Jameson and Jade Ch. 01

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These two people were very much in love, having a relationship that surpassed all odds, allowing them to be together for the longest time, and having them connected by their hearts, minds and souls. The day they met, Jameson met Jade, and they were running through the local park in Oak Park, New Jersey. Jade was on her normal path, through the front, around the track five times, and back out through the exit on the other side of the park. Jameson on the other hand was the adventurous one. He would run through the playground and head straight for the wooded area of the park. As he was going through his most vigorous part of the morning run, he hears a female voice screaming for help.

“Help! Help!”

As he runs out of the wooded area, he notices a woman down on the ground, right in the middle of the track. He jogs over to her and asks, “Are you ok”?

In agony, Jade answers, “nooooooooo, I hurt my ankle on a bad part of the track, and I can’t get up”.

Jameson being the omnipresent gentleman says, “Would you like me to help you out”?

“Yes please, I can’t sit out on this hot ass ground baking in the sun.” Responds Jade

As Jameson extends his hand, and Jade grabs on, he pulls with a tug, and as Jade is coming to her feet slowly, Jameson notices how sexy she is in her jogging suit and long hair.

Oak Park, as it is affectionately known, because of the fact that it is in the city and it also was the first park in this large city. The park has not been kept up very well, and now it is starting to have tree stumps and roots growing in areas where people do run daily.

“What’s your name pretty lady?” Jameson asks.

“Jade is the name and running is the game.”

“How bout you handsome?” Asks Jade.

” Jameson is the name and I don’t play games, all though I do like to run as well.”

They both laugh lightly, as Jameson wraps his arm around Jades waist in order to get a grip to support her in her effort to walk.

“My friends call me James, and I don’t live to far from here.”

“What is your point slick?” Jade shoots back quickly.

“Well, um no, um, I I didn’t.”

(As he turns a light shade of red from blushing, he smiles a big grin).

“I didn’t mean anything by it, I am just saying it looks as if your ankle isn’t doing very well, so I could get you to my place and put some ice on it to insure that there isn’t too much swelling.”

” Can you put any pressure on it?” He asks.

As he loosens his grip and Jade tries to stand and put pressure on her left ankle, she screams in agony, and James wraps his arm around her again securing her to his hip.

“Well Jade, doesn’t look like you are going to be running for a while, or even walking, what would you like to do?”

“Well Mr. Perfect, I think I can at least drive back to my house and get stuff to put on my ankle.”

” Well where is your car?” He questions with a puzzled look on his face.

“It’s out in the parking lot.”

She points behind off into the distance of where they are standing.

“There is a parking lot to this place?” he questions.

“I didn’t even know that. ”

“You see I run from my house and don’t run around the brazzers porno track because I like to be adventurous. I run through the wooded areas and try to exert myself enough to get a good work out.”

” Ok tough guy, then tell me how do you propose we get to my car, so I can get home?”

” I don’t live to far from here.” he repeats as he stares into her beautiful brown eyes.

“No way pal, we just met, and I am not that easy to go to your house 20 minutes after meeting you.” she snaps back as she returns his intensifying gaze.

There is a definite heat, or tension between these two as they wonder how to work out this ankle problem. Jameson is 6’5 and 225 lbs, with a dark chocolate skinned complexion, with green eyes giving him a very sensuous yet defying look, as well as defined muscles from his neck all the way down to his toes. Jade on the other hand is a petite 5’4 135 lbs. She has long blond hair and has a milky white complexion with breast proportionate to her body. They are very perky, and her legs even though they are short, are very toned, which carry her very well.

Jameson begins to scan over her body slowly and noticing this, she scans him over as well. Seeming as if they both are enjoying what they see, a dog barks in the background and they both snap back to reality and give big smiles to each other as they meet each others gaze again.

“Well miss (he pauses) I didn’t catch your last name?”

“Well did I drop it she throws back?”

He smiles big at her comment, then responds, , “what is your last name Jade?”

She grins with a twinkle in her eyes as she realizes how sharp he really is.

“Well tough guy my last name is Alison.”

Jade Alison, he smiles as he repeats this to himself many times.

“How about you big boy, do you have a last name?” Asks Jade.

“Yes as a matter of fact I do.”

“What is it?” She asks, as she puts her left hand on her left hip, leaving all the pressure on her right side.

“Well I’ll be a nice guy and tell you, it is Fort Worth.”

As he says this, Jade raises an eyebrow and just smiles lightly.

“What are you rich?” she asks.

” Na, no way shape or form, I do have money, but that is because I have managed my money well over the years.” Responded Jameson.

“Let’s see here, how in the world can we get you to your car?” Jameson thinks out loud.

” Well would you like for me to go and get it for you?”

She ponders this question, and says:

” Well what in the hell am I supposed to do until you get back? “

With a huge smirk on his face, Jameson responds, “I guess you will have to find something to do until I return. “

“If you want me to go that is?”

Pulling out her keys, she tosses them to him and sits on the track as he turns and starts running. “Hey James! Wait, don’t you want to know what kind of car it is?”

He turns and starts to jog backwards and says:

“How many people do you know drive to the park to run at this time of the day?”

