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I sauntered past apartment doors as I made my way to the stairs. I lived in a coed dormitory and to get to the 3rd floor where I live, I had to go to the end of the hall on the 1st floor, and go up 4 flights of stairs. The 1st and 2nd floors were for guys, and the 3rd and 4th were for the girls. As usual, a majority of the dorm doors were open so the males could hoot and holler at the girls who had to pass through their hall to get to the top floors of the building. As I made my way to the doors that opened up to the staircase, I heard catcalls from several rooms that I passed. One in particular,

“Hey Klara, swing that wide ass my way so we can have some fun!”

“Sit and spin on it moron”, I retorted as I flipped off Josh, one of popular football players.

I heard a chorus of boos follow me from his friends as a result of my flippant reply. They all knew they couldn’t bother me one bit, but they still tried every time they had a chance. Most girls would drop onto their knees and beg to date one of those assholes if given the chance, but there was no fun in it for the guys. It was too easy. So they set their eyes on me. Klara Morcey. The girl everyone thought was “worth a go”, but no one took seriously. All it had taken was for me to go on a date with one guy here in college who angrily told me when I wouldn’t put out, that “it doesn’t even matter, I still won the bet.” I took the bait and asked him what the hell he was talking about. “I was the first one to get your fat ass on a date, so I wo-.” He didn’t have time to finish the sentence, as I promptly swung a fist to his face, and as a result, he walks around campus with a crooked nose. Turnabout was fair play, but it still had a lasting effect on me. I didn’t give any guys a chance since then. I was a sensitive girl, with a sensitive heart, but I couldn’t let anyone see that.

I wasn’t like most girls, not only in the way I handled myself. I was also much more different physically. I was taller than your average female, standing at 5’10, and I weighed 270. The weight was proportioned nicely though. I had a large set of tits that were semi-firm due to the sheer weight of them, and an ass and hips that were outrageous. With the wide proportions of my bust and ass, it emphasized my smaller waist. I was pretty big, sure, but I also had muscle tone beneath all my fluff as a result of weightlifting that I religiously did 5 times a week. So once most guys get past my two main attractions, they notice other alluring features I had. I had waist length curly, brown hair and grey eyes that are always heavy lidded as a result of my resting bitch face. Further down, I have very sizeable lips that are usually turned down into a frown to ward off the fuckboys who think about testing my patience. As for my clothing, I always leaned toward the tight jeans and loose top or t-shirt for comforts sake. I was never one to go all out with fashion, nor with makeup. I kept it simple with a nude lipstick that went nicely with my olive complexion. And that was me. Simpleton Klara.

As I made it to the staircase, I took a deep breath and jogged up all 4 flights and got to my floor, huffing and puffing. I put my hands on my hips and took some deep breaths as I strolled toward my dorm. I unlocked my door, tossed down my backpack and books and flopped onto the couch. I lived by myself, since my former dorm mate had dropped out of college because of finances. I felt bad for the girl, I had enjoyed her company. But I enjoyed my temporary solitude even more. After canlı bahis some time passed, I went and changed into a pair of sweats that rode low on my hips and a loose top that hung off one shoulder. I chucked my bra off, and hallelujah. Freedom was mine. Making myself dinner, I went to watch some Friday night COPS reruns and chill. When I finished, I decided to have a single girl party and roll a blunt.

Now by no means am I a druggie, I just enjoy an occasional doobie to relax and unwind from all my college work. So I rolled a fat one, grabbed my lighter, and headed toward the roof of the dorms. Not many people hung out there, except to make out or smoke, so when I reached the door to the roof, I opened it and scanned to see if anyone was there. Unoccupied. I made my way to one of two foldout chairs and reclined myself, struck up the blunt and took a deep breath. I felt myself succumbing to the good stuff, and closed my eyes and let myself float. I cracked open my eyes to take another drag, when I noticed I had a visitor next to me in the other chair.

Since the weed made relax, I didn’t get scared or jump when my eyes settled on Josh. His eyes were on me and he had a small smirk on his face.

