It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 04

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names. It was initially intended to be a part of a larger project in the works, but didn’t fit as was submitted as an independent story.

This is my first submission so along this line, so I would especially appreciate comments from the women, and please identify your selves as such. It was inspired from a series of different events, but extrapolated extensively.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Acup

Over the next few weeks I spent several nights over at her place. Her roommate gave me some looks, but I just put it off as typical protective roommate stuff.

We did go shopping for a bed and couch at an outlet mall. They agreed to hold them for a week or two until the place was ready. We also got some basic pots and pans along with some cheep bowls plates and silverware. She wanted to get better, and I wanted to see what I needed before I bought the store out.

The next week was a little hectic. I was headed over to her place after work Tuesday, and got broadsided by a guy running the light. Luckily he hit me in the passenger side, so all I had was some bumps and burses, but my truck was totaled. After all the police reports, getting it towed without getting ripped off, getting to the rental company, and then back to the tow lot to get my stuff out before it ‘accidentally disappeared’ while sitting in a supposedly secure lot, I finally made it over to her place four hours later. By that time the adrenalin was wearing off and I was starting to feel some of the bumps burses.

“About time you…. WHAT HAPPENED!” when she saw me walking gingerly and holding my arm stiffly.

“A guy ran the light and totaled my truck.”

“Oh poor baby!” and came to hug me, which I winced at. “OH! What hurts?” as she jumped back.

“Left side mostly from bouncing back against the door.”

She started unbuttoning my shirt there in the living room. “Let’s see how bad.” She had my shirt open and was helping me get it down my left arm when the roommate came out of her room in a big fluffy robe. She started to say something until I winced when she bumped my arm. Then I had two mother hens on me. The roommate forgot she was holding her robe closed. I thought she was a bit heavy, but from what I was seeing she was more like a body builder. Shaved pussy with a landing strip and nice C cups with hard little pebble nipples. They got my pants off and between looking down her shirt and the roommates open robe I was rock hard and was making quite a tent in my boxers.

She reached in and raised my cock enough to drop my shorts so they could inspect the big bruise starting to show on my hip while the roommate went to get some ice from the freezer. She decided to relieve my other stress and gave me a quick blow job. Between looking down her shirt and the roommate running around with the open robe I shot off pretty quick. The roommate gave her a raised eyebrow look after sucking me off, but then they got me over to the recliner and wedged the ice bag between the chair and my side and fed me some aspirin. It was a bit tender at first, but then the ice started to numb it down a bit.

I crooked my finger to get her closer, then put my hand behind her neck to pull her in for a kiss. Once I had her there I slid my hand down and groped and squeezed her tit and nipple. I heard the roommate laugh and a door close so I assume she went back to her room. “Is there something in particular you want?”

“What I want is to nibble and ravage you, might be a few days before I can do that though.” She ankara escort sat back, pealed her shirt off, came around the side and sat on the arm then leaned over and put her nipple in my mouth. My cock was starting to firm up a little. I latched on to her hard nipple and made her groan a little, so I took my hand and massaged the other before I moved it down to her ass and gave it a squeeze. I felt underwear under her shorts. “Underwear?”

“Yup, sorry but it’s that time.”

“That usually happens with beautiful women around.” She gave me a nice kiss for that. “Doesn’t mean you have to wear your shorts though does it?”

“You sure about that?”

“I was married for ten years, I know all about pads and tampons. I prefer my women naked, but that doesn’t work with pads. As far as tampons go I’d rather look at a bare pussy with a string than panties any day.”

She looked at me like I had horns, “You really sure about that?” I nodded and looked straight at her pussy. “OK,” and lowered her shorts but left her panties on, and yes she had a bit of a bulge from the pad.

“Much better, now come back over here so I can kiss and nibble while I play with your ass.” She just smiled and shook her head, but she did sit on the arm of the chair. “Much better,” and pulled her down for another kiss. Once I knew she wasn’t going to pull back I ran my good hand down her chest to her waist then around back and gave her ass a nice grope and squeeze with my hand in the leg of her panties making her moan into my mouth. We broke our kiss, and she slid down into the chair beside me where we could kiss some more while I groped her tits and nipples.

