Last Romp

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4It has been a rough couple of months, we have been trying to get out of this apartment for some time and being we lacked the funds, I have been rather depressed. But now, I have my dream job, we are making plenty of money, and we are about to move to another apartment closer to both of our jobs. I have planned this as a last romp in this apartment to mark us leaving. This has been the center of all of our stress and has not seen action for some time. That will soon change.

I cleared the room of furniture and draped the walls, floor, and ceiling in deep red fabric. Then I laid out the toys I had purchased for this event, as well as her new outfit. An all-black leather demi-cup bra, metal-boned waist corset, thong, and snap-up miniskirt lay out in the middle of the room, along with crotch-less pantyhose, new pair of “fuck-me” boots, and a mask Against one wall, I had the rest of the toys: handcuffs, flogger, ball gag, ball straps and penis cages, assorted sizes of anal plugs, Jenna Jameson’s simulated pussy and ass, strap-on dildo, condoms, and lube. With these things, she could act out her dominatrix to the fullest, and if she enjoyed, continue at the new apartment.

When I brought her to the apartment, I gave her a deep kiss and right before I opened the door, I said, “Anything goes, the stop word is ‘watermelon’.” When I opened the door, I thought her eyes would pop out of her head. She quickly picked up the outfit and ran to the bathroom. I called out after her, “Call me when you are ready.”

I was happy to see her with such enthusiasm. I turned on the TV to pass the time, but that didn’t do much good for I couldn’t stop thinking of what might soon happen. I had a hard-on in no time. I then ran through my head to make sure I didn’t forget anything. I had shaved off most of the hair on my body, chest, underarm, crotch and ass. I have also made sure earlier to use an anal douche so if she did decide to use anything in me, no worries.

“Get in here, Slave” came from the bedroom. I was almost too excited to move. Almost I say. I entered and stood up straight. She looked at me with a smile with the mask on her head. She said, “anything, eh?”

“Yes, pleasure, pain, humiliation, what ever comes to your mind,” I then bowed, “I am at your service.” I could already smell her through the leather. I gave her a thorough look over as I see the decided against the crotch-less pantyhose. Her breasts were on perfect display with the nipples half in the bra and half exposed. The corset accentuated her already slim waist and the miniskirt continued the vision shaping her hips into the hourglass she is known for. I couldn’t tell if she had on the thong, but if she did, I couldn’t wait to see her in it. Her confidence screamed dominatrix.

She placed the mask over her eyes, “Get naked and stand facing that wall.” I threw my shirt in the corner and the flogger came over my back. “I didn’t hear you ask permission!”

She is really getting into it I thought, “Mistress, may I get naked and face that wall?”

“Yes you may, Slave.” I continued to undress and tossed the rest of the clothing next to my shirt. As I walked across the room, she seized my erect penis in her hand and held on tight. “What is this? You are already turned on? We have got to do something about that.” She began to flog me about my chest and abdomen still holding my dick tight. She then pulled me to the wall and made me face it and began flogging my back, ass, and thighs. The pain was minimal, but the sound was horrendous. It began turning me on even more; especially knowing what kind of pleasure she was deriving from this.

She grabbed my shoulder and flipped me over to inspect my cock. She was disappointed to see it still erect. “So pain is pleasurable for you, eh?” She paused for a moment and I could see her wheels turn. “Get my bra and underwear from the bathroom, Slave.” She probably doesn’t know I have snuck a few peeks at myself in her underwear. When I do, I feel sexy, beautiful, feminine, attractive, much like I feel when being taken from behind. I love it.

“Mistress, may I retrieve your underwear?”

“Yes you may, Slave.” Hearing those words made me cringe and be turned on at the same time. I returned from the bathroom with her underwear in my hand. “Put them on.”

“Mistress may I. . .”

“Yes you may!” I sensed a bit of frustration in her voice that she had made the permission rule so strict. I placed my foot inside her underwear, then the other and pulled them up to my waist. I adjusted myself so the panties acted like a jock strap for my balls, my penis was sticking far above them. I then placed the bra on. I am a master at removing these things, but when it comes to putting them on, I need some work. I finished and stood up again. “Tuck that under” she said as she flogged my penis, “and you have my permission.”

