Lady Alicia’s Arousal Ch. 6

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While James, Joanna and Margaret were enjoying the fruits of lust, dastardly acts were being planned by the Fellowes at Marston House, their sinful planning would, it was hoped, interest Lady Alicia, His Excellency Bandanus Fanubellatun The Ambassador for the African nation of Buttilazu and Madame Iswalla Fanubellatun and their 19-year-old daughter Millia and Captain Jeremy Fitzherbert of the Colonels own regiment. although none of the guests yet knew it.

When Lt Colonel Neville Fellowes suggested to his wife that a tincture of Tigers balls, Powdered Rhinoceros Horn and the a pinch of Spanish Fly in the Punch might have an interesting effect on the guests she replied that Lady Alicia would not need it.

“Daaaarrrling, Alicia fucks like a rabbit, believe me, Men women and I do believe she could be interested in other sexual treats” she said with a knowing smile.

Her husband looked quizzically at his wife. “Do you think she has any idea who you are darling?” he asked.

“Don’t worry Nev., I am sure she has absolutely no idea, I know, Fortescue-Browne or I suppose I must refer to him as Bellingham now he has been raised to the peerage, I know he has been a frequent visitor but she had never before attended. No darling” replied Jennifer Fellowes,” Alicia had no idea that I actually own and run these stables these days. She believes Jenny to be a stable lad, a well educated Stable lad, she recognised me for a Roedene girl, but only because we had both attended that school, not because she knew me in the least. Tell you something else that will raise your temperature if not you poor prick, she fucks her son.”

Neville Fellowes raised a sickly grin, “Wish I could get a hard on darling. not all fun just watching people fuck, That bloody Satan ruined my sex life y’know, He deliberately threw me although you reckon it an accident. Yet you still insist on keeping him for stud.”

“Not just for Stud darling, the ladies canlı bahis just love to see that big black prick in action, you ask Lady Alicia.”

“Yes, suppose you are right, pity he is not covering a mare this evening, might interest Madame and perhaps the daughter too.” Neville Fellowes leered.

“Oh you never know darling Madame Fanubellatun may like a change from a big black cock and Jerry had a beauty, might interest the daughter too.”

“God Jenny, you are a randy piece, and yes, Jerry has a beauty and if anyone knows it you do. Y’know m’dear, it’s the only time my old John Thomas gives a quiver when I watch you first suck and then fuck his lovely cock. Even more than when you, you horny cow, have that bloody Rufus stuck up you.”

“Come on, lets do a bit more planning, we’ve lots to do before this evening” Jenny told him.

* * * * *

As Jenny and Neville Fellowes were planning their evening of lust Lady Alicia was doing some investigating of her own.

The events of the previous day were quite foremost in her mind and knowing that this day was a day when the milkman would not be coming, well not in Gwen’s pussy, she thought impishly she decided to try to follow up on the letter her father had sent to the solicitor. Perhaps it was too much of a coincidence but Gwen was the diminutive of Gwendolyn and the woman seemed to have much more awareness than one would normally associate with an ill educated ploughman’s wife.

Charles had all the records of employees past and present and although Alicia thought Charles was a pain in the arse with the details he insisted on being provided with by employees, this time Alicia thought it a godsend, and it was.

Gwendolyn Allardyce, nee Briggs

Father – unknown

Mother -Dorothy (Dot) Briggs

Married to Reginald Allardyce- Ploughman.

One son – Thomas – Stable lad.

Lady Alicia felt elated, she had found a sister, even if she was only a half sister. “Hmm she thought to herself, bahis siteleri well, It looks as if she is a genuine relative, she fucks like her mother, she fucks like me and obviously we take after our dad.

Ringing down to the kitchen she asked Gwen Allardyce to come up.

Telling her to take the worried expression of her face and sit down Alicia began to tell her of her own visit to the solicitors.

“Gwen, when I have finished what I have to tell you I do hope that we will still be friends.”

“Still be friends mum, goodness me what is it you have to tell me, I love working for you, there aint nothing that could alienate me.” she said.

Alicia nodded to herself, of yes, Gwen Allardyce might not have a great education but she was quite well read and intelligent. ‘alienate’ indeed.

Gwen laughed, “My cheeky Billy hasn’t tried it on with you has he ma’am?”

“Oh no, worse luck, goodness me Gwen you have no idea just how alike we are. After seeing him fucking you that day I would certainly let him give me a length of cock you lucky woman. I take it Reg is still none the wiser.”

Before she could answer Alicia went on. “No Gwen. I want you to attend my solicitors with me, Hardon, Knutts and Seaman over at Lippton. “

Gwen giggled, “Sorry mum, sounds like a very intimate party doesn’t it Hard on, Nuts and Semen. Everything I like with a man.”

“Me too Gwen but we must be serious, Gwen, I am to tell you that you are a rich woman. You have been left shares in an opal mine in Australia and for me, that is not the best news, there is more but you may not be over the moon with it.”

Gwen sat forward on her chair. “What is it mum, is everything alright, please tell me.”

“Well Gwen, it would appear that you are my sister, half sister anyway, I have had to wait 52 years to learn that I have a sister. Gwen I am delighted and I trust that you will not think ill of me by employing you, but I swear, until yesterday I did not know of your bahis şirketleri existence, as a sister that is.!!

Gwen looked at her, and Alicia was a little apprehensive seeing such a large smile on the woman face.

“If I may say so m’lady, I reckon you and me have a fair amount of our dads liking for a bit of the other, don’t you? You know what I am going to do, and please do not think me silly. I have tidied up your room and put away your expensive lingerie and wished it was mine. What is more, Would you tell me where I can buy some of that very naughty and rude lingerie you have in your second undie drawer. I reckon if Billy saw me in that the old sod would ‘cum’ afore he got his cock up me.”

Alicia was delighted, “No need to wait, lets try some on now, come on Gwen strip off lets see what we can find. And for gods sake, call me Alicia after today you don’t work for me anymore. you are my friend.”

“No please, let me keep on working, at least for a while, I still want Billy to fuck me and it is not possible down at home.”

Lady Alicia smiled, “Yes it could disappoint someone else if you moved your boudoir Gwen, You may like fucking but someone loves to watch.”

“You don’t mean you, do you Alicia, I know who you do mean, Ok call me a randy woman, a bad mother, but its my Tom isn’t it? Yes Alicia, I know, it thrills me as I know he watches and I can imagine him wanking off. I have seen that big todger of his and believe me I would love to watch him wanking it.”

“I reckon he would love to do more than have you watch him Gwen I bet the randy bugger would love to fuck you.”

“Alicia, I must tell you, no matter what you think of me, I would let him if he wanted to. Do I disgust you?”

Alicia took her in her arms, “Oh no darling, I’ll help if you want. We are so alike, I must confess I have let James fuck me.”

Gwen stared and then laughed and hugged her back, “Come on sister of mine, please let me shower, you too then I want to try on some of your underwear… and maybe give that gorgeous pussy of your s a feel, you don’t know it but I have watched you play with yourself you thought you were alone and rubbed myself off watching…”

To Be Continued…

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