In Charge Ch. 04

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I dated several women in college but only two were serious long-term girlfriends. Gina was the first. She was two years my junior and a lovely sight. She was gorgeous, simply stunning. She had a huge toothy smile she beamed at you like a weapon, long dark hair that beckoned you to run your fingers through it, full young breasts that hung heavy in her blouse, shapely legs which she liked to show off, and a wonderful hourglass figure. Her hips were just a touch wide, her body just a little soft, but that made her slightly and perfectly voluptuous – she was the luxury model. She was sexy in an intriguing mix of womanly body and girlish mannerism.

She was a lusty wench, too. Her enthusiasm was nearly boundless and almost anything suggested to her would eventually come to pass. She would act horrified at first, but given some time to think about it she invariably became more and more excited by the idea. Her imagination, however, was somewhat stunted and she didn’t know how to release her fantasies. Well, at first. She learned.

After a while our sexual relationship became a little stale as we reached a point where we were a bit timid in really asking for what we wanted. We decided to try something we called “being in charge,” which was a date where one of us was to follow the other’s commands without fear of hurt feelings or unfulfilled desires. I don’t think it was really a dominance and submission thing, just a more one-way affair where one person got to be the center of attention for the night.

I went first to get the ball rolling, and that night was fairly successful. We didn’t do anything shocking or revolutionary but it gave us both a certain comfort level to be a little bit selfish and really express what we wanted. Gina’s first night involved a set of instructions on cards and contained a not-so-secret message for her final command. My second night was a slippery massage-oil mess that started rocky but ended with my yes rolled back into my head in ecstasy.

Gina’s second night of being in charge actually started out the weekend before, and was mostly brought on by me. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. It was a slam dunk, a real no brainer, but for whatever reason it took me forever to get Gina to a porn shop. I had always been the one to go get us a dirty movie or a novelty of some sort, but with Gina’s limitless libido and energy we never really needed to add that kind of spice to our sex life. She had all sorts of natural spice. I’m damn glad I had just cashed a paycheck when we drove by the place.

“Hey, you ever been in there?” I asked, indicating the dirty book shop. It was mildly scandalous in the neighborhood, the place all the high school kids talked about and occasionally tried to infiltrate. I was two years older than Gina and at only 19 herself, she had never been there.

“Never. Can we go?” You’d think we were talking about Disney World to see the excited, wide-eyed happiness on her face. Oh hell yes we can go!

I swung the car around and went half a block back to the place, a non-descript building with a few discreet signs hawking its wares. I had been in there a few years before, shortly after I turned 18. At the time I was making minimum wage so all I had was pocket change. That was enough for a few moments in the booth but it was a bit too creepy (and the floors were sticky) so I didn’t stay long, but as I opened the door for my eager lady friend I remembered there did seem to be a fairly large selection of toys and devices. I figured I would follow Gina and let her take me to what interested her.

She was the only woman in the place, aside from the hefty goth alterna-chick behind the counter. There were only a couple of other patrons but all their eyes were on my girl as soon as she walked in. She loved it. Hell, she loved any attention at all, but a room full of perverts beaming their obvious lust at her gorgeous face and plump tits, her narrow waist and curvy hips…well, she was in heaven.

“What’s over there?” she asked, indicating the booth area.

“You throw a few quarters in a machine and watch a few minutes of a porno. You aren’t supposed to jack off in there but I have to assume a lot of people do. It’s kinda creepy.”

“OK, I don’t need to go in there. Wow, there’s so much to look at in here!”

She headed down the middle of the store which had some bins of bargain porno tapes (this was in the late days of video tape as the industry embraced DVD’s so the dinosaur tapes had to go) on one side, and the paper literature on the other. Her eyes darted all over the place, struggling to take in all the smut and kink at once, but when she turned completely toward the magazines she managed to find some focus. She was mildly astounded at the many available genres available.

“Over 50 – people actually want to see grannies naked?”

“I guess some people do. And then there’s ‘Barely Legal’ over here. You’d be in that one.”

“No! I’m 19! And I’m not sure those girls are legal. Yoikes!”