“What do you want Josh?”

“Nothing, just came out to get some fresh air and ran into you.”

“Well go to the other side of the roof and get some fresh air over there.”

I turned my head forward, took another drag, and closed my eyes to ignore him.

“What did I ever do to you Klara?”


“What did I ever do to you? To make you hate me so much?”

I chuckled to myself and kept my eyes closed, uncrossing one leg and crossing it with the other.

“Am I hurting your poor feelings Joshy-poo?”

“Fuck you Klara, you’re such a man hating bitch ever since Chad told about that stupid bet. And now you won’t even give me the time of day when I’m trying to show my interest in you.”

I opened my eyes up, hardened my face, and turned towards him,

“First of all, I don’t hate men. I hate little boys who try and act like men. Secondly, if telling me to bring my wide ass over to you to have some fun is showing interest in me, then I want absolutely nothing to do with you. And thirdly, how about you take that shrunk up dick, walk your whiny ass away from me and this blunt I’m trying to enjoy, and grow some fucking balls, and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you a glance.”

I began closing my eyes once again to try to block him out when I suddenly felt a large hand grab my face and roughly jerk. My eyes snapped open and I was face to face with Josh who was seething. His dark brown eyes looked black in the night, and his jaw was impeccably hard. His eyes rapidly roamed my face and as my eyebrows drew together, and as I opened my mouth to let out a stream of cuss words that would impress the devil, he crushed his mouth over mine.

His lips were so hot and soft. My eyes were still open in shock and I noticed he closed his. His eased up his harshness since he didn’t feel me fighting back, and let his lips mold and mesh together with mine as his tongue snaked and flicked its way around my mouth. I felt my attention go from his amazing lips to the situation I was in, and I jerked back and flew out of the chair. Backing up, and with hands shaking, expletives flew from my mouth. Every word in the book degrading to mankind was what I used to describe him. He ran his hand down his mouth, wiping away the sheen left behind from our mouths mating and began to prowl bahis siteleri towards me. I kept backing up until my back collided with the door to the stairs. I tried to do a quick turn and make my escape, but he reached me before I could turn the handle. He whirled me around and jerked me into is body.

“Klara, baby, you have such a dirty mouth on you. How can something so pretty be so dirty.”

As he spoke he ran a thumb across my lower lip, his other hand still holding my twisted arm behind my back, pinning me to him.

“Joshua. If you don’t fucking let me go, I swear to fucking Chr- “

He ignored my warning and brought his lips rapidly down to mine, but before he made contact, he stopped. I ended what I was saying mid-sentence as he swooped down to see if he would kiss me again. With his head tilted, he looked down at me and his soft chuckle blew across my lips. His dark eyes holding mine teased me.

“Now Klara, why did you stop talking? Is it because you want me to kiss you again?”

Without waiting for an answer, he closed the distance and ran his tongue across my swollen bottom lip and then moved to the top. When he finished, he moved his head back and smiled down at me again. My mouth was slightly ajar from the shock of letting this man kiss me. Wait, since when was he a man Klara? Just a minute you were calling him a boy. Well this boy just got really masculine and really dominant all of a sudden, I thought to myself. With thoughts racing through my head, I failed to notice him backing me up a few feet to the door. When my back gently touched it, I came back to reality. Looking up into his face, I noticed he had stopped smiling and his eyes were directed toward my chest. Looking down, I saw that my nipples had gotten hard and were stabbing through the front of my thin top. I tried to cross her arms, but as if he already knew what I was about to do, he grabbed both of my hands and held them above my head with one of his.

At this point, with my brain foggy because of the weed, and his dominant, sexy attitude, I decided I would play his little game and let him fuck me tonight. I was extremely horny and knew I couldn’t scratch this itch with just a vibrator. Fuck the consequences and fuck the rumors that I would hear next week all over campus. I was going to fuck Josh.

