Lakeside Summer With the Twins Ch. 02

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After drinking a good bit and having a nice romp with the lovely Lisa I slept rather well that night. Unfortunately, getting up was a different story. I felt very lethargic, but still had to open up shop in the morning. Thankfully only one customer came into the store in the first two hours, and he was nice enough to ring the bell and wake me from my nap on the counter.

Once I was a bit rested, my mind became occupied with thoughts of the previous night’s activities. It had obviously been quite exciting, and now promised even more than I anticipated. I silently gave thanks to God, Allah and Fate again for essentially dropping these two identical twin models into my lap. Back in the city they probably wouldn’t have had time for a normal guy like me. Especially not both of them! But out here, where there was little to do and I was the only eligible guy for miles, my appeal to them drastically improved. I was extremely excited that they would be there all summer, though I was a bit nervous about not screwing anything up. It’s best not to count your chickens before they hatch and all that.

The day passed both quickly and yet slowly. I had no trouble keeping my mind occupied imagining what the night would hold, but I also was eager for night to come. Finally, 8 o’clock arrived, and I heard the welcomed sound of an approaching boat. Sure enough, it was Lisa and Jennifer. I couldn’t help but smile stupidly at them as the driver guided the boat to the dock. Her sister hopped out and blew her twin a kiss. The teen at the helm blew both of us a kiss of her own, and proceeded to back the boat away from the dock and turn back into the lake.

The remaining girl walked over to me and gave me an affectionate hug. “I heard all about what you did to Lisa last night. Usually she doesn’t tell me the details of her sex life, but it seemed so important to her. I almost didn’t come tonight you know…”

“Why not?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” her eyes moved shyly down towards the dock, “I’m scared I guess,” she said softly. I was struck by the difference in attitude between the shyness now and flirtation when we first met. I supposed that once she started taking the idea of me seriously as a lover her fears and insecurities had set in.

I held her close to me, stroking her hair and said “Don’t be. We can do as much or as little as you like tonight. I’m assuming your sister left so we could have some privacy and so you wouldn’t be tempted to leave. But if you just want to talk or something, that’s fine with me.” Her embrace of me tightened, and I could tell from the way she smiled at me that I had told her what she needed to hear.

“Let’s go inside” she said. I admired her high, firm bottom as I followed her into the house. She wore a beautiful shimmering teal tankini style bathing suit, with tie string bottoms. The night air was warm, and it was obvious from her pinkish-tanned skin that she had gotten a lot of sun in the past two days.

“Should I turn on the lights?” I asked as we entered the living room. At eight at night the sun passed the tree line, but there was still a lot of natural light.

“No, I guess I’m still a little shy.”

“It’s more romantic this way anyways” I said reassuringly.

“James, I do want to sleep with you. Very much. You’re cute, and sweet, and from my sister’s description you really know what you’re doing. But I’m scared that I can’t make you enjoy it as much as she did.”

I was once again amazed at how frightened the beautiful creature before me was. She had seemed so energetic and confident when we first met. Yet here were deep insecurities and self-doubts coming to the surface. I pondered the “right” thing to say.

“Jennifer,” I said, sitting down next to her on the couch and stroking her long blond mane, “You’re a very beautiful girl. I find you very sexy. I know it’s a little intimidating to sleep with the same guy your sister did, especially given her experience. But sex isn’t about competition, or who can do it better than whom. It’s about two, or in some cases more, people sharing something between them that feels good.”

“When I touch you,” I said as my hand drifted to caress her shoulder, “it feels good to feel your skin, and to know that my touch feels good to you. I’m not expecting you to know all the techniques necessary to drive me wild with unquenchable lust. I just want you to relax and enjoy what we’re going to share. Because I truly believe that sex is about sharing, not just two bodies pressing together and manipulating each other in appropriate ways. I’m not going to lie and say that we have an eternal bond or anything. We both know we just met, and that while there is a friendship growing here, the odds of anything love related occurring are very slim. But we have similar biological urges, and we’ve chosen to act on them, assuming you still want to. I think it’s going to feel very good to both of us if you do.”

I had been caressing Jennifer’s soft skin in most of the areas exposed by her illegal bahis suit, and a few covered areas, though I had purposefully avoided her breasts and pubic area. She cuddled against me, her head on my chest.

