I.T. Support Pt. 01

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John couldn’t believe his luck. Having to help the new personal assistant with paper work and all sorts of work related garbage after hours. John was around 30 years old and been working in IT and for the company for about 3 years.

He sighed as he walked up the stairs to her office. He wasn’t getting any double time for this and was pretty pissed off about it. He got to her office door on the deserted floor of the accounting firm and knocked.

This wasn’t the first time he had to help the boss new PA. There were countless times of the same old story, changing printer toner, fixing the file systems, formatting a USB, even renaming a file. Maria was hard work and John had no idea how she even kept her job.

“Come in,” a rather thick Latin accent said from the other side of the door.

He knew that voice, it annoyed him. That broken English accent that he knew he would have to deal with for the next couple hours, going through monotonous work-related things which he knew he had to do.

“Hello John, nice to see you here now,” Maria said in her thick accent.

He furrowed his brow, he couldn’t stand the errors in her pronunciation.

“Hi Maria, it’s nice to see you too,” he mumbled.

“Ah, nice to see you, sorry, I get confused,” she said giggling.

He nodded his head. He didn’t want to waste any more time in this office, although she was quite good looking and a talking point for all the males in the office. Only issue was her annoying demeanour.

Maria was around 46 years old, rather tall for a Latino woman, strong facial features, long legs , wearing a dark blue skirt that was tight around her slim yet hour glass shaped figure, and breasts that were tightly pressed against a white undershirt of her skirt, with some cleavage poking through. Her skirt came down to about a hand width above her knee. Enough to appreciate her long legs.

Her shoes were black heeled with a leather strap going around her ankle like snake , and her hair was thick brown with some goldish highlights running through it in a bun. She had strong Latin American features.

Although she had been annoying to him over the last month or so, John did manage to sneak a peek a two when visiting her.

She would constantly shift in her chair and show a little bit more than normal of her legs and thighs, leaning over with her cleavage for him to see.

John still thought even with these quick glances of her nicely toned body and features, all of this extra IT support wasn’t worth it sometimes.

“So what’s the problem Maria?” John asked in a frustrated tone.

Maria rolled her eyes and shifted her legs towards John grabbing her lap top and putting it on the table in front of her.

“Well, this program, I have issues with, I can’t seem to get it to work, it always says to press Control X to finish the file, but nothing happens?”

John sat down at the table and turned the laptop towards him, briefly looking down at her thighs that were exposed from the way she was sitting.

“Ok, well, you haven’t actually modified the file, so your meant to save it every time you modify it,” John said in an annoyed tone.

Maria got up from her chair in a haste.

“But I have! I make the change and nothing works!” Maria protested.

She moved behind John and leant over his shoulder. He could smell the perfume strongly, that peachy smell. Her hair from her fringe dangled in front of his face while she glazed at the laptop screen while John sat there trying to catch his breath. The perfume filled the room.

“See this file here,” Maria said leaning over his shoulder.

She began to move closer to the screen ever so slightly leaning more and more closer to him. She was within a whisper of his head. He could smell that perfume, usually he hated but this time, for some reason, something stirred in him.

John took a quick glance at Marias face which was within inches of him, and directed his eyes for a quick glance down her blouse.

Her cleavage was quite the view. From the quick glance he made, he worked out that she was wearing a black bra, her breasts filled the cups to the brim. They were definitely D cups, as John had never seen such large breasts. This wasn’t the first time he had seen her cleavage.

He remembered a time in the staff kitchen where she had bent over to pick up a sugar packet, John remembered that sight and did wonder what they would look like bare.

Around her neck she wore a simple crucifix. John darted his eyes away, as if he thought he was sinning in some way.

Maria moved back and clasped at her blouse in a non-threatening way. She had the feeling that he snuck a peek. She sat back down in her chain crossing her legs and shifting her skirt from underneath her thighs.

The dark blue dress was tight fitting and hugged her figure well.

John took a glance at her legs and was impressed.

“Ok, so you need to make sure that you format the file and then click save,” John stated.

Maria stood up and straightened her dress. anime porno

“I really am getting sick of this computer,” she said in her thick accent.