“It czech sharking porno takes all kinds, I guess.” I had the enormous urge to browse my own kinks but I knew Gina very well by then and understood that I could get myself in trouble that way. If I picked up the big tit magazine she would pout and worry that her tits weren’t big enough. They were, trust me. And if I lingered over the skinny waifs in that ‘Barely Legal’ thing she pointed out then she would fret over her weight, which wasn’t a problem. Gina was a little voluptuous, built for luxury, soft and full, but only a cruel person would call her fat. Her hourglass was perfect. Still, she was sensitive about her weight and I wasn’t about to cause a problem for myself. I just kept my trap shut and followed her lead.

Next we stumbled into the gay section and she hustled out of there quickly. She turned her wide eyes to me with a mock scared expression and whispered her odd sing-song code word for male homosexuals.

“Quee Quong!” Yes, that’s weird. No, I don’t get it either.

She doubled back and looked through the bargain VHS bin, but it was mostly crap. Then she moved to the outer wall, which at that point had the new DVDs. That held her attention for a while.

We both looked over the current releases, she marveling at all the sexy sex, and me shocked to see that these things were $50 each, or more. Sorry, I can rent a porno for a night with $5 so I wasn’t about to pony up that kind of cash.

We moved on down the wall and into the older stuff, the 3-for-2 area and then Gina started to get grabby. She eventually handed a trio of naughty movies to me with a sheepish, cute little girl grin that was entirely too cute for where we were. I just smiled and looked forward to watching them with her. We hadn’t done a lot of that together but it looked like that was about to change. We kept moving around the room, and soon we came to another section.


Her eyes lit up and a look of awed fascination spread across her face as she finally saw just how much of the place was devoted to novelties and devices. She never knew there existed such a wide variety of items designed to slide up inside her. I was only too happy to be her guide. Off she went, perusing the tools and trinkets on the wall. We started at the leather and bondage section which had me a little bit worried. I’m not into that stuff, aside from the occasional silk scarf around her wrists. God knows I didn’t want her buying some ball gag and riding crop expecting to use them on me. Fortunately she passed them by with only a few funny faces. What came next caught her attention in a big way.

Lots and lots of dildos hung on the wall. Colored ones, skin-tone ones, realistic or futuristic, straight or bent, powered or not, you name it, they had it. Her eyes lit up and a smile grew on her face that made me want to laugh out loud. She looked like a kid on Christmas morning. Oh yeah, this would pay off.

“What’s this one for?” she asked, indicating a long, narrow wand, bent near the end with a swollen ball on the tip. She could read the package a well as I but I humored her anyway.

“This one is supposed to hit your g-spot. Might come in handy – my fingers are little short, you know.” They might be short, but I’ve got big strong man hands and she’d never complained about their width. Her hand slowly reached out and she looked around theatrically, being anything but stealthy. The red magic wand landed in my hands and she went back to perusing the wares, somehow making it seem like I had picked it out. She was adorable, I tell you.

“I can think of a few uses for this one.” The long, flexible double-ended device she indicated would indeed find ready use in our sex life. Just a few weeks before we had added another woman to our playtime and it had been a significant success. As always, whatever I could get her to try would become her new favorite thing, so we had both been eager to try that again. Plus I could easily turn it round and hit two of Gina’s holes at once, though I usually preferred to be in one of them myself. Again she magically transported the long double dong from the wall to my arms, and I started doing some math in my head, wondering if I could afford all this fun.

“What are these things?” Again, she could read them but for some reason she needed to hear it from me.

“Butt plugs.” Her eyes bugged out a little bit and her face blanched.

“Seriously? That thing is huge!”

“Yeah, I don’t understand that. I like your back door nice and tight and I wouldn’t want to stretch it out. Let’s skip that one.”

“Hell yes…” she mumbled, moving on with eyes lingering.

She must have spent half an hour going back and forth on the wall of cock. She ran through such a wide range of reactions, from excited to horrified to intrigued to lustful to impish to cutsie – it was a hell of a show. A dozen different devices landed in my hands and then went back as we discussed czech streets porno just how much my bank account would handle, and just what kind of pervert she really wanted to be. We went back and forth on a standard silver vibrator that eventually did not make the cut. She was a bit put out by that but I couldn’t understand why you’d want a Corolla when you had a fleet of Cadillacs already. Also, the dirty movies were abandoned in order to procure more fake cock. That made me a little sad, but the promise of using all that plastic on my girl was keeping me very excited.

