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Her name was Ellen and she had called me concerning some rough she had that needed to be categorized. I don’t usually do house calls, but she sounded like she needed help and if my suspicions were correct, I might be able to find out where she collected her samples. She insisted she had jade. At least fifty pounds of it from a place she was hiking and wanted to see if she was correct. I told her over the phone that the geology in the area she told me she found this was not known for its jade. Believe me, if it was, it would have been mined out years ago; but, the benefit of the doubt is the downfall for all rock hounds, amateur or otherwise.

I make a meager living buying rough from collectors and reselling it to people who know what to do with it. My real business is looking for large dealers that have hundreds of pounds of stuff that they want to dump onto the market just to get it out of their warehouse. I usually end up making anywhere from a dime to a buck a pound for the stuff. Not much, but if you find someone who just isn’t knowledgeable about what they have you can make a killing. Maybe she did have some jade, if so it would be a low grade at best, but you never know. It could be something entirely different that would make both of our days. Or it could be trash not worth looking at. That’s the chance you take.

She lived out on some dirt road in the middle of nowhere. She had a modest little two bedroom house that could use a new paint job and a new roof. There was a detached garage separate from the building that could have housed three cars. She drove an old army jeep from 1945 that had seen better days. Just the kind of vehicle a rock hound drives. I myself drove an old Bronco that was in its last miles. I kept it alive via duct tape and a lot of pampering. I can only imagine that her jeep had similar maladies.

I knocked on the screen door that was latched; there was no bell to ring. I heard some rumbling inside and a muffled voice called out, “Just a minute”, and I waited. I heard the dead bolt on the front door slide back and it opened a crack. All I could see of her was a bit of red hair and an aquiline nose about ruby red lips.

“Can I help you,” she asked?

“I’m afraid it’s the other way around, can I help you,” I said.

“Are you the rock guy,” she asked?

“Yes,” I have been called many things in my life and this was the mildest, “I am”. I produced my card and held it up to the screen door separating us for her to read. She studied the card for a moment or two and opened the door and unlatched the screen.

“Please come in.” She stood about five eight, kind of tall and slender. Her red hair she wore long and down around her shoulders. She was dressed in jeans and a T shirt and she had on a climbing harness that fit around her waist and along the inside of her thighs very tightly. There was a locking clamp in the O ring in the center of her harness.

“You have to forgive me, I am planning on doing a little climbing tomorrow and I just wanted to check my equipment out.” She seemed a little embarrassed, “I must look silly.”

“Oh,” being somewhat of a climber myself, “not at all. I see you prefer Petzel harnesses and if I’m not mistaken, that’s more for repelling than for top roping.”

“You climb?”

“I have been known to abuse one rock face after another,” I replied.

She had a wonderful smile and very bright eyes. She was very engaging, hard to take your eyes off of her. The seat harness accentuated her pelvis and butt. I had a difficult time not looking at her jeans and the way the harness fit.

“I was planning to repel into a canyon tomorrow and do a little exploration for rock samples.”

“Very admirable,” I commented. There followed a slight awkward silence.

“Would you like a cup of coffee or something?”

“I would love a cup, if it’s not too much trouble.”

“No trouble at all, I just happen to have some fresh brewed.”

I followed her into the kitchen and she obtained a couple of coffee cups, not matching, and poured us both a hot cup of coffee. It was a little bitter but warm and welcome.

We chit chatted about climbing and exchanged some of the escapades that we both encountered. We discussed the differences in gear and the performance of this over that. We were into our second cup of coffee before we actually got down to the subject of rocks.

