Jack and the Airhostess

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Jack always left the house at least 6 hours before any flight. He found that he preferred to sit in the airport for a good 4 hours before his flight than run late and stress about the flight. So, when he had to get to the airport for 2 pm on Monday afternoon for a flight to London, he left for the airport shortly after 8 am in a cab. He relaxed in the back seat and pulled out his laptop, hoping to finish off a presentation he was due to give in London the following day at a conference.

Jack was 32 years old, tall at just under 6 feet tall and handsome. His hair was a dark chestnut, with bright green eyes with a hint of gold in them. He had just come out of a 6-year long relationship, Jack’s former girlfriend Leanne wasn’t the most supportive of girlfriends for his career, and then he found out she had been cheating on him. He wasn’t even mad about her cheating, he knew the relationship was over for months, and her cheating offered the perfect excuse to break up.

The 2-hour journey proved to be unproductive though. He barley slept the night before because of nerves about the presentation. This was one of the most important jobs he’d ever been assigned by his boss – if the presentation went well, he would be bringing in a contract worth millions to his company. He would secure a promotion to Associate Director, and be the youngest executive in his company’s history. His career as an Investment banker would shoot through the roof.

As he pulled into the airport, he gathered his bags and paid the driver. He gave him a generous tip – he was a believer in karma, and tomorrow was the day he needed the best of luck.

Walking into the airport, suddenly someone bumped into him hard. His laptop bag went flying, and the woman that walked into him stumbled and fell.

“Sorry, oh sorry! Didn’t see you there! I’m running late!” She said in a heavy English accent, gathering up her bag and standing back up. She went over to grab Jack’s bag, but he got there first.

“Not to worry, I’m Ok! Are you alright?” He replied.

“Yes I’m fine, thank you. Need to get going though, hope you have a safe flight!” And with that she was gone.

Jack stood there looking out for her as she practically ran away. She was gorgeous he thought, about 5′ 8″, with thick, long blonde hair falling down her back in lazy ringlets. He was instantly mesmerized.

He realised that he had just been standing there for close to a minute. He shook his head slightly to gather his thoughts, grabbed his suitcase and made his way to security. Once in the duty free area, he browsed a while through the scents and decided to buy himself a bottle of cologne. To him it smelled of power, he hoped to exude that tomorrow.

Jack went to Starbucks, grabbed a large triple shot americano and settled down for some work. Whilst preparing his presentation, he kept getting distracted thinking about that blonde English lady. Every time he glimpsed blonde hair he’d look up, hoping to see her, wishing she had missed her flight so he could find her again. He realised the unlikeliness and selfishness if those thoughts, so he tried to refocus his attention.

He didn’t understand what it was about her that intrigued him so much. He had dated his fair share of women, even dated an underwear model, arguably the most gorgeous person he had ever seen. He didn’t consider himself a womanizer, he had never relentlessly perused or been obsessed by a woman, but with the blonde lady he felt confused. He knew he had to meet her again.

Once he saw the announcement for his flight, Jack gathered all his stuff and headed to the gate. He was flying first class – a courtesy by his company, hoping to help him rest and be comfortable for his presentation the next day.

Soon he was allowed onto the plane. Once through the gate and walking towards the plane, his heart stopped.

There she was.

She was dressed in the red uniform of a Virgin air hostesses. Her beautiful hair was tucked into a neat bun at the back of her head. And the widest smile lit her face as their eyes met.

As he reached her, words failed him. She welcomed him onto the plane, and when he didn’t react, she gently tugged the ticket out of his hand.

“Seat 3A, First Class, right over here, Mr Wilson.” She said with a smile. She led him to his seat, and as he stowed away his bag she whispered “sorry for running into you earlier, I was late for work!”

“Not a problem, no lasting damage done” he said with a smile.

She laughed and walked back to the front to welcome more passengers on-board. Jack sat down, took out his laptop but didn’t turn it on. He looked at the air hostess and smiled – he couldn’t believe his luck.

Slowly the plane started filling with passengers, and another air hostess served Jack his first glass of champagne. He gave it a tiny sip, and quickly drained half a glass, it was excellent! By the time the plane was getting ready for take-off, he was finishing his second glass, and kept staring at the blonde beauty. He was pleased to notice that she kept amatör porno glancing towards him too.