She was intrigued by this weird roller-ball rabbit-eared twisty bumpy Swiss Army dildo with speed control and lots of bells and whistles. I couldn’t afford the one she wanted so we had to get its smaller, less bizarre cousin. The thing still rotated and had that rabbit vibe on it but it was smaller than she wished for. But she found a way around that problem.

After a while it became clear that she was stalling. She kept going back and forth along the wall, but her range was getting smaller. It was centered on a few of the big ones. I wasn’t real surprised. I came up close to her and asked about it.

“Is there something on this wall you still want?” She bit the side of her lower lip, head down and eyes looking away in faux guilt, and she nodded ever so slightly.

“Is it a big one?” Again the sheepish girl looked away and again the slightest of nods.

“Is it the biggest one?” Christ, I hoped not. That thing must have been two feet long and as wide as my foot. I’m not sure it would fit in the trunk of my car! Thankfully her eyes went slightly wide, a scared look on her face and a quickly shaking head putting to rest my fear.

“Maybe the one below it?” The smile returned, the eyes lit up and she nodded, slightly but excitedly. I reached out for the large, lifelike phallus, still a bit concerned. It was flesh colored with large bulging veins, a wide head and wrinkly balls with a suction cup on the end. It must have been a foot long and bigger around than a soda can. I’m not small, but this thing was a prodigious porno pussy pounder without peer. I was a little intimidated. Gina had issues with restraint and moderation.

“Anything else in here you want stuffed up inside you?” She flashed me a blinding smile, full of eager excitement and lustful promise, but her shopping trip was over. She went out to the car and left me to pay the tab. I dropped the pile on the counter and pulled out my wallet.

“Will this be all for you?” asked Ms. Black-is-the-only-color-clothes-I-own from behind the counter as she started to ring me up.

“Yeah, that should do it. And if it doesn’t, God help me.” She smiled a little at that, and I’d swear she muttered ‘lucky bitch’ under her breath.

We had to wait a few days to use them. Gina was adamant that they all needed to be used on her In Charge night, so they stayed wrapped up until the following Wednesday. I had no classes at all on Thursday and she didn’t have any until after lunch so Wednesday was the perfect night to stay up late fucking like bunnies.

One funny side story to all this came when I had to pre-wash the things. I was living in the dormitory with communal bathrooms. I had to take this bouquet of fake cock into the bathroom and wash it well, and sure enough there were a few passers by while I did my job. I suffered their sidelong glances and open laughs until one little freshman puke decided to pipe up.

“What the fuck, man! You some kinda fag?”

“Naw, I got this little one here from your mom,” I said, brandishing the big fat one and waving it near his face. “She says it doesn’t fit anymore and she needs something bigger.”

“Fuck you man.” He wasn’t in the mood so he just left after washing his hands. I was a little bummed he gave up so fast because I had a whole raft of mom jokes for him.

Unfortunately that little incident did get the word out that I had a batch of superfluous insertables and I had a hard time fighting the rumor that I was gay. I didn’t much care what those monkeys thought of me, though. I was fucking an angel every other night!

Wednesday night rolled around as it commonly does after your average Tuesday, and Gina showed up at my door right on schedule. She was resplendent in blue jeans and a sweater with her book bag slung over her shoulder. She stowed her bag in the closet and then beamed her bright smile at me, all full of excitement and anticipation.

“What are your orders, my queen?” I took her hand and kissed it gently.

“I’ve been thinking about that. Actually, a lot!” I believed it. Her mind was at least as fixated on sex as mine. It was a good thing I kept the dildos. If they had been living with her they would all have been used in the previous few days.

“No more than me, I guarantee it.”

“I don’t know about that. So, here’s what I want.” She moved in close and let me wrap her in my arms. She spoke quietly, and down into my czech super models porno chest. Even though we were about to do, and had done, some fairly wild stuff, she still couldn’t quite be open and forward about it so she didn’t make eye contact as she spoke.

