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This story is a work of fiction. It has an adult theme and is not intended for younger readers. Any similarities between actual persons, living or dead are coincidental.

Chapter One

“Mmmmmm. Wow. That felt so good.” Lisa purred while sliding off of Jim’s hips. Jim laid there seemingly contented to engage in a little post coital bliss. One of his favorite most parts of their Sunday morning love making. The sun was already high in the sky outside their bedroom window. Chiffon curtains over the partially opened window frame gently swayed with the slightest of morning breezes. Just another hot July morning in Northern Indiana. Within a few moments Jim shifted his body slightly while still holding Lisa’s head to his chest. Reaching for a package of cigarettes, lighter and ashtray, on the small night stand to his right side. Jim flipped over the top of the package and selected one of the long white cylinders, and offered it to Lisa. As she accepted the cigarette and placed it directly into her mouth, Jim moved the ashtray to his side within easy reach of Lisa’s hand, and then lit her cigarette for her. She took a slow drag and deep inhale and then exhaled a long plume of white smoke over Jim’s head.



The couple then looked each other directly in the eye, and smiled. Lisa leaned forward and gave Jim a kiss on his lips. Warm, tender and smoky. Trimming her cigarette ash in the glass ashtray by Jim’s side she began to reflect.

“When?” Lisa whispered.

“I told you, anytime.” Jim said rather nonchalantly. They’d had this discussion very frequently these last few months. And Jim knew that he’d just about run out of every excuse. Lisa wanted to get pregnant and Jim had probably already put it off longer than he should have. A quick survey of the beautiful woman lying next to him, confirmed that he’d lost the last of his reluctance. It was time. Lisa, at age 31, had changed little in the six years they’d been married. Physically that is. She was 5′ 4″ tall and weighing just above 120 lbs. Long legs, a narrow waist, and the most wonderful natural breasts he had ever had the privilege to suckle. Blue eyes and strawberry blond hair, which Lisa had kept at shoulder length since their wedding day, just to please Jim, completed the woman he saw laying next to him. He was the luckiest man alive, and he knew it. His mind wondered back to the wedding announcement in the Fort Wayne paper six years ago.

Mr. And Mrs. Glen Hart are pleased to announce:

The wedding of their daughter Elizabeth June Hart to Mr.

James Robert Taylor of Fort Wayne. Jim and Lisa are both

Graduates of Purdue University with Jim’s degree in Electrical Engineering

And Lisa’s degree in accounting. The newly weds will be making their home

In Fort Wayne where Jim is employed at Addison Engineering.

“Lost in thought lover boy?”

Jim answered “a little I guess. Mix of thoughts you know.”

“About me not smoking while I’m pregnant I bet?”

Jim just grinned. “There’s that of course, but mostly I was thinking about some breakfast. How about I make you some strawberry pancakes and some bacon?”

“Perfect. I’ll potty and meet you in the kitchen.” With that Lisa climbed over Jim on the way to the bathroom, grabbing her slinky silver nighty on her way past the chair next to the private bathroom off the master bedroom. Jim made a pit stop at the main bathroom on his way downstairs to the kitchen to begin the breakfast preparations. His mind kept going back in time to his intimacy with Lisa. While she had changed little during the marriage physically, oh how she’d changed as a sex partner.

It was exactly six weeks before their nuptials. Jim and Lisa had found an apartment in Fort Wayne, and were getting boxes of stuff transported up there. While engaged, they had both maintained their own places, however, being as how Lisa had a roommate they preferred to spend most of the time at Jim’s second floor walk up apartment. Lisa showed up a little early, just as Jim was piling a box of videos into the dumpster. Lisa wanted a peak at the contents of the box and Jim about freaked out. She challenged him. “No secrets!” Jim let her peek inside, revealing the smoking fetish collection he was tossing out. Lisa looked at him rather quizzically, and then insisted that he bring them back inside. Later that evening, Lisa popped one in the VCR and proceeded to watch it all the way through.

“This stuff turns you on?”

Jim could just squirm on the loveseat next to Lisa. Lisa on the other hand, seemed very amused by her fiancé’s embarrassment. Till she leaned over and unzipped his fly though. When he began to relax a little more, Lisa took the opportunity to give him a rather slow hand job. A few weeks later after making some of the final wedding preparations, they stopped into a bar and grill for a bite to eat and a few beers. Lisa was seated across from him, and after her first beer she lifted her purse from the seat next to her and set it on the inside end of the booth where they were czech experiment porno seated. Then she took out a package of Virginia Slims Menthol 120’s and a BIC disposable lighter. Jim was shocked, but didn’t say anything. He watched her intently and she placed one of the cigarettes into her painted lips. She flicked the lighter to flame, and then lit the end of the VS. A small inhale, with a rather quick exhale that followed but without a cough. It was then that Jim noticed the package was half gone.