“Well, would you like to see what I found?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

I followed her as she led me outside to the garage. Once inside, I found that she had several ropes hung from the rafters to practice her ascent and repel changeovers. She had an enormous amount of climbing gear and ropes hanging from the walls of the garage and along the base of the walls she had five gallon buckets and galvanized wash tubs filled with rough stone of all varieties. I immediately identified thunder czech couples porno eggs and agates, and quarts that ranged from milky white to clear and rose. She had a lot of obsidian and garnets. There was Malachite and white quarts bearing flecks of gold. I saw several wash tubs of the blackish rock bearing silver ore and crystals of all kinds. The rush of all this rough drained the blood from my head and I felt a little woozy. I was like the preverbal kid in a candy factory. There was gypsum, amethyst, chunks of raw cat’s-eye, purple marble and so much more that my mind could not categorize it at a glance. While I stood dumbfounded she walked over to a galvanized wash tub and kicked the side of it, “This is what I wanted you to see.”

I found my feet and walked over to where she was indicating. Inside I saw multiple stones of a deep green color. Some had a mild vein in it and some was a little duller than the rest, but the overall color was of a dark green nature. I picked up one of the rocks and hefted it, it had a solid mass and was up there on the Mohs scale. I took out my loop and inspected it closer. I picked up another piece and did the same. I looked at several more before I stood back up and told her, “Jasper”.

“Jasper” she repeated.

“Jasper,” I repeated. I saw the downcast look on her face and felt for her.

“Jasper of a high quality,” I added. “It’s not jade but it could fetch a nice price per pound rough of say,” I was calculating what I could afford, “a dollar to a dollar fifty a pound.”

“Hardly worth the effort it took to get it here,” she was very depressed and I felt bad. The Jasper had a nice color, but rough like this was a common event and not really worth any more than I could offer her. It was a more than fair price I felt.

“I’m sorry. I truly did not mean to disappoint you. However, I see some other stuff here that I would be very interested in.” She brightened at the prospect.

I took her through her collection of rocks and told her what she had. Normally, I would downplay the collection as second rate and make an offer less than it’s worth and make a killing on the deal. But she was just to pretty to do that to and besides, I felt kind of protective of her and had no desire to take advantage of her. At least, as far as rock were concerned. She still had the seat harness on and the way the straps of the harness fit around her ass made my mouth water. Maybe that’s way I was being so straight forward. I really couldn’t tell. I just liked having her in tow showing her what she had and how she could cash in on it.

“I would like to broker your amethyst, if you would like?”

“Oh,” she thought about it, “to whom?”

I was slightly embarrassed by the answer but stumbled through it just the same, “I know a firm that specializes in certain types of body jewelry and they use amethyst exclusively.”

“Body jewelry”, she had a puzzled _expression on her face, “you mean like ear rings and stuff?”

“Not quite,” I started to blush a little, “jewelry for ah, other parts of the body.”

“Like what parts,” she was curious now and would not let it go.

“Like, ah, well, ah, the labia, sort of.” I was fully red in the face now and turned so she wouldn’t notice.

“Really,” she was fully interested now and wanted to hear more.

“Well yeah, they make these sorts of pendent things that hang from a woman’s,” I gestured to my groin, “parts”. I was a bit uncomfortable taking about this with this women and it showed.

“Oh,” she walked up to me and put her hand on my cheek, “you’re blushing”, and she gave me a light kiss, “there now, does that feel better?”

I let out an uneasy laugh and she laughed with me and we discussed the type of jewelry I was talking about. Usually reserved for the hard core bondage types, this jewelry was designed to keep the vaginal cavity open while walking about naked. Used for various purposes that I really had no idea in hell what they were. I just supplied the rough for them. The thought sparked something inside of her and she had a sly grin on her face and she rubbed herself between her legs. That sparked something inside of me and it must have showed through my jeans. She smiled at me and cocked her head to one side and winked at me. It was like a bullet right through me.

“I’ve been wondering around all evening with this thing on,” she tugged at the ring in her seat harness, “and I think it’s about time I took it off. Could you give me a hand? It’s a bit tight.”

“Certainly,” I was always willing to help a pretty lady out.

I took a step closer to her and found the clasp that held the seat harness in place and popped it open; along with it her jeans popped open. “Whoops,” I was again embarrassed at this turn of events.