After the plane took off, Jack saw her approach him, smiling gently.

“Hey, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Selina Jenkins, it’s nice to meet you Mr Wilson.” She held out her hand.

“Nice to meet you Selina, please call me Jack” he said, shaking her hand.

“So, what brings you to London? I’m guessing it’s business, right?”

“Yeah you’re right,’ replied Jack ‘I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon.”

“Oh nice, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m an investor banker, working for a firm in New York. If I win the contract I’ll also work in London, so you’ll hopefully see me more often” he winked at her.

Selina seemed to blush little bit, and laughed. “I mainly work this route, so I should hopefully see you more often.”

They talked for ages, getting to know each other. Selina had her duties to do, but she seemed to get them done as fast as possible to return to speak with Jack. She would sit on the empty seat next to him, and talk about her job and life. Jack learned that she had been an air hostess for the past 2 years and loved her job, but it was also the reason she had broken up with her former boyfriend. He didn’t like her being away so often, and couldn’t help but be jealous of her freedom. He seemed to also suspect her of cheating, which Selina made clear to Jack that it never had happened.

The more they talked, the more Jack liked Selina. She was witty, clever, ambitious, and oh-so-gorgeous. Jack had never liked someone so much in such a short period of time, and he was hoping they’d get to know each other more and more.

The conversation shifted to London. When Selina asked where Jack was staying, he replied that he’d be staying at a hotel near the airport called The Chelsea.

“I’m staying there too! Going to go to see my family tomorrow afternoon” Selina said.

Jack was delighted, this would maximise his time with her, he hoped to get to know her better.

As Selina went off to carry out some duties, Jack couldn’t help himself but stare at her ass. The champagne had gone to his head, and he quickly became aroused by seeing her move. She had an athletic body, lean and muscular, and it was obvious she worked her glutes often and hard.

Thinking about her ass made Jack feel more and more aroused, his dick was straining against his trousers and begging for attention. He looked around, there were only 2 other people in first class, the other 2 being an older couple who looked asleep. Recklessly, he took his blanket, covered himself and gently started fondling himself over his clothes. He was picturing Selina’s ass, naked and wet and getting closer to him. The thought made him twitch.

In that moment, Selina passed him on her way to the front, and as she walked her ass wiggled. Jack couldn’t help himself, he got up and followed Selina, heading to the toilet to masturbate.

As he reached her, she was slightly in the way to the toilet. Gently he put a hand on her waist and walked past her, and accidentally rubbed his dick against her ass. He felt her stiffen, but not pull away – in fact, she leaned into it slightly. She turned to face him, looked around to make sure no one was watching, and gently cupped his dick into her hand and gave it a squeeze. As he gasped she gave him a wicked smile and turned to walk away.

Desperately, Jack locked himself in the toilet and took out his dick. In 5 quick strokes he was cumming all over his hand, and splattering the wall too. He quickly washed himself and the wall, tucked his dick back into his pants and returned to his seat.

As he left the toilet he found Selina staring at him from the other side of first class. As Jack smiled, she came over to his seat and poured him another glass of champagne. She got close to him, closer than would be necessary, and rested her hand on his thigh. Gently she moved her hand upward until reaching his dick, and when she felt it soft she smirked. As she straightened up, her breast stroked his arm, and quick as that she was gone.

Jack started feeling aroused again, but this time he didn’t touch himself. Instead, he fantasised about what he would do to Selina. Her tits were amazing, he guessed about a D cup, and they looked real. He wanted to caress them, squeeze them and suck on them till they were raw.

Her ass was amazing as well, and between fantasizing about spanking it, he wanted to get to know her pussy. He was hoping he’d be able to see it before the flight was over, after all they had about 3 hours to go, and the cabin at the front was nearly emptied.

As he was thinking of her, she slid in past the curtains dividing first class from the rest of the passengers. She smiled at him, checked that the other couple were still sound asleep, and headed towards Jack.

When she reached his seat, she stretched over his seat, as if to check that the upper luggage storage unit was all in place and secure. Her stretching pushed her skirt anal porno up a bit higher, and Jack suspected she had no underwear on. He slowly reached a hand out towards her, but she moved. She turned around, and bent over the seat next to him, as if to get something off the floor.