I was right about the permission rule, but performing her task was going to be difficult. I opened my legs and began to try to get my erect manisa escort penis in-between my legs. After a few tries, it had lost enough blood to bend to my will and I tucked it under. Now for the balls, I pushed them back into me following the strand they dangle from. That seemed to please my Mistress. I resituated the underwear and stood straight again, well, as straight as I could.

“How do you feel? Do you like it?” She didn’t give me much time for my response, though I think they were rather rhetorical. As she asked these questions, she circled me, flogging me as she went. “How do you like being a little girl? Don’t you wish you could be fucked like a little girl?” She had no idea.

She stopped flogging me and looked at my face. A half cocked smile was upon it. One slowly crossed her face. “I know what you want, lay down.” I was going to ask permission, but she pushed me down by my shoulders. She then retrieved the handcuffs and ball gag. She rolled me over to cuff me from behind and while I was on my stomach, slapped my ass and the tip of my dick. I don’t think she was aware she caught it, and I didn’t want to break her mood, so I kept my mouth shut. She placed the ball gag in my mouth, and strapped it tightly, and rolled me onto my back.

She stood over my chest and I could see from here, she did wear the thong. Oh I wanted to see her pussy so bad, then it dawned on me, it was torture time. She removed the miniskirt and lowered herself so her knees were on each side of my head. Her pussy was inches from my face and her smell filled my nostrils. I opened my legs to free myself from the confinement. She heard me do so and thought that was unacceptable. She stood up and retrieved a cock-cage. Moving the panties I was wearing aside, she placed the contraption on me and replaced the panties. Though it is more comfortable than between my legs, I still wouldn’t wear it around the office.

She replaced herself with knees beside my head and pussy teasing my senses. Her smell is something that can’t quite be described. When I smell it, I get turned on, and a tingle rushes down my spine. I could be in the middle of anything and if that scent was placed under my nose, only one thing would be on my mind. Hell, I would be happy having pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, having a snack anytime by dipping my fingers in and tasting it too.

I so wanted to bury my face into that pussy, but I was restricted, and she knew it. She reached down under her thong and began to stroke herself. I stared intently at her. As she picked up the pace and began masturbating on my chest, the smell was strong and fresh as ever. Blood started rushing to my loins and filling my cock. My breath picked up as I could feel the cock-cage begin to give under the pressure. I watched more as her head was through back and she began to bounce on my chest. I could feel the wetness drizzle over me. This did it and the safety release on the cock-cage burst open. She would have heard it if she wasn’t in the midst of an orgasm.

As she calmed down a bit, she moved over my face, moved the thong aside and covered my face in her juices. As she rubbed her cunt up and down my face I tried to gather as much wetness as I could over my lips.

She moved off of my face, stood up, and replaced the thong. She stopped as soon as she was to her feet, “Lick me clean, Slave.”

I would have been happy to, but all that came out was, “Hmmpphpmhmmh.” She looked down at me, covered in her wetness looking back at her and she smiled. I sat up as she reached for the ball gag and removed it. I then leaned forward so she could remove the handcuffs.

Instead, the flogger came down on my back, “Well, are you going to lick me clean or what?” Clearly, she had no intention of letting me go, so I began at the lowest dribble on her left leg. I then realized I forgot to ask permission and expected the flogging to continue on my back. No such luck. Up her delectable thigh I went, to where her legs met and where this ambrosia poured from. I delayed myself the pleasure a bit longer as I went back down her leg to retrieve another runaway droplet. Then on to her right leg which took three trips up her leg to clean.

Now was going to be my favorite. From ass cheek to pubic bone, her left to right, I made complete strokes, soaking up every bit of moisture with my tongue. By the third stroke, I was starting between her cheeks and pressing into her perineum, trying to move the thong aside as I stroked it. She clenched her cheeks the first time, when she did, I expected the flogger to crack my back. It didn’t and even though her clenching ceased, I decided not to push it, though I did succeed in moving the underwear aside so I may give a more thorough cleaning to my Mistress.

She moved forward while I was in mid stroke, “You have been a bad boy. You took too much pleasure in cleaning me off.” Though I could see she didn’t hate it either. “Bend over so you can receive some spankings.” escort manisa I did as I was asked, though not as graceful as I wanted, being I had forgotten my hands were still cuffed behind my back. I landed on my chest with a thud. After I had gotten over the shock of what had just happened, I completed the bending over in presenting my ass to her.

