I Just Wanted A Drink, Really…

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Double Penetration

I just wanted a drink really, I swear. I was completely zoning out when I felt a hand on my shoulder yanking me back to reality.

“I said, is this stool taken?”

She was nicely dressed in an expensive suit coat, blouse and skirt. Typical lawyer outfit, I thought.

“Sure, help yourself. I don’t think I’m going to need it tonight.”

“Oh really, why is that?” She asked.

“I think my massage client bailed on me.”

“So you really are a masseuse! I saw your shirt, but wasn’t sure if it was just a ploy,” She laughed softly.

“Shhh, don’t tell anyone, ok?” I said with a wink.

I took another look. Her chestnut brown hair fell about her shoulders, shining softly in the dim light of the bar. Her makeup was perfect, but she was truly beautiful. If anything, the way she dressed downplayed her beauty instead of enhancing it. I gave her a card.

“Hmm, I’m tempted to use your services. My shoulders are killing me from the flight.”

“Flight attendant,” I thought. This should be fun! “Here, let me give you a free sample,” I said, standing up and spinning her around on her bar stool. I pulled her hair over to one side and slowly massaged her neck and shoulders.

She moaned and tilted her latina fuck tour porno head back. I moved up to her temples and scalp, knowing how good that feels. “Ohhhh, man you have no idea how much I need this,” she sighed.

“Been a while?”

“We still talking about massages?” she quipped.

I smiled to myself. This evening definitely was turning out better than I had hoped!

After a bit I sat down and she bought me another drink. We chatted about this and that while getting just a bit plastered. The conversation took a turn for the better and soon we were talking about things we shouldn’t discuss in a public bar. The bartender winked at me, knowingly.

Suddenly she got up and took me by the hand. I followed her like a puppy. Walking by a utility closet she ducked into it, pulling the door shut behind us.

“I don’t have much time,” she said sternly, leaning back against the edge of the sink. She didn’t explain and I didn’t care. She lifted a delicate high-heeled foot and set it on one of the shelves near the sink, making her skirt ride up, exposing a perfect white lacy thong. “Get on your knees. Now.”

The tone in her voice let me know she wanted to be in total lezbiyen porno control. I wasn’t about to argue! I got down in front of her and kissed her ever so gently right square in the middle of her thong. She moaned heavily and grabbed the back of my head, pulling herself onto my face. I pulled aside her thong and gave her my all.

“Fuck, you’re good at this!” she exhaled as her orgasm built to overflowing. She grunted and her spasms wracked her body. I softly continued to work my tongue over her, teasing her as she came back to reality. In a minute she calmed down enough for her brain to work again.

“You definitely deserve a reward,” she said sexily as she got off the sink and turned around. She bent over the edge, wagging her perfect pear-shaped ass at me. Her beautiful ass slimmed down to a tiny waist, then flared out again up into her shoulders. Her hair flowed down her back and she wiggled at me again.

I yanked her skirt up and roughly pulled aside her soaking thong exposing her smooth, shaved lips. I dropped trau and was about to slam it home when she reached back and put her hand over herself.

“Oh no you don’t,” she said, reaching into her purse. She reached back and held out a condom. liseli porno

I took it, ripped it open noisily and threw the whole thing into the trash, laughing to myself. There was no way for her to tell I didn’t put it on. “Rookie mistake,” I thought to myself. I touched my tip to her swollen lips, and she gyrated back against me. With each twist she impaled herself deeper and deeper. I grabbed her waist and thrust deeply between her lovely cheeks. Reaching around I diddled her delicately, sending her over the edge again. I growled and pummeled her frantically. My orgasm built up then I went over the edge myself coming deep inside her.

She smiled and pushed back against me, sending spasms rocketing through me again. We wound down for a minute, trying to catch our breath. I pulled out and she stood up, turning around to give me a quick kiss. Suddenly her eyes widened as my ‘gift’ slowly ran down her leg.

“Why you miserable #$%#$%&*!!… you didn’t wear the condom I gave you!”

“Rookie mistake. Always check that!” I laughed at her frozen face, knowing there was nothing she could do. Suddenly she laughed and grabbed my face. “You’re still a miserable lout. But, God I love you!”

“I love you too sweetie!”

“Hey, how about Thursday evening we do the ‘Sleazeball mechanic and down-on-her-luck single gal?”

“Sounds good to me! See you at home, my love.” I opened the door a crack and was faced with a hallway of angry hotel staff. We giggled like teenagers and ran to our cars before security arrived…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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