Identical Twins?

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The silence on the floor was genuinely eerie.

Jason seemed to be completely alone, in the middle of the morning and on the home-turf of a busy academic department. He saw not a soul until he arrived at the department secretary’s door. That soul was Anita — a stunning late-thirties Ethiopian-black woman whom he’d helped find this job some years before. Since then, they had worked together — and very well – on many a faculty research proposal.

She rose, flashed him her melt-you-at-100 yards smile, engulfed him with her patented whole-body hug. She was shorter than he by a head, slender and buxom, nicely configured, hair always tightly bunned, minimal makeup. And a sparkling personality.

She greeted him enthusiastically: “Wow! A live person come here to visit with me! It’s so lonely here this morning. Everyone else is gone to that damn Nobelist’s seminar. It’s like a morgue!”

Despite her having produced three children, her boobs were ridiculously solid, and flattened only slightly against his chest. Then she was leaning back to look him in the face, leaving their crotches pressed hard together — they were hugely attracted to one another, but by unspoken agreement hadn’t expressed it in any way save this species of hug — t very long intervals.

Today, Jason let something slip: only inches from her face, he muttered “I wonder if you have any idea at all, Anita, how hard it is for me to keep from kissing you?”

She stared into him, said softly “Oh, yes, Doctor J, believe me, I do know!”

Then she reached out behind him and shut the heavy, windowless office door: it closed with a small thunk, like an acoustic exclamation point. Her hands went up behind his neck: “I doubt we’ll go to hell forever if we grant ourselves one little indulgence. Besides, this conservative middle aged black woman has never kissed a white boy before. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time… and time seems to have ripened, don’t you think? It’s long overdue!”

The kiss was the most erotic thing Jason had experienced in years. It lasted almost five minutes, and when finally Anita initiated the break, it left his mind whirling, his heart pounding — and his cock granite-like. Anita looked at him with a genuinely stunned expression, finally managed a wan little grin. “Jesus Joseph and Mary! I’m actually dizzy! When was the last time THAT happened to me?”

She slid a finger gently across his lips. “Good thing for you I don’t wear lipstick! We do that kissing-thing way, way, WAY too well for our own good, Doctor J. This has to be a one-of-a-kind. I’m a happily married woman with three kids. You have a wife. You and I just happen to work together. No more. Too damn dangerous! Agreed?”

Jason squeezed her to him, said into the top of her head “Agreed. But under protest!” She snuggled against him in what was clearly no longer their usual hug, then stepped away and opened the door. “Proprieties!” she muttered. “Damn them anyhow!”

She settled behind her desk; he took the visitor’s chair. After a long silence, he reached across the desk, picked up a small picture frame. It held a photo of Anita and her identical twin sister Bonita — the parents hadn’t expected twins: Anita was born first by five minutes, was ink-marked with an “A”. Number two got a “B”. The name Anita had already been selected, and the “B” led directly brazzers porno to “Bonita”. Aged perhaps twenty-five in the photo, they were utterly indistinguishable.

He studied the photo, then handed it to Anita with a grin. “Wish I knew your twin. It might help.”

Anita looked puzzled: “Help? Help with what? Help how?”

He shrugged: “If I told you it’d be breaking workplace proprieties.”

She just snorted derisively.

“Frankness?” he asked.

“Yes. Of course. Completely! Explain, please!”

“Okay — it goes like this. If I knew her, maybe I could unload on her all the thoughts I have about YOU. All my intense, lewd, lascivious and obscene thoughts. X-rated. Most improper. Workplace and all that. You don’t want to know the details.”

She laughed delightedly, laid her hand atop his: “Wrong! Of COURSE I want to know!”

He said nothing. She waited a moment, then went on: “We’re none of us responsible for our fantasies, Doctor J, but we all have them. If some of yours involve me, why, I’d just accept that as a most resounding compliment. How could I take offense if you find me ‘lustfully attractive’? Perhaps you have no idea how sexy, how arousing, how SATISFYING it is for a woman to be desired that way!”

She grinned broadly at him: “Besides, it just might be reciprocal! We women have fantasy worlds too, believe me! Now GIVE! Tell me!”

“Very well, but Madam asked for it. Extremely detailed sexual fantasies. The core is lots of pussy-eating — my favorite activity- and then extended bottom-fucking. Lots and lots. Plenty of plain fucking, too. Huge amounts of fondling, spooning, long sessions of palms on skin with oil. And of course, after just now, loads more kissing.”

She squeezed his hand, hard. “That’s a delightful menu. I’m impressed with finding cunnilingus at the top: that has to be rare! Can I ask a question?”

He nodded, surprised at her lack of embarrassment. “How come in the list there are no blowjobs? I thought that was the highest thing on most men’s want-list.” She looked genuinely puzzled.

He shrugged, told her “Honestly, that’s the real list. I happen to have been very well trained as a boy and my favorite is pussy-eating. BJs are nice: a well-done one is a treat, don’t misunderstand me. It’s just that there are other things with higher priorities, greater mutual enjoyment factors, that’s all.”

She nodded, went pensive for several long breaths whilst her fingernails drummed gently on the table. Suddenly she snapped back to the here-and-now, smiled at him and said “Sorry to have left you there for a second. I was just thinking… If you’d like, I do believe I’ll introduce you to my twin. It would be… well, interesting! To say the least. Might be good for you both. I just hope I can control the green-eyed monster in myself. She lives only about twenty miles from me, I see her all the time. She’s much more sophisticated than I, and a hell of a lot more adventuresome. And, just between thee and me, she’s emotionally unattached at the moment. Has been for some time. Shall I do that, introduce the two of you to one another? It’s your call!”

Jason stared at her for half a minute, then took a deep breath and let it out with a whoosh. “Sure! Why not? But only if she’s interested.” Then, “This is a VERY odd thing, Anita. Are you sure of what you’re clip4sale porno doing?