“James, can we just cuddle for a while? This feels really good.”

“Of course we can.”

We sat there, the room getting dimmer with the fading light, listening to the sound of each other’s breathing and the crickets coming out. Her hand drifted across my stomach, hip and outer thigh. I caressed her hair and back. She slipped her hand up under my T-shirt to rub my bare skin. I allowed her to just enjoy exploration. Finally she got bold, and her hand drifted down to my swim trunk covered cock. It was mostly hard from having her warm body pressed against mine, and jumped at her touch, even in my shorts. She caressed it gently through the rather thin fabric.

“This is nice,” she said. “Most of the time, even with my boyfriends, they want to just rush to the sex. Even back in junior high, my first boyfriend always wanted to grind his crotch against mine.” She sighed. “James, I’ve always been a bit of a flirt. I love getting guys attention. But I think I’ve attracted the wrong sort of boy. They think just because a girl is all over them she’s eager to just get laid and isn’t interested in cuddling too.”

While I was enjoying the cuddling, her hand caressing my cock was starting to make my own physical desire take over. I decided to turn things up a notch.

“Jenny, would you like a backrub?” I asked. She nodded excitedly and lay down on her stomach onto the rug. I admired both the grace with which she moved her body, and her wonderful combination of smooth lines and curves. Oh if I had a camera at that moment! Still, the enticing image is forever burned into my brain.

I took off my T-shirt and sat down gently on her buttocks. I kept a lot of my weight on my own knees, but put enough pressure on her so she could feel my hard on rubbing against the cleft of her ass through our clothes. I began to slowly caress her neck and shoulders. I have not yet met a girl who didn’t melt from having her neck rubbed. It’s a major erotic zone for me as well. There is a risk that the subject of the massage will become too relaxed rather than aroused. However, given from the tension I could still feel in Jennifer’s body, she was far too excited to drift off on me.

I used a very soft touch on her back, barely grazing her skin. She shivered slightly, but didn’t appear to be ticklish. I made a point in running into the back ties of her bathing suit top as I touched her, interrupting the caresses with each pass. I then pulled one end of the bow tie which held the top together and the knot easily came undone. I pushed the straps off her back, exposing the thin faint tan line it had left. I was now free to fully massage her bare back, and used a slightly deeper rub. I also caressed her sides, including the outer portion of her breasts that pressed outwards from her weight. The goal of a good sensual massage is seduction: one starts with very casual, general touches and becomes more sexual as one goes along.

I could tell from Jennifer’s breathing and body language that I was having the intended effect. I ground my hips against her ass to remind her of the eroticism of our position, and then slid back onto her firm thighs. I admired her wonderful ass as my hands cupped each cheek gently, giving them the same sort of attention her back had received. For many people the buttocks are quite ticklish. They aren’t the most blatantly erotic of areas, yet touching another person’s ass isn’t exactly casual either. Jennifer responded well to my touch, and I enjoyed kneading her glutes, which obviously had been toned by a lot of athletic activity.

I lifted my body off of her, and began rubbing her from the side. I massaged her thigh muscles, then her inner thighs. One hand brushed upwards, and I felt heat coming from her bikini covered pussy. This time I purposefully massaged her sex through the thin fabric. She definitely enjoyed that, and her legs spread a bit more to grant me better access. I rubbed her in an up and down motion while my other hand toyed with the side ties of her bikini bottom. Finally I moved my hand away and placed one hand on each side of the suit. I pulled and undid each bow, and helped the strings untangle from one another. The person who invented the side tie bikini is a genius. I peeled the fabric back from her ass, and she lifted her hips momentarily, allowing me to toss the small piece of fabric aside.

I was entranced by the site of her naked backside. I massaged her cheeks free of any barrier between us. I fought the urge to strip down and take her right there. I placed my hands on her hips, and indicated that I wanted her to roll over.

Now with a lack of shyness, she gracefully flipped her body over. She sat up to pull her untied top up off her head before lying on her back, eyes closed, legs slightly spread. My eyes darted between her illegal bahis siteleri angelic face, her small yet perfect tits, her flat smooth belly, and her jutting hips that framed a very lovely pussy. I was reminded of the view of her sister’s all but identical body from the night before. While Lisa’s pubic hair had been closely trimmed and somewhat stylized, Jennifer’s was strictly functional. Not a single hair would poke out from a bikini bottom, but there was still a decent bit of hair covering her sex, though with her legs slightly spread I could see the pinkness of her outer labia peeking out, their swollen state indicating her arousal.

