If You Go Down in the…

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If You Go Down in the Woods Someday

Hi there! Just a few words before we go any further to say that I hope that you enjoy reading my stories and that I welcome all feedback — positive and negative — to my e-mail address. I may not be able to reply to you all, buy I do value your comments!

With regard to the content of my stories, although there are certain aspects of truth woven throughout what I write, ALL of my stories (unless otherwise stated) are works of fiction.

Finally, may I state that I do not condone any form of illegal act — sexual or otherwise — and that any reference that I may make to the above in my stories, is purely there for the sake of the story!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this particular offering

Best wishes

Zeldas Slave.


You know how it is; things aren’t working out 100% in a relationship and you start thinking back over all the previous relationships that you’ve had down the years and back – in particular – to that one memorable relationship in which you had all you could have wished for — if only you’d have known it at the time!

Well I had one of those moments just the other day. To be honest, me and my old lady have been going through a sticky patch recently – what with me seeming to work more hours than they put on the clock just lately and with her starting the menopause.

Anyway, I was laying in bed last Sunday morning playing with my half-hard cock (c’mon guys admit it — we all play with them any chance we get — right!) when I got to thinking about a girl I had dated many years ago. Her name was Sarah and, looking back, I reckon she must have been a raving nymphomaniac!

My old lady had already got up out of bed; in something of a huff actually, because I’d tried to have my lecherous way with her only a few minutes before and she wasn’t having any of it. And now I could hear her crashing around down stairs like a mad thing. I sighed and reckoned it was going to be one of those days……….

Anyway, there I was, rubbing a rapidly rising semi hard-on with one hand, the other tweaking one of my nipples – the way I remembered Sarah used to sometimes – eyes closed, thinking about her and some of our more erotic times together, when I heard the front door slam and the sound of a car starting up. To be honest, it startled me a bit and I half moved to cover myself up before I realised what the sound actually was.

‘Great!’ I thought ‘She’s off to her bloody mother’s now; to pour her heart out to the old bat I bet. And when she comes back in a couple of hours time, she’ll be fit to give me hell – thanks to her mothers goading! What a fucking way to live!’

I listened closely for a few more moments to make absolutely sure that it had been my old lady driving off and not our neighbour and then I threw off the duvet and settled down to some serious masturbation!

Now it has to be said that I’m not one of those guys with an enormous cock!

At school, I soon learned that I’d been towards the back of the line when mammoth dicks were being handed out. Mine is around 6 inches when fully hard and of average thickness and in truth it has been something of an obsession of mine that I didn’t have enough to satisfy a woman and so for years, I was a little backwards about coming forward — if you know what I mean — and so I was quite late losing my cherry. Then one day when I was between relationships and feeling a bit of an outcast, I met Sarah…….

I’ll never forget that first meeting. It was back in the days when the only things you needed to worry about in a sexual relationship were not getting the bird pregnant and not getting a ‘dose!’.

HIV hadn’t been discovered then and short of having your cock scraped through with that nasty little umbrella thing at the local clap clinic, the overall embarrassment – and having to take antibiotics – you were pretty free to put it about a bit. And so I had. Well, at least I’d tried to………And then, as I said, I met Sarah.

I’d gone over to a mate’s house that particular evening and we were sitting in his mom’s front room; each with a can of lager in our fists; talking a load of post adolescent shit – it was going to be my 21st. birthday the weekend after next and we were discussing going out and getting pissed (and hopefully laid) amongst other things – when his younger sister bounced into the room unannounced (as was her habit!) and was followed in closely by the most gorgeous looking girl I’d ever seen.

‘Oh, hi Steve!’ Said my mate’s sister sounding somewhat surprised when she saw us sitting there. ‘I thought we’d be able to use the front tonight…..’ she said expectantly. There was a look of obvious disappointment on her face and she looked at me with something close to a scowl — as if us being there at all was all-my fault. I was somewhat embarrassed to think that we’d be spoiling their evening and looked down at my own can of beer, swilling its contents around self-consciously, hoping that they’d leave us to it, when my mate said:

‘Sorry, czech amateurs porno Sis, important business. We’re discussing Dave’s birthday next weekend and where we’re going to go to get trashed!’

