John and Jane

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John’s car darted effortlessly in and out of the lanes of rush hour traffic. He was speeding, but for what he considered good reason. It had been a long and harrowing day and he needed the relaxation that only came on those rare occasions when he was able to visit Jane. He’d known this dark haired beauty for decades and couldn’t understand why, even after all these years, she still had a hold on him that was impossible to escape.

As he drove impatiently into her neighborhood, he once again began experiencing the physical anticipation that he always felt when he knew that he would be seeing her again. The thought of holding her in his arms and running his hands eagerly over her shapely body, awakened a lust that had been in deep hibernation since their last rendezvous. He was hungry for the thrill that he experienced whenever he felt the silkiness of her skin, the round firm fullness of her breasts, the warm heat of her throat and shoulders, the hot moist flesh of her pubic mound.

His penis began to twitch with excitement as he envisioned Jane leaning back on her sofa, her legs widespread, her eyes burning with lust as her arms reached hungrily for his naked body. He pressed the gas pedal gently, trying to keep the sensual heat that was quickly building in his body under control. He was almost there and his hands trembled ever so slightly as he activated the left turn signal and rolled smoothly up the grade at the bottom of the street where she lived. He accelerated past a huge, newly erected apartment complex and, a minute later, pulled his car over to the curbin front of the modest apartment building where she lived.

Seconds later, he was inside the apartment building foyer, insistently pressing the button for her apartment. As he waited for her to respond to the buzzer, he wondered if she was even home from work yet. She had a long commute home each night, involving transfers between the subway and the above ground system of buses and streetcars. Delays were commonplace and the system suffered frequent breakdowns. He held his breath and waited impatiently for a reply from the small speaker located above the rows of apartment buzzers.

Finally, he heard her voice, accompanied by the familiar clicking of the main entrance lock as she pressed the release to allow him to enter the building. He quickly pulled the door open and made his way to the elevator. He pressed the button to summon it for his ascent to the sixth floor and once again found himself waiting impatiently as the aged device made its way slowly down to the ground floor. It arrived with a clunk and a loud ding. Its creaking doors opened slowly like the maw of an ancient dinosaur and he quickly stepped inside and slapped the button for the sixth floor.

Slowly, the device began it’s long and laborious climb up through the floors of the building. Then, after 2 or 3 stops to allow aging tenants to embark and disembark, it stopped with a loud thump at Jane’s floor. The doors parted so slowly that John was tempted to grab them and physically force them apart.

They were still opening when he found himself looking into Jane’s smiling, excited face. She was still in her work clothes; an attractive business suit that gave little hint of the beautifully formed body that he knew it was cloaking.

John wanted to grab her, tear off her clothes and smother her naked body in kisses right there in the hallway. But Jane had established rules of behavior to ensure that other tenants did not see her in a negative light. So they embraced pleasantly and walked casually back to her apartment, being careful not to fuel a forest fire of speculation and gossip amongst some of the more whisper prone on her floor. As they walked nonchalantly to her apartment, they exchanged pleasantries and spoke in deceptively soft voices. Then, when the door to Jane’s apartment was safely closed behind them. Jane turned and quickly twisted the lock shut with a sharply audible snap.

At that moment, their gazes locked and both knew what would follow. John immediately dropped to his knees in front of her and quickly unbuttoned the hem of her skirt. With fingers that were trembling with pent up sexual excitement, he slid the zipper to the bottom and pulled the garment down over her roundly sensual hips. He could smell the heat of Jane’s cunt beneath her panties and felt his penis react by surging insistently against the front of his pants. He slid his thumbs beneath the hem of her panties and pulled them down to reveal a thick mat of curly black pubic hair, so dense that he was unable to see the hot, wet labia that were hidden beneath. At a time when almost every young woman was shaving her pussy, Jane steadfastly refused to participate in the craze. She knew that John had always been excited by her dense bush of pubic hair and she didn’t want to deprive teach that-bitch porno him of that sensual pleasure.

