How I Know She Cheated on Me

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Close to two a.m., my phone finally rang, it had to have been Mandy. It was about time she called, I had spent the past three hours wondering where she was. I tried calling and I tried texting her, but I didn’t get a response all night.

Mandy wanted to go out and meet the coworkers for drinks. We lived together and worked at the same restaurant, her in the front of house as a server, me in the back as a cook. I didn’t feel like going out tonight, I see these people often enough. I was committed to staying home, I just wanted to hang out with her. We didn’t really fight about it, but she committed to going out and left for the night without me.

She was a sweet girl and it wasn’t her nature to ignore my calls and texts, but she must have wanted to teach me a lesson. She responded to my first text, at around ten p.m., saying If you wanted to talk to me you could have come out, and that was the last I heard from her. She had a point, but I didn’t think it was fair for her to not at least tell me when she would be home. Especially after around midnight, when I was texting with a coworker who was out with the group tonight and said everyone had cleared out. When I had asked him about Mandy, he avoided the conversation.

I grabbed my phone that was ringing and the caller ID showed the name Roy. Now what the hell was he doing calling me this late? Or at all?

I didn’t want to talk to him. Ever. But, Mandy was friends with Roy, he might have been out with the group tonight too, so I answered the call. I wanted to sound relaxed, like I hadn’t spent the entire night not knowing where my girlfriend was, worried she was hanging with him, but when I answered, “Hey.” it just sounded pathetic.

“Hey.” was all he said in a whisper.

If Mandy was hanging with him and that would explain why she didn’t call, she knew I didn’t like Roy and that it would upset me.

“I know you’re probably worried. Mandy’s fine, she’s with me.” Roy continued whispering. “She’s in the bathroom right now.”

Roy and I used to be friends, but I didn’t like how friendly he was with my girlfriend. He would drunk-dial her late at night frequently. He was always flirting with her, even when I was around, and he and I always fought.

The three of us were at a bar with the co-workers once, when he was sitting next to Mandy and flailing his arms while telling a story. Someone had accused him of accidentally touching Mandy’s breast, Roy denied it, but when the accusation continued, he pinched Mandy’s nipple, saying “Well, if I’m going to get in trouble for it!” Everyone but me laughed, Mandy most of all.

Another time, when just the three of us were hanging out at her place (she and I were alone before she invited him over), Mandy had told him, “Kiss my ass!” and Roy immediately kissed his right palm and smacked her very hard on the ass. Right in front of me. She was wearing a thin pair of yoga pants and the smack made a very loud slapping sound. The two of them just laughed while I stood their pouting, half-erect and jealous, wanting to spank her bottom right then too.

I didn’t like Mandy being friends with Roy, but she liked him. I knew they had slept together, right before she and I started dating, she had told me all about it. I guess I felt like her second choice and was always suspicious she was cheating on me with him. It soured my relationship with Roy and we quickly became rivals.

I felt confused, I had enjoyed Roy’s friendship, but he seemed to hate me now. Even more perplexing: when Mandy and I were having sex, I wouldn’t cum, or even keep an erection, unless I thought of those moments when Roy smacked Mandy’s ass and pinched her tit. It would excite me to think of what it must have been like when Roy fucked Mandy, in those days before she started dating me.

Roy was the type of guy that was always dating a new, beautiful woman every week. I knew he didn’t care for my Mandy, he was just using her to get back at me. I was upset with Mandy for failing to see Roy’s shallowness in an argument once, and frustrated with me, she mentioned that she didn’t love him and the only reason she had fucked him was because he had a huge cock and fucked her hard. I was aghast. I couldn’t believe she said that, but I was antagonizing her and she confessed later that she felt I was making her feel like a whore. She was just upset with me. For all I knew, Roy had a tiny penis and didn’t know the first thing about pleasing a woman.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I growled at him over the phone. Only Roy would say something stupid like that, but I was suspicious of how he knew I didn’t know where Mandy was. I concluded it must be because Mandy told him something about how sometimes she’s out for the night and doesn’t respond to my messages, that’s all.

“‘The fuck is what I’m going to be doing!” He laughed, still whispering.

“Give her the phone then, let me talk to her!” I demanded, calling his bluff.

“Oh she’s busy. She’s getting ready.” Roy cooly responded, ankara escort adding “I can leave the phone line open though. I’m looking out for you, bud. I’m letting you know where she is and exactly what she’s doing!”

