Into the Shadows

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I could hear the music faintly wafting from the ballroom below. Checking myself in the full length mirror for what must have been the hundredth time this night, I smoothed the non existent wrinkles in my ball gown, adjusted the diamond encrusted tiara, careful not to mess up my hair, and, after taking a deep breath, walked into the hallway toward the spiral staircase leading below.

I didn’t often attend these gala events, preferring to allow my parents or older sister the honor of trying to remember all of the useless etiquette and pomp that was expected of one of proper standing. But, unfortunately, this time I had to be the one to attend as everyone else could not make it. I didn’t even know the gentleman that I was supposed to act like I was with for the night, having only seen a picture of while being told all of the important things that he’d accomplished and all of the lands that he held. All of which went in one ear and promptly left out the other. I knew what I had to do. Dance, smile, laugh at his horrible jokes and excuse myself at two. I was not looking forward to this night.

I reached the landing of the staircase, pausing to take another breath, before grasping the rail and walking down. Unconsciously, my steps fell in time with the waltz that was playing, the four inch stiletto heels I was wearing clicking lightly against the marbled stairs. My well manicured hands were hidden in the nude colored elbow length gloves I was wearing, the color of which perfectly matched the strapless gown that adorned my body. He was waiting for me at the bottom, looking up at me as I slowly walked down. I paused for effect, taking full measure of him as he looked me over as well. Nothing spectacular about him shouted out at me. Average height, average looks.

Completely…boring. I sighed internally, plastered a smile on my face and continued down to accept his outstretched hand. As I got closer, something about him made me stumble though, breaking the rhythm of my gait.

I looked into his eyes.

They were the color of a storm swept sea, a kind of bluish grey that held such depth. I felt heat rising to my face as I broke eye contact with him, looking down shyly before glancing back up. The look on his face was one of power, the slight smirk letting me know that he was in control. I took hold of his outstretched hand and he led me to the ballroom. Right onto the dance floor. There was no preamble. He led, I followed. All the while, I looked into his eyes as he held me close, my breasts pressed against his tuxedo jacket. Anyone who glanced our way would have assumed that we’d known each other for years, how intimately he held me.

I lost track of time, seeming to float around the dance floor in his arms, all the while the confident, commanding look he was giving me never faltering. I felt my self getting flush again, a tingle racing through my body as he pulled me even closer. The subtle hint of his cologne wafted from his skin as he leaned in close, our cheeks touching. My head swam a bit as I closed my eyes, trying in vain to collect myself. Then I heard the music end and felt him take my hand, guiding me to the back of the room, toward the door leading to the garden. He held the door open for me and led me across the threshold, closing the door behind him. For some reason, the sound of the latch startled me a little. It felt as if the safety the mansion had provided me was now cut off. I was no longer within its protective shell.

The full, pregnant moon shown down on the hedge maze that dominated the back yard of the house. He led me to the shadowed entrance of the maze before pausing and turning to face me. Looking deep into my eyes, he asked without speaking if I would willing enter. I knew I could leave now. The faint stirrings of another waltz beckoned to me, it’s siren song of safety trying to draw me back. I turned from him, looking at the gothic mansion in all it’s glory and what it represented. There would be no shame in returning. glory hole secrets porno I turned back to him, meeting his gaze again. His eyes held the promise of sensuality, of lust. Biting my lip, I took a step forward, toward the shadow.

He led me through the twists and turns of the maze. Occasionally, I thought I heard snatches of others in the maze. Fragments of whispered conversations. A feminine giggle. A sigh. Still, he led me deeper, his hand on the bared skin of my back, guiding me along with subtle pressure. Then we entered a clearing. It was dominated by large stone fountain, the cherubs pouring forth flowing water from jugs while fantastic creatures forever frolicked around them. The pale light of the moon playing off of the water seemed to give life to the sculptures. Watching them, I could almost see the movement of their bodies. I watched, mesmerized, as I felt myself being led to a patch of emerald green grass. He gently placed his hand on my cheek, turning my head to face him. Again, our eyes met and I felt myself losing reality in his storm tossed gaze. Then, I closed my eyes as our lips met. My arms encircled his neck, holding him to me as his hands gripped my waist and began to move up and down my sides. I felt his tongue press against my lips and they parted, inviting him in.