Once again, I fought the urge to just take this obviously willing woman and instead resumed my massage of her. I purposely avoided her breasts and pussy at first, instead focusing on her legs, arms, and stomach. Eventually I did work my way to her breasts, and after massaging the upper and outer swells, cupped them fully in my hands. If more than a handful is a waste, then Jennifer certainly wasn’t wasting anything. On her back, her breasts easily fit within the palms of my hand. I enjoyed squeezing the soft flesh, and feeling her nipples harden under my palms. I couldn’t help myself, and lowered my mouth to take one of the hard cherry buds into my mouth. She gasped slightly, and then moaned as I batted it back and forth with my tongue and then nibbled gently on it.

I moved myself between her thighs, still sucking her nipple. I slowly trailed kisses down her belly. It was obvious where I was going, and from her hands on top of my head almost pushing me down, she was eager for me to get there. I was reminded that this girl was far from virginal and even those who have never experienced and orgasm enjoy a little tongue play.

When a woman shaves or trims herself very close I love to rub my face against her mons and lick her all over. In Jenny’s case, that would have scratched the hell out of my face and given me a mouth full of hair. So I did what any good man would do, gently spreading her lips with my fingers and sliding my tongue into her pussy, where no hair grows. At first my licks were purely exploratory. I enjoyed becoming familiar with her taste, and just getting a lay of the land. After a few darting strokes into her deeper recesses, I licked my way up the outer labia to search for her clit. It wasn’t hard to find, being quite engorged and somewhat prominent, as it had been on her twin. I took it into my mouth and sucked, and got the expected result. I kept that up for a while, slowly working two fingers into her pussy as I licked and sucked her pleasure center. She was becoming very wet, and I knew that I wouldn’t have to wait much longer to enjoy her. I paused, looked up at her face, and waited. She was flushed, and a sheen of perspiration coated her perfect skin. She finally opened her eyes, and I spoke one word, a question. “Ready?” She nodded.

I slid my body up hers, stopping before my shorts rubbed against anything sensitive. I had to sit up to remove the offending articles. Jennifer watched with interest as I shed my shorts and boxers. I quickly ripped open the condom I had grabbed from my shorts pocket before stripping, and rolled it onto me.

She didn’t comment as it came into view. She merely reached out once I was nude and guided me back on top of her body. I rubbed the tip of my cock against her wet pussy, while kissing her neck. She pulled my face to hers, and our lips locked passionately. Our tongues dueled within each other’s mouth as I continued teasing her with only the tip of my manhood.

“Yes, fuck me you bastard!” She whispered into my ear. I was shocked to hear Jennifer say such a thing, but my body responded by surging forward, pushing the first two inches of my cock into her ready pussy. She gasped and moaned loudly, obviously not quite expecting such a feeling of fullness so suddenly. I let her adjust for a moment, feeling her pulse around my thick shaft before sliding back an inch, and then pushing it in a bit deeper. I’m a good sized guy, and can compete with the average male porn star, at least in terms of thickness. Experienced women typically have no trouble with me, but I figured it was better to err on the safe side with Jenny.

She used her hands on my ass to encourage me to put more of it in her. She didn’t speak, and kept her eyes closed as I penetrated her. More and more of my manhood sunk into her. Finally, with one last push, the last of it disappeared into her, and my pubic bone pressed against hers. I felt her throbbing around me, and my cock pulsed within her as well. I savored every sensation of my chest pressed firmly against hers, my hands running up and down her body, and my mouth on hers. She squeezed my ass as we sat there, motionless, save for the involuntary pulsing of our genitals.

I had to carefully control my own arousal while trying to keep Jennifer’s building. I hoped that my tongue had prepared her for a climax, but unfortunately eating her out had canlı bahis siteleri also excited me. I was determined to make Jenny come, and knew I couldn’t risk making myself orgasm first and hoping to push her over the edge as sometimes worked with more experienced women. So I resorted to an old trick, rubbing my pubic bone against her clit while shifting my hips. The effect simulates the motion of fucking without actually stimulating my cock very much. Since most of a woman’s nerves are in the outer portion of her pussy it seems to work, although I’ve been told that the most intense orgasms often come from a period of long thrusts, in and out of the pussy.

