In the Office

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Before the story begins, I would like to thank you again Theron. In taking the time to write another story with me and for keeping me hot and wet, as you so easily do!;)

Chapter 1:

I first see you in the elevator. “Wow,” I think, “she must be new here.” “What a babe.” My eyes linger on the clothes that cover your sexy body. Your short, tight skirt and stiletto heels highlight your legs and ass, while the tight blouse accents your fabulous tits. My cock begins to grow just from me looking at you, dreaming.

I next see you in the lunch room. We’re both getting coffee, and when I notice you, you’re already boldly checking me out. You begin to chat with me – small talk about how strong the coffee is, but we both know it’s just an excuse for us to get closer to each other. I smile at you as I watch you walk down the hall, staring back at me over your shoulder. God, your ass is fine. What I wouldn’t give to see it without the skirt covering it.

That night, we run into each other again. It’s about 8:00 p.m. and we’re both working late. Because nobody else seems to be around, we both become very friendly very fast. While talking about nothing, I get close enough to you to push your body back against a counter with mine, grinding my cock into your body as I push my thigh in between your open legs. Looking into your eyes, I suggest that I show you the company’s nice, quiet privacy room down the hall. It’s for nursing mothers or employees who are ill or need some private time. You reply that you’d love to see it.

As we enter the room, we close the door behind us. I sit down on the big, soft recliner and ask you to join me, which you do without hesitation.

As you sit on my lap, my left hand cradles your head as my open lips press against your wet mouth. My right hand finds its way to your full, sexy breasts, where my fingers begin teasing your already stiff nipples which causes you to release a long, breathy moan.

You begin grinding your ass against my cock, which is fast becoming hard. Our hungry mouths feast upon each other’s tongues, and I cannot stop gnawing on your full red lips. You release a desperate sigh into my mouth and your hand enters my shirt, playing with my nipples, when you feel my hand leave your tits and begin to crawl up your bare thigh.

Chapter 2:

As my fingers pinch and pull at your nipples, I move my mouth from yours and bring my lips to your ear.

“May I suck your cock? My mouth needs to be filled, and feeling you against my ass, I know I’ll have a mouthful.”

You say nothing, but grab the back of my head, and push me off your lap. I free your cock, and moan as I see it. Your hand pushes my head towards you, and I open my mouth, sighing as I feel the head of your cock go between my lips. I circle my tongue around the smooth skin before taking a deep breath and pushing you further down my throat.

I stop, constricting my throat against your cock before I pull my head up, and move slowly back down, moaning as I feel your cock invade my throat. I feel your hand push on my head again, you want more of your cock in my throat, and I’m afraid at first that I won’t be able to. But I take another deep breath and move my head down more. I choke and try to lift up, but your hand stays firmly against my head, and I can’t move. I look up at you, and see a smile across your face. I keep my eyes on you as I will myself to stop choking and take more of you.

You begin to pull up on my hair as your hips thrust toward my mouth. I grab your hips and moan as you fuck my mouth, harder and harder, my spit seeping through my lips and down my chin and begins to make loud sloshing sounds as you fuck my face.

Chapter 3:

I look down at your mouth stretched widely around the root of my cock. It’s such a sexy site; I can barely believe it’s real. There’s a look of lust in your eyes that I’ve never reality kings porno seen in any other girl – ever. Your lips start to look a bit puffy and bruised as I continue pulling your mouth down upon my bloated prick. You are making slurping sounds and you begin using both of your little hands on my shaft, stroking it firmly up and down. You get so carried away, it looks as if you’re churning butter. I release your hair.

“Okay, baby, gnaw on the head of that monster you’re sucking on.”

You smile and laugh, letting my rod pop up out from between your wet lips and purr.

“Ooooh, whatever you want, baby.”

Chapter 4:

I take the head of your cock between my teeth and run them softly against the spongy skin. I look up at you and smile as I bring my teeth just a little harder against the tip, as my hands begin to stroke the shaft. I switch between my teeth and my tongue, nibbling your cock for awhile, and then wetting it again with my tongue.

My moans tell of my excitement, and after awhile you lift me from my position.

“Ride my cock!”

“With pleasure.”

I straddle your legs, my legs resting on the arms of the chair. I gasp as I feel your cock invade my wet pussy, and move slowly to feel every inch of you go deep inside of me. I bring my hands to your shoulders, and begin to rock back and forth, driving your cock deeper. My moans fill the room as my movements become faster and harder. Soon you stop me, and lift me from your cock. You move behind me, as I bend at the waist.

