Kate’s Match Ch. 1

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I still can’t believe she did it–and he did it–and Marc and I did it! Ever since the first day of classes at the Goethe Institute in Prien in the south of Germany Kate had the hots for Jack. I’d seen that look in her eyes before. It was the look of the hunter seeing her prey and already imagining how good it was going to taste after the hunt and the chase and the kill.

Kate usually got what she wanted. Beautiful women do. And when they’re beautiful and smart and rich and moving up fast in the company they ALWAYS get what they want.

Men are such pushovers for pussy. A beautiful woman like Kate can utterly control them–get them panting and doing her bidding thinking she’ll spread her legs for them–then laugh and walk away, leaving them bent over to hide their arousal and shame. I suppose I should hate her or at least envy her because I’m not beautiful–well-built, but not beautiful. I don’t hate her though because being her friend since college has gotten me more hard cock than I ever could have gotten on my own. That’s worth something.

Anyway, Kate always did get what she wanted. I think she had her legs calibrated. She knew exactly how much to open them and for how long to get her demands met–then wham! They’d slam shut until the next sucker came along. Her cruelty worked wonders for me, because I could then move in on cute boys and offer them a shoulder to cry on.

Well, you can guess how that went. They were crushed and feeling awful about themselves, thinking maybe they were dorks. I would come along full of sympathy and understanding, and suggest they come to my room in the dorm to talk.

They never suspected anything from me, because I was everybody’s sister. I had always hated that. Men somehow found it easy to open up to me and they told me all about troubles with their girl friends. It was Kate who helped me turn what I had always hated to my advantage.

I’d sit them down on the bed and sit across from them and with a few leading questions I get them almost crying. I’d move over to sit next to them and put my arm around them to comfort them. If they responded–and they always did–I knew I had them.

I’d bring a guy’s head to my shoulder and press his face, now wet with tears, into me. Since I’m very well-endowed–even more so than big-titted Kate–they couldn’t teen porno help but feel my pillowy breasts. I made sure of that.

Of course, they would get embarrassed and pull away, but I’d pretend not to notice and hold them tightly. Guys heads are so easy to fuck with. A guy’d be crying and feeling like he was worthless because Kate had dumped him, but with a woman’s arm around him, her breasts pressed into his chin and soothing noises in his ear and within seconds there’d be a stirring in crotch.

It was such a kick to pretend to be this “caring sister,” only interested in helping this guy get over his grief, while all the while looking down at his crotch, watching as things came to life. They couldn’t even help it! Their cocks are such traitors! I love it! Kate taught me how to understand guys:

“It doesn’t matter what’s going on in their minds or hearts or anywhere else,” Kate’d say.

“A woman can speak directly to their control center without their even knowing it. Make ’em think–even unconsciously–that you’re gonna give ’em a little ass and they’ll do anything you want them to do. Get to his cock. That’s the secret. No man can refuse the insistent demands of his aroused cock.”

Kate, as usual, was right. I just had to think “cock” and it was like I’d sent him a subliminal message that he couldn’t refuse. So, I’d comfort the poor guy, who’d had visions of Kate’s sweet pussy riding up and down his thrusting cock I’d give him just enough soft tit to pull the hidden string to his middle.

It always got me excited to watch those young cocks start to lengthen and thicken against their thighs as I held them so “sisterly.”

I’d, of course, adjust my position frequently so that my hand would lightly brush across the top of their tightening pants. I’d feel his dick do a little leap like it had gotten an electric jolt when I touched it. It wouldn’t be long before we’d be kissing and he’d be panting and growling, his hands all over me.

Kate would leave a guy so incredibly hungry that I barely had to touch him before his fingers were unbuttoning my blouse, my hands trying to push his away, trying to maintain my image as the comforting sister. I learned just how much to resist so that they always thought they were the initiators without their tricky masseur porno coming to their senses and getting up and leaving.