Looking at her key chain just to make sure, he notices the Mercury Sable key, and there is only one of those in the parking lot, and he unlocks the car, climbs in, castingcouch-x porno and gets back to someone he thinks could be his dream girl. He returns with her car and puts her in slowly, making sure not to hurt her ankle. They gazed at each other longingly as she started the engine and put it into drive. That day was 6 months ago and since then, they had seen each other many times over in the park running. It seemed that Jade’s ankle was badly damaged, but it only turned out to be a sprain. So she was back out on the track about a month later. Now Jade and James get out and run together regularly and have actually started dating. Their heat and passion has not yet boiled over, but that is yet anyway. After running through the park, Jameson has gone home and he hears his phone ringing and he answers “Hello?” “Hey big boy, it’s Jade.”

“Oh hi there beautiful, what’s up?”

“Oh not much I was wondering if you wanted to go out and do a little something.”

He ponders this idea, and asks her what she had in mind.

“Well I was thinking maybe, just maybe I would be willing to show you my apartment, since you have been such a patient man.” He smiles to himself and in a deep voice he responds with:

“What time would you like for me to be there love?”

“Oh I don’t know she says, how about eightish?”

“Fine with me I will be there.”

He writes down her address and hangs up the phone and goes back to showering. The day goes by and he takes his time and prepares as he shaves, showers again, and makes sure to take care of his well-toned muscles. He slides into a pair of black jeans, and a tank top that is cut off at the arms, showing off his biceps, which he takes much pride in. As for Jade, she prepared her apartment through out the day and showered up and made sure there was plenty of sweet smells through out the house as the 8 o’clock hour nears. Jameson leaves his house, and goes and picks up flowers and a box of chocolates with different fillings, hoping for an erotic night. As he pulls up to her address, he notices that it isn’t an apartment building at all; it is a condominium, with a pool and plenty of backyard space. Before he climbs out of the car, he dashes his neck with cologne allowing the smell to waft through his shirt. He rings the doorbell, and as Jade makes him wait just a little, she straightens her dress to clear it of all wrinkles. As she opens the door, they both smile, as they are pleased with what they see, and at the smell of Jameson, Jade’s mouth slowly opens to speak. Hello they’re handsome. As Jameson drinks in the beauty of Jade in a one piece dress that holds her close in all the right places,

He says:

“Hello princess.”

Finally the tension is broken as jade opens the door all the way and lets him in. As they come into her living room, she points to the couch and says:

“That’s where you sit big boy.”

He takes a seat and the doorbell rings again.

“aahhh, they must be here Jade says out loud.”

She glides to the door, slowly wiggling her ass, as she knows Jameson is watching. Answering the door, Jade passes out many kisses and hugs as she greets old friends from her past. They all come clips4sale porno back into the living room, and she announces, “Jameson, this is Jack and Melony. Over on this side of the room you have, George and Jane, and Melissa and Michelle. You guys, this is Jameson, and the Mandingo I have been telling you about!”

The room breaks out into laughter, as Jameson raises an eyebrow.

“Is there something I don’t know?” He asks Jade, and she slowly walks over to him and stands in front of him, gazing deep into his eyes.

“James I wanted you to know that I have a massive crush on you and I have since the first day I met you.”

“Tonight I would like to show you what I am really about, and I want this to be very special, as well as something you will remember for the rest of your life.”

She leans over him and takes his hand as she nibbles his neck lightly. There is a hush in the room and wanting to break the silence George clears his throat. He is the ham in the group and it is becoming obvious to Jameson that these people all know each other. Everyone laughs as Jameson’s face lights up, and he pulls Jade off his neck.

“Can I talk to you alone for a minute love?” Jameson pushes out toward Jade.

“Ok everyone adjourn to the pool, let us have some privacy!” Says Jade to the rest of the crowd.

A big roaring cheer goes up as they all decide to go out to the pool and take a swim. As the room empties, Jade asks:

“What is it dear? You don’t seem as happy anymore.”

“Well, I thought you and I would get time alone, not be sharing time with your friends.” Was James’s response.

“Well baby, maybe I should have told you, I am somewhat of a swinger, and like to have pool parties, but you and I seemed to be getting along so well, I thought I would just bring you into my world and have your mind blown to no end.” Was Ms. Allison’s reply.

When she says that she kicks off her sandals, and climbs up into his lap facing him. She begins kissing his forehead, and his cheek, and down to his mouth, as he rubs her silky skin on the outer part of the thigh. They both moan lightly as the heat rises in the room. Jade then removes herself from his lap as she recognizes his cock starting to swell.

“No no big boy, you can’t get excited yet, I have plans for you. I have to show you the sensuous nature of my being, and I promise the passion and tension felt between us will be removed.”

Jade gives him a sly grin and allows her fingers to trace over his cheek and keeps him sitting there on the couch as she turns and starts moving toward the outdoor pool. Jameson takes it upon himself to get up and follow her. As he reaches outside, he finds a huge backyard, even larger than what he could see from out in the front of the house. He stands at the back door, and stares in amazement, he finds a pool, a deck, a tennis court, and even something that looks like a hot tub. Patches of grass connect the whole backyard, and Jade doesn’t allow shoes to be worn in this area, and for the most part she doesn’t allow clothes either!

“Shoots off Mandingo.” Jade and Melissa yell out in unison as Jameson is still wandering around the pool with wide eyes.

He kicks off his shoes, and as he does so, he steps out on to the grass and notices that it is soft to the foot, and that it isn’t hot considering that it is a rather warm evening. Jameson thought to himself about what in the world he has gotten into, but he was very intrigued by what he saw.

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