“We spent all day making wedding preparations, but I’ve been practicing this past week for the honeymoon.” Was all she said. She continued to smoke her cigarette, in the same manner that the “smoking models” had until their burgers arrived. It was this very thought that went through Jims mind when the minister asked him the fateful question “and James, do you take Elizabeth Hart as your lawful wedded wife?”

The resulting “I DO”, that Jim almost shouted caused the attendees to almost break out laughing.

Chapter Two

The honeymoon was just the beginning of their adventures together. Lisa did become very proficient at smoking. In fact, she became quite adept at slipping into the sexy seductive mode. Jim of course, was in heaven. Jim became more the romantic, which seemed to fuel Lisa’s sexual energies. He’d bring home flowers for no apparent reason, Lisa would counter with a new, and even sexier negligee. When Lisa was too sick to go to work, Jim would stay home and take to her well being in earnest. As she would sleep on the couch, with a box of tissues, Jim would get the laundry caught up. When she went to bed early, Jim would shut the door tight and vacuum the downstairs. When Lisa was feeling well enough to go back to work, the house was clean and the laundry was caught up.

They were quite the couple all right. By mutual agreement, Lisa’s smoking was kept a strict secret. Jim wanted no part of her becoming addicted. Even to this present time, neither of the families would have suspected Lisa to have even the occasional cigarette. When Lisa took a job with a hotel management company, she never took her cigarettes to work with her. Her smoking was part of her intimacy with Jim. Nothing more, and nothing less. The system worked for them both. Together, with their upward mobility, they soon bought their first house together. They called it a “starter home” however, Lisa’s father Glenn, who was a Real Estate Broker, called it the house to end all houses. A 3500 sq foot two story with a full basement. Three bedrooms upstairs, with a main floor office area that could have easily been made into another bed room. Large kitchen and panty, and also a combination living room/family room. Of both Jim and Lisa’s siblings, they were the ones to envy.

Jim and Lisa were both natural competitors. One was always trying to out do the other. Working, creating, and of course sexually as well. After a few years, Lisa learned the secrets to unlocking Jim’s fertile imagination. It made him both a successful engineer, well liked in the office and popular with clients, but a truly devoted and marvelous lover. On their honeymoon Lisa had purchased a book on love making. It was over seven hundred pages long and was a complete encyclopedia of all things sexual. Even though Jim was embarrassed by most of it, Lisa insisted on knowing his wants and desires. After the first few days of that honeymoon, Jim was so worn out that he suggested that they cuddle for an evening or two so he could “recharge his batteries”. One morning Lisa awoke to find her new husband had snuck off to the golf course, just to get a small break from the amour us Lisa. Lisa only smiled when she realized what Jim had done, she knew she had him and her leash was just long enough for him to play golf.

Through the first few years of their marriage, Lisa would always find new and interesting sexual activities. She also kept her smoking for Jim a secret, until one fateful day in February.

Lisa’s job with the hotel management company involved keeping and combining financial records for several hotel chains. Data links between her company and the clients downloaded information to a central administrative group. Lisa would do some software trouble shooting as well as search out missing pieces of crucial data for weekly and monthly reports. Not a glamorous position to be sure, but Lisa could always be counted on to come through in a pinch.

On this fateful day in February, a large motel in Indianapolis had a problem. Their server had taken a dump. Although Lisa couldn’t help with the hardware problems, she could burn a back up disk to restore the lost data they would need to get their business back on track. And urgency was the name of the game. From the time Lisa’s department got the call, to when she left in her silver Taurus with the back up disk, it was only an hour. Given the two hour drive time to Indianapolis, she would have difficulty in getting home for dinner. She called Jim at his office to advise him of her work needs, and czech first porno video Jim agreed to fix something light and keep it warm for her return, which would probably be sometime around 10 pm. But we’re talking Indiana in February. As fate would have it, a cold air mass coming southeast over Lake Michigan, met with a warm moist air front coming up from Florida. The resulting snow started falling shortly before Lisa got there.