And of course, never once did any of them realize that they were just my toys. They were always so cute, apologizing afterwards, fearing that they’d taken advantage of little old helpless me.

My favorite thing to do was to get a guy to unzip and watch his cock pop out like it had been a coiled spring. I wouldn’t let him take his pants off for a long time. I loved to watch that hard protruding red-headed flesh sticking out from between his legs, while he otherwise was completely clothed. Men can be totally naked with just a cock sticking out of an open zipper. So I had a lot to thank Kate for.

But, now, the unexpected had happened. The bank had sent four of us to Germany to learn German so we could open a branch in the East. Our Goethe Institute class was filled with people of all ages from all over the world hoping to learn German for similar reasons.

But Jack, handsome Jack, was just there on his own. He’d already had a brief political career as a congressman from Maine and everyone thought we was a shoo-in to be the next Senator from Maine when the current senator stepped down. But he surprised everyone and left the state, moved into a monastery for 23 months and then went to India, Nepal and Tibet to study Buddhism. Now, he was learning German as he contemplated returning to the States and picking up where he’d left off.

Jack was lean and hard from his years in the monastery and his life in India, Nepal, and Tibet. He would spend hours cross-legged on the floor in the lotus position absolutely silent in meditation. He would remove all his clothes and just cover his lap with a small brightly colored cloth. He was absolutely unashamed of his nudity–he actually seemed unaware of it–when at dawn he’d sit silently on the floor of our common room in the shared housing we had near the woods and the lake, just outside of town.

He sat completely straight-backed for hours without making a sound. Then he’d arise and take his cloth and walk silently out of the commons, his broad back rippling and sloping downward to his small tight butt. He was totally unaware of the effect he had on Kate and me and the other türkçe alt yazı porno women in our building. When he’d stand, there’d be a sharp intake of breath from the first woman who saw him and all eyes would follow his tightly-muscled butt and legs as they carried him out of the commons and down the hall to his room. Hands would surreptitiously adjust blouses as they grazed hardening nipples. Thighs would grind tightly together as if to keep their hidden moistening lips from crying out to be touched.

Kate fixed her sights on him and we knew he was a good as dead. But for the first time in her life, Kate wasn’t successful. She tried everything, including walking into his room stark naked, pretending she had soap in her eyes and had walked into the wrong room. He just gently chuckled and finding a cloth and wetting it in his room sink, he helped wash the “soap” out of her eyes and led her out of his room, never so much as brushing against or glancing at her full, upright breasts.

Nothing seemed to work. Kate’d steer every conversation around to sex, but he’d just nod and smile mysteriously. She’d wear skimpy revealing clothes that showed off her near perfect body and then talk about sex and watch to see what effect she was having on him. We studied his crotch like geologists examining a fossil, but we never saw any stirring.

“Get over it, Kate!” I would say. “He’s gay. He probably likes boys.”

But we knew he wasn’t, and didn’t. Once when Jack had gone to town to buy food for our common refrigerator we sneaked into his room. We found a stack of German Playboys and some real hard-core German porn with these big blonde Brunhilda’s with legs opened wide for all the world to see and adore. We went through it all to try and discover his tastes and hope thereby to find a weakness for Kate to exploit.

“He likes it shaved, Kate,” I pointed out after going through a stack of magazines specializing in shaved pussies.

“Yeah, I see. He likes ass, too, Jen. Look at all these mags.”

She was right. Page after page of women bent over, showing ass and pussy and legs. Women lying stomach down on beds, legs spread, luscious round asses rising in the air revealing soft glistening slits beneath. We both were breathing heavily.

“Ooooh, I’m gettng turned on.” Kate moaned. “I’d give anything to be one of these babes showing my ass and cunt for him.”

And with that I could see a light go on in her head, thinking, “I’ll get him. And here’s how I’m going to do it….”

Part 2. Kate invites Jack on a trip to Paris via train and plots his fall. (To be written, if requested)

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