She pulled the panties down to my knees and removed the cock-cage hanging from my dick. She then let me have it. “You are my slave. You do not enjoy the tasks I set before you.” She berated me until my ass was bright red. It tingled at the slightest breeze by the time she finished. This feeling made the spankings worth it. I was so sensitive I could feel her heat move away from me. What was she up to now?

I opened my eyes to see her placing a dab of lubricant on the tip of the smallest of anal plugs, only the width of her thumb. I smiled as I knew what was coming, and then remembered the recent beating and what it pertained to. I returned my face to an expressionless one and waited to be lubed up. I felt her heat return to my hind quarters. She had a bit of lube on her finger as she placed it on my anus. It was very cold and soothing at the same time.

“You have been so bad, I am going to fuck you with that strap-on, thought I would get you ready.” She positioned the plug and proceeded to push it into me. Being it was so small, it slid in very nicely. She then pulled it out and threw it aside. “I see you were ready for that one, how about this one?”

She prepared the next size. It looked to be about an inch in diameter. This one took a bit more trying, but I was accustomed to it soon enough. I quietly grunted as she moved it in and out of me. “What did I tell you about enjoying this?” I quickly shut up, “Time for the next one.” She left this one in me as she went to prep the next size, one and a half inch. This was about the size of an above average penis.

When she returned, she plucked out the one inch plug and began to insert the new one. I couldn’t help but shudder when I cleared the ridge. It felt so good, even when she flogged me, “Bad boy.” She moved it in and out until I was clearly enjoying it again. I moaned and grunted a bit too loudly, “Sounds like it is time for the fucking.” She left the plug in me as she got into her harness. The harness had a little insert for her pleasure, so she took off her thong before proceeding. She looked great wearing that thing. So powerful and confident, I have wanted this for some time.

She approached my head and pushed me back to a squatting position. I winced as I pressed on my ass cheeks. “Suck my cock,” she held it in one hand and my hair in the other, “deep throat it if you can.” This strap-on was big, thicker then the plug I had in me, but smaller than the next and last size, and about 10 inches long. I couldn’t wait to have it in me, but first I had to suck. I had practiced deep-throating before, I wasn’t about to let my Mistress down. I took as much as I could, but had to back off. After a bit of head, I tried again, still no luck. Third time was a charm though, as I pressed my face into her crotch, the dildo slid down my throat and my chin bumped into her balls. I felt accomplished and turned on, I looked up to see if she was pleased. Her eyes stared down at me with a smile, “Excellent, now you deserve to be fucked.”

She pulled out of my throat and let me down to the ground. I presented my ass again, awaiting the pounding I was about to receive. She coated the dildo in lube and grabbed hold of the plug in my ass. She eased it out and tossed it aside as she slid the strap on into me. I was so eager to receive. She had no trouble in starting to pound. My balls where slapping against hers as she penetrated me. Her thighs slapping against my ass cheeks only added to it. Each stroke brought me closer to ecstasy. Tingles began to course through my body. She grabbed a hold of my hips as her thrusts became stronger. Either that insert must be doing its job, or she is really getting into this. The orgasm hit me and I began to shudder as wave after wave went through me. I had gone into my own world. Everything was right. It felt good to move, to smile, to think. I slowly returned to consciousness, I realized shortly after I came, she collapsed onto me.

We lay there for a few moments, her still inside me, breathing deeply, exhausted. I was filled with new energy, “Mistress, may I fuck you.” She perked up at that proposition. She got up and grabbed the last plug, placed some lube on it and pressed it onto me. Clearing the ridge gave me another shudder.

“Let’s keep that there for a bit, Slave.” What could she possibly have in mind for me? She undid her strap-on and let it fall to the floor. She walked over to the wall and leaned into it, “Fuck me, Slave.” I wasn’t going to be able to do shit with my arms behind my back, so I rolled back and moved my arms underneath my legs so they were now in front of me. I stood up and took manisa escort bayan position behind my Mistress. I found her entrance and thrust into her deeply, I knew she liked that so much and it was confirmed again by her grunts.