My senses seemed to sharpen and my head swam from all of the input. The sound of the gurgling water, the smell of his cologne mixed with the scent of the surrounding foliage, the taste of his mouth as our breaths mingled, the feeling of his roaming hands pressing against my body, of my silken garments clinging tightly to my skin under my dress, of the slight chill in the air causing my body to shiver. I felt weak in his arms as he broke the kiss, pulling back. I again bit my lip as I felt his hand trail up my dress. His fingers grasped the zipper and the cool night air caused me to shiver as even more of my flesh was exposed. The dress, urged on by gravity, pooled around my feet and I stepped out of the mound of fabric that used to hide my charms from his sight. I could feel the skin of my breasts tingle as my nipples hardening from a combination of the chill air and my excitement. I stood there, wearing nothing but my tiara, gloves, panties, silken stockings and stiletto heels.

His hands roamed my body as his eyes bore into mine. I moaned at the feather light caresses as his fingers came to rest on my breasts. Closing my eyes, I pressed myself against his hands, my hardened nipples teased by his palms. I felt his lips brush mine again and this time, my lips parted without hesitation. The kiss started slowly but soon grew in passion as I felt his hands leave my breast, travel down my body and come to rest on my ass. He gripped my buttocks and squeezed as our tongues wrestled. I let out a little mewling whimper as my nipples rubbed against his clothes. That’s when he let go of my ass and put his hands on my shoulders, gently but insistently pushing me to my knees.

I was eye level with the front of his pants. Looking up while biting my lower lip, I saw him smiling at me, the same self confident smirk on his face as when we first met.

He reached down and lowered the zipper to his crotch. A manly smell of desire assaulted my nose and my mouth began to water. Reaching into the hole, I grasped his member through his briefs and let out a little gasp. It felt so large! I fished it out and just stared for a second, taken aback by the sheer majesty. A tiny drop of dew shown from the tip and I leaned in, collecting it on my tongue with a little swipe. The slightly salty drop of fluid lingered on my taste buds as I swallowed. Then I opened my mouth and took the head of his penis inside. I heard him let out a little gasp as I felt his hands on the side of my head. Licking my tongue around the sensitive flesh, I began to bob my head, trying to get as much as I could down my throat with each pass.

My hands went to his legs grup sex and I felt him begin to move his hips in time with my head, forcing even more down my throat. I no not how long I suckled on his member but soon, I could feel it swelling in my mouth and his thrusts began to quicken. I tried to pull back but the grip he had on my head tightened, locking me in place. With a final thrust, I felt more than tasted his semen shooting down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow as much as I could but some of his fluid escaped my lips, dribbling down my chin onto my breasts.

Finally, he let go of me and pulled his penis out of my mouth. It glistened in the moonlight covered in my saliva, still twitching as it began to soften. I looked up again to see the same smile on his face. He tucked his penis back in his pants and zipped up. I was shocked and a little disappointed. Was this all there was tonight? That’s when I noticed him smiling and looking not at me but toward where we had entered the glade. Turning my head to see what he was looking at, I let out a gasp and did my best to cover myself with my hands.

There were two men standing at the entrance. Both had the look of carnal lust etched on their faces.

The men approached me and I shivered in dreaded anticipation. I looked back for support and noticed that he had stepped away from me, melting into the shadows. Turning back, I bit my lip, my eyes welling up with tears as I faced both of the men, their members all ready out and hardened from the possibilities of what was to come. Neither had bothered to undress, just unzipping their flies. I didn’t even see their faces. That was not what was important. Only their pleasure. I leaned forward and grasped the left gentleman’s penis with both my hands. Licking the head tentatively, I opened my mouth wide and took as much in as I could. I heard the other gentleman walk around behind me and felt his hand begin to rub my silken covered ass. Then, with a yank, he ripped the delicate fabric from my body, exposing my treasures to his lust filled eyes.

I whimpered around the penis in my mouth as I felt fingers begin to probe my most intimate region. Teasing me, alternating with soft caresses and rough probes, pinching my clit lightly between his fingers, causing me to moan. The gentleman in front gripped my head tightly, holding me in place, as he shoved his full length down my throat. There was no gentleness in his actions. I was here to please him. To please them. I struggled to breath, the swallowing action of my throat massaging his penis. I felt myself becoming lightheaded from the lack of oxygen. Then, he pulled back before I passed out, letting me take in a few breaths of fresh air before he shoved his member back down my throat.