“What are you talking about? What are you doing?!” I had so many questions.

“Shh-shh-shh! I’m putting you on mute now! Bye!”

I kept asking questions and demanding to talk to Mandy, but as I heard shuffling over the phone line along with muffled voices, I realized Roy had put the phone in his pocket and I was on mute. If Mandy really was with him right now, she wouldn’t be able to hear me. I listened patiently, fuming. Roy was full of shit, he was probably at home alone and playing another stupid prank on me.

Still, I didn’t hang up, I was determined to find out what was going on and if there was any truth to what Roy was saying. After a few minutes, the sound became clear again and I knew he had taken the phone back out. What was he doing?

I listened carefully for Mandy’s voice, I could make out everything clearly: I must have been on speakerphone.

“Get on your back.” I heard Roy say.

I heard a girl giggle.

My heart started racing. I started taking deep breaths and telling myself a lot of girls could sound like Mandy giggling over the phone.

I heard a shuffling sound and the gingling of metal. I recognized these sounds well enough – someone’s pants were coming off.

“They’re skintight.” I heard the girl laugh out.

The hope of Roy playing some prank flattened when I heard that. Mandy often said that to me when I would take her pants off. She was right, she always wore very tight pants. I knew the jeans she was wearing tonight were such a pair. That might actually have been my girl with this asshole right now.

I tried searching for any explanation that could mean she was doing anything else with Roy other than what I knew she was doing. With that possibility off the table, I tried convincing myself this was probably just a girl he was fooling around with and the poor thing didn’t know he was an asshole that had his phone open.

“What if I kissed you right here, on the belly button?” I heard Roy ask, soon followed by the sounds of kissing. I heard the girl moaning in delight.

“Take off your shirt, I want to see your tits.” Roy greedily told her.

“I bet you do.” The girl teased.

I heard more shuffling and knew they were taking off each other’s clothes.

“Your cock is so big!” I heard her swoon after a moment, confirming they must be naked.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, or why I was listening. For a moment, I considered hanging up, but something inside me wanted to know exactly what was happening. I found myself more concerned with whether Roy actually had a big cock or if she was just being encouraging, than whether the girl was actually Mandy or not. I listened carefully.

“Bigger than your boyfriend?” I heard Roy ask.

“Leave him out of this.” I heard the girl respond, followed by what could only be the sound of them making out. Either this girl had a boyfriend, or she was in on Roy’s stupid prank and playing along, I didn’t put either past Roy.

“God, you are so beautiful.” Roy breathed. “Your pouty, sweet lips. Are they as soft and pink below?”

I heard a sloshing sound and the girl moaned out loud.

“Yeah!” Roy laughed. “You are so wet!”

“Mmhmm.” she moaned out, before I heard her whispering, “Give it to me, I want your cock in me!”

“Spread your legs.” was all Roy said.

I could picture Mandy lying on her back in her bed, her hands under her knees as she pulled them to her chest. We fucked many times this way, I enjoyed looking in her big, beautiful green eyes when we made love. Was Roy looking this girl in the eyes now too, or just staring at her tits?

“Look how puffy and pink your nipples are!” Roy proved what he was focused on. He didn’t care about my Mandy or this girl, he just wanted to fuck them.

The girl let out an exasperated moan, Roy must have put himself inside her! She moaned again and this time I heard Roy grunting. In a moment, I could hear a repetitive smacking sound, I knew they were fucking, and fucking hard. The sounds over the phone quickly rose to a symphony of hard smacking sounds, the girl continually moaning in pleasure, and Roy grunting heavily.

All I could do was sit there in silence, alone in my home, my jaw gaping, as I listened in shock to what might have been my girlfriend getting fucked over the phone. I knew what Mandy was like in the bed, we had been together for years now, but I had never heard her make sounds like that. This couldn’t have possibly been my Mandy, even if this girl’s voice sounded like Mandy’s. Whoever she was, she confirmed one thing with the way she moaned, and screamed out in delight, a scream that bordered between pain and ecstasy. She wasn’t encouraging Roy, he actually had a big cock and was fucking her hard with it.

“I love your escort ankara tits! I love the way they bounce in my hands!” Roy roared out. I couldn’t tell if he just liked talking dirty, or if he was narrating the details out for my purpose.