I reached for her shoulders and held her tightly as I thrust into her. Deeper and harder, harder and faster, she began to squeak with each thrust. Breaths became shorter until there was none at all. I continued pounding her to prolong the orgasm. It did its trick as she came up for air in a deep exhale and a quick inhale to repeat the process again. Three more times she did this before crying sounds began to emanate from her, “Mistress?”

“Don’t stop!” she cried. I didn’t as long as I could. What must have been 3 solid minutes of thrusts finally came to a halt as I grew tired. My thighs ached, my ass cheeks tingled from the sweat pouring over them, I must have rubbed myself raw along the way. Never the less, I was entirely happy and satisfied. I helped her down to the floor and we laid there for some time basking in our after-sex glow.

After some time she looked over to me and said, “Did that feel good?”

“Of course, that was . . .”

“No, I mean the anal plugs, did they hurt?”

“No, not at all, you were very gentle. I enjoyed that a lot.”

She paused for a moment, “I would like to try again.”

I rolled over, kissed her lips and smiled, “Yes, my Mistress.” I kept her lying on her back to keep her most relaxed. I then placed some lube on my fingers and warmed it up for her. I rubbed it over her labia as I am sure those are a bit raw if I am, and then moved down and rubbed over her anus. Again she clenched her cheeks together, “I am going to keep doing this, no penetration, until you get used to the sensation.” She began to relax as I rubbed more and more lube into the area.

“Are you ready for the first one?” She nodded and I placed the smallest of plugs next to her anus, “Here we go.” I slowly pressed it into her, taking frequent breaks as it disappeared into her. When she had reached the base, I asked, “How is it?”

“Much better than last time.”

“Good, I’m glad.” I worked the plug in and out slowly so she could feel how it moved, “Ready for the next one?” She nodded her head and I slowly removed the first one and went through the same ritual with the next size. Slowly pressing it into her and taking frequent breaks, “I have read that it helps to play with yourself as I do this to help relax you.” She hesitated; I know that she is kind of embarrassed about masturbation. “Come on, you just did it over my gagged face.” That disarmed her and she began to slowly rub her clit.

As she reached the base of this one, she moaned, “Much better I see.” She licked her lips as she nodded. Again, I worked it in and out of her. I could see she was enjoying it. She even ceased masturbation and purely enjoyed the sensations. I continued working with this one as the next one is even a touch thicker than I am.

“Next one”, she moaned. Who was I to argue? I lubed up the last unused one, being I still had one in me, and inserted it into her. She grabbed a hold of this one and inserted it herself. She turned over onto her knees, “Fuck me again.” Gladly, I took her from behind. She surprised me by grabbing hold of my plug and moving it around. It felt great. I watched her insert be pressed between our bodies. She pulled my plug out and inserted three fingers, rubbing my prostate. If she kept that up, I was going to cum.

I pulled out, “Do you think you are ready for me?”

“Uh huh”, I then slowly pulled her insert out while lubing myself up. I slid in smoothly, no stretching, no pausing. She moaned as I pressed into her. I held against her as she got used to the feeling, then slowly moved out and back in. I slowly increased the pace, going by her sounds and body language. When she stopped rubbing my prostate, I knew some discomfort was coming on and I backed off. I tried my hardest to make this a pleasurable experience, and it seems it was working.

We worked ourselves to a rhythmic pace, her breathing was quickening. Though for this, she did not squeak as usual, this was a much deeper, guttural moan. She reached behind her and held me next to her, no thrusting, as she shuddered. I could feel her tighten around me. She let the orgasm subside then pulled away from me, soliciting another shudder. We laid next to each other in another post coital bliss.

“It’s nothing compared to a regular orgasm, but it was fun.” She kissed me, “thank you for being so gentle.”

“It was my pleasure.” Quite literally, “and if that is nothing compared to one of your regulars, I am jealous.”


This fantasy has been helping me get to sleep lately. Ok, so it has been more of a hindrance, but it is what helps me finish so I can sleep. If you can’t tell, I am feeling very submissive now. The first half is entirely possible; the second half is pure fiction, mainly because the other party in this fantasy has an aversion to anal play. I believe it is due to two reasons; one, anytime it is tried, pain ensues; two, when she used a toy on me, it wasn’t exactly the cleanest time. If she had half the pleasure I do when receiving, I think it would be much more common. So I hope you enjoy.

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