How To Not Save A Marriage

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My marriage is over. I’ve tried. I wanted it to work, but Carol wouldn’t work at it. That’s what pisses me off. I wanted it to work. She just doesn’t seem to care. I’m sitting at the bar alone thinking about the ruin of my marriage. The bar is in a nice hotel where I made reservations in order to rekindle the passion in my marriage.

I made the reservations a month ago at the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago. I thought we should get out of town and go to a city where we could stay in an expensive hotel and spend a romantic vacation. I wanted to get away from our lives, spend time with each other to reconnect and save our marriage. But now I fully realize that she is fine with our marriage being cold and stale.

I order another coke and whiskey. I’m not sure how many of these I’ve drunk. I haven’t had enough to get drunk, but enough to feel numb. I watch the people around me, admiring some of the female diners and waitresses, thinking that I could get back at my wife by cheating on her here at the hotel. But, I know I would never be able to approach these women, though I wish I could.

I haven’t had sex in over a month. One of the major problems in our marriage is the lack of intimacy. I remember a time when I thought having sex twice a week wasn’t enough, now I’d think I was in heaven if we had sex twice in a week. I’ve tried everything to get her interested in sex and the results have been pitiful. I surprised her with a romantic, candlelit dinner, and we had a wonderful evening, only to be spoiled when she wouldn’t even kiss me as we went to bed. I gave her a sensual massage another night, but she said she felt too relaxed to make love.

Truthfully, sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it, the sex isn’t that great when we do have it. She only ever wants to have sex in missionary position, and then she just works frantically until she has an orgasm. Then, I have to hurry up and finish. I like us to try different things, but she’s rarely interested. Even the few times we have tried other positions she won’t do them for long because they don’t feel as good to her as missionary. Some positions are even just uncomfortable for her. I like her to be on top of me sitting straight up, but my penis goes into her too far, and she doesn’t like it.

Even with these problems I don’t want our marriage to end. At least I didn’t before, now I think it’s just over. I planned this trip so that we could spend time together, reconnect, become more intimate, and then hopefully sex would naturally follow. But my wife just doesn’t care anymore. When I surprised her with the vacation she was excited. We had been to Chicago before for a short visit. We had enjoyed it, but since I was there on business, we didn’t get to stay very long. We agreed we should come back sometime when we could stay longer and really enjoy a vacation. So, she was thrilled with the plans I had made, agreeing that the time there could really help our marriage. I reserved a suite with a Jacuzzi, a mini-bar, and a king size bed.

Then, once we arrived in our room, my wife picks up the phone. She calls a cousin of hers that lives in Chicago and invites her to dinner with us that night. I was furious. This vacation was supposed to be for the two of us to spend time together. She brushed me off, saying that she hadn’t seen her cousin in over a year, and we would just have a quick dinner with her, enough to catch up, and then we could be alone again. I was exasperated.

We met her cousin, Jennifer, tonight in the hotel restaurant. I was grumpy and quiet the whole meal, not that they noticed. They talked and gossiped all night without paying much attention to me. I sat there, drinking my usual drink of Coke and whiskey, picking at my dinner, contemplating getting a plane ride back home that night, and leaving my wife here in Chicago since she obviously didn’t want me here anyway. The two of them ate some, and drank even more. My wife has never been much of a drinker. They drank three bottles of wine and my wife got drunk. Jennifer was just feeling high. The two of them were talking and laughing loudly, having a great time.

I watched them both, feeling incensed and horny at the same time. I was pissed off that my wife had invited someone into our romantic weekend, but at the same time I realized that some guys would think they were lucky to be eating dinner with two beautiful women. My wife is tall at 5’10”. She has long, blonde hair, light skin, and blue eyes. She is slender with B-cup breasts, narrow hips, and long legs. Jennifer is shorter than my wife at 5’5″. Her hair is dirty blonde, shorter than my wife’s hair reaching down to her shoulders. She has lightly tanned skin, green eyes, and large, red lips. Her body is fuller with breasts that are at least a D-cup, wider hips, and shorter, curvaceous legs. Whereas my wife has a more classic, elegant beauty than her cousin, Jennifer has a more womanly, shapely figure than my wife.

