Kelly: The Beach House Ch. 01

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Wednesday found Kelly lying in the heat of the afternoon sun, facedown on her beach towel, her nude form glistening from the sheen of suntan lotion Corm had spread over her. Her curls, bleached slightly from the summer sun and the salt air, were pulled back in a tight, if somewhat unruly, blonde bun, the better to achieve maximum exposure on her back, shoulders, and neck.

They were on a private beach, one bounded by high stone walls that descended from the beach house’s boundary lines down across the dunes into the very water itself. This gave them total privacy, though there was always the odd fisherman with binoculars floating just off shore. She didn’t care. Let them watch, she was here on vacation with her love, a million miles from the cares and stresses of her new job at the university.

She lay on her stomach, dozing slightly as she soaked in the final rays of the day. The sun would set soon, sinking below the dunes behind them to leave the North Carolina shore wreathed in sandy half-light. In the three days they’d been here so far she’d come to recognize the natural rhythms of the sun and the tide, and had positioned her towel and accoutrements accordingly. Kelly had spurned the idea of a beach umbrella, the point was to get a tan after all, and had armed herself with a cooler, lotion, a book, and an oversized beach towel. Knowing that she would soon be sunbathing nude, she didn’t bother with a suit, opting instead for a sarong, which, when worn properly, covered her … barely.

Corm, having decided to bring only a chair and a book, was seated beside her, lolling in the sun as the droplets from his latest swim dried. He too was nude, save for a pair of sunglasses, his muscular frame glistening in the heat. The very sight of him like this made her acutely conscious of her own nudity.

Truth be told, the thought of such a prize next to her made her quite horny.

From the start it had been a vacation filled with passion. They’d arrived that Sunday, having driven down from the city. Friends were expected on Thursday, and so they were reveling in one of their final days alone together.

By the time she’d unpacked he’d been ready to pounce, throwing her face first onto the king-sized bed in their room, his hands hot against her skin despite the heat as he stripped off her shorts and tank top to take her from behind. Kelly smiled at this as he fucked her roughly, her breasts grinding into the plush down comforter, pleased that she had this power over him.

Corm rarely lost his cool, but here, amongst waves and the sun, he was more animalistic, his controls muted.

Monday morning saw them on the beach for the first sunrise of the week, his tongue lingering amongst her folds and curves as he brought her to several orgasms. They celebrated the dawn with her heated cries, before trudging back up to the house in the new light to crawl back into bed.

And so it went…each day filled the heat of their desire for one another.

Kelly lifted her head and put on her sunglasses to look at him. She licked her lips at the sight of his cock, heavy and thick, lolling off to one side in a quasi-dormant state.

“Behave yourself, woman.” His voice was slow and dreamy, laced with humor at the irony of him telling her to calm down.

“No deal, mister, I want what is mine.” She got to her feet and padded over to him.

Corm watched her full breasts sway in time with her hips, her form a study in motion and soft lines. At twenty-nine she was a magnificent study in the female form, long and lean from exercise, yet blessed with all the sinful curves that inspired men to learn to paint.

He had such plans for her. Kelly was eager to learn, eager to explore the depths of her own sexual appetites to their fullest extent. And so far, there seemed to be no limits to them. Their night out at the opera had told him that, particularly the choice she’d made when confronted with her own orgasm in the restaurant. Few of his former lovers would have had the fortitude to make that choice. Kelly was proving to be an excellent foil.

Truth be told, he was falling for her.

“So what is it you want, young lady?” He closed his eyes and relaxed, a wicked plan unfolding in his mind. Kelly had ferocious appetites, no more so than when she was denied satisfaction. It was her great weakness, one he had been ruthless exploiting to his own benefit since the day he’d met her.

“Um… I … well, you know.” Her voice was soft, almost obscured by the waves. He loved it when she got embarrassed like this; it was a very endearing counterpoint to her wild side.

Corm sat up in his chair, “No, I don’t know. What is it you want?”

“Don’t make me say it.” She giggled nervously, watching him, writhing in torment. He knew what she wanted, but did she really have to say it? Since that night at the costume party she’d returned to her more normal mode of behavior – wild when provoked, but quite shy otherwise. That wasn’t usually a problem, since Corm was so forward with his own wants and desires.