“Hi, you must be Lisa Taylor; oh thank god you’re here.” Crystal Findley was in a panic, and was sure glad to see Lisa come through the door. Chrys and Lisa had known one another through phone conversations for several months. Now meeting for the first time in person. Lisa was somewhat taken back. Chrys was nothing like she sounded like on the phone. Lisa pictured Chrys as being somewhat older than she was. At 34, Chrys was a “looker” too. Short blond hair over brown eyes. At about 5″7 and maybe 130 lbs, she was not only beautiful but very well endowed.

“Chrys?……oh my god. I had you pictured so differently.”

Chrys giggled “Yeah, I don’t look like I sound on the phone. Must be my ciggies. I’ve been hooked on em for 15 years. Bradley our hardware guy left about an hour ago to beat the snow storm. He told me to just put in the compact disk you brought and the computer would do the rest. I guess he has it all set up. I also have his cell phone number just in case, and he will talk us through any problems.”

Lisa looked behind her through the motels front door. “Wow. The flakes of snow are larger than silver dollars.”

“Did you bring an overnight bag by chance?”

Lisa didn’t of course. Just her luck too. In her hurry to get out of Fort Wayne, she completely spaced out the impending storm.

“No I didn’t. Geez. Can I perhaps get a room here?”

Crystal was way ahead of Lisa.

“Janet…..hey hon… a room for Lisa. Make it a single with a queen, and put that on the comps, she’s gonna be our guest tonight. Hey Lisa, smoking or non dear?”

“Ah either one, what ever you have available.”

“Janet make it smoking please….thanks.”

Lisa kinda wondered about that, but only for a moment as the two woman headed into the back office and the waiting server. Lisa inserted the back up disk while Chrys punched the necessary keys. The server hummed to life seemingly greedy to gobble up the back up disk. Lisa peeked over Crystals shoulder watching the monitor come to life and go through its various gyrations. Lisa detected the luscious smell of cigarettes and perfume. Finally the screen flashed “Back up Data Uploaded Complete” Chrys gave it a satisfied look. “Janet, be a dear and try a room search for a week ago Please”

“I’m on it. It took it. We had three vacancies last week Tuesday. Two queens single and a double king all smoking”

“Thanks hon. How about some dinner for you my knight in shining armor?” Mused Crystal. Elated to be back on line again.

“And a drink perhaps?” said Lisa giggling.

“Oh a woman after my own heart. There’s a Fridays right next door, and beyond that a Maxes for some unmentionables if you need. The rest of the stuff we have, and if not you can raid the lost and found.

Lisa grabbed a pair of snow boots out of the Taurus’s back seat, noticing the snow already filling in the heated spots on the hood of her car. A quick glance to Crystal revealed snow accumulating on her short blond hair. The ladies then slipped and sloshed their way over to Maxes for some new undies for Lisa, and bra which she got on sale and a light blue cotton sleep shirt. Before long they were seated in the smoking section at Friday’s ordering their suppers.

“Hi, I’m Jill; I’ll be your server tonight. Can I get you something from the bar while you look over the menu?”

Chrys didn’t hesitate “Captain and diet please, with a lime.” Then glanced at Lisa along with Jill.

“Gin and tonic thanks.”

After Jill had taken the two steak orders, and fetched back the drinks, Crystal reached into her purse and brought out her cigarette case. With a well practiced movement, she placed a VS120 Menthol to her lips and flicked her BIC bringing her “ciggie to life”. Lisa was already anticipating it when the offer came forth.

“Like one?”

What ever had kept Lisa in abstinence in the past suddenly flew out the window into the heavy falling snow.

“Yes please.”

Crystal turned the open cigarette case in Lisa’s direction. Without a second thought Lisa took one of the slim white cylinders and placed it into her mouth and accepted Chrys offer to light her.

“I didn’t see you bring any cigarettes in with your…I hope you’re not trying to quit.”

“Nah, I don’t smoke at work…..usually anyway.” Lisa smiled back at Chrys.

“Ah, I see….closet smoker?”

“Actually more of a bedroom smoker.” Lisa looked a little chagrined.

“Ok. Never heard of a bedroom smoker” Crystal looked a little confused.

“It’s kinda funny actually. I started smoking for my husband czech game porno shortly before we got married. He….well….sorta gets in the….mood when I smoke for him.” Lisa explained.