All the while, the other gentleman was probing me, charging my body with wanton lust. I could feel my desires rising, ready to crest. Right then, he stopped.

I whined in frustration, my pussy craving the pleasures that suddenly were denied. I didn’t have to wait long. With one quick thrust, he buried his penis inside my body to the hilt. I could feel the fabric of his trousers against my skin as he gripped my hips tightly. I braced myself with my hands as best as I could as the two gentlemen began to use my body solely for their pleasure. With each push from behind, my mouth would take all of the penis down my throat, causing my nose to bump against his skin. The counter thrust shoved me back, which in turn made the member in my pussy slam into my body. The rising crest of pleasure began to build again, causing my body to respond in instinct. The thrusts became my own as I rocked back and forth. I could feel the orgasm beginning to form. It was so close! But, again, I was denied the blessed release of pleasure that my body craved.

Each one pulled out of my body before they let loose their load inside me. Instead, the gentleman in front began spurting copious amounts of sperm all onto my face, plastering hd porno me in a shower of his cum. I could feel the hot droplets of the other gentleman’s pleasure splashing onto the globes of my ass and running down my legs, staining the top of my stockings. I began to cry in frustration and humiliation as, for the second time, when they finished, the men put their members away in their pants and zipped up.

He returned from the shadows then as the three of them looked down at my cum soaked and tear stained face. Each had the same look, the subtle smirk of confidence as they watched me crying on my knees. I needed to orgasm so badly. The desire was overwhelming me.

Rolling over onto my back, I laid in the soft grass and began to rub my body with my gloved hands. The satin material felt so good against my skin. I touched my throbbing pussy with my right hand, teasing my clit and grazing the entrance to my womanhood. With my left hand, I started rubbing my breasts, lightly pinching my nipples to aching hardness. The only sounds were the gurgling of the fountain and the moans of my mounting desires.

I pushed two fingers inside me, pumping my hand in and out, as I pinched and pulled my nipples even harder. The little bit of pain mixed with the pleasures I was giving myself caused my body to stiffen, my ass raised in the air as I clenched down, the first waves of my orgasm finally cresting. My glove was soaked my juices as I shoved my fingers in as far as I could and curled them, pressing against my inner wall. I felt the muscles in my legs beginning to ache from the tension but still I continued to fuck my pussy.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and my body crashed to the ground, my legs splayed open, exposing my glistening pussy to the night air. My eyes were closed as my labored breathing and racing heartbeat started to calm. After what felt like an eternity, I opened my eyes to see him standing there alone. The other two had left, my cum soaked garments and crusted face the only indication that they’d ever been there at all. He reached down, offering his hand to help me rise which I gratefully accepted. I stood there, shivering in the moonlight, as he retrieved my dress and helped me back in it, zipping it up covering my naked form again. He then bent down and picked up the silken panties that had been torn from my body and handed them to me. I took them and then walked over to the fountain. Sitting on the edge, I looked at my reflection.

Staring back at me was a caricature of the princess that I’d glanced at in the mirror before I had walked down the stairs. My face was covered in dried sperm and tears, the makeup that had been so artistically applied, smeared and ruined. My hair, which had started the night carefully coifed, was now a mess, the diamond tiara askew. I did my best to clean my body and wash the scent from my gloves but I could not recapture the elegance of what I’d been a lifetime before. Clutching the panties in my hand, I walked back over to him. He again began to guide me through the maze of hedges. Every sound I heard seemed to be mocking me. The fractured conversations were talking about me, recounting what I’d done. The feminine giggles were not laughs of pleasure but of derision. The sigh, one of disappointment.

Finally, I saw the lights of the mansion in the distance and heard the sounds of music on the night’s breeze. But, now, that world had been closed to me. I could not reenter it as I was. I’d fallen too far in the shadow to be accepted back into the light. I turned toward him, looking him in the eyes again. For a second, I felt myself getting lost in his gaze again. Then, without a word, he kissed my forehead and climbed the stairs, reentering the house. I looked down at my feet for a second, just standing there in contemplation. Then, holding my head high, I walked to the front of the house and asked for my car, purposefully ignoring the leering look from the handsome valet. I entered my car when it arrived, taking my seat behind the wheel. Just before the young man closed the car door, I looked at him, smiling, grasped the front of my dress and pulled it down, exposing my tits to him. I laughed at his stunned expression, closed the door, and pulled away, driving into the shadowed night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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