Then, my wife said she had to go lay down. I thought bareback studios porno we would be saying goodbye to Jennifer there. I was even thinking that maybe I could take advantage of my drunk wife at the very least. But, Jennifer said she couldn’t drive back home and my wife invited her to stay with us. I said I could call a cab for her, but my wife insisted, and the two of them went up to the room.

So, I went to the bar, infuriated that she had ruined our vacation. I’ve been sitting here drinking, alternately feeling angry and horny, and just ending up feeling irritated. I want to do something big to make her feel as bad as I do and to show her that I think our marriage is over. I want to cheat on her with one of the waitresses and flaunt it in front of her. I want to fly back home, pack up some stuff, and move out. But, in the end, I know I won’t do any of these things.

Frustrated at my own inaction, I decide to call it a night. I pay my tab at the bar and go back to my room. As I’m standing in the elevator, I’m wondering where I’m supposed to sleep. I’m sure the two of them are in the bed, probably passed out by now. So, where am I supposed to sleep? I’m not sleeping on the floor or the small couch.

I approach the door to our room, slip the key card into the slot, and slowly open the door. I softly close the door behind me. The room is dark and silent. I quietly move into the bathroom, closing the door behind me as I turn on the light. I brush my teeth, use the toilet, and strip down to my boxers and undershirt. I turn off the light, gently open the door and move out of the bathroom.

I walk towards the bed slowly, my eyes adjusting to the low light. Though the curtains are closed, light from the spotlights illuminating the front of the hotel creeps around the sides of the curtains. I can see two shapes on the bed. My wife is sleeping on the far end, her head barely sticking out of the covers and turned towards the window. Jennifer is sleeping in the middle of the bed on her back. I look at the couch sitting beside the bed. I consider trying to sleep on it, but it’s too small. There is room on the side of the bed closest to me. Plus, I planned this trip and paid for this room, I’m sleeping in the bed.

I pull back the covers and slip into the bed, trying to be as quiet as possible. I lie back on the pillow and draw the covers up to my chin. I’m staring at the ceiling, thinking, too frustrated to sleep. I’m lying on the edge of the bed and slide over to get more comfortable. I turn my head to make sure I don’t disturb them, and see Jennifer staring at me. I stare at her for a few seconds, barely able to see her open eyes, surprised that she is still awake. I hear her whisper something hardly audible.

“What?” I whisper back.

She softly moves closer to me, squirming between the sheets, until her head is lying on my pillow. “I’m sorry,” she whispers to me.

“For what?” I ask, trying to be indifferent about the situation.

“Carol told me before she passed out,” she says. “I didn’t know this was supposed to be a romantic vacation for you two. I wouldn’t have come if I knew.”

I shrug my shoulders. “That’s alright,” I say softly, “I don’t think Carol knew either.” I smile sarcastically. Jennifer smiles back at me.

“She can be a real bitch,” she whispers.

“Yeah,” I whisper back. We stare at each other for several seconds. I’m wondering what she is wearing underneath the covers. Is she wearing anything at all? I consider reaching my hand out to touch her and see if I find bare skin. Instead, I whisper, “Good night,” and roll over on my right side with my back to her.

I hear Jennifer moving some behind me and assume she’s turning over to go to sleep. Then, I feel a hand on my shoulder. “I really am sorry,” she whispers to me, her lips lightly brushing against my ear. “Carol told me that you were having problems. She said that she doesn’t give you enough sex.” Her hand slides down my shoulder and then back up, caressing my arm.

I turn my head to her slightly and say, “Yeah, well, we’ve been married a long time, and you just need to work at it.”

“It doesn’t sound like she’s working at it. To me,” she whispers to me. She moves closer to me, her body touching my back. Her hand moves over my shoulder and down my chest.

“Well,” I whisper hesitantly, “It’s a little complicated.”

“No,” she says, “It’s not complicated. It’s very simple.” Her lips touch my ear, softly kissing the lobe.

She presses her body against mine. I can feel her breasts against my back and her legs push against the backs of my legs. Her hand moves over my shirt, caressing my chest and stomach while I feel her other hand slide under the pillow under my head. My body is stiff against her. I’m confused. Her body feels good against me. Her hand moving over my body is turning me on. But, I know this is wrong. I know I shouldn’t be doing this. Then I wonder if Carol is listening czech amatör porno right now.

