In the Meat Department

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Melissa watched the new guy, James, as he unloaded a box of sausages, then averted her gaze when he grabbed a particularly thick sausage and chanced to look up at her, his brown eyes smiling in a hint of a flirt.

For six months, Melissa had worked in the meat department of the local supermarket part time, balancing the job with her college studies. It wasn’t the best job in the world but at least it paid the bills and for a few nights out with the girls. Unfortunately it didn’t leave much time for guys, though she’d accepted a few dates. However, none of them had really excited her much. This had been a particularly tough week: studying for exams, working a few shifts, and trying to focus while daydreaming about James.

He’d shown up out of the blue on her Monday afternoon shift. Maggie, the supervisor had called her over and explained.

“Old Carter quit last week, said he had a better offer somewhere else, so we had to find someone fast. Good thing Mac our manager was on the ball. He hired this young guy next day. His name is James. I want you to show him the ropes. Okay? Thanks Melissa.”

Maggie briefly introduced her to James, and then left for other duties.

Melissa wasn’t sure whether James looked more like a musician or a body builder. His long, strong fingers matched his height, and looked as if they were made for an instrument, and mofos porno he had long, dirty blonde hair which was tied back in a ponytail and covered—regulation for this job. Melissa had watched him cover his hair the first time, and helped him with the hair net when he asked for assistance. His brown eyes smiled thanks over his square jaw and dimpled chin. Even with the work overalls on, James shoulders stood out as if he should be a starting quarterback, not a meat man.

Ever since that first day, she couldn’t get him out of her mind. Studying for the exam was hell, because every time she got part way down a page, Melissa caught herself stroking a nipple or touching her pussy through her jeans, thinking of James’ gleaming eyes, his broad frame, and his thick biceps. She’d caught herself glancing at his crotch that first day before turning away to hide the flush of her face.

Now here he was, flirting with her over the sausages.

“Melissa, I need some advice,” he smiled in his winsome way, his rich voice like thick chocolate.


“I keep coming up behind customers with a load of things to stock. I wait around for them to move on, but sometimes they take ages to make a decision, so I lose time and get behind.”

It was a legitimate question, but Melissa caught James catching a glimpse of her breasts—not that they were visible naughty america porno through the uniform—all he could see was their outline. She felt good about their perfect shape and saw through his question. Was he wondering what they’d feel like to hold?

“You want the secret, do you?” said Melissa. She opened her eyes a tiny bit wider—a “what do you really want?” way before answering. “Take the cart around the long way—I know it’s a bit farther—and then come towards people against the flow so they can see you coming, and get out of the way faster.”

“Is that so?” he said in reply, pulling on the handle of the hydraulic cart. “Thanks for the tip, Melissa, I really appreciate it.”

She watched him go as she slowly exhaled. Damn he was hot. She needed somewhere to go and touch herself—she was too horny to keep working. But it was still a half hour until her break, so Melissa went over to shrink-wrap some hamburger. She moved to the corner of the counter so she could lean into it and feel the pressure against her thighs. Her forehead beaded a little with perspiration, and although her eyes saw each package as it was wrapped and labeled, in her mind’s eye she saw James’ thick, hard package, erect and pink, the meat she really wanted right now.

She started to grind into the corner a little, pressing it against her public agent porno pussy. She imagined him picking her up and carrying her into a lavish bedroom with a huge four-poster bed in it. She imagined him ripping her clothes off feverishly, then tying her wrists and ankles to the bed, tight, leaving her vulnerable. He’s take off his shirt and she’d stare as his six-pack abs and broad shoulders. She imagined his long, strong fingers stroking her belly and her mound, and her trimmed pussy. She wanted him inside her so badly. He was undoing his belt now, and exposing his huge sausage to her, its thick tip pulsing in anticipation of fucking her. Now his large hands were under her ass, cradling her thighs to his long, thick cock. Oh God, James, please put it inside me, fuck me…

Suddenly Melissa fought to maintain a standing position as waves of orgasm washed through her, and she jerked to reality, looking around to see if anyone had caught her masturbating against the equipment. As she turned around, to her horror, James walked up from behind. Was he heading out to the warehouse for another load, or had he seen her … and guessed?

He stopped for a moment and spoke so that no one else could hear, with absolutely straight face.

“I know a little Italian place near here that has some great sausage dishes. Could I take you out for dinner some time?”

Melissa swallowed, watching his eyes for a trace of a smile that betrayed anything but innocence. His face was a model of purity, but she knew he had seen her. What the hell, she thought.

“Sure,” she said, looking straight into his eyes, “I’d love to have some sausage with you.”

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