Kelli Gets Some Attention

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I was staring morosely into my wine glass as a man dropped onto the bar stool next to mine.

“Hi,” he said, “I’m Mitch” He offered his hand, and I shook it reluctantly.

“I’m Kelli,” I replied briefly.

“You look kind of bummed, Kelli. I’m not a bartender, but I am a pretty good listener. What’s up?” Mitch asked.

Suddenly the urge to unload was strong. “Well, I’m upset with my friend over there, Jade. She always begs me to come out with her after work, but when I do, halfway through the evening, she ditches me. Well, she doesn’t really ditch me, she just gets carried away with all the male attention she attracts that she forgets about me. Then Monday at work, she apologizes over and over. After a few weeks, I forgive and forget, then she begs again and I come out with her again. I’m getting tired of it. I guess it’s not really her fault, though, I mean look at her. She’s gorgeous. She attracts men in herds. They all cluster around her, trying to impress her or get a date. It’s so depressing.”

I gestured to the end of the bar, where my friend held court with most of the men in the room. My modest charms paled when compared to her almost six-foot height, lush (although surgically enhanced) figure, and waterfull of sexy red hair.

“I call them Jade’s Brigade. She doesn’t sleep around, she won’t go home with any of them, she just seems to crave being the center of attention for the evening. And I’m the cliched wallflower hanging around hoping for her leftovers.”

“Aww now, you’re being way too hard on yourself,” Mitch said. “I know my fantasies tend to feature petite blue-eyed blondes.”

I blinked at him, not sure if he was serious or joking. “Well, thanks for letting me vent.”

“Any time,” he said “Besides, if you ask me, she’s the cliche and those men are fools. You’re the real woman.”

‘Oh man’, I thought. ‘If that’s a line, you’ve got me.’

I smiled and really looked at him for the first time. He was tall and slim, with dark hair and eyes.

“Now it’s your turn,” I said. “Tell me about yourself, what do you do?”

“Oh, boring computer stuff,” he said deprecatingly.

“Come on, tell me,” I coaxed. “I co-oped for IBM in college and also did a little programming. I’m a computer geek from way back. Besides, my computer never bores me.” I smiled inwardly, thinking about a couple of the websites I like to visit.

He laughed and we proceeded to get to know each other, talking about our jobs, then moving on to movies and current events. He was funny and smart and I realized I was enjoying our conversation tremendously. The sting of Jade’s desertion had eased.

We lapsed into a companionable silence, watching the antics buca escort bayan of Jade’s Brigade and their attempts to one-up each other while competing for her attention. We shared a smile as we watched two guys literally jockey for position, one of them taking an elbow in the ribs. As our eyes met, I felt a little spark passing between us.

Mitch said, “The smoke and noise are getting to me. Want to step outside on the patio?”

“Do you think it’s open? It’s November, you know.”

“Well, maybe the owners are smart enough to go by the weather, not the calendar.”

Carrying my wine, I followed him toward the door that led out onto a small patio. I was so engaged in watching his strong shoulders and well-shaped backside that I plowed into him when he stopped to check the door. “Down girl,” I muttered. The door opened and we stepped outside into the unusually warm November air.

The patio was surrounded on one side by a wall of windows looking out from the bar and on another by the solid wall of the kitchen. The other two sides had a wooden railing and overlooked a small side parking lot. In the summertime, there were japanese lanterns lit and a bartender manning the small bar in the corner. Tonight, it was dark and deserted. We found two barstools behind a table in the corner and Mitch gallantly dusted mine off. I climbed up and began sipping my wine.

“Good idea, it feels so nice out here,” I commented.

“Yes, it is nice out here,” he agreed, staring at me intently. “Kelli, I’d like to kiss you.”

“Please,” I said faintly.

He leaned over and touched his lips to mine. He kissed me softly, just brushing our lips together, not too wet or aggressive. He licked my closed lips, and they parted, inviting him inside. We kissed for what seemed like hours, with only our lips and tongues touching.

Finally, I slipped out of my chair and moved in front of him. With him sitting and me standing, we were at just the right height. He ran his hands over my shoulders, down my arms, up and down my back, pulling me snugly between his thighs. He gently caressed my breasts, rubbing the nipples, then squeezing them.

“Mmmmmm” I purred. Then he stood up and backed me slowly into the wall. He reached under my skirt and rubbed my thighs. As his hand moved over my center, he could feel how hot and wet I was.

“Mmmmmm, yourself” he whispered in my ear.

He slipped his hand inside my panties and began to stroke. He rubbed my clit, then circled it, then slid a finger inside me. He repeated that sequence until I was breathless and aching.

Suddenly, a spill of light and noise interrupted my sensual daze. It was one of the bar escort buca servers, “Y’all OK out here? Need another round?” I tried to jump away but Mitch held me tight.

