I Love The Way… Ch. 02

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This is a sequel to “I Love The Way…” in which I rhapsodised about a fantastic blowjob. Now it’s time to return the favour… All feedback most gratefully received.

I Love The Way… Ch. 02

“Your turn.”

I love the way you lean back on the sofa, legs spread, two fingers still buried in your delightful pussy. So abandoned, so unashamed, so hungry – your fingers still sliding gently in and out even though you’ve just come hard. I drink in the sight of you, your shining hair, your glowing eyes, your mouth where I can still see a drop of my cum at the corner of your lips. You poke your sweet pink tongue out and scoop it up, making a little happy sound.

My gaze sweeps down, over your perfect tits, down, down to your thigs, and, nestled between them, your stunningly beautiful cunt. I can see a soft patch of downy hair, and then your fingers surrounded by your wet, red lips.

I love the way you slip your fingers out of your pussy and feed them to me, giving me the first taste of your fantastic juices. I suck on them hard, tasting the slippery, sticky musk that I adore, that I can’t wait for more of.

I can’t wait, and neither can you. But I have to make you wait.

“First I need to tell you just what I plan to do,” I say.

“No, no, you don’t, please, just do it,” you reply.

“That’s no way to go about things. Now. First of all I plan to kiss your thighs … I can see that the tops of them are already quite, quite wet.”

“No! There’s no need, please, just bury your face in my pussy, I need it. My thighs are wet because my olgun porno cunt is absolutely sopping, and crying out for a tongue.”

“There’s every need. Now once I’ve done that for quite a while, I think I should gently, lightly stroke your cunt, like a feather.”

“Oh God, yes, that sounds good, but please, just start. Or I’ll have to touch myself again. Do you want that? Me having to sit here and wank while you spout on?” you say, your voice taking on a pleading tone.

“After the stroking … well … maybe the thigh kissing again. After all, we don’t want to rush things.”

“God, you bastard, no, look, please just fuck me with your tongue. I need it, I need your lips on my clit and your tongue up my pussy, I need it, I want it,” you say. Your hand descends again to your cunt and starts to stroke your clit. My smile widens.

“OK. Maybe just a little kiss now,” I say.

I love the look on your face then as, kneeling between your thighs, I dip my head and plant the softest kiss I can manage on your soft pubic hair. I love the moan that escapes you and the buck in your hips, the way your hand moves to the back of my head to direct me.

I slip away, move back to kiss and lick your delectable thighs, to stroke them and grip them, to push your legs even wider than they are already. You groan: “Please, I can’t take it, just please lick me. I’m so wet, so hot, so need your tongue.”

Maybe I should relent. First I lean up and kiss you, tasting your tongue and giving you a hint of your own flavour. Then I dive back down.

I playboy porno love the way your pussy tastes. I adore it, I want to bask in it, I want to drink it to the end of my days, to be surrounded by it.

I lick gently up and down your cunt lips, and your hand clamps to the back of my head. I’m not getting away this time, that hand says, but that’s fine by me.

You’re so wet, and getting wetter. I stiffen my tongue, turning it into a little cock, and push it into your pussy, and I hear you sigh with such gorgeous relief that it makes my cock pulse. Oh yes, I’m hard again, at the thought of what I’m doing to you.

Your pussy is so hot around my tongue. I wrap my arm around the top of your thigh, my fingers snaking back through your hair to find the nub of your clit, and begin to softly stroke it. Your hand grabs the back of my head, and I hear a long, drawn-out groan.

Then I use two fingers to spread your cunt lips wide, and lick you as deeply as I possibly can, using the flat of my tongue like a broad blade.

I lean back for a brief moment. I love looking at your pussy, imagining burying my cock in its boiling depths, how it would feel to be balls-deep in you. Your cunt glistens with its juices, red and wet and swollen.

I love the way your hand drives me back to work. “Please, don’t stop, that feels so good. Suck on my clit.”

And so I do. I shift upwards and draw as much of your pussy into my mouth, centered on your clit, as I can, and I suck. I suck hard, until all I have left in my mouth is your clit. And pornhub porno then I run my tongue over it. Hard.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh!” Your hips buck, and I have to flex to keep my lips where they are. But I’m not going to stop sucking and licking.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God,” you pant. “That’s going to make me come.”

“Mm-hmm,” I moan without letting go, adding the vibrations through my lips to the sensations flooding your cunt. And then I take three fingers and slide them into your glorious hole, feeling your pussy muscles clamp down on them as I push deep inside you.

And as I lick your clit – soft, then hard, then soft, then HARD – I slide those fingers gently in and out, and I feel you start to shake, and the noises you’re making become ever more like those of an animal, sighs and moans and groans and grunts.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming, oh fuck, I’m coming,” you practically yell, and I redouble my efforts, drawing your clit deep into my mouth and driving my fingers all the way home.

And then I just hang on for dear life, as your hips move, and your tits rise and fall with your shuddering breath, and you bite your lip almost hard enough to draw blood as your orgasm sweeps through you. I soften my sucking, so that it’s just gentle, soft, calming.

I love the way you lift your hand softly off the back of my head, stroking me, and look down at me, with a broad smile and a deliciously naughty glint in your eye.

I know you love it, so I slip my three fingers from your cunt and move them straight to your mouth. You suck on them hungrilysafari, as if they were my cock, savouring your juices too, before we kiss deeply.

I sit back up beside you, and you nestle into my shoulder.

I love the way you turn to me and say:

“What ARE we going to get up to next?”

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