The topic changed momentarily as the local weather forecaster came on the elevated TV screen over the bar. The whole room in fact quieted down to listen to the weather forecast. More snow expected over night. 5 – 10 inches. Plows were out and they expected the roads to be clear by mid morning. Interstate 75 going north and south would be the priority, and a wave of relief came over Lisa. She wouldn’t be stuck here for more than just the one night. But she wasn’t really feeling actually stuck. She was actually enjoying Chris’s company.

“Jill hon, can we get another round please. Thanks.” Chrys had her empty glass held just above her shoulder, when Jill nodded back. Lisa still had a little to go, but drained it quickly to make room for the next. Lisa was starting to catch a buzz.


“Sure.” Lisa answered. This time Lisa lit her own, and not wanting to look like an amateur, she took a long drag, exhaling half through her nose, and double pumping again to fill her lungs. A four second hold, then a long plume of smoke exited her lips towards the ceiling. A grin of satisfaction graced her mouth.

“So tell me more about this bedroom smoking thing you have going?” Crystal smiled knowingly towards Lisa.

“Well, it started quite by accident a few weeks before we were married. Jim was trying to throw out a box of these videos. Well I caught him, and he acted so panicked I just had to know what was in the box. Smoking videos. I didn’t even know such a thing existed.”

“Jim smokes of course….”

“Nope. Least not that I’ve ever witnessed. I think he tried a cigar one evening at some Addison party, but I don’t think he finished it.”

“Amazing. So you get to smoke only in the bedroom?”

“Not exactly. I guess I can smoke anywhere in the house. But if I light one up, it won’t be long before he’s all over me…..” Lisa paused to take a drag off her VS120.

“So let me see if I get this correctly. Your smoking turns him on, so all you have to do is light one up, then sit back and wait for the action. Do you smoke after sex too?”

Lisa giggled. “Before, after, and sometimes during.”

“Holy shit girl. You have it Made in the Shade” Crystal spoke. “But you’re not addicted.”

“Yeah, I suppose a little. I try and hold back, you know, family etc. All non-smokers on both sides. And, then there’s the whole baby issue. I want to have babies someday, and I don’t want to have to go through a serious withdrawal or anything like that.”

Crystal giggled. “Listen; find out from Jim what happened to give him this fetish so that perhaps I can work a little magic on some guy I get close too.”

“Oh! Speaking of Jim. I better let him know where I’m at.” With that Lisa dipped into her purse to retrieve her cell phone. A few moments later she caught Jim just getting home.

“Hi honey. I’m spending the night here with Crystal. Yeah unhuh. Snowing like crazy, but the weather forecaster said that I-75 will be open mid morning….unhuh. Oh she’s nice. Yeah…..and guess what? I’m on my second cigarette right now…..giggle….yes she does…my brand…….yeah I’m gonna miss you too. Of course. See you tomorrow.”

Lisa replaced her cell phone looking over to Crystal and smiled.

“Think he’ll be waiting to jump your bones when you get home tomorrow?”

“Actually I think in about another ten minutes he’ll be taking matters into his own hands….giggle”

Both Lisa and Chrys broke out laughing. Their steaks arrived just as their cigarettes were spent, and they both sliced into the largest New York Strips that Lisa had ever seen. After a sumptuous meal, Lisa ordered another round. The evening was spent in girl talk, and before it was over, both ladies had a “tune going”. But were also, the best of friends.

Chapter Three

“Good morning Doctor Menards office, this is Mary” said the perky voice on the other end of the phone.

“Hey Mary, it’s Lisa Taylor. How’s it going?

“Just great Lisa. What I can I do for you today?”

“I’d like to cancel my quarterly Deprovira shot. I think I’m supposed to come in on the 28th at 2:00 pm.”

“Let me look that up. Yeah, your next shot is on the 28th at 2. Is there a problem or something?”

“Actually no. Not really a problem. Jim and I have decided to get pregnant.”

“Oh Lisa that’s great. I’m so excited for you girl. Jim finally came around huh?”

“Yeah. I knew he would eventually. Ah, I have a couple of questions for the Doctor or perhaps you can answer them for me?”

“I can try. I’ll also mail out one of our expectant mothers booklets. It will probably answer most of the questions that you’d have.”

Lisa thought for a moment. “How long after I’m off the birth control will it be before I become fertile again?”

“Well, in most women on Depo, they will have a very heavy menstruation within a few days after their next scheduled shot. Looking at your schedule, all things being equal of course, and you’re in great health, I’d say your period will start about the 2nd or 3rd of August. Your best chance of getting pregnant would then follow about 12 days after that, so probably Saturday the 15th of August.”

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