I sit up quickly, pushing myself up on my right elbow and twist my head to look at her. I can hear her still breathing deeply and snoring slightly. Her body is turned away from me and I can only see the top of her head peeking above the covers.

“She’s sound asleep,” Jennifer whispers to me, rising up a bit, “She’s passed out.” She kisses my lips softly and pulls back to look at me. Her hand has slipped down my body to my hips and upper legs, gently massaging the skin through my boxers.

I lay back down, twisting my body to be facing her. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I don’t know what’s going to happen or how far this will go, but this seems too perfect. Here I am, horny and frustrated, and here is a beautiful woman in bed beside me who wants me, and even better my wife is right there, too deeply asleep to do anything about it.

I reach out my hand and place it on her side. I feel cool, soft cloth under my touch. Her hand touches my face as she leans her head towards me. Her lips touch mine, and her mouth opens to kiss me deeply. I slide my hand down her side, and meet bare skin just below her butt. She must have taken off her dress, but is still wearing her slip. Her tongue reaches out to touch my tongue as she moves her body closer to me. The full length of her body is pressed tightly to me.

Her hand moves down my face and slides down my side. She grabs my shirt bottom and pulls it up to lay her hand on my side. Her other hand is wrapped around my back, pulling me to her. My right hand moves up and down her side, tracing the curves of her body, moving down her shoulder and chest to her waist, and up along her hips and butt. My other arm slips beneath her neck and I place the hand on her back.

She breaks our kiss and leans up slightly to kiss my cheek. She places small kisses down my cheek to my neck. She kisses my neck deeper, her tongue licking my skin. I twist my head into the pillow, stretching my neck to her. My hand slides down her upper leg, the feel of her smooth skin against my palm, and I reach around her thigh. I grab her thigh in my hand and pull her leg over me, draping her leg across my hips. She presses her pelvis against me. My hard cock, trapped inside my boxers, is smashed between our bodies.

Her hand is sliding along my chest and stomach underneath my shirt. Her lips move from my neck to my ear, nibbling at the lobe. I reach my hand around her leg wrapped around me, and touch the inner thigh of her other leg. Her hand slides down my stomach and into my boxers. Her body pulls back from me slightly as her hand moves through my pubic hair. I hear her breath in my ear, as her tongue licks along it. My hand moves up her inner thigh between her legs. My fingers touch the folds of her pussy. She’s wearing no underwear.

She finds the head of my penis and traces her fingertips along the sensitive skin at the tip underneath the head. My fingers move between the folds of her moist pussy, and slide back and forth between her clit and pussy hole. She releases my ear from her lips and covers my mouth with her mouth. She slides her hand down my cock, wrapping her hand around the shaft. I move my fingers along her pussy and lightly flick her clit. She moans quietly into my mouth. I tilt my head up with our mouths still locked together, and look over her head. I see my wife is still sleeping soundly, snoring faintly.

Jennifer releases my cock and moves her hand up out of my boxers. I slip a finger into her wet pussy. She breaks our kiss and lays her head on the pillow. I watch her face as I slide my finger in and out of her pussy. Her hand reaches down between our bodies and searches along my boxer shorts. I move my finger out of her cunt and slide the wetness along her pussy up to her clit. She opens the hole in my boxers and reaches in to grab my cock. She moves her pelvis away slightly to slide my cock out of my shorts through the opening so that it’s sticking out hard between her legs.

I move my hand away from her pussy and place it on her hip. I skim my hand up her side under her slip, moving along her stomach to her breasts. She rubs my cock against her pussy, rotating her hips against me. I grab her breast in her hand, my thumb rubbing the nipple, my fingers trailing along the soft skin. My dick slides along her pussy, pressing between the lips.

I watch her face and my wife. Jennifer’s eyes are closed and her mouth is open moaning softly and Carol is asleep still, snoring louder now. I knead her breast, filling my hand with it. She opens her eyes to look back at me. She leans in and kisses me.

She grabs my cock in her hand and pushes the head against her cunt hole. She pulls back from me a little, our lips separating, while lifting her leg around my hips higher. I drop my hips down lower and push up towards her. She holds my cock head in her fingers leading it to her pussy. czech bitch porno I slide my hand down her body and grab her butt. She lifts her hips up while pushing towards me, her leg pulling me in towards her. I pull my hips back and then push back up. The head pushes through the folds and sinks into her. Her fingers slide along the bottom of my penis, grasping it lightly, urging me forward. I pull back a bit and then push forward again, my head now easily sliding inside of her. She gasps lightly.

