Indecent Proposal Ch. 05

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We slept for a couple of hours after our passionate bout of morning lovemaking and sex; a very pleasurable way to spend our holiday so far. Fortunately Annabel trotted off into the bathroom still resplendent in the body stocking before she closed the door for a shower. So the last image to burn itself into my mind for cheerful future memories was Annabel’s full, curved ass strutting its stuff atop her lovely legs & shapely calves. I had a hard on by the time the bathroom door shut and a couple of swift strokes in my hand wasn’t enough when I had a stunningly beautiful woman all to myself on the other side of the wall.

I got up and walked naked into the bathroom, my hard on leading me every step of the way. Annabel was washing her hair under the forceful hot water and she didn’t hear me enter the shower until my arms folded around her stomach and my hard on parked itself in the crack of her arse like a bicycle wheel into a bike stand.

“Oh,” she exclaimed in surprise feeling my body again so unexpectedly in the shower.

The hot water felt as good as her body as it splashed over me as I reached for the tube of shower wash hanging under the shower head. I squeezed some onto each hand and then brought my hands straight back to cup Annabel’s breasts and lather her curves in soapy suds. I took my time and used about half of the shower wash to very slowly the feel of her firm flesh made me stay rock hard and in some discomfort crouched down in the shower with a raging hard on. Finally I left her ass alone and reached under her to lather her mound which garnered a long sigh from Annabel and her knees buckled a little as my soapy middle finger slipped between her lips and brushed over her clit.

That feels ssssooo gggooooddd,” she cooed.

Now a short, relaxing, cleansing shower might turn into another sex session as Annabel started to rock her hips forward & back to make my invading finger rub the full length of her slit & finish the length of its stroke rubbing across her now erect clit. After the end of the back stroke I bent my forefinger upwards and slid into her hot tunnel. My soapy digit was enveloped by her tight flesh as her muscles clamped down hard on my finger. My middle finger stayed stretched out flat as it skied between her lips & then rubbed hard against her clit.

I saw Annabel take both of her hands up to cup her breasts.

‘Game on!’ my brain said to my old man in respond, ‘all out for an orgasm now.’

I backed this thought up by further action by running my middle finger across the soapy top of her inside thigh to lather my finger before easing backwards to run it down between her ass cheeks from her waist downwards.

“Ohhh!” escaped her lips as she felt my finger enter the valley of her ass; and then she clamped her cheeks tight together trying to capture my travelling digit. It was too soapy and too destination focused to become trapped. Soon my wrist was pulling my middle finger to the underside of her ass and brushing up against her tightened ring.

The forefinger of my other hand provided the distraction as it rubbed hard & pressed inwards on the nub of her clit, eliciting a “OH GOD, YES!” from Annabel’s mouth as I pushed forward and firmly, but gently inserted my digit into her ass.

I curled my middle finger backwards inside her pussy until both fingers rubbed against the thin membrane between her ass & her now sodden.

“OHH FUCK, YYEESS,” she exclaimed as she started to flex her knees so that her pussy & ass humped up and down on my invading digits. I could just see her elbows moving at her sides as she played hard with her tits & nipples.

Her breathing was hard and loud over the sound of the hot shower. Her humping was hard as she pushed to drive the length of both fingers full depth into her. I willing obliged and thrust both full depth to meet her downward stroke which also rubbed my forefinger across her clit. As she started her upwards hump my fingers started to retract and my forefinger curled a little to rub just a little harder across her excited & now swollen clit.

“Finish me Daddy,” she begged, “right now, right here!”

I willing obliged as I rubbed that little membrane hard from both sides and rubbed her clit so firmly it must have been almost raw.

Annabel thrust hard with her fine legs so that she was almost bouncing, travelling the full length of my fingers.

“Fuck me hard Daddy! Fuck me with you powerful fingers,” she demanded.

Ever the gentleman, I did

“FFUUCCKKKK … YYEESS,” she screamed and then her pussy & ass muscles tried to break both of my invading fingers as she slammed down for a final time as her orgasm flooded my finger with pussy juice.