I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to give Jenny any hard thrusting this time around if I didn’t want to go off, but she wasn’t complaining. She gasped when I felt confident enough to pull out a bit and thrust back into her. I shifted my weight back and forth, continuing the friction against her clit as my cock stimulated her insides. I kissed her neck as I lifted my hips slightly, and then returned them to their prior position. I started doing this with a nice slow rhythm, feeling her pussy adjust to my thickness and the fear of an early ejaculation on my part subsiding. I was able to enjoy the feeling of her tight wet pussy around my dick as I moved myself in and out of her.

I decided to turn things up yet another notch, and lifted my torso up from hers using my arms. She put hers to the side of her, relaxed, her eyes still closed. I loved the way she looked with my dick in her. I moved my hips up and down, penetrating her deeply. Her tits shook slightly with each thrust, and I could definitely see a look of contentment on her face.

I knew I couldn’t go forever, and every signal I was getting from her told me she was ready to be taken home. I started thrusting, long, deep and somewhat firm. She responded appropriately, sucking in her breath. The pace was steady, but slow enough that I felt confident I could maintain it for a bit. I felt her pussy start to tighten around me, and her breathing began speeding up, as did my own. I pistoned in and out of her, moving up and down, no longer worrying so much about taking care of her, but rather just enjoying the feeling of fucking a lovely teenage girl.

I bore down on her, thrusting a bit harder. She started moaning, and I felt myself approaching the point of no return. I drove in and out of her hard and fast, trying to maximize each stroke for both our pleasures. She grabbed my hips as I fucked her, moaning softly and deeply from the back of her throat. I felt her tighten even more, and couldn’t hold back any longer. With a hard deep thrust my cock exploded wonderfully as the intense feeling of orgasm rocked my body. Jennifer let out a little cry of surprise as her own climax began. I slowed slightly as I came, savoring the moment and hoping to give my lover a chance to really enjoy her first climax. Finally, my body came to a stop, and I collapsed on top of Jenny, kissing her.

While kissing her I noticed that her cheeks were wet. Two small streams of tears had dripped down her face. I looked at her concerned. “Jen?”

She opened her eyes, and smiled. “Thank you,” She whispered.

I gave Jennifer her first orgasm. It felt good, like I had really accomplished something and given her a gift. My actions were far from selfless, yet it almost felt that way seeing the admiration in the face of Jennifer.

I felt quite proud of myself, and in that moment the promise of the threesome was far from my mind. It took a few seconds for it to dawn on me that my cock was softening inside the pussy belonging to the girl whose twin sister I had fucked the previous night.

Like many girls, having given had one good orgasm, Jenny wanted more. Thankfully I rose to the occasion rather quickly, given her hot body and eager attitude.

“Now you’ve seen what making love can be like. I want to show you what its like to fuck,” I said.

She looked confused. “Didn’t we just…?”

“I’ll show you. Roll over.” She did as I asked. “Up on your hands and knees.” She giggled, obviously being no stranger to doggy style. I came up behind her and slid my once again stiff cock inside her pussy. After a moment I started to really thrust, while playing with her tits and sucking her neck.

It felt amazing and very animalistic to bang her that way. I love looking down on a female body as I fuck her doggy-style. The feel of her ass flesh against my hips as my dick drives in and out of her is incredible. And it allows me so many interesting things to play with. The tits and ass are obvious targets, and reaching around to rub the clit is a personal favorite of mine. Less obvious is grasping her shoulders or leaning over to kiss her neck and lips. I enjoyed all these as I penetrated Jenny from behind.

Our sex was a blur of rapid deep and hard thrusting for a good quarter hour. When I was satisfied I looked down to watch my cock slam in and out of Jen’s tight eighteen year old pussy. Watching myself fuck her made me come extremely hard. I groaned loudly as I emptied myself within her. Jennifer wasn’t able to orgasm in that position but still enjoyed the feeling of my second climax with her.

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