My left arm, lying underneath her, pulls her to me. I wrap my right arm around her butt. Her right arm, lying under me, is sliding against the skin of my back underneath my shirt. I slide my cock slightly out of her and then push back in slowly, trying to be quiet. Her hand slips along my cock as it moves into her. She reaches down lower and brushes her fingers along my scrotum.

I lift my head to kiss her neck. I see Carol still sleeping. She hasn’t moved any since I entered the room. She must be completely passed out. Jennifer grinds her pelvis against me, pushing my cock into her deeper. I feel her fingernails graze my skin as she drags her hand down my back. I move my hand down her butt along her smooth, tight thigh crossed over my hips. She moves her hand from between us and slides it up my chest underneath the shirt.

I kiss her neck, sucking on the skin just below her jaw. She is slowly pumping her hips, moving my cock inside of her. I move my top leg between her legs and press my pelvis against her tighter. I grasp her thigh in my hand pulling her against me. Her wet cunt moves around my cock as she pumps her hips. I hear her breathing heavier, a soft moan escaping with each exhalation. I lick the skin from her neck up behind her ear. She takes her hand from under my shirt and grabs my thigh between her legs.

The bed is squeaking softly beneath us as we both move our hips together. I watch Carol sleep as I kiss Jennifer’s ear, running my tongue along the outside. I move my hips to match the slow rhythm Jennifer has set, my cock sliding inside her wet cunt, moving in long strokes, sliding it out until the head is rubbing on her pussy lips and sliding back in until our hips touch. My cock feels large and rigid as we thrust our hips together, feeling the shaft slide inside of her and the head stroking her vaginal walls.

She pushes her body against mine, rolling me over on my back. My cock slips out of her as we separate. She moves her body over me, straddling me. She reaches between us and guides my cock back inside of her. Her body falls against me as I push my hips up and into her. My dick slides into her further than before. Her arms pull tightly against my sides and her legs grip my legs, her whole body tight. I wrap my arms around her, sliding my hands up her back under her slip. Her head is to the left of my head, her mouth sucking on my shoulder, and her hair draped over my face.

I brush her hair from my face and look over at Carol to make sure she is still sleeping undisturbed. Jennifer lifts her hips and squeezes them back down, trying to smash my cock into her. The bed makes a low squeak. I place my hands on her hips, wanting to control her movement and make sure we don’t make too much noise.

We move together slowly and quietly. She makes hushed moans against my neck as I glide in and out of her, our hips moving in unison, my dick pushing deeply into her, her body stretched out on top of mine. Then, she mashes her hips against mine and begins twisting her hips, moving my cock inside of her, rubbing against the sides of her vagina.

I extend my hands down from her hips to her legs. I grab the backs of her thighs and pull them up towards me. She moves her legs up, placing her knees on either side of my waist. I grab her waist in my hands, guide her to lift up, and then sink back down. My dick moves into her even deeper. She moans against my neck. I push my hips against the mattress and then push back up against her, sliding my cock into her.

She sits up slightly and moves her hands to either side of my head. She props her upper body up on her hands, her arms fully extended beside me, her body now looming over me. I move my hands up her body, sliding underneath the slip to grip her breasts. She moves her body on top of me, moving up and forward, then sliding down and back, my cock slipping inside of her wet cunt. She grinds her hips into me as her crotch presses against my body, pushing my cock into her.

She sits up straight, throws the covers off of us, grabs the bottom of the slip, lifts it off of her, and drops it on the bed next to us. Her naked body is perched on top of me, dimly visible in the dark room. My hands lay on her thighs as she lifts her body up and falls back down.

“Oh God,” I hear whisper and then moan. I push my butt into the bed and then push back up into her, pressing my cock deep into her. “Yes, oh God yes,” she says, a bit too loudly. I turn to look at Carol. She moves a bit and her head pops up out of the covers entirely, still turned away from us. Jennifer is still moving on top of me, sliding her pussy along my cock in short thrusts. I can feel her thigh muscles tightening and loosening as she drives her body on top of me. Carol stops moving, hopefully falling deeper into sleep.

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