“Sure,” he replied calmly, casually moving to block her view of our activity, clever fingers never missing a beat. “A beer for me and a chardonnay for the lady.”

“Be right back, hon,” she said and the door shut.

“Oh my gosh,” I gasped. “I thought I was going to have a heart attack.” Mitch grinned devilishly and slowly withdrew his hand. Abandoning pride, I was almost whimpering when I said, “Please don’t stop.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this even better,” he said confidently. He knelt in front of me and slowly pulled down my panties. “I like this style,” he said, “that little bit of cheek showing is very sexy.”

Slowly, deliberately, he slid them down my legs, then brought them to his face and inhaled. I found that erotically intimate and it made me shiver. He stuffed them in his pocket.

“Wait just a minute,” I protested in mock indignation, “those are brand-new!”

He laughed, “You’ll get them back. It may cost you, though.” My nipples hardened at the thought of what kind of payment he might extract.

He hiked my skirt up over my hips and lifted me back onto the bar stool. The cool vinyl contrasted sharply with the feverishness of my skin. Again he knelt before me and gently spread my legs. He took his time, arranging me to his satisfaction, draping my legs over his shoulders. Finally, he touched me. He kissed his way up first one sensitive inner thigh, then the other. He licked the crease between my hip and thigh and stroked my cleft with his tongue. With his hands he gently spread the lips of my pussy. I was so wet, almost dripping, and dying for him to touch me there. He began to lick me gently, making love to me with his mouth and fingers. It was just right, not too hard, not too soft. When I got too close to the edge and pulled away, he backed off. When I pressed closer wanting more, he gaves it to me. I sank my teeth into the back of my hand. I don’t usually scream during sex but I could feel the urge building. The feelings he aroused were so intense they needed some outlet. He flicked my clit with his tongue, then shocked me by gently using his teeth. I couldn’t hold back a moan, even knowing the waitress would be back any minute with our drinks.

My orgasm washed over me, wave after wave of pleasure. He continued to minister to me, easing me down gently, and I shivered from the aftershocks. I stroked his hair, my head hanging back limply.

Slowly, he rose, straightened my skirt, and sat down next to me. Just then the waitress opened the buca escort door again and emerged with our drinks.

“Just in time,” Mitch whispered. I could only stare dazedly as she dropped off our drinks at table the in front of us. Mitch paid the tab and she headed back inside.

He reached over and kissed me hard. The taste of my pussy juices on his lips was intoxicating. I mustered up enough energy to slide off the bar stool and draw him to his feet. Somehow I lost my backless heels and the top of my head hit him about mid-chest. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my stomach. I raised up on tiptoe and fit our pelvises together. I grabbed that backside I’d admired earlier and pulled him close, grinding his hardness against me. Now it was he who was close to losing control. I released him and turned around. I took the two bar stools and braced them against the wall, side by side. Then I put one foot on the bottom rung of each one. This spread my legs slightly apart and I pulled my skirt up again. Somehow it being hiked up over my hips was sexier than just taking it off.

I wiggled my round bottom invitingly, and whispered softly, “Come here, I want you to take me from behind.”

He complied with gratifying haste. He unzipped his pants and freed his hard, throbbing cock. He stepped close behind me and slipped inside. I braced my hands on the tops of the bar stools. His hands were on my hips as he guided our rhythm. It felt so good to have him deep inside me. If I looked over my left shoulder, I could see into the barroom. It was making me crazy to know that someone could walk through the door any minute. If they even took a close look at the patio they’d get an eyeful.

Mitch’s balls were slapping against my flesh as he buried himself in my pussy over and over. He reached around and stroked my clit in counterpoint to his cock sliding in and out of me. I felt another orgasm building and I heard Mitch’s breath quicken. He thrust harder and faster, grabbing my ass with both hands. He groaned, and I could feel him coming deep inside me. I squeezed him with my pussy muscles and he shuddered convulsively. That triggered my own orgasm and I moaned out loud as I came again.

After a few minutes, I returned to reality and realized that we were lucky the waitress hadn’t returned to check on us. I wiggled a little and Mitch laughed and slipped out of me. I pulled my skirt down and looked for my shoes while he made himself presentable.

We sat back in our barstools and finished our drinks, not talking, just enjoying the companionable silence.

Suddenly there was a commotion at the door to the bar. It was Jade. “Kelli, are you out here? Where have you been? I can’t believe you ditched me. Friends don’t do that to each other.”

I looked at Mitch and rolled my eyes, like ‘do you believe this?’ He just laughed.

“Looks like she’s ready to go. Hope I see you again, Mitch,” I said.

“Oh, you can count on it,” he replied easily.

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