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My wife, Marge, and I have sex four or five times a week. She loves to fuck, and to have me suck her cunt. She’ll suck me, but won’t let me cum in her mouth.

She manages the female clothing sections of a major department store chain in one of our city’s malls. My name’s Bill. I write a monthly column for rural electric cooperatives in all states bordering the Mississippi River.

Shortly after one on a sweltering afternoon, I ducked into a neighborhood bar for a cold one. I had started to order another drink, when a sexy-voiced female said, “Wouldn’t you rather come over to my place for a glass of wine?”

Startled, I turned to see who was talking. It was Karen, a woman in my wife’s bridge club. She owns several automobile battery stores. I grinned. “Hi, Karen. If you live near here, I’ll take you up on your offer. Matter of fact, I’ll go if you live far away.”

“C’mon, it’s just a short walk from here.” Thank goodness. The heat outside was oppressive.

When we reached her apartment, she said reality kings porno “Take off your tie and make yourself comfortable while I get the wine.” She returned with two glasses of Merlot, touched her glass to mine, and said “Cheers.”

“Don’t you get lonesome living here all alone?” I asked. She had been divorced for about three years.

She laughed. “If you’re wondering about my sex life, I get all the sex I can handle.”

“That’s not why I asked,” I stammered.

“Tell me, Bill, do you get all the sex you can handle?”

“Yes. Sure But –“

“But what?”

“May I be blunt?”

“Are you asking if I mind if you say cunt or fuck?”

“I guess that answers my question. I love oral sex, but Marge won’t let me cum in her mouth. There, now you know.”

“Boy, we’re in the same boat. The guy I’m going with won’t let me suck his prick. Do you like the taste of cum?”

“Love it.”

“Would you like to sixty-nine, and taste mine?”

“I’ll sexmex porno say.”

“Let’s go in the bedroom and get undressed.”

I was awestruck when I first saw her naked. “I think you look sexy with clothes on, but without clothes — Wow!”

“Thank you.”

“Your tits are gorgeous. I want to suck those magnificent nipples.”

“I want you to suck them. Later. Right now, I want to feel your prick.”

She put her hand around me, and moved my foreskin back and forth. “I’ve never held an uncircumcised prick. It’d be easy to jack you off.”

“You better not do much of that or you’ll make me cum.”

“I’ll wait ’til later. I’m ready to sixty-nine. Do you want to be on top or bottom? Or would you rather lie side by side?”

“I want to be under you, so your cum will squirt directly into my mouth.”

She straddled my face, put a hand around my balls and the base of my pecker, and licked the pre-cum from my pee-hole. “Yum, yum,” she said.

“I’m sindrive porno glad you don’t shave. I love to feel cunt hair on my lips.”

She’s an incredible cocksucker. She did things with her tongue and mouth that made me feel like she truly loved my prick. When my cum spurted into her mouth, her cum literally drenched my mouth. She turned, crawled up beside me and put her head on my shoulder. “Your cum’s delicious,” we both said at the same time.

After we had rested a short while, I licked one of her big nipples. She held my head close as she offered me each breast to be licked and sucked. She noticed that I was getting hard, and promptly impaled herself on my hard-on. She bounced up and down a few times, and spilled warm cum over my prick and balls.

Almost before I knew what was happening, She sat astride my chest with my prick between her tits and my balls snuggled against her chest. “Fuck my tits, Bill,” she urged as she squeezed her tits snugly around my prick.

Her tongue licked the end of my cock. “Give me another taste of your delicious cum,” she said as she opened her mouth. I watched in ecstasy as she swallowed three bursts of my cum. I’d fuck Marge’s brains out, but Karen and I would continue to have oral sex and love tasting each other’s cum for a long, long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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