Besides, she knew he was just teasing her.

“Say what? Honestly, Kelly, I have no idea what you want.” That clever smirk she loved so much appeared. “None. Not a clue.”

Just to really send her over the edge he dropped one hand down to cup his shaft, which was beginning to harden with the prospects of what was to come. Her mouth dropped open a little, belying the artificial disinterest of her sunglasses.

“I want to …” One foot dug nervously in the sand. God, she looked fine, shining with sweat and suntan lotion, her body toned and ready for him.

“You want me to what?” He began to stroke himself in earnest, knowing that her eyes were riveted to his cock. Corm understood full well how she craved him, even if she didn’t.

Kelly blushed and looked down. “I want to take you in my mouth.”

“I want to suck your cock.”

“And why would you want to do that?” He stood up and stretched.

She smiled. “Because I love the way you taste. And I love the feeling of having you inside me, pulsing and twitching as I suck you off.”

He laughed. “Well then, my little slut, who am I to refuse such a request?”

Kelly giggled and knelt before him, so fixed on the task before her that the grit of the sand, the sounds of the water, and feel of the wind began to fade.

She gripped his turgid shaft in her left hand and began to stroke him gently, watching as the swollen head of his cock throbbed with excitement.

Leaning in, she planted a kiss on it.

He smiled down at her and sighed.

Kelly glanced up at his handsome face and grinned with satisfaction. Some would think it strange, but here, now, kneeling before him, she was as happy as she could hope for. There was something very strange and yet very right about being his lover, his slut. He’d found a way to unlock those parts of her that had always been there, just below the surface of her subconscious, tormenting her with what she didn’t know she’d wanted. And then one day he’d come walking into her life, thrown her over his shoulder, and shown her that he had the keys to all her doors.

She moved forward, taking the fullness of his hard shaft into her mouth. He tasted of sea air and sweat, and she purred with delight.

Once, twice, three times she bobbed back and forth, savoring the wet sounds of her ministrations. Something about sucking him off got her SO excited; Kelly could feel a heat building in her that had nothing to do with the sun. Soon, she knew, she’d start to slip into a fugue of lust, one where she couldn’t focus on anything beyond her physical appetites. It scared her to get that way, because she couldn’t control it.


Corm assured her that in time, with his guidance, she’d come to master her passions, her appetites, and even learn to harness them for her own benefit. Kelly didn’t believe him, of course, because she was all too aware of how utterly consumed she got. But if he wanted to try, well then…

She paused in her bobbing and licked the length of him, marveling at the veins and whorls of his body. Her right hand reached out to cup his balls, gently squeezing them in the way he’d taught her.

Her pussy began to throb with desire. Soon, she knew, he’d take her and make her his, plunging into her out here for all the world to see, amidst the waves and the wind, driving her toward that little death when she would sing out her release.

On some level Kelly wondered if her cries would be heard by their neighbors.

She didn’t really care.

That was definitely something he’d taught her. Before meeting him she’d been ashamed of how loud and vocal she could be. He celebrated it with open windows, public places, and a hearty laugh at the looks they’d get.

Kelly leaned forward to take him into her mouth again, but he stopped her. Corm reached down and hauled her to her feet. “We’re done for now. Go inside and get cleaned up.”

“But I thought we were going to …”


“I thought we were going to make love here on the beach?” She had that dreamy look in her eye, the one she got when she was close to being consumed by her own desires. He loved how her eyes, normally bright and full of intelligence, glazed over as the animal inside took her.

In their short time together, he’d found that she was trapped in the paradox of wanting to surrender to him, even as she continually sought to enslave him with her body.

It was a tempting idea, and one he scrupulously resisted. Hence the need for random endings to their lovemaking. He’d found that the more he resisted her, the more she tried to please him. But he refused to let her gain any form of sexual dominance over him. To do so would be to undo the path he’d set her on, and render her a creature of her lusts with no productive outlets. He’d had it happen to him once before, with a former lover, Wendy. As a result, Wendy was now a casual lover, seen only once or twice a year, where she might have shared his bed and his life. So when he’d found Kelly, and realized her potential, he’d resolved not to make that mistake again. He would make her his, utterly.