His hand moved forward towards my loose top and lifted the hem of it up and over my head, leaving my breasts bare to the cool, night air. He let out a shaky breath and his eyes burned holes into my skin. He reached down and circled my areola with his thumb and watched with avid attention as goosebumps broke out across my breasts and areola. Slowly drawing his thumb up to his tongue to lick slowly, his eye flicked back up to mine for a second and back down. He ran the pad of his wet thumb down and around both stiff nipples and I let out a breathy moan, so sensitive to his touch.

“Do you like that Klara”, he breathed.

“Yes”, I said, nodding my head slowly.

He leaned down again, and this time, with his lips, dragged a peak into his mouth and gave it a hard suck. I arched my back, never realizing how sensitive my tits were. He moved his head to my other breast, sucking it into his mouth in the same fashion. Over and over again, he sucked and flicked his tongue over my nipples until I was squirming and rubbing my thighs together, feeling my juicy pussy lips rubbing together. He leaned back when he was satisfied with how swollen and red my breasts were. He reached behind my back bahis şirketleri with his free hand and slid it into the back of my sweat pants, clutching at my ass cheeks. He squeezed and massaged to his heart’s content and then moved his hand toward the front of my body. Bending forward again to capture my mouth, his fingers teased over my fat pussy and grazed my clit over and over again. His thumb expertly got underneath the lace and moved it to the side so his middle finger could explore. When his digits made contact with my dripping slit, his head jerked back and he looked into my eyes, shocked at how wet I was.

“You horny little bitch. You’re so hungry for it, aren’t you”, he growled.

I responded by biting my lower lip and thrusting my hips to ride his finger tips and moan in wanton lust, still maintaining eye contact. He dove down to bite a nipple and suck on it and he slid his two fingers into my snatch and start to pump me hard. I let my head tip back and let out breathy, sexy moans as he worked my pussy. He applied friction to my swollen clit and my body began to involuntarily buck and shake with the intensity. His mouth came off my nipple and rose to my exposed neck and began to lick and nibble on it. I felt the orgasm coming hard and fast. This whole situation turned me on so much. I approached the brink of orgasm and clenched my fists, still trapped above my head by his large hand. His body compressed against mine, and refused to let me move. I loved his hot, hard masculinity forcing me to orgasm. It crashed on me and I cried out.

“Ooooooh, fuuuuuck Josh. Ooooooh yeeees.”

He left his fingers inside of me so he could feel my pussy muscles contract around him, all the while still nibbling my neck. I gave one last shudder and almost collapsed, but he stuck his knee in between my legs to prop me up. He drew back, keeping me trapped, so I could watch him pull his fingers out of my pussy, covered in juice, and suck them clean. My heavy lidded eyes watched him lick my essence up, moaning at how provocative he was.

He released my arms from above my head so he could tangle both his hands into my long, thick curls as he kissed me once again. I immediately wrapped my arms around his middle to his back and held onto him tight, squeezing my naked upper body against his t-shirt, feeling his body heat radiating towards me. I opened my mouth to let him explore, tasting my sweet cum on his lips, and then used my teeth to gently bite down on his lower lip and suck on it. A deep moan rumbled through him as his hands tightened in my hair. I leaned back, breaking the kiss, and looked at him in the eyes.

“Josh, I want you to fuck me.”

He looked at me for a minute, as if he were making sure I wasn’t teasing him.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes”, I ran my hand down his chest to his cock pressing against his jeans and wrapped my fingers around him tightly. “I want to fuck me long and hard with this thick cock of yours.”

As I whispered these words to him, I nuzzled his neck with my lips and felt him shudder.

“Well then lead the way baby.”

Fixing my shirt, I stood up on shaking legs, turned and opened to door leading to the staircase and felt a hard slap on my ass.

Lurching forward, and putting my two hands on my behind to rub away the stinging pain, I turned to see Josh smiling.

“That was for saying I had a shrunk up dick.”

“The longer you stand back and talk, the more time you waste. I could have already had your cock in the back of my throat by now.”

I whirled around laughing after seeing his eyes go wide, slammed the door in his face, and dashed as fast as my legs would let me, down the stairs to the 3rd floor. This was going to be a fun night, I thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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