“You know, I think I may owe your roommate an apology.”

“For what?”

“I thought she was a bit over weight the way she dressed in those baggy outfits, but she has a hot bod under there. A little more muscular than I prefer, but that doesn’t make it any less gorgeous.”

We heard a door close behind us, and she looked over the chair. “I think she heard you.”

“Mannnnnn, I hope I didn’t cause any problems with her….”

She managed to wiggle out without causing too much pain and see what’s up.

After a bit she came back out with the roommate holding her robe tight around her body, “I’m sorry about the hot bod comment if it offended you, but you have to admit that most women that dress in baggy clothes are hiding fat not hot.”

“I’m not hot.”

“Yes you are, my hard on earlier was as much your fault as it was hers.” And I was getting harder right now. “I’m still thinking about how you looked with your robe open seeing glimpses of you.” And my cock started to stand up a bit.

She watched my cock flexing with my pulse, and then ran back to her room. That made her giggle. “She’s not used to comments like that, her girlfriend keeps telling her she’s too fat and has to work out more.”

“Well girlfriend or boyfriend, she’s still a hot body. I could see her in a nice sleeveless dress, low neckline, and a little above her knee.”

That made her snicker, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a dress. She always wears pant suits to work.”

“Well I’m assuming she runs around here with a towel wrapped around her once in a while.”


“Does she look good like that?”

She gave me another strange look, “Actually…….yes.”

“Same thing but with straps and a narrower waist. In fact tell her I’ll buy the first one if I get to go with her to pick it out. One or two for you too while we’re at it if you want.” We cuddled and kissed a bit while watching TV. She warmed up a can of soup and after some more cuddling we made it to bed. We did have to switch sides so I wasn’t laying on my sore side, but it was nice to cuddle with a naked woman and a tit in my hand after the days events.

The next escort ankara morning was PAINFUL! I got aspirin and a warm shower with lots of assistance. I was glad the mall didn’t open until ten so we didn’t have to hurry. We made it in, and explained what happened to the boss so he understood I was going to be moving a little slow for a while. At least I would be able to work, if I had still been back at the warehouse I would have had to take a few days off. She even helped me fix a few things when I couldn’t reach in and turn properly…. And I got a nice view of her ass as she did!

By the weekend I was feeling well enough that I didn’t look like a gimp when I was moving and we decided since the insurance company was only going to let me have the rental for another few days so I better go car shopping. I started looking at trucks again, when she asked why a truck and not a van or car. It made me think that I wasn’t hauling stuff like I used to, but I wanted the option, so a van became a possibility. She sealed the deal when we were looking at one that had the seats folded back to make a bed. She hopped up in and lay back giving me a nice look up her shorts to her tiny lace panties. We did the paperwork and she followed me back over to the rental company to drop the car off. Even the roommate was impressed.

By Sunday she even had the roommate talked into going dress shopping. I’m not sure if it was for the roommate or her, but she was telling the roommate I wouldn’t buy her her dresses unless she went along to get hers. It worked, and a little after lunch I took the girls dress shopping. We didn’t go to one of the big fancy dress shops, but a nice one. I got to sit back and comment on dresses while she changed from one to another, the roommate sitting beside me making her comments as well.

She had picked out one to wear and two more to take with her. “OK, Your turn now.” The roommate was gasping and trying to find excuses, but while she had been picking out dresses she had also been pickling out ones for the roommate and showing them to me. I nodded to my favorite, a light yellow sleeveless with a very low neckline, and it was waiting in ambush for her in the dressing room.