He waved his lager can in half salute and as if to impress on her how important this ‘man-talk’ was. She didn’t seem impressed though. ‘You and Sarah can stay if you like’ He continued ‘but we ain’t movin’!’

This last sentence was delivered in a pseudo-American western-style drawl that had probably seemed cool at the time – but would make me cringe these days — and as if to emphasise his determination to stay where he was, he held up a couple of cans of beer in their plastic strapping and waved them seductively at the girls.

Steve’s sister seemed to be just on the verge of launching into a tirade against us when suddenly the other girl — Sarah — spoke and, when she did, it sent a shiver down my spine……..

‘I’ll have a lager with you boys’ She said brightly ‘We can celebrate your mate’s birthday early, can’t we?’ She smiled and then said ‘Aren’t you going to introduce us properly Steve?’

She sounded like a younger version of the sultry actress Fenella Fielding and as she reached across to take the proffered cans of beer from Steve, it was then that I noticed for the first time just how bloody gorgeous she was!

I guessed her to be about Steve’s sister’s age — that being 18 or 19 — and she had the most beautiful natural blonde hair I’d ever seen on a woman. As if to confirm she was a natural blonde, she had lovely blonde eyebrows, long fair eyelashes and her big blue eyes looked deep and warm – like two small tropical rock pools and her teeth were beautifully white and absolutely perfect. She could have been a model.

I felt myself begin to sweat and my mind raced — trying to find something ‘cool’ to say to this beautiful woman who had at least expressed an interest in my upcoming 21st. — but I decided to keep quiet and save myself the embarrassment. Maybe she was just being polite….. I merely smiled and tried — somewhat unsuccessfully looking back — to appear cool and detached, like I thought ‘hip’ guys would.

Steve eventually introduced us ‘properly’ and as I recall I did say something a bit ‘naff’ to Sarah in the end but we moved on and apart from blushing a little bit I got through it quite well!

Anyway, cutting a long story short, the four of us sat there for the rest of that evening and drank and talked and talked and drank and laughed — and drank some more — and as the alcohol got into us, a good deal of friendly banter was exchanged by us all.

It was about 11 o-clock as I recall, when Sarah finally said that she would have to be going and it was at that point that I finally found some courage (helped greatly by all the beer I’d drunk!) and I offered to see her home.

There were a few moments silence and I could see that both Steve and his sister were about to say something — knowing Steve it’d have been some kind of piss-take – when Sarah Said.

‘Oh, are you sure? I don’t want to put you out — but that’d be really nice.’

My stomach did a back-flip and my mouth went suddenly dry.

I’d quite frankly expected her to politely decline my offer; perhaps even giggle and say that she had a car outside or that Steve or his sister would see her home and so her acceptance of my offer came as something of a shock!

Anyway, several boozy ‘goodnights’ later — and after an innuendo filled warning from Steve to me to ‘be good’ which made my cheeks go quite red – the two of us were standing outside Steve’s closed front door and I nervously asked Sarah where she lived.

It turned out that she only lived a few streets away and so we started to walk (well weave I suppose) to her house. To be honest, had she lived any further away, I would have had to get us a taxi, because I’d left my car at home (I lived quite close to Steve’s) and I was too pissed to drive anyway!

So off we went and it seemed that right from the start we hit it off! We chatted away like old friends in fact, discussing some of the stuff we’d talked about that evening and after a few hundred yards, Sarah hooked her arm through mine, like we had been doing this kind of thing for forever and snuggled up close against my shoulder. We walked on a bit further and, after a while, we both put our arms around each other. And so we continued……….

In what seemed like no time at all, we arrived at Sarah’s house and, as it was actually her parent’s house, she said that she couldn’t very well ask me in at that time of night. She apologised — and I said I understood and that it was no problem — and then Sarah suddenly reached up and pulled me down towards her (she was a few inches shorter than me) and planted a warm, wet kiss full on my lips. My young, half-erect cock, twitched in my jeans and I tried desperately to keep from her the fact that I was so excited. I felt the colour rising again in my cheeks……

We czech bitch porno broke apart after a while and stood there looking at each other. She put her hands on my shoulders and gazed deeply — if somewhat blearily – into my eyes with those gorgeous blue eyes of hers and I felt myself rapidly losing the fight with my hormones……………..