“I want you to make me cum on each of the toys before you can take your clothes off. After that you can do whatever you like.”

“Whatever I like?” She looked up at me and nodded.

“When do I ever say no to you?” she asked. She aimed her big brown eyes at me and lowered the boom. “Absolutely anything. But it has to include the toys” I miss her some days.

“Would my lady like to get naked?”

“She would!” Gina started to pull off her top while I worked the button fly on her 501’s. The red sweater landed in a corner, the white camisole top landed in another, and the bra went…hell, who cares? It went! She stopped me from yanking her jeans off her hips and put her hands on my head, pushing my face gently down in between her breasts.

“Spend some time with my friends, first. They have been lonely.”

Gina’s breast friends certainly deserved the attention. As we had escalated the heights (depths?) of our lovemaking we spent less time on foreplay, and Gina loved the foreplay. As much as I was dying to get two or three of those dildos into her body I was happy to slow down a little and smell the roses. Her body wash was tea rose and I will always associate that smell with her naked body.

Her tits were heavy and young, big enough to satisfy but not giant ponderous bags. She was on the line between C and D cups and they were perfect for her body. I picked up her left breast and sucked in as much as I could, slathering her nipple with my tongue. She cooed gently at the stimulation.

I dropped to my knees and came at them from below. I love to feel the weight of breasts on my face and in my hands. She needed to bend over just a little bit to put me squarely in motorboat territory and that was what I wanted. It made her breasts hang away from her body just a bit, allowing more weight to fall on my face. I nipped and licked at them constantly, returning to her nipples often and pressing her tits together with my hands.

“Alright, that’s enough. God, I’m so wet right now…”

“Get naked, girl. I’ve got some things to poke up inside you.” She quickly shimmied off her jeans and panties an in moments was fully nude. I motioned her down and she relaxed on the bed, naked and glorious, holding her knees together like the good girl she still wanted people to think she was. That didn’t last long. I pushed her knees apart with my fingertips and she showed me her pretty pink parts. Oh, the naughty things I would soon do to that lovely puss.

“May I kiss your pussy, my lady?”

“Toys first,” she reminded me. Damn. I was dying to get my tongue in there. But rules were rules.

I crawled on the bed and sat between her legs, my own legs splayed apart with hers over mine, our naughty bits about a foot and a half apart. I had to resist the urge to let my hands roam all over her as the foreplay portion of the show was concluded. I reached over to the desk and picked up the towel that covered the toys. I brought it over and placed the bundle on the bed between us. I had given this some thought while bathing in boobs and I knew where to start.

I flipped open the towel and regarded my instruments. Magic wand, double dong, grinding gizmo, and fat boy. Fat boy would have to wait until last, of course. Seeing that giant phallus in such proximity to Gina renewed my trepidation. Well, nothing for it now.

I picked up the magic wand, the G-spot vibe with the egg-shaped bulb on the end. I moved it into position and reached for the big tube of lube on the desk, but a second glance proved Gina was more than ready. I pressed it to her lips and moved it around a bit, smearing her fluids over the head. It slipped easily into her and she inhaled sharply as I pushed it gently forward. I wiggled it into place, and then I got down to work.

Nestled against her G-spot, I started working the egg in a circular motion. Slowly and gently, I made sure I was right on target. Gina is so easy to read you can tell exactly when you hit a hot spot, and her face made it very clear when I had that spot in my sights. I turned it on.

The faint, muffled buzz erupted from her depths and she jumped a little in surprise. She didn’t exactly relax after that as the machine quickly tightened her muscles and she braced for the orgasms she knew were coming. Gina’s pussy has a hair trigger on a good day, and with some extra anticipation she goes off like a grenade. The wand wasn’t on for more than two minutes before she started twitching and moaning.

I pressed the wand up harder against her G-spot and she bleated out a louder moan. Her brows knit, her mouth open and that exquisite look of pain and ecstasy, she started to cum. She held still as well as she could with her hands gripping the edge of the mattress but her body still roiled as the orgasm hit her. I held down one of her legs and the other flailed for a moment before she threw it over my shoulder and pulled me down in range of her hands. She sunk her fingers into my hair and held me tightly while her body sizzled and popped on the end of that magic wand.

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