Intimate Encounters Ch. 01

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It’s been a long night, the stench of beer, sweat and merriment conquers the atmosphere. Avalanches of white foam cascade down onto the dance floor creating a blanket of glistening white amongst the rabble of the dancers. Traith keeps himself secluded from the proverbial herd, preferring his position propped up against the corner of the Sea gate bar. His spot, the place he marks his targets. Situated at the top of the stairs leading from the dance floor, It provides him a keen overhead view of the crowd. It has additional benefits of course as his drinks come with the steady fluidity that comes when you have the 3 bar workers on a first name basis. 1 of which, the 5ft 2 bombshell blonde jennifer slightly more (Well if fucking her up against a stall in 3 of the 4 bathrooms counts as more).

Traith checks his watch 01:20 flashes in a vibrant green. It’s time. He casts a sweeping gaze over the dance floor and finds himself devoid of suitable targets for the first time in nearly 3 weeks. He sighs frustratingly and takes another shot of jack daniels back with practiced ease. Returning to order another refill he spies her. 5 ft 6, blue eyes, brunette hair cut with a fringe that near enough covers her right eye stood in the exact same spot albeit the opposite side of the bar.

“Hey Tony” he slaps his hand on the bar and a middle aged man with a deep cut scar answers him promptly.

“Whats her story?” he asks tilting his head towards his new found interest.

“Not sure Traith, ain’t seen her around here much. Shes a number alright though aint she?”

Traith thinks for a moment.

“Whats she drinking?”

“Double Vodka & coke.”

“Send her one will you, do not tell her it’s from me yet.”

“You got it boss.”

Traith flanks out into the crowd eyeing his target with a renewed intrigue. From this angle he can make out her stunning satin dress. Shoulders less, and cut short enough that he can almost make out her sex with a choice gust of wind. A few moments later she receives the drink, anticipating his first move he makes his approach as she takes the first sip.

“Well you’ve accepted the drink so that gives me atleast 5 minutes to introduce myself right?” the left side of his mouth curling up into a snake like grin.

She takes one look at him and immediately knocks him out with a smile that could literally melt butter.

“You got 10” she smiles briefly.

“15 if you undo a few more buttons on that shirt.”

Taken back by the brazen reply he quickly undoes the top 3 buttons on his shirt. Peeling it back to reveal a little skin.

“You know if you buy me a drink i’ll take the whole thing of,” he replies smooth as silk.

“Your gunna do that for me anyways” she replies matching his confidence with her own.

“Nice proposition, good execution but you missed something vital.”

“Oh fuck in traffic porno and what’s that..your jeans too,” she replied.

“Fair wager but i’m willing to counter and say within the next hour or so, you’re tearing them from me”

She returns her own devilish smile before necking her the rest of her drink.

“Follow me” she prompts turning heel.

Traith mind reels as he follows her, She leads him through the rear entrance to the bar and up a flight of stairs. Pushing open the double doors to reveal a darkened room, without hesitation she steps inside and beckons him to follow. Catching only a glimpse of the badly hung door sign he makes out the word “Manager” before it is lost to him.

The lights snap on with an over tuned flash that temporarily blinds him before settling to take in his new surroundings. 2 Billiard tables, a help yourself bar and a sofa placed almost perfectly to encompass a giant 90″ cinema screen.

“Wanna pick your jaw up big boy” she remarks feeling confidant she has out played him.

Traith continous to look around oblivious as she approaches him.

“Jesus so this is what a priv…” she ambushes him with a kiss silencing him immediately.

Wasting no time as her tongue dives down his throat as he returns. She breaks off and leans into his ear,

“I didn’t bring you here to brag, I didn’t bring you here to get to know you. I brought you here to fuck” she whispers as her hand grasps his growing member through his jeans.

Traith quivers slightly before instinct kicks in. He grabs her beneath the arms and throws her down onto the billiard table.

“You fucke…” he gets his revenge, cutting her off with a long kiss.

Breaking from her face with his arms near pinning her down he begins to trail kisses along her jawline, down onto the naive of her neck and rising slowly, finishing just beneath her ear

“Baby I’m going to make you melt like a candle..” he pauses.

“And then I’m gonna fuck you.”

Leaving the last of his words hanging in the ear he sets off in the opposite direction. Slowly trailing kisses down her neck, collar and to her cleavage.

“I think we can leave this little number on for now.”

Freeing her from his restraints he brushes both his hands up her legs eventually catching the dress and bring it up high enough so that he can continue beneath the her lacey bra consequentially revealing her blatant lack of underwear and a nice neat cunt.

“Ooops”she sounds as cute as they come.

