Housewife’s First Time Anal

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I’ve always been so uptight when it comes to sex. I was never the slut in school. I’ve never had a one night stand. I never did your usual sex in the car or outdoors. In fact I’ve never had sex that wasn’t on the bed, couch, or living room floor. I was as plain and uninteresting as you could get. Not that I wasn’t attractive or didn’t have sex but the conventional methods were all I could have ever seen myself participating in. I was simple and modest.

I’ve had very few partners in my life. I am now happily married and am starting to regret not having great sex in my single days. Not that sex with my husband isn’t great but it’s always the same and never exciting. He has a routine and it varies little from one night to the next.

Reality set in and hit me like a ton of bricks a few nights ago. I’ve never tried anything new sexually and now it’s too late. Or is it? I am now 31 and have decided that it’s time to learn more about myself. I don’t really know what I like sexually but I’m determined to find out.

Yesterday I made a huge leap and went to the sex store. I have visited this store twice before but never bought anything that wasn’t lingerie. I stood and stared and the huge selection of toys not really sure what I was looking for. I really want to try something far outside of my little safe box. I really want to try anal sex. I have girlfriends that say it’s the absolute best orgasm you’ll ever have. The thought alone excited me.

I looked at all the vibrators and dildos. I have a vibrator at home but it’s much too large to start with. I am going to have to ease myself into this. I decided to buy a really small dildo and start there. I bought some scented oil, green apple and strawberry. I bought a vibrating cock ring because who knows that might feel really good. I was excited about my purchases.

I got home and showed my husband what I had bought and he showed very little interest. He illegal bahis probably thinks I’m crazy. And you know what, I might be. I continued the evening routine but the thought of what might happen tonight was very exciting. I had a tingle beneath my panties all night. Finally bed time came and I was so anxious I could hardly stand it.

I decided to start with a long hot shower. I did the usual shower things but I was so horny that I couldn’t keep my hands from roaming all over my body. I rubbed my soft breasts and stimulated my nipples, I rubbed my pussy and it felt so good that I had to play with my clit. The feeling of the hot water running down over me while I flicked my clit was more than I could handle. My clit was swollen, juices were running down my legs, I could not wait to get into the bed.

I quickly dried off and placed my small vibrator, my regular vibrator, and some oil on my nightstand. My husband was in our office right off to our bedroom. I asked him if he was almost finished and I got the usual response, “Just a few more minutes.” This was never just a few minutes so I decided to start without him. My husband has never expressed any interest in anal sex and I did not tell him what I had in mind. I was afraid that I would not be able to do it. I’ve heard that it hurts so much the first time that I had serious doubts. It’s probably best that he doesn’t know anything because I need to explore my body myself and see exactly what I can handle.

My husband has a large cock. My poor vibrators are nothing compared to his 8 inches but it’s not even the length that scares me it’s the width. The head of his cock is nearly 2 inches across. It will probably take me months to work up to something that size. My ass is so tight that one finger is all I’ve ever been comfortable with. For a split second I thought it was hopeless.

I laid in bed and closed my eyes. I rubbed my breasts and down my stomach. I began illegal bahis siteleri to rub my thighs and the outside of my pussy. My clit was still swollen from my shower so rubbing it gave me instant pleasure. I closed my mind off and simply did what felt good. I used my vibrator and slowly worked it in and out while rubbing my clit. I had an orgasm and would usually stop there but I continued. I put some oil on my finger and gently stuck it into my ass. There was a slight sting but no problem. I rubbed my clit and by this time the juices were really flowing and I was beginning to moan.

I knew my husband could hear me moaning but he never moved from his computer. I continued to finger my ass slowly and it felt so good that I slipped another finger in. I continued to work my fingers for a few minutes until I decided that it was time to try and slip the small vibrator in. I put oil all over it and while laying on my side, pushed it in slowly. I almost had to bite my tongue but it only hurt for a second. After the initial pain the feeling was amazing. I had never felt anything so good. I rubbed my clit harder and had another orgasm. My moans were becoming louder, not intentionally but because I could no longer contain them. The pleasure I was feeling was immense. My whole body felt alive and begging to be touched. I used the vibrator in my ass and rubbed my breasts, my clit, and fingered myself some. I felt like a different woman.

I was so excited and nearly drowning in pleasure that I, without thinking, put oil on my larger vibrator. I laid on my back and put the vibrator under me. I turned the cock ring on and laid it on my clit. The vibrations felt wonderful and I had yet another orgasm. I forced my hips down some and the larger vibrator almost slipped into my ass. The pain stopped me for a second but I continued to press my hips down. The vibrator slipped in a for a minute all I could do was lay there. I canlı bahis siteleri was amazed that it had fit but now I was a little nervous.

The cock ring was still on my clit so I slipped my fingers into my pussy and fingered myself vigorously. I rolled over onto my side and began to slowly move the vibrator in and out of my ass. The feeling was strange at first but became more and more pleasurable. I held the cock ring onto my clit and kept fucking myself with the vibrator. I was so amazed that it had fit that I almost didn’t know how to act. The feeling was incredible. I was now moaning at an unignorable volume and my husband walked into the bedroom. I was a little nervous for his reaction when he turned the light on but I did not stop what I was doing.

He walked over to the bed and the look on his face was priceless. “No way”, he said. He stood there and watched me fuck myself in the ass for a few seconds and then disappeared. He came back with a condom and stripped down. His cock was rock hard and he was excited. He put the condom on and put me up on all fours. He shoved his cock into my pussy and was working the vibrator at the same time. The feeling was honestly indescribable. He then threw the vibrator down and shoved his hard cock into my ass. I’m not gonna lie it hurt like hell for a second. He was fucking my ass, I was rubbing my clit, and then all of a sudden he slapped my ass really hard. The orgasm that followed was mind blowing. I had several more orgasms and was beginning to feel weak when my husband exploded. I laid on the bed for a long time. I felt like jelly. My entire body was completely relaxed and I was just basking in the glow. I had never felt this way before after sex. I was completely satisfied and amazed at myself.

My husband seemed shocked. I’m certain that he would have never thought that his wife would ever be willing to do anything like that. It was a good feeling to know that I surprised him and myself. I may be older now and married but who says I can’t have mind blowing sex. I can try new things and have new sexual experiences.

My mind is already working to decide what I want to try next. Any ideas?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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