John nodded with a bored look on his face as he shuffled in the chair.

“Well what can you do, anything else Maria?” he asked as he snapped shut his laptop.

Maria walked around the small office which was stuffy for Spring time. She reached over to the bookcase and moved a few books around to look busy. Her hour glass figure teasing John. Her ass had a peach look about it.

Perfectly rounded and tight in the dress. John snuck another look and nodded to himself as she turned around.

“Can you maybe help me, John?, I need to get these files done, I have no idea what I’m doing” she said frustrated.

John got up off his chair and nodded.

“Look Maria, I would but I’m really busy at the moment, you just need to read through the program manual, check out google and see how you go,” he stated to her.

Maria stared back at him and her eyes began to well up.

“I don’t want to lose this job, my husband and I are..” Maria stopped.

John rolled his eyes and looked at his watch while Maria rubbed her eyes.

“We are going through a divorce now, and I need my job,” she said in a painful voice.

“Mr Johnson is going to fire me if I don’t get this work done, I wrecked the other presentation last month and he warned me,” Maria said sobbing.

Maria began to weep and put her hands through her hair. John walked over to her and placed a rather cold hand on her shoulder. He really couldn’t be bothered with this.

“Its ok, you’ll be fine, ill get someone to come help you, I promise” John stated in a calm voice. He knew he really couldn’t find anyone to help but promised her anyway.

Maria looked at him and put her arms around him, John had a shocked look on his face as he let her hug him. Her body pressed up against his, he could feel her breasts press against his chest.

John stared into the distance and tried to think of something else. He knew what would happen, and it was happening. He began to get an erection and he had to move or she would notice.

She stood there hugging him in tears, as he slowly began to pat her head. He felt quite awkward as he never really enjoyed her company but now with her crying in his arms , he felt a little upset for her.

“Please John, I know that I annoy people and try to get people to do my work, I really need your help,” she continued.

The problem was for John at this moment was that her hips were pressed up against his now hard penis. John tried to pull back slowly as Maria slowly let go of him.

Maria rubbed her eyes and looked at John and smiled.

“You think I didn’t feel that?” she asked him through welled up eyes and laughter.

John shook his head and denied anything.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he exclaimed, slowly backing away.

It was in that instant that Maria placed her right hand on his crotch.

“You mean you are not hard, then what’s this?” she began to stroke his pants crotch.

“Maria, it wasn’t my fault,” John frantically said.

“You were up against me,” he replied.

Maria laughed as she licked her lips and moved her hand away from his crotch.

“I’ve got an idea John,” she said in a sultry voice.

She pushed him with a quite forceful push against the wall. Grabbing his penis in her hand and putting her face within inches of his.

“How about, I suck your dick, you fuck me, then you finish my work, and we are all happy?” Maria said with a smile on her face.

John had a bit of a look of terror and amazement, he was also thinking of how this would look in court, but then remembered the security cameras were running.

“Um, uh, Maria, this is really not appropriate,” John stated.

“We could get in trouble and,” Maria cut him off by putting her finger over his mouth.

“Shut the fuck up John,” she whispered.

As she began rubbing his crotch again, John was stuck with nowhere to go.

She took gripped his head with her left arm and pushed his face onto hers, giving him a deep , tongue filled kiss up against the wall.

John was really in shock now, as she unzipped his pants and began to fondle his cock through over his underwear.

He was rock hard now as she ploughed her tongue down his throat. John was reluctant at first but then took the courage to finally just give in to the situation. He slowly moved his hands down to her buttocks and began to lightly massage them. They were so round and full, he had never felt anything like it.

Maria reached inside his underwear and pulled out his penis from the underwear and through the work pants. His cock sprung out from the fly, 7 inches of hard penis gaping through the hole. John was literally thinking he was in some sort of adult film as they continued to kiss and embrace.

She stroked his cock slowly then fast, as she talked dirty to him.

“You like asyalı porno this don’t you? You horny bastard you,” she said in her accent laughing.

John smiled.

“Well yeah, who wouldn’t Maria, I just think this is not good, what if someone walks in?” he said.