“OHHH türkçe alt yazı porno FUUCCKKKK,” she cried out in despair as every nerve ending in her body demanded relief. She tugged hard on her nipples and gasped out loud for breath.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman that could have such hard, thundering orgasms that just destroyed her body from her pussy outwards. I was wincing in severe pain as her insides tried to break & crush my fingers.

Her ass slammed back into my face as she bounced around on the end of my fingers like some demented glove puppet.

I kept on rogering her ass with my finger, feeling her cheeks and ring clamp hard to stop the invasion. In addition to this I started to gently drum my other finger onto her clit. These two forms of stimulation just kept her cumming and wailing “FUCCCKKK YEESSS … DADDY PPLLEEAASSEEEE.”

I was so close to cumming myself crouched below her heaving figure. I so wanted to stand up and hold her, to hug her, to cuddle her through the rest of her orgasm that seemed to show no sign of ending as it consumed her body and her energy,

Finally Annabel seemed to run out of energy and slump forward against the shower wall; so I gently eased my fingers out of her and stood up. After washing my hands in the hot water I took her in my arms and slowly turned her around, gently tilted her chin upwards and lightly kissed her while allowing her to breathe deeply as she recovered. Her hard nipples heaved against my chest under the torrent of hot water now playing on her back.

We kissed & cuddled for several minutes, my rock solid cock trapped between us, aching for relief.

Finally Annabel took notice of my old man throbbing between us and she broke our embrace to turn around and squirt plenty of shower wash over her hands. She looked up and smiled her lovely warm smile as she reached down between us to envelop my cock in her two liquid covered hands. The gel felt so good and cooling as it enveloped my hot throbbing shaft.

Fuck, I so wanted to cum, but Annabel understood this and treated my cock carefully and tenderly to prevent that happening too soon. One gel coated hand slipped down and cupped my hot, cum filled balls.

“Oh God yes,” I whispered quietly in open, honest appreciation.

Annabel smiled sweetly and then slide down in the shower to her knees. She slid my foreskin backwards and gently soaped the thick, throbbing head of my cock.

I willed her to take me in her mouth.

She gently allowed the water to flow onto my cock as she gently washed the soap off my hard upstanding length. Once she was satisfied it was clean I saw her ease forward, her lips opening as she came within an inch of the bloated & throbbing head. I looked down willing her on, hoping she wasn’t going to tease me.

Her lips enveloped the tip.

“Fuck me that is so beautiful,” I groan out loud appreciatively.

I didn’t know whether to close my eyes and appreciate every sensation following through me or stand and watch, searing the visual experience deep into my memory for eternity. Eternity won as I slipped my hands onto her head to steady myself and to feel this beautiful woman she continued to take me deep into her mouth. Her warm lips & tongue slid along my cock and I felt one of her hands grip my ass whilst the other continued to cup my balls. The feel of her mouth slide slowly up and down my cock made me swell to the utmost extent. I almost felt a little dizzy as my brain instructed my heart to pump as much blood as possible to my cock.

“Jeez, Annabel I am not going to be able to last very long,” as she impaled me fully in her mouth again.

She looked up & smiled as she sucked on the tip of my cock.

I groaned in appreciation, I so wanted this to continue longer; but I knew it won’t.

She was still smiling up at me as she gently squeezed my balls and pushed her finger into my ass up to the second knuckle.

My eyes went wide, my mouth dropped open, and my balls just exploded as if she had pressed the plunger on a detonator.

“FFUUCCKKKK,” I yelled, my balls then this explosion is going to be a one-off special.

I ran my fingers through her long wet hair in loving appreciation as I felt her continue to roger my ass, pumping every last drop out of my balls; and her mouth helping to suck the final remnants out of the tip of my very sensitive cock. I felt Annabel give my balls one last gentle squeeze to ensure they were fully empty before she stopped rogering my ass. She left her finger one knuckle deep in my ass as her lips started to slowly lick my sensitive twitching cock clean.

“You are an amazing … very beautiful … türkçe ifşa porno lady,” I openly praised & panted.