She nodded vigorously. “I know my sister, Doctor J. She knows about you, too, and frankly she’s a bit jealous. She won’t turn this down. At least, it would amaze me if she did. HOWEVER, Jason, there are a couple of things to consider. First, if you two DO get together, you have to understand that I will inevitably know everything you two do, in great and gory detail — that’s just the way sisters are, and especially identical twins. And we, that is you and I, will never, ever discuss the slightest bit of it, no matter what. Between us, things have to remain as they have been. Occasional hugging only, with doors open. Ours relationship goes back, right now, to strictly business. Okay? Contract?”

Jason agreed: they actually shook on it. He stood up to take his leave, she rose with him and initiated their usual goodbye hug. It was only a twenty minute walk to his office, but the voicemail light was flashing when he opened the door. A message from Anita, urgent that he call her immediately.

He did so: “Jason! I just called Bonita. She’s in love with the whole idea, I gave her your off-campus email, and your cell number. She’s an email junkie and that’s how she’ll contact you. Better go check it now.” Her giggle came through loud and clear. “You can thank me later, if there’s reason. But be sure to keep it businesslike! Bye now!”

In his email was a short message from Bonita: she thought the whole idea was super, she was going to be extremely forward, and very pushy, she hoped he wouldn’t mind too terribly. She would be happy to do the necessary arrangements. Would Jason be able to take all of Friday off — day after tomorrow — to meet her somewhere private? No holds barred? He should reply immediately, she was waiting.

It was a no-brainer: taking Friday off was easy to arrange. He told her so in a short email, and she responded in minutes, with very specific instructions — a nice hotel several miles from campus. He was to arrive at the hotel at 0900 sharp, pick up an envelope with his name on it at the front desk. There’d be a key and room number in the envelope. Knock three times, come in. Arrive prepared to play, hard and long. She hoped he was as consumed with near-terminal hornies as she was herself.

Friday at 0900, Jason picked up the key, went to the room, opened the door, stepped inside. The wall-mirrored expanse was gently lit by half a dozen electric candles — no smoke-alarm problems. There on the bed she lay, a huge grin on her face, legs slightly spread in his direction to expose her clean-shaven crotch, black nipples erect on lovely darkest-brown boobs, which had the most delicious shape. Her hair was down, loose — something he’d never seen before. Beautiful.

He stood still for a moment, mesmerized, until she said “Better close the door, White Boy. And put the Do Not Disturb sign out, too. Then you can do a nice slow striptease for me. And when you’re naked, you can come over here and put your face right here between my legs. I do believe that was first on your list, wasn’t it? I certainly won’t argue. And if that works well, why, I propose that we try a bit of everything on that menu you gave my sister!”

It worked far better than merely well. Extraordinarily well. They explored everything on colette porno Anita’s ‘menu’ — and then some. Her favorite moment, so she told him, was the ten-minute rolling-thunder orgasm he’d produced in her, using only his mouth. His favorite turned out to be with her atop, deepest possible anal — that orgasm was probably the most violent of his life — it had turned him into a quivering whole-body sailor’s-knot for tens of seconds, left him gasping.

At the end of a thoroughly ecstatic five hours, she patted him on the butt and said into the side of his neck “Time for us to go. Too bad about that – time really does fly when you’re having fun! You should leave first. And… because I’m such a forward little hussy, I don’t think it would be out of line for me to suggest a rematch, same time and same place, say, Friday after next, two weeks out? I could certainly use another dose of this particular medicine. We might even think about making it a regular thing — I can arrange to have every other Friday free if you can.”

Oddly enough, Jason agreed.

They were beautifully matched both sexually and, it turned out, otherwise. The next several months passed quickly, without them ever missing a meeting: every other Thursday brought mutual email reminders, confirmations: in between, there were very private emails to newly-established accounts. It seemed that they were always looking forward eagerly to the next bout, and things got steadily better – not just the sex. The whole relationship was developing a special depth as they spent all their “together-in-bed-but-not-fucking” time discussing anything, everything. She, it turned out, was an intellectual jewel — not rough-cut, either — quite well polished. Her parents were immigrants, and had both been in the old-country’s diplomatic corps. With her experiences in travel and other cultures, she couldn’t be a boring conversationalist if she tried!

There were, of course, occasional rare glitches in their conversations, little lapses of memory, which he was pleased to categorize (egotistically!) as moments of inattention caused by his ministrations — and he patted himself on the back mentally for being such a thorough distraction.

On campus, he saw Anita no more than before, perhaps every three or four weeks, and so far as he could tell nothing had changed between them. Certainly they hewed to her “no discussions” rule.

One Thursday, eight months along, he met over lunch with the departmental chairman to discuss a huge new research proposal: Anita would be involved, as the senior and most knowledgeable staffer.

As they compared calendars, the chairman muttered “This has to happen fast, so we have to keep Anita’s schedule in mind, too — I don’t remember if this week or next is when she takes her alternate-Friday off.”

Jason almost choked on his ice-water, finally managed to ask, carefully, oh-so-casually, “She takes alternate Fridays off?”

The chairman didn’t even look up as he studied his schedule. “Yep. Sure do thank you for bringing her to us. She’s indispensable. And she’s so damned efficient that a few months ago she started taking every other Friday off. Burning up some of her accumulated sick-leave. She calls the no-work Fridays mental-health days. Otherwise she keeps normal hours. It’s all fine with me — she gets all her work done regardless.”

Jason was silent for a few seconds, finally managed to say “Yeah, true. She handles unexpected and difficult problems quite nicely. Glad she has worked out well here in the office. She’s certainly been helpful to me! Way above and beyond the call, on more than one occasion.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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