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We were taking tea when she asked the question.

“What do you think of when you’re making love?”

I thought for a moment and then responded, “Many things, the pleasure of sliding into you, feeling you ripple around my hardness. The depth of colour in your eyes as we gaze into each others’ soul. The feeling of your muscles as I cup your ass in my hands, pulling you even further onto me. Many things, but most of all the love I feel for you at that moment…”

She laughed a little at the response. Trailed her fingers over the back of my hand and finally said, “Much the same as me then.”

But I wondered. I wondered at my own perhaps slightly trite response, but the conversation changed and it left my mind for the moment.


Later I climbed into bed alongside my already half-asleep lover. She lay, naked, with her back to me as I slid under the cover. I lay on my back thinking again about what I felt while making love to the lovely form now lying beside me. ‘He’ stirred languidly to my thoughts, thoughts of slipping inside my love. I ‘wanted ‘ to feel that slide.

In the low light of the lamp we leave lit at night I watched as unbidden and almost remote from me my fingers traced the line of her back bone, gently to the furrow of her bottom. She sighed czech couples porno gently and wriggled a little under my touch. He stirred again, more purposefully now as he realised his time approached.

I used both hands and ran my finger tips down again, this time tracing on down, over the nether cheeks to the cross that marks the spot that followed through will guide me to her centre. She stretched her arms upwards a little , her low-slung nipples reddening and growing before my gaze.

She groaned in the pleasure of the touch, and slid back towards me, spooning me, guiding my hardness to the cross which opened as she moved her right leg over the top of my left. She reached down and stroked me – right hand gripping round him, left cupping my balls – squeezing gently. The feeling exquisite – that borderline between pain and pleasure.

My turn now, my left hand under her body cupping her breast, half rolling her nipple in my fingertips – that motion she loves so much. My other hand is cupping her lightly furred mound gripping and holding her wetness – god how she lubricates when we’re like this.

She moves and in a flash my tip is resting, nestling in her entrance. She flexes a little and I’m an inch inside. We pause and I feel her open to allow czech estrogenolit porno me to enter – she pushes down and I flex up and we both gasp at the continual slide so deep inside. With my hand on her tummy I can almost feel from outside how deep I’ve gone.

We rest, coupled together, soaking up the pleasure of the act.

With me still inside she straightens away from me and almost before I realise what she’s done she’d rolled over so now her legs are towards me, it’s a clever trick and I know what’s coming next. She rolls out of me, moves me onto my back and kneels astride of me. Knees on my shoulders – sitting on my chest – I pull her towards me and now I have what we both want within my reach. Reach of my tongue that is…

My lover is so wet she drips sweet nectar on my lips – such a turn on – in the back of my mind I can feel my cock, already so hard, twitch and grow harder again. I raise my head a fraction and brush her beautiful full, hanging lips with the tip of my tongue. She shudders in pleasure as I take her so gently, now slipping my tongue between them, now taking them between my lips hearing her gasps and her little mewing sounds becoming louder and more constant. Then she presses down more fully onto me, my tongue as deep czech experiment porno inside her as I can manage, sucking the wonderful tasting liquid and she goes rigid as her moment comes on so hard, her liquid now a torrent over my face as I can no longer capture it all. With a murmured ‘too much’ she lies on top of me her racing heartbeat clearly felt against the more measured pace of my own.

While she recovers I’m not forgotten – her fingers brush their way down and meet with my proud cock, quivering with anticipation, now wet with its own precum. Slowly she kisses her way down and then looking directly into my eyes licks the slickness of the tip as she peels the foreskin back. Tilting him down towards her she slides her mouth over the crown, her tongue washing round him. Then in a long sensuous slide she swallows all of him – lord knows how – till her lips are right at his root. Then breathing through her nose she hums while using her fingernails on my sac.

We both know I won’t last long.

I don’t.

As she feels me coming she slides her lips back up his length until just the tip is between her lips. I come so hard I almost blacked out. Then she lets him go, slides up and kissed me – open mouthed – passing the fruits of her labour to me – sticky – a little tart – but such a sexy move.

Reaching down we pull the comforter over us and still intertwined, sated and fully relaxed, drift toward sleep. In the moments betwixt and between my final thoughts of the evening are that imagination is just fine, but the real thing is so so much better.

(c) Sven The Elder – November 2004

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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