Chapter 5:

I press one of my large hands down on the small of your back, which both anchors you tightly to the extended leather recliner and pops up your luscious ass, making it more accessible to me and my long, fat cock. You sigh loudly at my overpowering touch and anxiously wiggle that fine ass at me as if to say, “Come and get it, baby.”

“Don’t worry, baby, I’m here.”

I say, and I rub the purple, bulbous helmet of my prick up and down the wet length of your tight slit, moistening it for what’s to come. This tease forces your body to shake suddenly, and you make a low mewing noise.

“Mmmm, you like that, huh?”

I feel I cannot resist the urge to ram my cock inside of you hard and fast, but somehow I manage. But I do allow myself the joy of pushing my cock head slowly inside of you.

God, the feel of your cunt’s wet, warm lips slowly enveloping my turgid cock like living velvet almost makes me cum. Of course, the raspy moan I hear issue from your lips does nothing to slow me down.

Chapter 6:

I push my ass back, as you push your cock in driving you deep within my walls. I smile to myself as I feel your hands grasp my hips firmly and I turn my head to look at you.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

I gasp as your hands tighten even more, your fingers digging into the bone of my hips. You begin to thrust, hard and fast into my pussy, pulling and pushing me as you move. My surprised gasp turns into screams of passion as I feel your cock pounding into me.

“Ahhhhh….yes! Just like that Baby! Oh fuck! You’re going to make me cum! I’m going to cum all over that fat cock!”

My words turn into whimpers, as my body begins to shake with the oncoming orgasm. My pussy tightens even more around your cock, and though your hands are still firmly planted on my hips I begin to buck as the orgasm takes over me.

Chapter 7:

As you cum, I marvel at what a hot, nasty fuck you’ve turned out to be. You are one of the best fucks I’ve ever experienced. This sends me into overdrive.

“Yeah, you’re a nasty, fuckin’ whore, aren’t you?”

I ask as I ram my big, bloated cock into your tight cunt. Inside of you to the hilt, I begin grinding my pubic bone steadily against your clit as I grab a handful of your long, red hair and snap your head back.

“I’m sexmex porno gonna fuck you long and hard now, baby. I gonna ride you like a fuckin’ buckin’ bronc!”

“Oh yeah, fuck me harder! Ahhh, oh…”

You begin to push your sweet ass back into me as I pound you.

“C’mon, asshole, I thought you said you were gonna fuck me!”

I smile at the challenge.

“Mmmm, you want it hard, eh?”

I slap your tight ass sharply. This brings a groan from you – long and low.

I place my hands on both of your shoulders and pin you down as I speed my thrusts. My hips circle around as I vary the strokes I lay into you. This elicits high-pitched squeals as you buck back violently.

“Yeah, that’s it, give it to me! Make me your fuckin’ bitch, Theron!”

You’re practically yelling now, not thinking of where we are at all.

Chapter 8:

You bring your hand to my mouth to quite my yells, in case there’s anyone left in the building. I unleash my tongue licking your fingers. I take one of your big fingers in my mouth, my screams now simmered to low whimpers, as I suck your finger like a cock. I circle my tongue around the tip of your finger as my ass still pushes back into you hard and fast. Then taking a deep breath I push my head down, sending your finger down my throat.

As I suck, I feel you press another finger to my lips, and I take that one in too. You thrust your fingers into my mouth just as hard as you thrust your cock into my pussy. I moan louder as you fuck my mouth with your hand.

Chapter 9:

Your hot mouth excites me. I utter a low growl, followed by.

“Oh yeah, suck ’em, you hot little bitch. You’re a nasty, fuckin’ whore, aren’t you?”

I lean down to kiss you passionately as I pull your head back by your hair. I take your full, red lips into my mouth and chew them as I explore you with my tongue.

The way your pert ass raises to meet each of my deep thrusts is so fucking sexy. You throw yourself into the sex in a way that’s rare.

I pull my prick out of your tight slit.

“C’mon, now, Jessi, sit on daddy’s big cock.”

I pull you up by the waist and slide into the chair. As I sit there, my fat, erect cock slowly circles around as if it’s signaling you to sit on it.

Chapter 10:

I perch on my feet and balance myself with my hands on your shoulders. I bounce hard up and down, and moan loudly when you capture on of my erect nipples between your teeth. I lean forward, pressing my tit harder onto your mouth.

“Oh God, your cock is wonderful! You’re going to make me cum again! Bite it! Bite my nipple hard! Harder! Make it fucking hurt!”

I squeal in a mixture of pleasure and pain as your teeth grips my tit harder. I move one hand off your shoulder and place it on my other nipple, twisting it hard in between my forefinger and thumb. My moans turn again into loud screams as another orgasm hits my body. You move your mouth and push my breast up to my mouth.