Her skirt and panties now off, Jane lifted her feet and kicked them aside. At the same time, she quickly removed her top and bra and cast them carelessly onto the easy chair. She knew what was inevitably going to unfold and was anxious to begin. She spread her legs slightly and placed her hands behind John’s head, pulling him closer. She could feel the heat of his breath on her thighs and gently thrust her hips forward.

John pressed his face into the soft tangle of pubic hair and felt for her cunt lips with his tongue. He found them immediately. They were wet and hot, awash with the excitement that Jane was experiencing. He pushed eagerly between them and felt the slippery button of her enlarged clitoris sliding sensually beneath the tip of his hungry tongue. His excitement was growing unabated and he slid his fingers between her wet labia, spreading them gently to allow greater penetration with his tongue.

He could feel Jane’s fingers combing passionately through his hair and heard her whisper to him to come with her to the sofa. He quickly got to his feet and as Jane made her way over to the sofa, he hurriedly pulled off his pants and shirt. By now, his penis was standing, hard and erect, and contracted rhythmically as he watched Jane turn and recline on the sofa. She looked up at him seductively as she laid back and slowly opened her legs wide. Her cunt hair glistened with wet arousal, partly because of the invasion by his tongue and partly because her growing anticipation had resulted in a copious effluence of natural lubricants. The secretions were increasing as she lay there, her legs apart and her need for satisfaction growing.

John fell to his knees between her widespread legs and began to kiss her breasts. As he kissed her, he could feel her reach down and wrap her fingers gently around his throbbing penis. Slowly she massaged it, lovingly and wantonly, all the way from the excited purple tip to the semen swollen testicles suspended beneath it. This was the sex that John lived for. No one but Jane was able to evoke the level of erotic passion that was now surging through his innervated body. Her expert fingers caressed his steel hard member softly, seductively, coaxing it to jerk excitedly with each carefully measured touch.

Now he gently pulled away from Jane’s breasts and again buried his face in her hot wet cunt. He licked the hair that grew over the turgid lips and finally parted it with his fingers and licked deep and hard from the bottom of the slippery wet slit all the way to the top. She moaned gently and, with her hands behind his head, pulled him closer so that his darting tongue would stab even deeper into her open, inviting pussy.

Jane was not on birth control and John had not undergone a vasectomy, so they had to be very careful to avoid an ejaculation by John while he was inside of her vagina. Condoms were out of the question as Jane had experienced an allergic reaction to every brand they’d tried. Keeping that in mind, John moved back slightly and placed his hands on Jane’s knees. Then he moved forward until his penis stood, rock hard and ready, at the slit of her wet inviting cunt. At that point, the two exchanged a smile of understanding and John moved his hips forward gently, sliding his hard impatient dick between the wet, pouting lips of her pussy. He pushed all of the way into her, right up to his balls and could feel the thick tangle of her pubic hair brush erotically against his scrotum with each thrust. He could feel his cock reacting to the hot, wet, feel of her vagina as it greedily encompassed his cock. It’s warm, wet, inviting folds, provocatively tempting it to release it’s cargo of sperm into her waiting body. He moved in and out of her, slowly, deliberately, all the while looking into her passion filled eyes.

Moment’s later, he could feel the impending ejaculation that was urgently building in his testicles. His penis felt like a gun whose trigger was about to be pulled. He knew he would cum soon and also knew it was time to withdraw from Jane’s warm, wet, cunt. He slid quickly out of her and once clear of her tantalizing vagina, he paused to allow his excitement to subside. When he was sure that his ejaculation had been sufficiently delayed, he again placed the swollen purple head of his cock between her sweet wet cunt lips and began sliding it back and forth along the delightfully slippery channel between her labia. Both of them loved it. His cock head slid over Jane’s clit with each thrust and the feel was absolutely intoxicating for both of them.