When she was satisfied my cock was clean & finished she slid her finger from my ass and stood up.

We kissed lightly at first as we hugged but then it became more passionate as we held each other very tightly, not wanting the shower to end.

But now we were both starving for food and Anabel spent a few minutes soaping me all over before washing me down and turning off the shower. We must have been in there half an hour and used half of the resorts water; but neither of us regretted that as we wrapped ourselves in thick terry robes and stepped out onto the deck to dry off in the mid-day sun. We were sated and comfortable; we couldn’t be bothered to dress and go across to the bar for a drink and lunch, so I ordered lunch & drinks to be delivered to us.

A nice bottle of white wine, raw fish, sandwiches, and a large fruit platter replenished our energy after a full on morning of love making mixed with raw lust and set us up for a lazy afternoon in the sun.

Our deck was sheltered from view so after the waiter had left we stripped off the robes as we were getting too warm and we casually covered each other in sunscreen without sexually molesting each other, and being carefully around each other’s tender bits. We spent the afternoon listening to relaxing music, reading and slowly finishing off the wine thoroughly enjoying the total freedom of being wholly naked & alone.

Early evening saw us both in the bar enjoying several cocktails before dinner. We certainly demolished dinner after a healthy dose of sex and swimming today; plus we sat working our way through the second bottle of beautiful New Zealand Sav Blanc from Matua Valley Wines.

We were well mellowed out as we finished dinner and listened to the local house band fire up with gentle local music. After dinner we moved to some comfy chairs to enjoy the music and just enjoyed the warmth of the pacific evening, each other’s company, and the music. The band was joined by two local ladies who danced in native costume in front of the band. They were very good and quite hypnotic in their smooth lithe, easy going movements.

Annabel suddenly jumped up, grabbed my hand and proclaimed “Dance with me.”

I am not a dancer by any stretch of the imagination. The only dance moves I have are trying not to step on my dance partner’s feet. Dancing with Annabel this simple task was made harder as when I watched where her feet were placed I could see the magnificent shape of her calves even more defined due to the high heels she was wearing.

After a short time there were peals of laughter from the two ladies as they laughed at my attempts not to crush Annabel’s feet. They came over and broke us up and inserted themselves between us to form a circle of four.

Over the next ninety minutes or so we didn’t seem to stop dancing and it got very cosy in various combinations with an increasing amount of bump and grind initiated by both of them against both of us. I had hands gripping my ass and trim asses backed hard into my crotch and I thoroughly enjoyed the attention. I could see Annabel receiving the same close attention and she looked a little shocked at first; but her usual bright demeanour came to the fore and the room was filled with her uplifting laughter as the four of us danced. The two ladies ground themselves hard into Annabel from the front and from the back with hand caressing her whole body at different times. Hands lightly brushed across her breasts and ass; and she seemed not to notice it or wasn’t bothered by it. Seeing this in addition to be groped myself started to give me an erection.

As we danced I learnt their names as Asoese and Emere and they both lived locally, dancing regularly with the band, Emere told me in very good English as she danced in front of me. I nearly coughed when she ran her hand firmly over the front of my trousers feeling my growing hardness through the material. Her eyes smiled into mine as she stepped closer and firmly gripped my old man, feeling him quickly harden in her hand.

“Nice,” she simply stated; I didn’t know if it was a question or a statement of appreciation.

“Very,” I smiled back.

Next time she danced past Asoese there was a short conversation in Fijian and plenty of smiles.

I ordered four fruit cocktails to keep us refreshed as we danced the night away.

Late into the night the band played a couple of slow numbers and I started to ease myself towards Annabel for a smoocher to finish our night; but both Emere & Asoese stepped between us and took each of us in their arms to vivid porno dance. Annabel certainly looked surprised as Asoese took the lead and slid a hand down on Annabel’s ass as they danced. Asoese even leaned in to kiss Annabel on the lips. I was rock hard in open admiration of this girly action right in front of me. Emere seemed to anticipate this and slid her hand down to stroke my throbbing, full on erection through my trousers. Asoese took Annabel’s hand in her own and guided Annabel’s hand onto Asoese’s full breast through her costume, where she guided Annabel’s hand to massage the firm flesh.

