Impossible Love

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Impossible Love

(Wet dream)

Chapter 1

I brush your brightly glistening jet black hair back behind your ear and softly blow my hot breath down your neck. Then I nibble soft on your earlobe, sending shivers down your spine and make the hairs on your glowing brown skin stand up. I can hear you moan and breathe shallow.

I pull you closer to me while you sit on my lap. You can feel my member growing rapidly and becoming very hard fast.

“Hmmm, what is that I feel in your pants? Are you happy to see me?”

“Very happy”, I whisper softly in your ear.

You turn around, sitting on my lap facing me. You grind and gyrate on my lap, making my member even harder, if that is even possible. Forcefully you push your thong in my mouth and start to explore with lots of youthful enthusiasm.

I hold you steady with one arm around you back and my other hand is running through your soft hair. I can feel your heat radiate which turns me on even more.

How did I get so lucky? A beautiful, young, sexuality oozing young woman interested in and older man like me? Impossible, but it’s true.

You snap me back out of my dream state by biting my lower lip softly and pressing yourself hard against me. I can feel the beat of your heart going faster and faster.

You pull back and take my shirt in both hands and rip it open. Buttons are flying all around. Kissing my neck, you trail down to my right nipple, first licking it softly then when it’s hard you bite it and pull it with your teeth. A bolt of pleasure goes through my body.

I stand up with you still straddling me and throw you on the bed. Pushing your legs apart I crawl between them until my lips reach your. Kissing you hard I let my tongue probe your mouth and explore its hot wetness. At the same time my hands roam all over your body and yours are wrapped around me holding me tight. I pull your blouse out of your tight form fitting jeans that accentuated that nice tight bum of yours. You lift up your arms letting me pull the blouse up and off over your head revealing a nice black lacy bra with beautiful milky breast inside. I immediately put my face in you welcoming cleavage and lick, suck and bite your breast. I hear you moan approvingly and feel you grinding your pelvis against my rock hard boner.

Suddenly czech first video porno you flip me over and you slide down on the floor and with on rapid motion you tear open my pants. I always wear those Levi’s 501 jeans with buttons, so that was easily done. Helping you out I lift my butt so you can pull my pants further down.

Your hand goes in my boxers and fishes out my now rock hard cock. You look at it with lust in your eyes then you smile at me and with that marvelous tongue of yours you slowly and deliberately lick up the pre cum that was starting to drip at the opening of my fat purple mushroom head of my cock.

“Hmmm, that tastes sooo good”, you say as you squeeze the base of my cock with your slender fingers that are partly wrapped around it. Then you lick all around the bottom part around the head sending shivers of pleasure down my spine. All the while looking up at me with lust in your eyes and a devils smile on your face. You love the power and control you have over me while you are treating me to one of your expert blow jobs.

Opening your mouth wide you slowly slide my cock deep down your throat until you reach the point of your gag reflex and with your other hand you cup and roll my now heavy and full balls making me moan of pleasure. You then retract and my cock is now all wet and well lubricated. You tighten your grip and start jerking me off while also sucking the head of my cock and flicking your tongue rapidly around it.

Two can play this game.

I am in total heaven, but know that if I let you continue this much longer I wouldn’t last another second and there is so much more I want to do. So I push you of my cock, which you don’t let me do easily and not without protest.

I make you stand up and I get on my knees, unbutton your pants and push down your pants and matching black lacy tong panties.

Then I push you back on the bed and spread your legs wide. Kissing your leg I lick my way up your inner thigh. You try to close your legs as I send wave after wave of pleasure through your body. When I finally reach your sweet smelling and cleanly shaved pussy, I stop and crawl up to your belly button where I continue my licking, sucking and nibbling. This totally driving you crazy czech game porno and you try to push me back down, but I continue up to those beautiful milky breast. Luckily for me your bra has a clasp in the front that I can quickly undo to reveal those erect pink nipples. With my tongue I like around your left nipple without touching it. After a few flicks around I finally stop teasing and suck your nipple in my mouth.

You lift and push your boob in my mouth as I am nibbling and sucking on your nipple.

I give your right boob the same treatment before I slither back down our stomach, past you belly button down to your now soaking wet pussy. I can see your lips are all swollen and glistening from your own juices.

I lick you outer lips avoiding you love knob for now. Then I make my tongue hard and pointy and slowly lick all the way up your slit, spreading your lips. When I reach your clit I stop and softly blow my warm soothing breath on it making you squirm, oozing out more juice from your sweet pussy. Damn your pussy tastes good.

I lick my way back down your lips spreading them more until I reach the entrance of your pussy. I stick my tongue inside as deep as I can and move it rapidly in and out a few times, fucking you with my tongue. A gasp escapes from you. I wet a finger with your juices by sliding it up and down then slowly I push it inside, feeling all that wetness and warmth. I get another finger all wet and slide both in and out. Now I find your clit with my tongue and start to make circles around it and flick over it in rhythm with my fingers that are making the come here motion.

You start to close your legs tight around my head and grab and press my head into your soaking pussy telling not to stop. That is when I stop and look up to see your face in total lust and ecstasy. I smile at you as you beg for me to go on. I comply with your wishes and continue to eat that delicious pussy of yours.

Then you suddenly grip my head tight with both your hands and legs, keeping my head in a vise as you moan loudly and trash around and grinding your pussy all over my soaked face.

Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure takes over control of your body. When finally, your orgasms start to subside you pull me up and kiss me hard.

You czech gangbang porno lie down on your back with your legs spread wide and say “Fuck me hard, make me cum again!” Then you pull me on you and with one hand guide my cock in that steam hot pussy of yours.

I start of slow, making circular motions with my hip while I am lodge to the hilt inside your love box. You moan softly and follow my motion and rhythm. Slow sensual and feeling good like waves of the ocean are rocking us back and forward, side to side. We kiss deeply and passionately. Letting our hands roam all over each other’s body.

After a while I start to pick up the pace, pushing faster, harder and deeper inside you.

It doesn’t take long before I hear you jell in my ear, “Yes, yes, yes. Faster! Harder! Give it to me. Make me cum. Take me. Make me yours, pleaaassssee! Don’t stoppp. I am cuuuummmmmiiiinnnggg! Aaarggg”

You start to shake violently as I press my cock deep inside you hitting your g-spot and start grinding over it, driving you totally insane and over the edge.

After we both recover a bit I flip you over on your hands and knees and position myself behind you on the bed. Doggy style is one of my favorite positions. I spread your cheeks as you push up opening your ass for me. I take a moment to enjoy the view than I line up the head of my cock with your wet pussy. I move my cock up and down your slit rubbing the head on your clit. This makes you moan and drop your head down. With one hard push I shove my cock all the way in your wanting cunt. You gasp and pull your head back up no expecting me to do that. I instantly grab your head by the base of your hair and whisper in your ear, “Now it’s my turn. I am going to fuck you hard and make you cum till you pass out and I am going to fill you up with my seed!” Letting go of your hair I grip both sides of your hip and start a fast paced rhythm of pistoning in and out of your pussy. Once in a while I smack your ass cheek leaving a red mark on it.

Even though you already came twice, it doesn’t take too long before you are cumming again. I keep up fucking you through the orgasm and when your final spasms start to come…

“Ring, ring, ring…”

My alarm clock rings waking me up. Totally sweaty, hot and in a daze I turn of the alarm and look over to my left watching my wife snore on without a hitch.

Damn, if I wasn’t married and you didn’t have a boyfriend this could all become reality. Too bad it isn’t so. I will keep having wet dreams of my Impossible Love.

This one is for you, S. J. L. P. You know who you are 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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