Suddenly John felt his balls tighten and pull up hard against his throbbing erection. He knew that an ejaculation was imminent and pushed forward teamskeet porno urgently to avoid spilling any jism while the head of his dick was still between Jane’s cunt lips. The orgasm came in a series of fantastically pleasant contractions. With each involuntary thrust of his hips, his penis convulsed, shooting a pearly jet of semen onto Jane’s heaving breasts, covering her nipples and tummy with the thick hot evidence of the passion that she evoked in him. Jane reached quickly down, even as John’s penis was still jerking with the force of his ejaculation and, with her hand, formed a barricade between her passion reddened cunt lips and the crawly pool of warm semen that covered her breasts and belly.

“Mmmm… That was a big load!” Jane commented with just a hint of satisfaction in her voice. She was always pleased when she made John go off with such intensity. John raised himself from her body and rolled over onto the sofa beside her.

“Yeah!” he replied in a voice that was still hoarse from the passion that had been evoked by the urgency of his ejaculation. “I almost hurt my balls I went off so hard!”

Jane reached for the box of tissues beside the sofa and began to mop up the pool of semen that had gathered in her navel and was beginning to trickle down the sides of her waist. She used up three or four of the tissues and got up and went to the bathroom to dispose of them and wash the thick residue of jism from her tummy. As she walked away, John looked at her hour glass figure and wondered how he could have been lucky enough to find this sexy woman all those years ago. Their sexual relationship was so stimulating that John seldom went a day without thinking of the indescribably delightful feeling of her naked and pliant body beneath his.

He heard the tap running in the washroom and decided to let Jane finish before he went in to wash up.

A few minutes later, Jane returned to the sofa. As she walked toward John, he now had the opportunity to look at her from the front side. Her legs were long and slender and finely muscled. At the top of her shapely thighs, was a thick flourish of midnight black pubic hair. It was long and completely covered the generous lips of her cunt. Her belly was flat and her breasts were pert and perfect, topped with delicious pink nipples. She had a classical face, with large lovely eyes and short black hair. Her lips were full and slightly pouty. He loved looking at her naked. The sight of her naked body never failed to arouse him.

She smiled broadly as she sat down beside him. She hadn’t cum during their initial sexual encounter but both she and John knew from experience that she preferred to cum after he’d been satisfied. She was always excited to the extreme when John, in an almost rapturous state, showered her breasts and belly with the hot, thick contents of his swollen testicles. At that moment, when he was overcome with passion and began involuntarily thrusting his hips furiously back and forth, Jane invariably experienced a spike of sensual arousal that left her breathless and ready for her own orgasm. Her need grew exponentially with each pearly dollop of semen that exploded furiously from the tip of his rigid cock and splashed, hot and thick, onto her waiting breasts. It felt warm and provocatively sensual as it fell on her breasts in thick foaming white droplets of liquid lust.

Jane always allowed John to recuperate for a few minutes before she embarked on her own pursuit of an orgasm. She loved the feeling of total abandon that she experienced as he helped her make her way to the wonderful state of euphoria that could only be reached through experiencing her own vigorous orgasm.

John lay there for a moment and watched Jane’s face. She was looking at his penis with a smile. It was lying on his belly and as he looked down, he saw it convulse gently and emit a small trickle of semen from its tip, It dripped down in a pearly gelatinous string onto his pubic hair.

His cock was almost flaccid now and it was time to wash up.

He gently stroked Jane’s hair, smiled warmly at her, got up and made his way to the washroom. He stood naked before the sink and turned on the hot water. He washed his hands carefully and then washed his face which was still wet with the effusions from Jane’s cunt. Then, holding the soap in his palm, he rubbed his hands together vigorously to raise a good lather. He then grasped his cock and washed its entire length and then washed his balls and pubic hair. His balls were wet and sticky after his recent sexual tryst, with not only his own semen, but also with the thick slippery emissions from Jane’s cunt.

As he lathered his genitals, Jane appeared at the bathroom door, a somewhat annoyed look on her face.

“What are you doing?” she asked sharply. “Why do you have to wash tecavuz porno yourself like you’ve never been so dirty in your life? You’d think you were a doctor about to go into surgery!”