‘Do you want to see me again?’ She asked in that warm, sexy voice of hers and I just looked at her- unable to speak.

I was in some kind of shock! I mean, here I was, the guy who usually had to work bloody hard to ‘pull’ a bird, being chatted up by one of the most gorgeous women on God’s green earth! She continued to look at me enquiringly and finally, I found my voice and replied somewhat shakily

‘Y-yes…that’d be nice. When?’

‘How about this Saturday?’ She said after a moment’s deliberation ‘I don’t have to work this weekend and perhaps we could go for a walk in the park – if the weather’s okay… and if you can make it of course?’ She finished.

Could I — just try to stop me!

‘Sure, that’d be….er…. great!’ I replied haltingly ‘What time shall I call round for you?’

I fidgeted nervously with my jacket collar as I spoke and after we’d finally settled on a time — and after a few more smoochey kisses and cuddles — Sarah closed her front door behind her and I was left there, standing alone on the pavement and not quite sure if all this had happened, or whether I was dreaming it.

I weaved my way slowly home in some kind of daze. When I finally got in — and being careful not to wake my own parents – I had a much needed pee, went to bed and wanked myself to sleep fantasising over Sarah and our coming Saturday together…………..


When Saturday finally arrived, I turned up at Sarah’s house bang on time and I was just about to knock on her front door when it opened and there she stood. She looked even more gorgeous than I remembered from our previous meeting!

She had on a pretty cream blouse, a shortish — though not too short — dark skirt and a pair of knee length boots. Her hair was done up in a single ponytail which hung down to the middle of her back and which flicked seductively left and right as she moved her head and over her shoulder she carried a long strapped handbag come shoulder bag.

She smiled at me with those perfect white teeth and her big blue eyes looked even bigger and bluer in the daylight. She closed the front door gently behind her and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and we got into my old Ford Escort and set off for the park.

It only took a few minutes of brisk driving for us to reach our destination and when we drove into the park I headed for a spot I knew, where we could safely leave the car and go for a nice quiet walk.

Being a Saturday, the park was quite busy — though not as busy as it would be on a Sunday — but after a few minutes we left the majority of the other park visitors behind us and as we turned off down a side track we once more put our arms around each other and cuddled close.

We snatched the odd kiss as we walked and chatted and once or twice, stumbled on the uneven ground and laughingly held on to each other even tighter to prevent either of us falling. We talked; we laughed, we cuddled…….. Ah, life felt good………

After an hour or so of fairly relaxed meandering, we left the confines of the park and, easing through a gap in its surrounding fence which we’d come across, we found ourselves in what looked like undulating farmland.

There was a narrow, poorly defined track running around the edge of the field in which we stood and so we turned and walked along this until we came to a large wood. We paused for a moment to get our bearings and to see whether there was anyone else about — an irate farmer for instance, or another couple — then made our way in through the trees and started to explore the wood.

We decided after a while that we’d like to take a breather and, as luck would have it, a few minutes later we came to a small clearing and spotted a large fallen tree trunk, which we used as a makeshift bench.

I sat on Sarah’s left and put my right arm around her shoulder and she put her left arm around my waist and we held each other close and, in between kisses and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears, we sat there enjoying all that nature had to offer — including each other.

Suddenly I felt Sarah’s right hand on my knee. She left it there for a few moments; as if trying to gauge my reaction and then, as she slid it slowly, softly up to my crotch, she kissed me deeply.

When her hand finally closed around my by now rock hard erection, she moaned seductively in to my mouth and squeezed my cock tenderly at the same time. I drew in my breath sharply and I could feel my cock twitching wildly, in time to my racing heart beat as Sarah continued to massage it — more boldly now – with her small, perfect hand!