My heart was racing, and I realized I had a throbbing erection! I would have difficulties keeping an erection with Mandy in the bedroom unless I thought of her with Roy, now I was the hardest I had ever been. I started rubbing myself, listening to this sweet little girl getting fucked hard by a man with a huge cock!

“You’re so fucking sexy as a blonde now!” Roy moaned out.

Mandy had just dyed her hair blonde last month, she was always joking about how ‘Blondes have more fun’ constantly now. It got under my skin sometimes, she was almost taunting me when she said it, why would she need to have more fun? And what kind of fun was she talking about? Roy’s comment didn’t confirm anything. For all I knew, this girl with him right now could be a brunette and confused by what he was saying.

“Turn over, get on your hands and knees.” I heard Roy shout.

A moment later, I heard a loud smack as the girl cried out with an ‘Ow!’, Roy must have spanked her bottom. I never spanked my Mandy. I tried once when we were in bed, but she rolled her eyes at me and I didn’t think she appreciated it. The girl gasped out loud, “Oh, fuck!” and I knew Roy’s big cock was back inside her. Another loud smack followed, and she cried out ‘Ow!’ again, but this time was almost laughing as she started moaning.

“Ya baby! Spank my ass!” she pleaded as a third loud smack promptly followed.

She might have sounded a lot like Mandy, but that couldn’t have been Mandy, otherwise she wouldn’t ask Roy to spank her. I quickly reflected on the facts at hand and was wary that it might be because he had a big cock, she was making allowances. If this was Mandy, I was more concerned with her calling him ‘baby’.

Loud and repetitive smacking sounds ensued, faster than I heard before, I recognized these smacks as his crotch against hers. Roy had this girl bent over and was drilling her hard from behind. She was screaming out loudly now as Roy was roaring. Every so often I would hear a loud smack that I now knew as his hand spanking her bottom. I could picture Mandy’s pale white ass bouncing against Roy everytime he thrust into her. Mandy had a perfect firm and round bottom, her pale white skin was soft and silky and my heart warmed to thinking of her in my arms, pressed up to every inch of my skin.

“Ya, you like it hard, don’t you?!” Roy exclaimed.

“Ya baby! Fuck me hard!” The girl screamed out. Mandy never said a word when we were in bed together, this girl schrieked, “I love when you fuck me hard!”

It was too much for me, suddenly, I started cumming. I didn’t want to cum yet and had stopped touching myself, but on it’s own, my penis slowly leaked out a stream of cum that trickled down onto my crotch.

I thought if just the sounds and mental images in my head of the rough fucking that was taking place was enough to make me cum so quickly, it might make Roy cum too. More likely, he was just getting started. I knew Roy probably had a lot more stamina than me, even though he was doing the actual fucking. He was ready to give this girl a good, hard and long fucking, meanwhile my penis was already flacid.

“Let me lie on my back, get on top of me and face me.” Roy said loudly. “Good, bend your knees back and put your feet on my thighs. I want to grab that ass while you ride me.”

I was convinced Roy was explaining everything that was happening for my sake, if he was actually fucking my girlfriend, he wanted me to know exactly how he was fucking her. My erection had completely faded, but I started pulling on my limp dick. If they weren’t done, neither was I!

Roy and his lady gave me ample time to get hard again as they fucked for a long time in this position. Unfortunately, I remained limp the whole time, all the while listening to the sounds of Roy’s crotch smacking against this girl’s pussy, both of them moaning, grunting, and screaming loudly.

“Baby, fuck me against the wall!” I heard her beg. Each time she called him ‘baby’ made me frown for a moment. “I love being fucked against the wall!”

I had never fucked Mandy against a wall, she had never even asked me to before. I wasn’t strong enough to lift her, so that made sense, but how would she know she liked being fucked against a wall? Unless it was before my time… Still, how did this girl know Roy could fuck her that way? I guess she was confident he could lift her properly.

I heard them moving, the girl squealed out and started laughing.

“Hold on tight, I got ya!” Roy laughed out, and again I could hear them fucking hard.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, baby!” She was screaming out constantly now. I knew she couldn’t help but to call Roy ‘baby’, she was exhilarated by the fucking she was getting. I wished I could fuck my Mandy however Roy was fucking this ankara escort bayan girl now. I wanted my girlfriend to get fucked like this so that she could be this pleased. I almost started hoping it was Mandy. I wanted her to be happy.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum!” I heard Roy roar out.