Such outbursts, following sex, were not something new. John had learned that whenever he took longer than a minute or two to wash up after he’d ejaculated, Jane could become very agitated. He wasn’t sure why this happened, but speculated that Jane was either very impatient to get on with her own sexual voyage, or was insulted by the intense cleansing regimen that he employed after being intimate with her. To her, John’s very fastidious cleansing routine may have implied that she was somehow dirty and her non hygienic state necessitated a good deal of post sex scrubbing on her partner’s part.

Of course neither assumption was correct. John simply wanted to get all of the post sex secretions off his hands and genitals and perhaps went a little overboard in his efforts.

He smiled at Jane as he dried off his genitals. “Well, I am about to operate!” he replied and with that, turned her about and nudged her in the direction of the sofa.

They both sat down and John put his arm around Jane and pulled the back of her head against his chest. Then he reached down over the front of her naked body and slowly began squeezing her breasts and gently pinching the nipples. Jane relaxed and let her arms fall to her side. After a few minutes, John reached down farther and gently began stroking her cunt. He loved the thick lustrous bush between her legs. It was still wet and warm and he slid his finger deep into its thick mat, feeling gently for her cunt lips. They were slightly swollen and were still slippery and wet from the excitement of their recent intimacy. Jane was again beginning to breath heavily with the excitement that John’s touch evoked. She was focusing intently on her own orgasm and began moving her delightfully luscious hips back and forth against his searching fingers. Finally, his fingers found her clitoris. It was swollen and sensitive to his touch and Jane moaned with satisfaction as he gently massaged it.

Sensing Jane’s rapidly growing excitement, John moved his other back to Jane’s breasts and began whispering sexual suggestions to her softly as he gengly squeezed and fondled each breast and nipple. Her reaction was immediate. She raised her hands from her side and opened her legs wide, exposing the long delicious slit of her cunt. At the same time, she pulled her knees up and rested her feet on the sofa. She calmly reached for the bottle of baby lotion that she always kept handy by the tissues and squeezed a small amount onto her finger tips. Then she gently spread her cunt lips with one hand while the fingers of the other, found her swollen clitoris.

She gasped, almost inaudibly as her fingertips began to slowly caress her clit. John watched in fascination as she gently drew circles around the tiny button nestled between the folds above her vagina. He heard her breathing quicken and felt her head press back against his shoulder as her back began to arch involuntarily. Her fingers began moving faster and her hips began to thrust more forcefully. He continued whispering in her ear, all the while suggesting acts of sexual decadence that reached deep into the normally constrained areas of her psyche, releasing suppressed sexual desires in a whirlwind of sensual fantasy.

Jane was now streaking at light speed towards an orgasm and John knew from past experience that it would be upon her in seconds. Her eyes were now closed and her breath roared in her throat as the sensations created by her practiced fingers and John’s whispered words of encouragement, brought her closer to the edge of cumming. Her fingers worked furiously as they stimulated her turgid clitoris, and her cunt lips, now swollen with passion, had turned bright red. The deep channel between her labia was opened wide and John was able to see the entrance to her vagina contracting and relaxing excitedly as her climax approached. The thick black triangle of pubic hair surrounding her swollen cunt lips was now matted, hot and damp, against her pubic mound. As if in reply to an unseen signal, she pulled her legs up until her knees were pressing into her breasts and began thrusting her cunt vigorously against her caressing fingers, again and again, as if all self control had left her.

Suddenly, with a loud moan of wanton pleasure, she rolled over on one side and closed her legs hard on her pleasuring fingers. Her entire body convulsed rhythmically as it was rocked by the heavy contractions of her orgasm. It lasted about a minute and left her totally motionless and physically spent. She laid there on her side for several minutes, her eyes closed and a satisfied smile on her face.

John watched as she gradually made her way back to awareness. She finally sat up and looked at him. “Oh my God, that felt so good,” she moaned contentedly. “I can’t believe how hard I went off John.”

John smiled at her and stroked her warm wet cunt affectionately. “I know baby. You were fantastic.”

To be continued.

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