights and underwear with my fingertips and slowly slid them down so her ass was completely naked.

I glanced at the gusset of her underwear-a thong the same shade of blue as her ribbon necklace.

Fuck, she knew how to get to me.

And obviously this was getting to her: the gusset was smeared with her wetness.

I slipped my fingers between her clenched legs and drew them up, forcing her apart, until I could rub her pussy lips. They were wet and warm, and this was making her nervous again; I felt her tremble.

I didn’t back down. I stroked her boldly until at last she sighed and relaxed. My fingers were totally covered in her.

But her spanking wasn’t over.

The first swat on her nude skin elicited a “Don’t!” from her, but she bit the end of the word like she hadn’t meant to say it. I swatted her again, my eyes on the jiggle of her ass. And again. And again.

She was moving-grinding forward against the desk, trying to find stimulation.

“Here,” I said. I shoved my hand between her thighs and cupped her mound with my fingers, letting her use them for her clit.

“Yes, Nikki,” I urged her on. “Your boss wants you to feel good.”


After a few minutes of my unabashedly humping Mark’s hand, he withdrew-just to pull my tights and undies all the way off me, tearing my shoes off in the process, and lifting me onto his desk. It caught me by surprise, but I didn’t have time to process that before the real surprise came: Mark’s hands, pushing my chest down so my ass stuck up in the air.

And then his mouth, kissing and biting my inner thighs from behind. His big hot tongue licked up me until he found my center; his hands gripped my legs, pulling me to him.

When the sharpness of being pierced by his tongue startled me, I began to rise, but he slapped my rear-harder than he had before.

“Stay put,” he growled.

The attack of his mouth on my twat commenced. His hands moved all around my legs, massaging my cheeks open, stroking down my thighs, hauling me to him as he assaulted my lips.

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