Japanese Family

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For about three years now I’ve been moonlighting as a male stripper. It started as just something I did on the side to help make some money after I had got married. It was a good money earner and as my regular work required the occasional late night I could just tell my wife that I was working late, then run off to whatever party I was stripping at.

Over time though stripping turned from something I did on the side for some spare cash, to something that I really enjoyed. All the while the wife none the wiser.

As my wife is Japanese we try and travel back to Japan every two years to visit her family. It’s always nice to catch up with them and brush up on my Japanese, but I always need to be careful not to be caught perving on my sister-in-law.

My sister-in-law is just as hot and turns me on just as much as my wife, so any chance I get when Im there I always try to catch any glimps of her whenever I can. She’s not tall, only about 5’5 with shoulder length hair which she has dyed brown. She is about 34 years old and has kept in good shape; slim, toned and with a nice b-cup breasts.

Taking this trip I thought I may try my hand at stripping in Japan. If I could just get one job over there it would pay for my trip and give me a little fun. So I contacted my agent who made all the arrangements for me.

After spending a good 3 days with the in-laws I made an excuse to my wife that I was going to catch up with some friends so not to expect me home until the early hours of the morning.

Arriving at the party I was told it was a birthday party and there were to be three male strippers, my and two Japanese guys. Apparently the girls wanted a western guy to make the night more interesting. So I got into my costume (g-string and fireman outfit) and with the other two guys went out into the room. We were a surprise to the birthday girl who along with the others screamed and laughed when we all came out. They had clearly been drinking and were all a little tipsy by this stage.

We with music blaring and cumlouder porno dim lighting went dancing through the 12 or so women there, gradually getting down to our g-strings.

It was clear that I was the favourite, being the white foreigner, but also with the better body.

What I had not counted on that night was my sister-in-law being at the party. Not wanteing to get caught I made sure I stayed away from her that night, but every now and then looking over to see how she was going. Yuka was really having a great night, laughing and grabbing a feel of the other strippers whenever she could. I must say it was pretty hot to see her get into it.

When the time came to get into the hot part of the night I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and slid off my g-string. The Japanese girls wanted to get into this as much as possible, so the towel would provide a little modesty for them. I took some whipped cream and walked over to the party girl. Standing in front of her I opened my towel and saw her eyes lighten up as she was facing directly at my cock. She giggled as I encouraged her to touch it. She put her hand out and grabbed my cock pulling on it like she was milking a cow. My cock was getting hard and I could see the joy in her eues as she held me and felt me get hard in her hands. I sprayed a line of whipped down my cock, the birthday girl knew what to do as she opened her mouth and lick along my cock, licking off all the cream. I pulled back, closed my towel as all the girls cheered the birthday girl.

I looked over and saw Yuka doing the same thing, one of the Japanese stripper was standing in front of her with a cock covered in cream. Yuka licked his cock up and down. I couldn’t believe the site, and knew I could never tell anyone!

I worked my way around the room, doing the same to each girl but not knowing what to do when I got round to Yuka.

Eventually it was time. As I worked my way around each of the girls got more adventurous and more into it, with what started czech amateurs porno out as just licking off the cream was now each girl licking, stroking and sucking and kissing my cock as much as she could. A room for of horny Japanese women giving me a quick blow job was a dream come true!

When I got to Yuka I wasn’t sure what to do. I needed to make sure she didn’t recognise me but also couldn’t wait to have her take my cock in her mouth. So I stood in front of her, made sure my mask was still on and opened my towel. I was still rock hard from the last girl and Yuka looked on with wide eyes. Yuka straight away wrapped her hand around my cock and began stroking me up and down. The sight was one I had dreamt about for a long time, my hot sister-in-law holding my cock in her hands.

Yuka rubbed her hands up and down my long cock and licked her lips. As I was watching her she looked up and looked right into my eyes. The expression on her face suddenly changed. Had she recognised my eyes? I didn’t know but something had changed. Her stroked got slower as she starred into my eyes. I wanted to turn away so not to be recognised but she was just too hot.

Yuka then gave me a little smile and returned her eyes to my cock. My mind was racing, was I caught? If so would she tell? I didn’t know what to do, but Yuka certainly did. Yuka held my cock firmly and took me into her mouth. With a long suck Yuka took all of my cock into her mouth and sucked me from base to tip. Her hand now stroking my shaft faster Yuka licked and sucked all over my cock. Her mouth was wet and tender, she was so good at it, it was clear she enjoyed giving blowjobs. I gave little thrusts of my hips forward and back each time I pushed into her mouth and Yuka reciprocated with faster strokes and deeper sucking.

Yuka and I were getting into this so much we didn’t notice all the other girls cheering us. I looked around and the birthday girl now had her top off and was getting tit fucked by one of the strippers while the other czech casting porno stripper was standing in front of a few girls jerking himself off to their giggles.

The birthday girl looked over and told me that Yuka should also get a tit fuck. The night was getting better and better. Yuka in now time took off her top and removed her bra. Her beautiful b-cup breasts was a fine shape and small pink nipples. Yuka squeezed her tits together so I bent down a little and slid my cock up into her tits. I was still went from her sucking so sliding up and down her tits was not a problem.

I held onto her shoulders and pushed harder and faster, really fucking her tits hard. Yuka moaned with each thrust I gave and licked the tip of my cock each time I pushed up.

I felt the quick build up in my cock and knew I was about to cum. I called out in Japanese “Im going to cum” and to my surprise a few of the other girls came over to see the wester guy cum on Yuka. Yuka squeezed her tits firmer around my cock and I pushed harder into her chest.

After some frantic thrusting I pulled away from her and jerked my cock to cum, but Yuka took my hand away and grabbed my cock in her hands to stroke me hard and fast. The other girls cheered as I let out an explosion of cum. I shot a long line of cum across Yuka’s face. She then opened her mouth and sucked me while I ejected loads of cum into her wet and willing mouth.

Once I had finished cumming I pulled away and Yuka gave my cock a nice kiss on the tip. All the girls cheered as us strippers waived, got dressed and left for the night.

Arriving at the in-laws house later I didn’t know what to expect. I still wasn’t sure if Yuka had recognised me or not. It was a fantasy come true for my, I’ve had plenty of wet dreams about Yuka and tonight it all came true. If she didn’t recognise me then fine, but if she had, what did it mean that she had got into it so much?

The house was dark when I got home, everyone had gone to bed, so I put my clothes away and relaxed in the living room to unwind. After about 20mins the front door opened and Yuka walked in.

She smiled at me and said goodnight as she walked past me and into her room.

I guess I would have to wait until the morning to see if anything has changed, to find out if she knew…

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