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As I am still new to the writing process any feedback and suggestions for future stories would be appreciated. Thank you.

The long awaited meeting will happen in just a few days. I am egger but nervous, our emails back and fourth have been very hot there has not been one time that I didn’t have to satisfy myself after reading one of your emails. Dale you have told me that you would like to inspect my body when we meet. My body eagerly waiting your attention and of course inspection.

The day arrives that I have been waiting for; it seems like it the day would never get here. My pussy has been constantly wet since the day we decided to move forward. My nipples and breasts are ready for a complete inspection. I hope that the inspection includes fondling, nipple play, and sucking. Don’t be alarmed though Dale because as you are sucking on my nipples and doing your inspection, my pussy may get wet and hot.

My hands move down to my pussy to confirm that yes your attention on my tits has indeed made my pussy hot and wet. I let out a moan as czech couples porno you attack my nipples with your mouth. I love the attention my nipples and tits are getting, that I ask you to please finger fuck my pussy during your examination. I want to feel you fill my pussy with your fingers as you suck. Please Dale make me gush all over your fingers and hand. You stop for a moment as you move me over to the pool table and lay me down so that my ass is barely hanging off.

Your mouth attacks my nipples again as you insert your fingers again with eagerness. The new position of my body allows you to insert your fingers deeper inside my hot tight wet pussy. I look at you with lust in my eyes taking in your body as I moan loudly. Your cock standing at attention, thoughts going through my head as to how I will please you and make you cum. Your fingers hit that magic button that causes me to gush covering your hand with my pussy juices. Your lips come up off my nipples and they go to my lips for a deep passionate kiss.

You czech estrogenolit porno help me up and we walk to the bed and I ask you to lie down. I go to my bag and pull out my vibrator. Your interest is perked up. I crawl onto the bed so that you can see my pussy as my lips engulf your cock. My other hand takes my vibrator and you watch me slowly insert it into my hot wet pussy. I ask you to turn on the vibrator whatever level you would like and slowly start to fuck myself with it as I suck your cock. My hips start to move as I feel your fingers coming up to play with my clit. The moaning vibrates on your cock sending chills throughout your body. I start to fuck my pussy faster with the vibrator as I take your whole cock into my mouth this is how I will use my pussy a little later. My lips tighten around your shaft as my lips travel up to the tip and then back down.

Not wanting you to cum just yet I stop and pull the vibrator out of my pussy. My juices dripping as I move over you face so that you can czech first video porno get a little taste of my sweet nectar. Your tongue attacks my already aroused clit; I start to cum again allowing you to get a feast, which I know that you love. I seductively tell you that it is my turn to finish pleasing you as I position my pussy just above the tip of the cock. Knowing you like it when I ask for permission, I ask you if I may please insert your hard cock inside of me as I lightly brush my pussy against your cock.

You nod yes as I take you inside of me, my pussy egger to engulf your shaft. I moan as it fills my tight hot wet pussy. I slowly start to ride you picking up speed oohhhhhhh yes this feels so good. Your hands move up to my tits and fondle my nipples. Twisting and pinching and pulling them gently because you know this turns me on. You feel my pussy milk your cock as it moves in and out of me. My goal is making you cum so I start to ride you harder and faster. My hand reaches behind me as I start to play with your balls. Cum for me baby, cum deep in my pussy. I feel your body tighten as you start to cum. The feeling of your cock pulsing triggers an orgasm deep with in my pussy and I cum with you. I collapse on top of you as my lips meet yours for a passionate kiss.

You look at me and just the look in your eyes tells me we have a very long night ahead of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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