Insatiable Pt. 01

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There is something so intoxicating about being desired so completely, knowing he craves me as much as I want him. Our relationship so passionate that we find it almost impossible to be in the same room without tearing off each other’s clothes. Unable to bear not touching if near one another. The mere thought of his big hard dick making me instantly ready every time. This evening was no exception.

Music blaring from my phone on the kitchen counter, I dip my hands in the warm soapy water and begin to clean the dishes. A sexy song comes on and I wriggle my hips to the beat, the movements making my shorts rub nicely against my ass. Thoughts of wriggling back against my lovers’ hard cock fill my head. I shake my head to clear the images, I want to finish the cleaning before he is out of the shower so we can relax. I manage to pull myself together enough to continue, swaying slowly as I clean the plates, placing each one on the drainer in turn. Just the cutlery left and I can turn my attention to the counters. Thinking of the counters brings to mind images of the many times we have fucked over them, on them, and I’m distracted again. Daydreaming, wetness pooling in my red lace panties, I can’t think. A fork slips from my hands and drops to the floor, the clattering sound startles me back to reality. I bend over to retrieve it from the tiled floor, a low growl from behind me alerts me to his presence. I return to an upright position, taking care to move slowly so he can appreciate cumlouder porno the view, knowing the sight of my round buttocks bent over so invitingly would cause a stir in his pants. Another low growl tells me that it has had the desired effect.

He strides over to me purposefully, grabs my hips and pulls me close, his engorged cock pressing into the small of my back, making my head dizzy. Roughly he drags my shorts to one side, rubbing his hand against the curve of my mound. The moisture saturating the cotton crotch of my thong, this pleases him and with the other hand he pulls me closer, a guttural growl in my ear. I moan deep and instinctively press back onto his inquisitive fingers, my head sinking back towards his eager mouth. His tongue and lips exploring my neck, shivers of anticipation washing over me. The ever present need for him bubbling just below the surface, emerging so strong I can’t control my reactions. I whimper softly, the delicious slow pressure of his fingers sliding from my clit to my throbbing opening causing my legs to go weak with wanting. The urge to spin round and mount his impressive swelling almost taking me over, but the sweet motions of his hands holding me hostage to the moment. Rubbing the lace deeper between my lips, my panties are soaked, it’s a struggle to control hips.

His free hand snakes around my body, his bare chest pressed against me, he slides into my bra and cups my breast. Rolling my hardened peak czech amateurs porno between his fingers, tiny electric shocks shooting down my stomach and directly to my swollen clit. I’m aching to have him under the fabric now and I part my legs slightly to allow him access, hoping that the small movement will let him know what I need.

He knows my body so well, I moan as he pulls the sodden barrier to one side and tease one finger in just enough to make me weak again. His teeth graze my neck as I squirm against him, unable to disguise the growing need, his cock against my hip driving me crazy. He pushes me forward, bending me over the counter and thrusts two fingers into my dripping slit. The sensation is too much and I push harder into the motion, I need him deeper. I can sense his smug satisfaction as he rocks into me, my breathing laboured and shallow as he takes me over, giving into the pleasure only he can provide. His fingers delving deeper, I’m surrounded in sensation, cloudy with desire. I try to pull forward, ease away from the mounting orgasm, but he holds me firm, his right hand under my stomach preventing my escape. My pussy is dripping on his hand and wrist as he teases in and out. Each thrust taking me closer and closer to release. I’m panting now, the triple pleasure of his fingers, mouth and tongue on me, the feel of his big hard cock pressing into me, I can’t think straight. I tiptoe and bounce lightly onto his hand, the czech casting porno orgasm building so quickly I can’t fight it anymore. I let out a deep moan and he slips two fingers into my mouth to quiet me, too much noise might alert the kids and we can’t have that. I suck on his fingers greedily, moaning onto them as his fingers expertly play me, faster and harder inside me till I explode, cumming hard.

Before I can catch my breath, his fingers are replaced by what I really want, forcing me to bend further to accommodate his girth. My pussy stretching, engulfing his cock, dripping as he fucks into me hard. His hands on my hips pulling me back onto his length, ramming me forward, I’m lost in pleasure. Feeling how frenzied he is taking me higher and higher, I look back over my shoulder to watch his face, the desire in his eyes so strong it’s sending me over the edge again. I bounce harder still, cumming over and over in waves of ecstasy, my eyes hazing over as I lose myself in the sensations. I quickly slide two fingers between my legs, rubbing my clit as he fucks me. One finger either side of his cock as he pounds into me, I’m so close to exploding again I can’t take it and I need him to cum with me, his breath getting ragged as he tries to hold back. I slip the fingers inside and feel his body tensing, I’m on the edge of cumming hard so I wriggle the tips against his dick and with a deep animalistic growl he releases into me. Throbbing deep inside me as my pussy clenches against him. He collapses on my back, holding onto me tight as the pulsating subsides.

“I think you’re gonna need another shower now baby.” I say, laughing.

“Care to join me this time?” He replies, laughing too.

Pulling out slowly, he takes my hand and leads me up the stairs…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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