“Suck on it, and keep yourself quiet!”

I take my own nipple between my teeth, and quiet my screams to whimpers as I bite and suck on my own breast.

Chapter 11:

I sit back as I watch you bouncing on my cock and sucking your own nipple, and I know you are mine. The look in your eyes is an odd combination of submission and defiance. The sight of you fucking me takes away my breath.

I reach out my hand to your cunt and take your stiff clit in between my fingers and play with it as you writhe on top of me. You are so wet and warm as we fuck.

“Do you like being my fuck-toy, baby?”

You quickly nod. You look like a puppet without strings as you dance around my cock.

“Tell me, then. Tell me how much you like being my bitch!”

Chapter 12:

“Mmmmmm….I love being your bitch, Daddy! I love feeling your big fat cock ramming hard sindrive porno into my tight wet pussy! I love for you to use my body to your own desires, getting off by throwing me around like a rag doll. Doing anything you wish to me makes me happy. Pleasing you makes me happy…”

My words are lost and my eyes roll up as a long low moan escapes me.

“Oh fuck, your fingers feel too good my clit Daddy and your long thick cock is going to make me cum again.”

You stop, making my head snap down to look at you.

“I believe you’ve cum enough, Jessica. It’s my turn.”

“Why don’t you climb on down off of that pole and suck Daddy’s cock real good now, bitch.”

Chapter 13:

“Mmmm mmm mmmm, Daddy, can I make it cum on my face? Please!” You tighten your pussy, squeezing my dick so hard.

“Jessi, as long as you suck it like a nasty, fuckin’ whore, you can make it cum anywhere you want.”

I watch as you slowly rise off of my cock, making sure never to let it out of your tiny hands. Your eyes never leave mine as you work your way down to kneel to the side of me on your knees. I revel in the way you watch me as you lower your slightly open mouth to my cock.

You steal a quick glance down at the thick length of muscle in your hands and, biting your lower lip, emit a slight gasp. Quickly shooting your gaze back up to me, you hesitantly nip at my cock’s rubbery, purple head. You smile lustfully as you watch my cock react, jumping and hardening as if alive.

Chapter 14:

I place just the head of your cock in my mouth, while my hands work on the rest of the shaft. I suck hard, popping the head out from between my lips every now and again to let my spit run down the rest of your cock. I look up at you and smile.

“C’mon on Daddy. Cum for your little girl! I want to feel all that hot thick cream on my face!”

Your hand comes down on the back of my head and pushes my mouth into your cock. I open my lips, and you shove your cock completely down my throat. I gag once, but regain composure and moan as I feel your cock going deep down my throat. Your hips thrust up, and you fuck my face hard, your balls bounce against my chin, and I let out a long low moan as I feel your cock swell more.

Chapter 15:

I grab my wet shaft and smear my cock across your cheeks and over your full, red lips. You try catching it in your mouth as I tease you with it.

“C’mon, baby, you can do it. Oops, almost…uh oh, ahhhhh…”

Finally, I force the fat, plum-sized head past your lips, depressing your tongue until thick saliva drips out of your mouth and onto the leather recliner.

“Mmmm, that’s such a good little whore, Jessi,” I coo.

Slowly, I begin jacking my cock off into your mouth as you kneel before me, my bitch.

Your eyes light up as I start to pant and moan. You little hands soon force mine away from my cock, as you begin pumping it steadily, whispering filthy phrases as you do.

“Yeah, that’s it, Daddy. Cum on your little girl. I’ve been such a bad girl, Daddy, and I need you to cum all over me. Please? I’m gonna make this fat fuckin’ cock blast all over these nice, little titties.”

I smile as I watch and listen to you finish me off. Damn, you are so hot. Suddenly, my desire grips me and my cock begins to pulse and throb.

“I’m gonna cum now, Jessi! Finish me off, baby!”

Chapter 16:

I keep up the same pace with my hands, but squeeze just a little harder.

“C’mon on Daddy, cum! Cum all over your little bitch! Show me what I deserve for being such a fucking slut!”

I moan loudly as I feel your cum hit my face, I open my mouth to allow some to drip down onto my tongue, causing a big smile to come across my lips. I look up at you, your cock still in my hands and let you watch your seed drip from my cheeks, lips, and chin.

With one hand, I scoop up some of the cum and bring my fingers to my mouth. I look you dead in the eye as I slowly lick your cum from my hand.

“Mmmmm…That’s good. I thank you for fucking me, Daddy.”

A slight smile crosses your face, and my smile broadens to see that I have made you happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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