As I said before, I was a late starter czech casting porno sexually, but I had had a few relationships by that time, so I knew a bit about sex and lovemaking (oh how we hated that term in those days!) And now, as Sarah continued to explore my denim encased cock, kissing me passionately all the time she did so, I quickly placed my free hand onto her firm breasts and started to massage them, to grope them I guess you could say, in an attempt to give us both as much pleasure as was humanly possible, to arouse us both to a fever pitch! It took only a few seconds of my — looking back at it now – quite brutal caressing and then through the thin material of her blouse I felt each of her nipples harden in its turn under my caressing palm.

As I continued with my attentions to her gorgeous globes, she began suddenly to fumble with the zip of my tight denims and then, magically, wonderfully I felt her small, cool hand work its way inside my jeans and onto my naked cock.

I drew in my breath and focussed all my attention on not shooting my load there and then — the feeling was so good! To have shot off at her touch alone would have been more than a little embarrassing to say the least! However, after a few seconds, I regained some control and the urgent need to shoot my offering everywhere subsided a little.

I felt a bit nervous now though. I was worried – as ever – about the size of my cock and how she may react to it. I mean, having been fed a diet of massive cocks invading tight little pussies in men’s magazines and the like — and believing that all women crave a man with a massive cock — I wondered, would there be enough to satisfy this obviously experienced young woman? But then, as she unbuckled my belt and gently extracted my twitching cock and I saw no signs of displeasure on her face, only a look of lust, I felt more reassured……….

Quickly – and without a word — Sarah disengaged herself from my groping hand and slid forward off the tree trunk. She turned back to face me, then crouched between my parted thighs and pulled my jeans open some more and in one smooth movement took the whole of my pulsing cock into her mouth!

Once more the urgent need to shoot my load came upon me but – as if sensing this – she paused for a few moments (giving me the chance to recompose myself) and then she began to suck on my cock like there was no tomorrow! I remember it so well……..

She ran her small tongue around the exposed glans of my engulfed, un-circumsized tool. Her small, now slightly sweaty hand, kept up a rhythmic wanking motion at the base of my cock and occassionaly; when she removed my tool from her sweet mouth, her hand travelled up over its tip and massaged it with our combined moisture.

She sucked deeply, lovingly on my meat; from time to time pushing it fully into her mouth – so far indeed, that I wondered whether she had actually got it in her throat! She ran her tongue along its length, pulling the foreskin fully back and licking gently under its sensitive rim. Now and again, she removed it from her mouth completely and rubbed it over her face!

I tried, whilst she was giving me this oral pleasure feast, to massage her breasts – to give her some pleasure, as she pleasured me – but she half mumbled, half growled in her throat, moved my hands away and indicated that she just wanted to suck me; that her breasts could wait.

I let my hands fall down by my sides and on to the coarse tree trunk. I put them behind me and spread my fingers for maximum stability and leaned back on my rigid arms and closed my eyes.

I could feel the harshness of the dry bark under my hands. I dug my fingers deep into it for extra stability and to help me concentrate on something — anything — except what was happening to my cock! I was in ecstasy! If she kept this up for much longer, I knew that I would be unable to hold back and that I would be shooting my thick, hot wad into her moist, skilled mouth. I half lay there on that fallen tree trunk, an angel incarnate between my thighs and abandoned myself to the finest blow-job I had ever had………..

When nature had finally taken its course – which wasn’t long in coming to be honest – and I had fired what felt like a torrent of hot, thick semen into Sarah’s skillful mouth, crying out with supreme pleasure as I did so, I slid down off my uneven perch and leaned against its thick, rough surface. I was out of breath and I felt drained.

Sarah had released my cock from her grasp after licking the last drops of my offering from its sensitive tip but now, as my feet reached solid ground, she bent once more and started to suck on my slightly softened penis again. Don’t you just love a woman who actually enjoys sucking cock? I know I do…………..I hardened immediately

Sarah used her skilful mouth and tongue to make me come twice more during the following half hour or so. Don’t forget, I was only 20 years of age at the time and my ability to ‘rise to the occasion’ was that of a young man (I wish I could still do it now!).

It was whilst we were both taking a breather after my third spending, exchanging numerous deep passionate kisses — each one tasting to me slightly of my own recent sexual offering – that she finally (almost gratefully it seemed) let me have access to her firm young breasts.

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