Slowly he moves on keeping the kisses light enough so that she can only feel the faintest tickle as he makes his way to her waist line. Wasting no time, He crosses the threshold and as she finds herself gravely anticipating his touch there he stops dead slightly above the mark. She lets out full porno a sigh of frustration as he adjusts first to the left tracing her welcoming lips and moving up her thigh, biting now at random causing her to jerk slightly but with a telling moan willing him forward. He reaches her feet and removes her heels, massaging her sole as he begins to kiss, bite and suck each toe in turn. He repeats the same for the opposite leg as he begins to feel her half thrusting, willing him to give her what she craves most.

Finally he returns to the hot center of her frustration, allowing his tongue to lull forward grazing against her moistening hood. She lets out another frustrated moan, the anticipation nearly killing her from the inside out.

“Just do it…” again he cuts her off as his tongue falls forward with purpose.

Precision strokes with the tip dancing across her clit, drawing pictures which he continues to frame utilising the softer underside of his tongue. Her attempts at speech are replaced with heavy and un suppressed moans as he tastes her. Softly rocking her hips with rhythmic accuracy elongating the fleeting feelings dancing from her clit and tingling throughout her entire body. Continuing the build up with his mouth he introduces his fingers to her now soaking slit, first 1 then 2 penetrating her deep enough so that he can brush her g spot with the “come hither” motion. ‘Kinda ironic’ he thought to himself as her body began to sing. Her legs began to quake violently as she surrendered herself to him, a buildup of tension which spread from her legs up her spine, erecting her nipples and causing her moans and breaths to become shallow and devoid of sound. She was so ready so quickly she couldn’t think straight and with her body reaching an unexpected pinnacle he moaned hard against her

“Cum for me baby, I want to drink you like a kitten to milk”

All at once the tension is released and with a scream akin to that of the irish banshee her body erupts and uncoils beneath her. His fingers slide from her as his tongue slows to match the strong ebbing pulses her body provides. Her hips thrust to meet his mouth one last time in her final throws before collapsing near lifelessly to the table. Traith swallowed as much as she could give and rose before her wiping the corner of his mouth with a satisfied smile. He unzips his jeans as his hand softly caresses her bare ass and frees his considerable length from its bindings.

“I’m going to fuck you now” He spoke softly not sure if she is even aware of her surroundings anymore.

He brushes the length of his growing cock between her dripping lips as another shallow moan escapes her. She waves haphazardly in her daze,


Deciding it wasn’t the place or time for torture he allows himself lower till his glisten tip begins to tease gizli çekim porno the entrance to her taint.

“Just fuck me” she snaps unable to handle the deliberate teasing.

“Ok” he smiles before driving himself deep inside her.

The unexpected force has her reeling once more as she is filled by his solid form. Reaching places she never knew existed. He leans down to her face, softly biting her lips, before trailing his tongue down her body. Reaching her breasts, he slowly brings her into his mouth, feeling her nipples come to a peak, feeling her body writhe against him, he slowly eases himself before returning deeper and harder, the force of his hips near bruising her perky ass.

“Hmmmm” he ponders before her as she continuously squirms against the utter fulfillment of his solid cock.

Without prior warning he throws her over, planting her naked chest against the felt of the billiard table.

“I can work with this” he near enough grunts as a sharp pain echoes up her spine.

The spanking was unexpected but very greatly received as her neat cunt throbbed against him. With a strong domineering grip he hoisted her to knees via her hips giving him the angle arguably the most beautiful. The concept was not lost on her as she wiggled her ass playfully for him. Another crack and her ass begins to glow beneath him. The pain sooner replaced by more wanting. Withdrawing once more in preparation and feeling her cheeky little push backs trying to take him first he fucks her hard. Leaning in to grasp a handful of her sweat soaked hair, using it to gain the leverage he needs to claim her.

“Oh…Fuck” she moans repeatedly as her cunt is dismantled. And her hair is pulled to breaking point causing her to take him deeper in mock effort to reduce the taught. He carries on unfazed by her struggle and soon enough a knowing sensation of warmth warns him of his finale approaching. Continuing as best he can, keeping his well trained thigh muscles tight to prolong the inevitable, building beautiful pressure he can feel near breaking the seal.

“Oh fuck i’m gonna cum” he roars as the first hints of pre cum are lost inside her raw sex.

The warm pulsing sensation she feels near probing her cervix is enough to drive her wild and with no buildup what so ever she cums hard. The synchronous pulsing matching his own as he reaches breaking point, with one final thrust as deep as he can claim her he unfolds. Spray after spray of hot cum envelopes her insides and melts away. The constant throbbing and the pressure of his ejaculate sending her entire body into a frenzy. As the last bit spills from him he collapses against her.

“Told you, i wouldn’t be taking my shirt of”

“Shut up you dick” she replies exhausted still continuing to tense her groin moments later trying to recapture the feeling of the length that has now left her baron.

Note From Author: – These shorts are a way for me to showcase my ability to write descriptively given any topic. I’m a member of a few author websites and this is a relatively new adventure for me. Any and all Positive / Negative feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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