“Then they’ll have a good show to watch”

Maria said as she began to slowly kneel down. She got to her knees and began stroking his cock, he could see down her blouse clearly now.

“I know you liked these,” Maria said grabbing both her breasts and squeezing them.

“Maybe I should let you take a closer look” she said , slowly shifting down her dress, exposing more and more cleavage until her dress was pulled down to her waist.

Her tits were immaculate, filling the black bra to the brim. Johns view was uncanny. A work colleague who he used to loathe was kneeling down by his crotch, stroking his dick with her dress down, and was drop dead gorgeous.

John smiled and shook his head.

“Wow, what a day this is turning out to be,” smiling as he said it.

Maria nodded and raised her one eye brow up, again licking his lips, her lips were quite thick and had a reddish purplish tinge from her lipstick. She slowly undid her bun, her hair flowing around her shoulders and below her neck.

She looked liked a different person. Her hair was wavy and long and came down to the arm pits just above her breasts.

“Oh yeah , John, it’s going to get better papi” she said in her thick accent.

Maria flicked her tongue out to the tip of John cock. He shook in shock and smiled. She flicked her tongue again, gripping his cock in her right hand. She licked the under side of it, slowly and darted her tongue around the head.

“Oh Jesus,” John exclaimed

“Mmmm, you like that?” Maria smiled.

She began to dart her tongue back and forth over the tip of his penis, slowly licking up and around the head, teasing him. John gripped the book case for leverage, he had quite the view, looking down at this woman ready to suck his cock.

She took one long lick up and down the shaft of his cock and slowly put her lips to the head of his cock. Pushing the head in a bit, and then out. Then in and out again, only just the head.

“Oh fuck,” John said in delight.

“You ready papi,” she stated again. John nodded.

Maria gripped his cock in her right hand and began to caress his balls in the other , her tits jiggling in the bra as she did it. She put him in her mouth again, this time going a little deeper, swirling her tongue around his head in her mouth, then pulling him out and in again.

Back and forth , a few times as John moaned in pleasure. Maria moaned in her pleasure watching him in this much pleasure. She continued to suck him, using both hands this time, she gripped his cock and went deeper in.

John was in heaven as he gripped her hair in his hands and stroked it. Maria reached back and grabbed his arm and made a forceful push towards his cock. She liked it a little rough it seemed.

John in his astonishment, gripped the back of Marias head and slowly began to push her head further down on his cock.

Maria moaned in pleasure ash she went deeper. Half way down his cock.

She took his cock out of her mouth and held it against her cheek, she began licking his balls, then sucking them.

“You like me sucking you cajones? “she asked.

John nodded.

“Fuck my face gringo,” she said loudly, as she pushed herself fully down onto his cock.

John let out a loud moan, as he willingly grabbed the back of her head with his right hand and pushed her head down his cock. Maria obliged and thrusted him up and down, deeper and deeper each way.

The noises coming out of her mouth were loud and filled with saliva, sucking, popping and bordering on choking noises. The slurps and pops echoed throughout the room as he gripped both his hands behind her head and thrusted into her.

She opened her mouth and let his cock glide in and out, move and more of it going deeper into her throat as she moaned. She pushed her head further down his shaft as he gripped a bunch of her hair in a pony tail and thrusted a bit stronger than before.

She took him down further this time, her throat opened up and took him all in as he exhaled loudly.

“Oh fuck,” he whispered.

She murmured as she took him down to the base of his cock, her nose resting on his pubic bone as she opened her mouth and emulating choking noises. He pushed her down with a couple quick nudges and kept her there for what seemed like ages.

After around 5 seconds she released him and let out an almighty gasp, looking back at him with tears in her eyes, stroking him swiftly.

“You like that you horny bastard?” she said smiling through her watery eyes.

“Oh fuck yeah Maria,” he stated.

“Yeah, you like it huh,” she whispered as she took him all the way down again and back up 3 or 4 times quickly.

He was amazed at how effortlessly she was doing this now but was so babes porno overcome with pleasure.

The choking noises started to become louder as Maria took him quicker and deeper with every stroke. John gripped the part of her head and neck and continued to push her onto his raging cock.