She grabbed my hand and stuffed it into her jeans under her panties and czech estrogenolit porno I felt the bristle of her pubic hair and the soft flesh in the center. Surprised I looked her in the eye with a startled look and she wrapped an arm around my head and pulled me in and kissed me deeply. As we kissed I found my fingers entering her and caressing her. She found my fly and unzipped me and took hold of my cock. “Mmmmmm, seems like this might be an interesting evening,” she said.

My fingers slid in and out of her pussy and I felt her wetness and eagerness. She had my cock in her hand and ran her fingers along its length, back and forth. I felt a savage force weld up inside of me and I bit at her nipple through her T shirt. She let go of me long enough to slide her jeans and panties off and step out of them, then she kicked them to one side. I had maintained my fingers inside her as she did so and felt myself completely aroused and hard. With her bare bottom exposed I withdrew my fingers and pulled her T shirt bovver her head and watched as her ample bosom bounced back into place on her chest, nipples erect. She knelt down on one knee and pulled my pants to my knees and took my penis into her mouth and with the aid of her hands she worked wonders on me. I was gasping and my knees felt weak. I placed both of my hands on the sides of her head and began to thrust my pelvis at her mouth. I couldn’t believe what was happing and I didn’t want to stop it. She got me rock hard and I wanted to take her right then and there. I looked around me and there was no suitable place to have sex any where in the garage. She stopped sucking me and pulled my pants to my ankles and helped me step out of them. She rose and began to unbutton my shirt. She started at the top of my shirt and I started at the bottom and when we met my shirt flew off of me like a sail. We sank into each others arms and hugged and kissed, my dick was rubbing against her pussy and I could feel the heat from her and her wetness. She ground her pelvis into my hardness and it was ecstasy.

“I think we need someplace to roost for a bit,” I whispered into her ear.

“I know just the place,” she giggled.

It took a bit of wrestling with the gear and fumbling with each other to maintain the intensity of our mutual arousal before we successfully got into our climbing gear naked. There are two very basic ways of climbing up a rope without the aid of a rock face to use as hand and foot holds. One is the “rope walker technique using a couple of cams, one located at the ankle and another located on the chest. As the rope is pulled through the cams the weight of the person with the cams sets them so that they do not slide down the rope. The other method, which we employed, is the Texas frog method. Your chest cam is attached to two foot loops; and with a cam at the center of your seat harness you are firmly attached to the rope. The principal being that you propel your way up the rope using your legs. The rope slides through the chest cam until you reach the full stride of your leg and then you “sit” down using your seat harness cam to take the weight while you pull your feet up, knees up to your elbows, and then you stand on the foot loops and propel your way up the rope. We used a slight variation of the frog style in that we used to ascenders attached to their own foot loops. You still sit down on the rope, (in mid air), while you raise one ascender per foot and then stand. It goes a little faster when you have a hundred feet or so to cover in a straight drop.

I must admit that it felt really weird to be suspended above the garage floor on a rope bare ass naked with a beautiful red headed lady in a similar condition. The ropes were strung close enough to allow two climbers contact. Obviously, this was used as a rescue training set up in which one climber is disabled for what ever reason and the other is set off to bring them in.

In this case, we found a slightly different use for the set up. She was slightly above me on her neighboring rope so that she was sitting spread eagle with her pubic hair at my nose. Perfect, I thought.