“Cum inside me, baby!” The girl screamed out.

Mandy and I almost never had sex without a condom, and it wasn’t until now I realized Roy might not be wearing one. Was this girl serious? Never once, in all our years being intimate, had Mandy ever let her cum inside her. I accidentally let some cum shoot inside her once when we were having sex during one of the rare times we didn’t use a condom. I wasn’t used to the feeling and it made me climax very quickly. Mandy didn’t fuck me for months after that. I don’t know how she lasted in celibacy so long, I was losing my mind!

“I want it in me! I want to feel that big cock explode inside me!” she continued screaming.

It sounded so like Mandy over the phone, if it was her, she had to have just been talking dirty.

“Fuck! Gonna! Cum!” Roy cried out.

Roy started roaring out, loudly, he sounded like a bear growling and grunting. I knew that was the sound of a real man cumming, I never sounded anything like that. It was so fierce and bestial, I felt like hiding in the corner. The girl was shrieking out with every hard thrust I heard, as Roy drove himself hard inside her, making a loud, echoing smack each time.

“Yes! Yes, baby!” she screamed. “God, I love your cum filling me!”

Nope, no condom. Roy was still roaring and growling, the girl screaming each time I heard the loud smack of his cock thrusting into her.

“Give it to me! Every last drop!” she screamed out desperately.

Roy was still grunting, but softer now, and I could still hear the sounds of their crotches slowly slapping against one another. He was still fucking her and obliging to her request for every last drop. I closed my eyes and imagined Roy slowly pumping into Mandy’s pussy, gushing cum deep inside her as he pinned her in the air against the wall, her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms over his shoulders and holding onto her ankles. I was finally erect again, well, half-erect, and found myself disappointed they were finished.

I heard the sound of them falling back into the bed and the sounds of what must have been the blankets wrapping over them. I could hear them kissing and making out, that was good enough for me! I furiously started masturbating, but I never was any good at coming back after I ejactulated, I was usually only good once a day. My erection kept softening and I ended up tugging on a rope for a while. I realized that all I could hear over the phone was snoring, Roy and his girl had fallen asleep and were cuddling together in her bed.

I decided it was best to probably hang up at this point, I had been listening to Roy pounding a girls pussy for about a half an hour now. I didn’t know how I really felt about this, I needed to sleep on it. Right now, I was so horny thinking about Mandy getting fucked so well by a big cock, and as degrading as it might seem, I felt okay with her fucking other men, if it kept her happy and in love with me.

Not that she loved me. We had never shared those words together. I said it once to her, I was certain I loved her. Mandy responded with a simple ‘Okay’ and we never really spoke about it again. She liked me enough to stay with me all this time, that was good enough for me if it was the best I could hope for.

All these thoughts were running through my head as I was still fiercely tugging on my flacid penis, before I finally gave up and decided to go to bed. I thought I’d fall asleep quickly, it was terribly late now. Instead, I could mostly only think of Mandy and Roy asleep in each other’s arms right now, their legs knotted together as they cuddled close. As much as the thought of them together made me want to touch myself, it also made me cry.

I didn’t want to lose Mandy. I didn’t want her to cheat on me either. And I especially didn’t want her to know that I had listened in on her having sex, if that really was what I did. I resolved to accept whatever bullshit excuse she gave me in the morning for wherever she was tonight, and not mention anything else about the night’s events.

As it turned out, there never was a bullshit excuse. I received a text from her at a quarter to noon simply saying I’m hanging with Mom today then another text close to seven p.m. saying Went to Locals for a drink, bumped into Roy. Come by.

Locals was a pub a couple of blocks down the street from where we lived, and literally a minute walk from Roy’s apartment. I just wanted to see Mandy, and I certainly didn’t want to see Roy. Still, I decided to walk to Locals and meet them. It was a fifteen minute walk and I spent the entire time wondering if any of this was actually happening. Mandy would have had to have been bored spending an entire day and two nights with Roy, he had to have just been pranking me and made me listen to another one of his random dates. He was always up to mischievous antics like that. Mandy was innocent of everything and just forgot to text me last night, she wouldn’t actually cheat on me.

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