Then he saw that she was wearing underwear – just a thin, lacy black thong. And it was soaking wet.

Selina could feel him watching, and held her breath, hoping to hear him move or feel him touch her. Moments went by without anything happening, so she stood back up and turned to him. He stared back at her, with hunger I’m his eyes, and she knew she had him.

The flight continued on with one flashing the other, teasing each other, and mounting tensions. When the pilots announced that they were getting ready to land, Selina came over to Jack and whispered to him

“Would you like to share a cab to the hotel?”

“Fuck yes” he answered, and off she went to sit down.

Once the plane landed and Jack got off, Selina pulled him aside and said she’d meet him at the baggage claim section. Jack practically ran the whole way there.

In a haze, he made it through security and claimed his bag. For 10 minutes he waited for Selina, until finally she appeared surrounded by the pilots and other air hostesses. As she laughed at something a male pilot said, Jack felt a twinge. Of jealousy? This can’t be right, he only just met her. What right does he have of feeling jealous?

Once Selina spotted him, she quickly said goodbye to everyone and met Jack. Quickly they left the airport, called in a cab and headed to the airport barely speaking at all.

Once in the cab, Jack stopped all refrain and went straight for Selina. He rested his hand on her breast and gave it a squeeze. She gasped as he found and pinched her nipple. Slowly he circled her nipple, feeling it getting harder and harder, and pinching it every now and again just to hear her gasps.

After a while, he slid his hand down her torso, finally resting it on her thigh. Before she knew what was happening, his hand was moving up her leg, quickly reached her cunt. He was pleased to find it soaking wet.

He gently moved two of his fingers over her knickers, getting them nice and wet. He slowly started circling her clit, gently and excruciatingly slow. Selina started bucking and moving below his hand, but he was relentless and refused to speed up.

Soon after they pulled into the hotel. Hastily, they gathered up their bags and left the cab, offering a huge tip to the driver. Once in reception, they quickly checked in and found out they’d be on the same floor. All to the best, they both thought.

They got up to the second floor, and first passed Selina’s room. She asked him to wait for her to open her door, and once she did, she carried her suitcase to the end of the room. Once there, she came back out to the corridor and grabbed Jack by his face and kissed him.

Their first kiss was soft and hard, tender and needy. Hours of anticipation and build-up of tension peaked once their lips met, and no longer were either of them be able to resist. Jack pulled Selina to him, pinned her to a wall and kissed her back hard, strategically placing his leg between her own. She trembled and moaned under him, and he smiled and pulled away from her glorious lips.

“Shall I take my stuff to my room?” He asked her.

“Later” she said. “I need you now.”

She grabbed his laptop bag as he grabbed his suitcase, and they both took them indoors. Once she left the bag on the floor, Selina quickly took off her blazer, shirt and skirt, and dropped them on the floor. She stood in her underwear, her chest heaving in anticipation as she saw Jack. She moved over to him and helped him strip.

He pulled off his blazer, and Selina ripped off his shirt, buttons flying everywhere. Jack opened his mouth to laugh, but it was quickly filled with Selina’s tongue. She kissed him as she fumbled at his belt, and once it was unbuckled she quickly took it off him. He pulled his trousers down and stood there in his boxers. She took those off him, whilst he undid her bra. She ripped off her own knickers and stood back up.

Both of them stood and started at each other, sizing each other up, and Selina turned away to look for something in her bag. She pulled out a condom, and threw it on the bed. “We’ll definitely be needing that” she said.

“Are you on the pill?” He asked.

“I am, but it’s good to take precautions.”

He walked to her and kissed her again, now tenderly. He started tracing her body with his hands, slowly cupping her breasts, touching her sides and heading south to her pussy.

He laid her on the bed, and followed those same traces with his lips, starting at her neck, he kissed, licked and traced patterns with his tongue on her skin. He reached her ear and gently bit her lobe. As she moaned, he stuck his tongue in her ear, and she started wiggling underneath him.

He carried on his kissing trail, over her chest to reach her tits. He cupped anal breakers porno them both, squeezed them and pinched the nipples simultaneously. He lowered his head onto her left nipple, and gently took it in his mouth. He kissed it gently, and bit it tenderly. She shuddered under him as he started sucking, kissing and biting more and more eagerly. He moved onto the right breast to give her the same treatment, all the while squeezing her other breast.