Corm smiled. “No.”

“What?” She was clearly surprised at this turn of events. Her lust, so rampant moments ago, was receding as her mind struggled to rationalize what had just happened. He did this at times, and she still didn’t understand why.

“I said, no.” His voice was firm, and he noted with a secret pleasure that it was having the intended effect.

“Why not?”

“Because I said so.” Corm had found that, in keeping with her inability to deal with physical denial, a sound refusal to provide any actual explanation for his decisions made her quite pliable.

“But I…”

“But what?” He took her in his arms, savoring the feeling of his cock, hot and wet from her efforts, pressed between them. “What do you think, if you ask, you get? That’s not how it works. You have earn your treats.”

She frowned, her beautiful face clouded with disappointment. “But I have been so good.”

“So what if you have? I am not denying that. But my answer is no.” Corm ran his hands across her ass, pausing for a moment to squeeze one firm buttock. “Now, go inside and take a shower.”


“Do as I say. I will collect your belongings. Just go back up to the house and get ready.” He planted stinging slap on her tight ass, and enjoyed the feel of her shiver in response. Her eyes shown as she looked up at him, hungry with desire. He almost caved, almost grabbed her to push her down onto the sand so that he could bury his throbbing cock in her tight, eager pussy.

But no, at the last moment, he regained his control and returned her stare with equal intensity. Seeing that she wasn’t going to win, Kelly dropped her eyes.

“Alright.” She turned to go.

He reached out and caught her, turning her back to him and gazing intensely into her eyes. “Alright, what?”

“Alright, sir?”

“Better.” Outside the bedroom he had no need for such formalities. But here, in a sexual situation, the title helped reinforce their respective roles. Not surprisingly, she’d taken to it eagerly.

Kelly kissed him on the lips and sauntered off. He watched her go, mesmerized by her hips and stunned that he’d been so lucky to as find her.

And all because he’d chosen to mow a lawn one afternoon!


The sand was hot beneath her feet as she walked to the house, but she didn’t really feel it. Her pussy throbbed with desire and her mind whirled with confusion. Why had he made her stop?

Was he unhappy with her in some way?

On some small level she suspect it had a lot to do with some male need for control, but he always refused to discuss the subject, saying only that she had to trust him. And she did, but that didn’t make sudden stops like the one they’d just had any easier.

Before her, above the dunes on a long strip of well-tended grass, lay their beach house. Corm’s company had bought it about ten years ago as a retreat for their executives and a way to say thanks for exceptional employees. And, since Corm owned the company, which meant that the beach house was theirs to use whenever his admin assistant hadn’t booked it for corporate use. This week was just such a case.

The house was three stories, with a cupola that overlooked the North Carolina coast from the roof. Five bedrooms in all, including the master bedroom, with a large kitchen, two elevated decks, a wrap-around porch completed with a hot tub and outdoor shower. Complete with a well-stocked library, a powerful telescope, and full cable and Internet connections, it was, in short, a wonderful place to take refugee from the world.

Kelly strode up the stairs onto the deck that encompassed the back of the house, completely at ease with her nudity. The nearest neighbors were a full half mile away. The seclusion of the place was total, which made it ideal for large parties, or more ‘intimate’ gatherings.

She entered the well-appointed kitchen and padded over to the refrigerator. Reaching inside, she took out a pitcher of sangria and poured herself a generous glass. Sometimes a drink helped take the edge off of her lusts.


Today was clearly not going to be one of those days.

She walked back outside and hung her towel and sarong over the railing to dry. For a long moment she took in the view, thinking how lucky she was.

Then she turned and walked back into the house, the glass of sangria already half-empty. She still ached for release, and the drink was not helping. If anything, it was making her needs more acute.

But Corm had said to clean up and get ready, so they must be headed out for the night. So off she went, climbing the stairs towards their bedroom on the third floor. On the way up, however, she paused, certain that she could hear something.

There it was … there was something … a strange noise.

She looked around, no longer certain that they were alone. Corm had said his friends were due in on Thursday, and her girlfriends weren’t expected until Friday evening.