They were in there quite a while more than it took to change clothes, and I was getting worried, but when they came out. “WOW. You look gorgeous!” The sales lady agreed, but she still didn’t buy it. “Tell you what, you go stand outside the front of the store like you’re looking at dresses, but watch the guys walking behind you in the reflection in the glass. I bet every one checks you out in that dress. If they do, then I buy it for you, and you two have to go out to lunch with me so I can show you off.” She didn’t have much choice when she drug the roommate out the front door and stood her on the other side of the glass and ducked back in. We watched several of the guys checking her out, and even a few of the ladies. She was about to chicken out again when a guy came around the corner and about choked on his drink, then went to a bench on the other side of the walkway and sat down to watch her with his shopping bag on his lap,

I went out and got her, bringing her back in to our vantage point. I pointed to the guy on the other side finally getting up to continue walking. “See, I’m not the only one that gets a hard on looking at you.” The sales lady and the roommate gasped and she giggled and groped me. I paid for the dresses and we went to a nice restaurant in the mall. I made sure to seat the women out where they could be seen, and they noticed the looks they were getting.

I got them back to the apartment and the girls pealed out of their dresses just inside the door. All of a sudden the roommate realized she had stripped down to her tiny lacy panties in front of me and froze, nipples standing out nicely. “DAMN GIRL, if ankara escort bayan the situation was different I’d definitely be chasing you…” The roommate blushed and she gave me a playful slap on the shoulder. I took the roommates hand, gave it a quick kiss and ogled her tits a bit, then turned and took her into the bedroom, but left the door open. “You know I never enjoyed going shopping before, but shopping with two beautiful women is a totally different experience.”

“But you were married for ten years, you should have gotten used to that by now.”

“But up until today I never realized the difference. She always shopped to cover and impress someone else. You two shopped to look good, and it was a pleasure to watch, especially when you asked what I think.”

“Of course we wanted to know, especially when you’re buying!”

“She never asked my opinion, I was just a man with no fashion sense. It was scandalous to suggest showing some skin so I could enjoy looking at her.”

“That is sooooo wrong.”

“Hey, we got married young, so I never knew better. Hell it took her wanting to come back from the first separation to get her to let her nipples show when I was around.”

“First, how many were there?”

“Depends on how you count it, three and the divorce. But I have to give it to her. If it hadn’t been for her roommate during the third one I never would have realized the beauty of nice small tits with delicious nipples!” and leaned forward enough to lick the tip of her nipple.

“Well I’ll have to thank her for that!” She pushed me back on the bed and sucked me down to make sure I was nice and hard. We had tried sex Friday, and I was still too sore to get any really good action, and she kept bumping my side and hitting my bruise on my hip. This time she was able to keep her knees spread a bit more, and the front of my hip wasn’t hurting enough to put a kink in things. She rode me to a wonderful finish. I caught her starting to lean over on me and rolled her to one side. My left shoulder and bicep was still killing me if I moved wrong.

“GOD I MISSED THAT!” She just giggled. Once we settled down a bit, and I could speak normally. “I have a question for you, and I want you to think about it before you answer.”

“What kind of question?”

I had to smile. “Not quite that kind of question, but one you need to think about.” She gave me a quick kiss and a smile. “I have to go to Mobile Alabama pretty soon, and if it happens in the next week or so I may need some help in taking care of myself. I still have trouble getting dressed and taking a shower. Would you be interested in accompanying me?”

“Wow, definitely not what I was expecting….. What’s in Mobile?”

“Manufacturer sponsored repair school, I believe it’s a four or five day course. The boss is paying for it as part of my going up to the new super arcade. We’d drive down Sunday, come back Friday, or even stay a few days. We’d have to pick up the hotel for the extra, but if we don’t splurge on meals the per diem would cover at least one or two extra days.”

She looked at me for a second, “That could be interesting, a working holiday kind of.”

“It could be. I’m not going to be going out dancing in my condition, and even if I could dance I’m just the typical guy. I do the slow dances, shuffle my feet, and grab butt.”

That made her laugh, “I think I could go for that if I can get off work.” and gave me a light kiss.

“I’ll ask for you if it comes to that, I just didn’t wasn’t to assume without asking you.” That got me a nice long kiss. “How abut we take a shower and then continue this?” It was a nice shower and evening, she washed me, and I washed three quarters of her. My left arm was still not up to snuff and I couldn’t raise it above my shoulder without it bothering me. I got to soap up everything from the shoulders down, and of course I enjoyed soaping tits and nipples, but she had to do her own hair and mine as well as my right side. Settling back in bed was nice to cuddle and kiss and touch, sensual instead of sexual.

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