A few minutes later the intimate dance finished as the band finished for the night and both Emere & Asoese said goodbye to both of us with very erotic deep throated kisses. Annabel & I walked back to our chalet, a little in shock.

“That was interesting,” Annabel simply stated.

“Yeah … Enjoyable too,” I replied.

Anabel brushed her hand over my crotch, feeling my hard on. “You’re excited.”

“Yeah,” I paused and looked straight into her eyes, “Are you turned on as well?”

Her hand rubbed firmly over my erection, “I will need something to enable me to sleep tonight.”

Our pace increased as we completed the short distance back to my chalet. Anabel opened the door and headed straight for the bedroom, I nearly struggled to keep up.

As I entered the bedroom I saw her kneeling on the corner of the bed leaning down onto her elbows with her cute ass thrust up high into the air. She looked over her shoulder, smiled that sweet endearing smile of hers and said “Finish me off Daddy.”

A gentleman just can’t refuse a ladies request.

I stepped up behind and lifted her cotton dress up on her hips, revealing her magnificent ass to my appreciative gaze. My hands gently but firmly tugged down her bikini bottom panties as I couldn’t be bothered pulling on the bows each side to remove them.

Annabel eased her knees apart giving me room to reach between her thighs and ease two fingers between her pussy lips. Strewth, she was wet. Not damp, but wet; she was certainly turned on from her dancing with Asoese.

With my free hand I started undoing my belt & trousers as I slipped off my shoes. My trousers dropped to the floor and I flicked them to one side with my foot.

“That feels good Daddy, but I need you deep inside of me … and don’t be tender or gentle.”

I eased my fingers out of her and reversed my hands to lightly grip her ass cheeks with my thumbs reaching under to her pussy lips.

Annabel understood what I was going to do and she arched her back downwards and thrust her ass high & proud.

My cock was like a heat-seeking missile aimed straight for her red hot wet pussy. I slide my hands outwards spreading the cheeks of her ass and opening her pussy wide open.

“Yes Daddy,” she chimed up seconds before my missile made brief contact with her mound before nudging upwards slightly to burrow deep into the hot wet depths of her pussy. My cock was swollen with lust & blood as I now had Annabel in a position I had dreamed of so many times before over the years. In one smooth thrust I went balls deep into her full depth until my balls slammed forward into her mound and clit.

“OH YES DADDY, she exclaimed.

She was hot, tight, and dripping wet; and she was all mine as I slid back until the tip rested just touching her lips.

“Don’t tease me Daddy,” she instructed, “I need you now … So fuck me hard and deep.”

All of those things I could do; and they would be hard and deep.

My fingers slid off her ass onto her hips; my fingers gripped her flesh and I slammed my hips forward, hard & fast so we could hear the loud slap of my flesh into hers.

“That is exactly how I want it Daddy … Now fuck your little girl hard … Just as you’ve always dreamed of doing … Just take me Daddy,” she coolly instructed.

Blood was found from somewhere and my cock swelled to bursting point at hearing these instructions.

“Here Baby!” I growled as I slammed back into her, “Feel Daddy’s meat fill you.”

“Fuck me … Possess me,” she demanded.

I shoved her sun top up around her neck and reached under to cup her breasts. My hands covered her mounds of flesh and I let her erect nipples protrude between my fingers.

“Squeeze my tits Daddy.”

I obliged squeezing my fingers tight together hearing a sharp intake of breath from Annabel in discomfort. My next thrust was deep and hard which might have taken her mind of her nipples. Now that I had got into a steady rhythm with fucking her, Annabel started to thrust her ass back as I plunged into her. My balls now slammed into rather slapped onto her mound. We were rutting like two animals in heat. This wasn’t lovemaking in any shape or form; it was pure, hard, raw sex; and we were both thoroughly enjoying it.

I had dreamed of fucking her doggie style for years and now it was real … and I was determined to enjoy it to the max.

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