Selina was moaning louder than ever, whispering encouragement and begging for him for more.

Slowly, Jack started kissing his way down her belly. With tender kisses and tiny bites, he made it between her legs. He held them apart as he examined her perfect pussy, the beautiful, glistening wet pussy. He gave it a quick lick, making Selina shudder. He wanted to tease her, but her taste was too good, and he couldn’t refrain himself. He dove right in.

He stuck his tongue in as far as her pussy would take it, and Selina screamed. He licked her pussy, drinking her juices and tongue fucking her hard and fast. As he took her clit in his mouth, Selina came hard, screaming and soaking Jack’s face with her juices. He felt like drowning, but it was the sweetest feeling in the world and he did not stop.

As she calmed down, Jack stood up and flipped Selina onto her belly. He finally pinned her onto the bed, and pulled a condom out. As he was rolling it onto his hard dick, Selina moaned and wiggled her ass closer to Jack’s dick, begging for contact. Once the condom was on, Jack lined his dick to Selina’s cunt, grabbed hold of her hips, and thrust himself inside her in one motion.

Selina screamed as all his torture was fucked out of her. All the teasing for the past hour had succeeded in making her soaking wet, and hornier than she had ever been in her life. She came hard after a few thrusts, and Jack’s dick got coated in her juices.

As he fucked her to a mind blowing orgasm, Jack had a sudden inspiration. He reached down to Selina’s pussy, pulled out his dick and quickly replaced it with 2 fingers, then three. He made sure his hand was completely coated in her cum before he moved to her ass.

Gently, he put his middle finger in. Selina moaned, and Jack knew that this wasn’t the first time she had had her ass played with during sex.

He gently moved his finger in and out, and entered a second finger. As he gently started stretching out her asshole, Selina started bucking against his hand. He finger fucked her gently for a while, but soon upped the intensity before inserting a third finger. That was when Selina started begging.

“More, God please MORE.”

Jack quickly obliged, removed his fingers from her ass and placed his dick at her slightly gaping entrance. He pushed in the head of his dick, and stopped to let Selina get used to the intrusion. She was tight, and it had been a long time since Jack has last done anal. He was excited to be able to fuck the gorgeous air hostess in her ass tonight.

As Selina started begging for more, slowly Jack pushed himself in until he was completely inside her. Selina was sprawled on the bed still, he leaned down and, resting both hands on her shoulders, reached out to her ear and bit it gently. Selina moaned, and he brushed a strand of her gorgeous tasselled hair off her face before whispering “are you ready for it?”

She nodded yes. He raised himself off her, but kept her pinned to the bed by her shoulders. He pulled himself almost completely out, and shoved himself in her ass.

She moaned loudly. He did the same thing, again, and again, and again. He kept her pinned to the bed, and fucked Selina as he had never fucked anyone else in his life. Harder and harder he fucked her, pinning her like a rag doll, and having his way with her.

Selina loved it. She always enjoyed being dominated, but this was different. The lack of emotions in being fucked from behind by practically a stranger, unable to move or shift her position excited her more than she could say. The pleasure the intense ass fucking was giving her was bringing her onto the edge of another orgasm, and for the first time in her life she came without receiving clitoral stimulation.

The sudden convulsions of Selina’s ass almost brought Jack to orgasm, but he was not done. As Selina twitched from her orgasm, Jack pulled out, roughly flipped Selina over and pushed himself back in her ass. As Selina came to grips with what had just happened, Jack started sucking, biting, and twisting her nipples roughly. She loved it, the rough way he treated her breasts in stark contrast to the sweet pounding her ass was receiving. She was in heaven.

Jack’s attack on Selina’s nipples was bringing her close to orgasm, and Jack sensed that. He was hoping to give her the biggest orgasm yet, so he quickly pulled out of her ass, ripped off the condom and plunged back into her soaking cunt.

Roughly he fucked her as he felt himself getting close to orgasm. His continued stimulation on her nipples, and his sweet pounding on her G spot was bringing Selina to a huge orgasm. She wrapped get legs around Jack’s waist, and held his head firmly to her right breast. As Jack started pumping into her faster and harder, he grabbed her hands and firmly pinned them to the bed behind her head.

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