She opened her eyes and slowed down her pace, carefully sucking him from base to the head slowly, then popping his cock out with almighty pop that echoed in the room.

“I want you to fuck me now John,” she stated in a very serious tone.

John nodded and smiled.

“Then you will help me, yes?” she asked in her Colombian accent

“Maria, I’ll help with whatever and whenever you need,” he replied

She licked the tip his cock and smiled, rubbing the head around her mouth.

“That’s good to know, bueno!, I have plenty of things I need help with,” Maria said enthusiastically.

John was astonished and began to thank God in his head for this moment and potential future moments. He had a divorcee Latin American , smoking hot co-worker with D cup breasts, thick full luscious lips, long flowing brown hair, an hour glass body that hugged whatever she wore, and an ass that would give J-Lo a run for her money.

Glauk, glauk, glauk , glauk! The noise made emanating from her throat as she took him deep four more times, gasping for her on the last laughing.

“Give it to me now papi” she begged.

John held his lubricated cock in his hand and stroked it as Maria got off her knees and sat on the edge of the round table in the middle of her office. The table was around the size of a standard poker table and had nothing on it but a few papers.

Maria popped herself up onto the middle of the table smiling as she slowly spread her legs open to reveal a rather large but thinly cut V of pubic hair on her vagina.

She propped her feet onto the table and lay down, her black heels made a large thump noise on the table as she began to tap them, putting one finger in her mouth and the other on her the base of her vagina she began to rub slowly.

She moaned with excitement as John removed his shoes and dropped his pants and underwear to his feet cautiously in case they had an unexpected visitor.

She lay there on the table waiting for him to enter her.

“Put it in baby,” she begged.

John moved forward and took a firm grip of Marias legs and dragged her closer to the edge of the table. A million thoughts raced through his mind, what if they were caught? what if someone hears them?

He shifted himself in between her legs and tapped his cock on her on her pussy a couple of times. The underside of his cock was wet with her juices.

He carefully moved her black laced panties to the side of her pussy and tapped his cock on her clitoris. She moaned with pleasure.

“Ah, papi stop teasing me John,” she pleaded.

“You got it Maria” he stated as he took a grip of her legs with both arms and scooped her closer to him. He pushed his cock slowly into her pussy, the juices from it lubricated his shaft as he went in a little deeper.

Maria moaned with pleasure as he pushed in further and pulled out again, then back in.

John took a deep breath in and out as Maria smiled at him.

“Its ok baby, come on, give it to me,” she said softly.

John exhaled and slowly thrusted into her again, this time going deeper than before. He was in awe of how deep he could go in with her.

He thrusted down and back up again a few times as Maria began to breathe in a and out quicker than before.

“Ai, ai, that’s it, right there, fuck me John!” she yelled.

His pace quickened as he pulled her closer to the edge of the table. He took both her legs and propped them up on his shoulders.

Her calves were warming his neck as he pulled them closer. He leaned forward and thrust into her deeply and with more force than before.

“Oh fuck this feels good,” he whispered.

“Yes, yes, kiss me,” Maria yelled.

He leaned further down, still inside her, pumping up and down as he pulled her legs away from his shoulders.

She widened her legs as he got closer to kiss her. Their tongues embraced and danced in each other mouths as he continued to push in and out of her. Her moaning turned him on even more as they kissed deeply.

The noise from the thrusting began to increase, the table began to wobble as John pounded her harder and harder. She gripped is head and pulled him down again to kiss him.

He pulled his head back and continued to thrust as he stared deeply into her eyes which were full of ecstasy. Her dress was pulled down to her waist and he could see her breasts which were bouncing with every thrust in and out of her.

John pulled down her lace black bra and exposed her delicious D cup breasts which were gyrating up and down with every thrust.

He leant down and took her left nipple in his mouth and swirled his tongue around slowly then began to suck it hard.

“oh si, si papi,” she whispered.

John continued to suck on her breast as he pushed his cock in and out of her, gripping both of her thighs with his hands and stuffing his face in between her breasts. He lifted his head and stood back up, gyrating his hips and watching his cock enter her in and out.

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