So who was in the house now?

A sliver of fear ran through her, cutting its way through her growing buzz and her need for release.

She listened for a long hard moment…

Wait, that was the sound of … the shower?

Yes, it was the shower. Here, on the second floor there were four bedrooms, and for each pair of rooms, there was one lavish bathroom, replete with a large tub and glassed-in shower.

The noise, then, was coming from the bathroom at the far end of the wall, on the eastern side of the house. Kelly crept down the hallway towards it, eager to see who their new guest was.

At last she reached the door. It wasn’t locked, it wasn’t even really closed. Tendrils of warm air and steam drifted out, caressing her face as she leaned in to see what she could see. The door was shut too much to afford her a really good view, so she pushed it open slightly and slipped inside.

Before her was a glass stall shower, its tiled enclosure sunken slightly, and complete with a large showerhead and small wooden bench fashioned in the Scandinavian style. Heat lamps gave the entire room a golden hue.

The glass itself was beaded with moisture, but otherwise perfectly clear, affording her an excellent view of the wonder inside.

For there, lolling under the stream of hot water, was a statuesque beauty. The stranger had the body of an athlete, yet was blessed with generous curves. She had long, lean legs; tight buttocks; shapely, curving hips that formed an hourglass with her small waist; pert breasts, and shoulder length brown hair.

In the small of her back, Kelly noted with interest, was a tattoo of a stylized lily. It formed a beautiful center point, focusing the eye on the crest between her cheeks.

The vision was facing away from Kelly, her head down under the water, hips cocked slightly to one side. Streams of hot water ran down her shining hair, tracing every curve and nook of her back before rounding her taut rear to roll down onto firm thighs and muscled calves to the tiled floor of the shower.

A nymph made real, the stranger was a study in female beauty. Her form was at once supple, muscular, and yet soft, vulnerable, and inviting.

Kelly stood there, watching her, fascinated by the new arrival, suddenly astir with emotion.

She’d never really been attracted to a woman before. Granted, there’d been one time in college, after a party with her sorority sister Margot, but she’d dismissed that as a night of drunken foolishness. But here, now, she felt a heat rising in her as she stood there and watched this beauty.

Still turned away, the nymph took a bottle of shower gel and began to wash herself with a sponge, a real sponge, dull yellow and fat from the sea. White foam began to frame her lithe frame, accentuating her curves yet hiding all. Kelly watched her hands move the sponge across her body, mesmerized at the slow, deliberate strokes.

Kelly found herself drawn to this woman, eager to touch her, to just be near her. The throbbing in her pussy, so recently quelled by the uncertainty of the unknown presence in their house, returned with a strength she hadn’t expected.

Finally, the woman rinsed off, but didn’t put the sponge down. What she did made Kelly wet all over again. Spreading her legs slightly, the stranger placed one of her hands against the tiled wall. Head down she began to rub the sponge against her pussy, using the rough surface of the sponge adeptly to stimulate herself. She began to utter small gasps and make cooing sounds.

After a few moments she turned around, head down, long brunette locks obscuring her face. The sponge dropped to the floor as the woman came closer and closer to her orgasm. Two fine fingers, replete with candy apple red nail polish, sloped down across the woman’s shaven pussy to disappear inside her, only to come sliding back out, flexing rhythmically as they did so. It was a technique she’d never seen before, and Kelly watched in fascination as the woman’s ministrations began to produce the intended results.

The first sign that the end was coming was when the woman’s hips began to buck, her legs bending more to allow deeper penetration, and her right arm thrown out wide against the wall for stability.

Finally the stranger let out a long, low moan, her brown hair thrashing from side to side as her body spasmed with release. Sheets of water splashed against the clear glass of the shower, giving the entire air an odd air of artificiality, like she wasn’t really here, standing before this stranger, watching her masturbate.

The nymph hummed in satisfaction and smiled, licking her lips; brown hair still coated her face, but Kelly could see that she had a full, sensual mouth.

An eminently kissable mouth.

Suddenly reminded of her own nudity, Kelly reached for a towel. As she did so, the brunette brushed her hair out of her eyes and looked directly at Kelly.

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