I swung a little on my rope and caught her legs and brought her into me. The effort to climb up a rope is considerable and causes a certain amount of sweat, added to that the nature of a tin roof of a garage in the middle of a desert, even at night, and you have a lot of warmth going on. She smelled of sweat that was like perfume to me. I brought her close and began to lick her clit and hold her in place using a couple of fingers inserted inside her pussy. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her moaning and groaning. We began to sway because she started to thrust her pelvis into my face as I gobbled her up. To steady the sway of the ropes in the same direction I put a free hand on her ass which caused us to sway in the same czech first video porno pendulum motion in the same direction. “Oh, yeah honey, Oh yeah,” and she gave me her fullness wide open without hesitation. She tasted sweet with a ting of saltiness from the sweat. She was supple and raw and sensitive as hell as I licked her and sucked at her. Her breaths came in gasps and sharp intakes and out of the corner of my eye I could see her tits bounce as she exhaled sharply. Her movements and the sounds she made and her smell kept me hard as a rock in this erotic single rope technique. She was getting close to climax and she reached behind her and moved my hand on her ass so that my fingers would penetrate her ass. This added a new dimension of pleasure to her already mounting orgasm and she let out, “Uhhhhhhh”, and jerked her pelvis as she was about to cum. This cause a ripple effect along both ropes holding us up and actually added to her pleasure and she began to jerk as if involuntarily. She began to make unintelligible sounds of partial words and moans and gasping at the same time, until she screamed, “OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH!” Her body was bobbing up and down like a cork in water. ”UHHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHH” She grabbed my head and turned me up to face her and I stared at her face with half closed eyes through the hard nipples of her breasts.

“Come on up here, honey I got to have you,” she said.

I removed my damp fingers from her orifices and manipulated the ascenders so that my erect penis was level with her damp pussy. She grabbed my cock and tugged me and guided me so that I entered her sopping wet pussy. Being on rope all your weight is on the rope so that I could manipulate her ass to slide up and down my shaft with no more effort than lifting a feather. Within minutes our ropes were intertwined and winding around each other and we were in a mild spin as I thrust myself into her with all I had. When the ropes could no longer wind themselves in the clockwise direction we were spinning in, they began to unravel in a counter clockwise motion. I never missed a thrust and she wouldn’t have let me if I could. It was like an E ticket ride at Disneyland only far more fun. I was standing on my foot loops with her knee caps held firmly against my buttocks. We supported our position by grasping each others ass and her tits mashed themselves against my chest hair and I could feel her nipples make imprints on my flesh. I had an animal passion that was relentless and she was lost in lust gasping for breath as I thrust myself deep into her again and again.

“OHHHH GoDDDDDD”, I screamed.

“Yeah, Baby,” she screamed.

I shot my semen deep into her in thrust after thrust.

“OHHHHHHHHH”, one of us moaned and I couldn’t tell you who.

When I finished ejaculating we left ourselves entwined, spinning around in the air, fifteen feet above the garage floor. We spun counter clockwise then clockwise, then counter clockwise until the ropes settled themselves again as two independent strands. We kept holding on to each other and nuzzling each other in the after glow of sex. When we parted and I came out of her some of my semen dribbled out of her and hit the floor with a smack. She giggled at that and I smiled. We made the change over to our stainless steel racks and made our small descent to the floor. Once again on terra firma we embraced and kissed and nuzzled each other.

We left the equipment where we took it off along side our clothes and went traipsing across the desert floor into the house and into her bedroom. There in a much different setting we found ourselves stretched out on her bed. I played with her clit, sticky as it was and suckled her breasts. After about an hour or so, she had me hard as a rock once again and this time she got to the floor with her torso over the bed and I got behind her. She again took my hardness and with a little effort she inserted me into her ass and I took my time and gave her as much pleasure as I possibly could. I watched myself as I entered her and found it to be a powerful stimulant and when she orgasm I lifted her onto the bed and worked over old ground by lying her on her back and placing her legs on my shoulders and filling her beautiful red haired pussy again.

I came three times that night and she, well, I have no idea how many times, but I know she was very happy with the results.

In the following weeks, I brokered a lot of her rough stones and we searched the desert for more. It was our excuse for being together. Hey, whatever works? These days I think of nothing else but how beautiful her nipples are and the quality and softness of her red pubic hair as it shrouds her wonderful pussy. I don’t see, I feel her smile; I don’t hear, I sense her being, I don’t touch her I experience her. And Oh, the Jasper; well I took that and slabbed it out and made her some Cabs out of it, and a couple of rings and a necklace that she wears often. The green of the Jasper brings out the red in her hair and make her eyes sparkle like diamonds. Then again, a good night of sex always brings out the red in her hair and really makes her eyes sparkle like diamonds. Even the japer is an excuse just to show up.

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